The World of Deities Chapter 451


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“Su…The second round, Suye wins!” referee hurriedly announced.

The host froze for a while, and said: “Given that both sides are boxing players, the second game will be played on the flat ground, and the ring range will be expanded accordingly. Please take a break for the two players and prepare for the third Round match.”

Suye stretched out two fingers, lifted off the ground, pinched O’Connor’s shoulder, picked it up, put it on the ground, and walked down the collapsed ring.

At the edge of the ring, Suye embraced her arms on all fours, thinking quietly.

The audience’s passionate hasn’t diminished in any way, and the worship of Hero and idols has never stopped, chanting various slogans.



“Cruel Magician!”

“Cruel Magician!”

Every Great Influence saw this scene and sighed softly.

Okno was supposed to be born like Hercules, but was hit back by Suye with two punches.

Hold back.

They looked at Suye quietly.

It is almost foreseeable that the reputation of Plato Academy will continue to increase, and Suye will also become a new star in all Greece.

Or, it is already.

Unsurprisingly, Suye has attracted God’s attention.

In the VIP seat, a main Priest of Zeus God’s Temple whispered: “After the game, use the Divine Item to check that he may be Godking Bloodline.”

Priest gently nodded nearby.

According to the audience in the distance, Akdes touched his chin.

“This kid, won’t he be the king of fighting?”

In the auditorium of Plato Academy.

“Niederne, have you betrayed Suye’s fighting king?” Gregory asked suddenly, raising his voice.


“How much to bet?”

“Five hundred thousand. How about you?” Niederne said.

“Me too.”

The two asked questions loudly, looking at the field and smiling.

Academy teachers and students rushed past ten thousand heads of your mother.

In the auditorium, many people were lost in thought.

Why did O’Connor’s Giant Transformation dissipate?

Oukano stood up from the ground strenuously, moving gently.

The powerful innate skill jumps within his body, constantly repairing the body’s trauma

Soon, the recovery of his body surface.

However, his movements are like an 80-year-old old man, and his eyes are slow.

There is no difference, Priest just looks at Okanuo in silence.

There is a light smile on Hort’s face.

Eugene came over.

“Big guy, don’t you have any Bloodline?”

“I don’t have it. I’m an ordinary person. I’m not even a warrior apprentice.” Hort said.

“Hehe, you all of Plato Academy to have no shame, the ghost knows what power you hide.” Eugene said.

“You misunderstood, we Plato Academy are all good people, they are very good to me.” Hort looked at Eugene seriously.

“Yes, you are right.” Eugene sighed.

Hort only smiled.

The rest of this time is much longer than the previous game.

After a full quarter of an hour, referee walked towards Ocano.

Okno is gently nodded.

Soon, Suye and Okeno walked to the newly drawn square ground with a length of 15 meters.

Suye hasn’t faded his Giant form, looking quietly at Okanuo.

Okeno looked up slightly at Suye in front of him.

“I don’t know what means you used to disperse my Bloodlines Strength, but, I want to know if you have cheated.” O’Connor looked to the host.

The host also froze for a moment, and said: “Wait a minute.”

There was a lot of noise in the audience, many people displayed questioning expressions, and many even shouted that Suye was cheating.

In a few moments, the host returned and said, “After unanimous discussions between the Masters and the God’s Temple, we have determined that Suye has not cheated. The situation encountered by Okeno is very close to the legendary’Bloodline repression’, for specific reasons. No one knows, but the consequences of the Bloodline repression are like this, and even several Masters have seen the Bloodline repression in person. In addition, in order to prevent accidents, we asked Ms. Isabella, High Priest of God’s Temple, a well-meaning woman to use divine spell to predict, the result is , Suye did not cheat, the whole process was extremely fair.”

Hearing the name “Goddess of good faith”, overwhelming the majority of the complex slightly changed, including some highly regarded Aristocrat.

Aristocrat, who has been slandering Suye, shut her mouth hard and secretly observed the stadium.

There is no Goddess of goodwill among Greece Gods.

There are always some Gods that are too powerful or weird, causing people’s fears, and if Human mentions God’s name, it is likely to be noticed by God, so in order to avoid trouble, people will change the name of some Gods.

Goddess of good faith is actually a name for Goddess of Vengeance.

Goddess of Vengeance is not a Goddess, but consists of the Goddess of uneasy Goddess Alexto, Hate Goddess Megella, and Goddess Revenge Goddess Tisifoni.

The three Goddess are nominally under the jurisdiction of Hades, the host of Ghostdom. The rank is not Main God, but in fact, like the three Goddess of Destiny, transcendent position.

On seniority, the Goddess of Revenge III or even the aunt of Godking Zeus.

Whether it is an arena or an arena, in any field, any injustice can pray to Goddess of Vengeance.

And once Goddess of Vengeance pays attention to something, it will inevitably be judged to avenge the despicable.

No one in the world is a perfect and flawless person. Everyone has done something wrong, so almost all Greeks respect Goddess of Vengeance.

Goddess of Vengeance’s status is often higher than that of some Main Gods in the arena and the arena.

The entire stadium quieted down instantly.

“I believe in the justice of Goddess in good faith. However, I don’t believe you can suppress my Giant Bloodline. Just now, it was just an accident!” Okeno once again inspired the power of Giant General Bloodline, and his body became a four-meter high again. Giant.

At first glance, it is more heroic than before.

“Apologize to Hort.” Suye stood opposite.

“What?” Okeno did not respond for a while.

“Apologize to Hort.” Suye continued.

Okano’s huge, swollen face shows an ugly smile.

“Let me apologize to a loser? It’s impossible.” Okeno said with a sneer.

Suye didn’t speak anymore, just stared at Giant’s Okanuo’s eyes.

The host loudly said: “One is that the winner will never bow to the defeated, but one has to protect his classmates. The Fire Elemental taste between the two people is getting stronger and stronger. Audiences, do you like Okuno, or Support Suye? Shout out the name of that person, let his name resound through the sky, and let all Greece remember that name!”





Suye’s voice is an overwhelming advantage.

Many Aristocrat’s eyes are divergent, without a word.

The referee’s whistle sounds.

Two people rushed to each other at the same time.

At this time, Giant Suye took the initiative to attack.

But in a blink of an eye, the two were close.

Exactly the same scene happened.

Okeno’s body shrank quickly, like a dried radish.

“Never Fear!” Ou Ke Nuo growled, even if he could not avoid, he continued to attack Suye.

Suye’s sturdy upper right fist hits Okeno’s right fist.


After a terrifying voice, everyone saw a scene that will be unforgettable for life.

Suye’s fist fell like a giant stone hammer on the egg.

After a while, Okeno’s entire right arm was first crushed by Suye’s giant fist, stacked together, and then exploded.

Bloody flesh and bones are flying in the sky.

The entire right arm is gone.

However, Suye has more than one right fist.

His other right fist, hitting Okenuo’s left shoulder straight.


Similar sounds sounded one after another.

Okno’s left arm flew out, his left shoulder disappeared, leaving a huge hole.

In the hole, blood spewed and my heart jumped.

Okeno screamed and fell to the ground.

Blood flowed down the big gap on his shoulders and flowed to the ground, like a ditch for watering crops.

He cried out painfully, pushing the ground hard with his heels, hoping to push the ground out of two big pits.

He gritted his teeth, and blood poured slowly from his teeth.

He opened his eyes in anger, rolling in pain.

He stared at the bloody sky directly above, and on the edge of the sky, stood a magnificent tall insurmountable mountain.

The mountain seems a bit like Suye.

The whole audience was shocked by this bloody scene, including referee, and did not know what to say for a while.

Two punches, only two punches, solved a warrior of the Demi-God family, and solved a powerhouse that pressed 90% of the boxing champions.

Even if it’s the real Giant, it’s impossible to create such a large amount of destructive power when only physical power is used.

If Okennor’s attack carries a destructive shock, then Suye’s attack seems to have divine might that everything collapsed.

“Hurry up to save people!” a friend of O’Kanno shouted suddenly.

Soon, the audience of Yagus City-State shouted simultaneously.

“Hurry up to save people!”

“Save someone!”

The stern voice awakened the audience.

However, the Priest of the Sun God Temple is like a cold statue, motionless.

Priests of other God’s Temple are also motionless, including Godest Zeus God’s Temple and Queen of Gods Hera God’s Temple Priest.

At this moment, they all seem to forget that Eukano is a descendant of Zeus, and that his father is Dependents of Queen of Gods Hera.

“Save people!” some Demi-God family members on the VIP seat yelled to disable to bear.

Including Demi-God Aristocrat Menelaus who was defeated by Suye in the gladiator battle king.

However, all Priest are motionless.

The host hurriedly said: “referee, please decide immediately.”

At this time, referee wakes up like a dream, looks towards Suye on the left, and then raises his left arm high.

“I announced that O’Connor has completely lost the ability to compete. In this boxing match, Suye won! Please Priest to save people immediately.”

At the moment when referee said the result, a Saint Domain Priest in the Sun God Temple teleported to Okeno and used divine spell.

The pillar of holy light with a diameter of three meters falls and envelops Okanno.

The host loudly said: “Although the scene is bloody, although the runner-up Okenuo still needs training, but I still want to announce that the boxing champion of this year’s Pitiah Competition is… Susu Susu Suye! Let us Shout the name of Suye and congratulate him on winning the fifth championship trophy! Suye!”





The neat cheers reverberate in the huge Pitia stadium.

Hort’s eyes were moist and cheered loudly.

For my own sake, I even offended dimified Demi-God Aristocrat, Suye very good!

If Eugene still says that Suye’s is not, punch him to death!

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