The World of Deities Chapter 452


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Eugene looked at Eucano in the beam of light and moved.

He glanced at the big man next to him, and doubts appeared in his heart. Is Suye really a good person?

Plato Academy students yell, this is the real Plato!

Demi-God Aristocrat is a fart. If you dare to hurt your classmates, you must kill each other.

Athens are equally excited.

Bulling Athens? kill you!

Even though, some Ayecrats who are hostile to Suye actually appear ashamed.

For a classmate, to offend a Demi-God Aristocrat so badly, I really can’t do it, I can’t do it in my whole family.

This Suye seems to have such a little Hero temperament.

Suye’s body slowly shrank, and finally the recovery was normal, then he took his clothes out of the Ring of Space and put them on in public.

Some women and men screamed harshly, flushed with excitement.

Paros pretty face blushed, glanced at Suye, and looked away, but saw the crazy eyes of other women and a few men, his face instantly frosted, and his eyes froze.

In the Sparta auditorium, the pink in Cimemela’s eyes became pink, and she shyly lowered her head.

“Teacher is really…”

However, most Greeks don’t care and continue to cheer loudly.

Because, in the previous Greek sports games, all the men were naked and not in inches.

It has not changed until these last few years.

Greek never over-evades the body, because Greek believes that if even his own body is over-evasive, it will bound his mind.

Any behavior that binds the body and mind can protect itself in a short time, but will imprison the entire ethnic group for a long time.

When the third-place match is about to start, the light beam on O’Keno slowly dissipates.

His body has been completely recovered and normal, but he is still lying on the ground, looking at the sky directly above, have a lifeless look in one’s eyes.

Suye has left, but at the end of the sky in O’Keno’s eyes, there is still an insurmountable mountain.

Once after repeated referee urges, it took a while for Okanuo to slowly rise.

Many people looked at his strong body with envy, his skin glowed with healthy color, and his muscles were entangled like dense tree roots, full of explosive power.

However, his eyes were extremely dim.

The third place begins.

The match between Eugene and Hort attracted everyone’s attention.

Suye watched carefully.

In the first round, Hort make an all-out effort, defeating Eugene with a slight advantage and winning.

In the second round, Eugene showed true strength and beat Hort with a big score.

In the third round, Eugene once again showed great strength, but he still failed to knock down Hort and eventually won with a high score.

Although the battle between the two is far less exciting than Suye and Okeno, it is also beyond the usual game and won the audience’s passionate cheers.

Hort lost to Eugene, but it was loved by a large number of civilians, especially the Athens people.

A civilian ordinary person, not even Black Iron Warrior, was able to break into the semi-finals. He was never knocked down in front of Eugene, even counterattacked many times, and beat Eugene face covered in blood.

If there is no Suye, Hort will be the most striking civilian athlete in this game.

As the third place ended, Suye, Okeno and Eugene took to the podium.

After the awards were given, the host seemed to have learned the lesson from the running event, and first gave the magic beard to Eugene.

“Eugene, this is your third runner-up, what do you think?” the host asked.

Eugene thought for a while and said: “In this game, the appearance of Hort gave me a huge Impact. I didn’t think of it at all. An ordinary person without divine power, a guy who is not even Black Iron apprentice, actually Can stand in the third place. I can even say that without the Bloodlines Strength of the Hero family, I will definitely lose. I think that Hort is the most respectable opponent on the boxing field.”

The audience were nodded and recognized Eugene and Hort at the same time.

The host said with a slight smile: “What about Suye?”

Eugene pondered for a moment, held up the right hand, and cried out loudly: “Down with Suye! End the brutal rule!”

The audience laughed, and many people shouted together.

“Down with Suye! End the brutal rule!”

The host smiled and handed the magic beard to Okeno.

“As your third runner-up title, Okeno, what do you want to say?”

“In the next two games, I want to end Suye’s brutal rule!” Ou Ke Nuo firmly looked at the front, looking at the sky in the distance.

Boos burst, but there is also encouragement.

The host is about to speak, and Sparta yells from the direction.

“The runner-up! Ookino!”

The audience laughed, and many people laughed unsteadily from side to side, stomping their feet.

The host almost didn’t hold back, but the magic beard made a strange blow that exposed his pain and patience.

Okano looks purple, staring angrily at Sparta’s position.

But instead of converging, the Sparta people shouted in unison.

“The runner-up! The runner-up…”

Okano’s chest was upset and he couldn’t recover for a long time.

Suye didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, Sparta people not only have strong fists, but also have broken mouths.

“Suye, this is your fifth championship. What do you want to tell the audience?” the host asked.

Suye thought for a while and said, “I have nothing to say to the audience, but I want to pray a little prayer to the great Sun God Apollo.”

Suye’s eyes are pious.

“Oh? What prayer?” The host, with a face of spring breeze, as Priest of the Sun God Temple, passionate supports everyone to pray to Apollo.

“I hope that in the next wrestling and fighting competitions, I will place O’Connor in the same group.” Suye said.

This is the second time Suye said something similar, and everyone instantly understood why.

Suye This is to make Okuno into a seven-wrestling and a seven-wrestling fight, and then eliminate Okunno in the following group stage, so that he can not enter the final semifinals.

Athens Aristocrat looked at Okeno, full of sympathy, but still a little taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune and gratitude.

Oknor’s complexion began to darken.

Host helplessly said: “The great Sun God will definitely consider your prayers.”

The host tone barely fell, and the entire audience’s expression even changed slightly.

Ordinary people pray to Apollo, who responds impossible.

But Priest’s prayers are different, and the Pitiar champion even got the prayer of the champion king who was conquered by gods.

Countless viewers looked sympathetically at Okanuo.

This is the Pitiah competition held in commemoration of Sun God. Sun God will surely pay attention. Unsurprisingly, Sun God is likely to satisfy Suye’s small request.

confed by gods has been given, but a request for group assignment?

Okeno gritted his teeth.

After the host announced the end of the morning game, the audience was gone, and Suye also stepped down with the reward.

Golden divine power equipment for boxing champions is a pair of mountain gloves, usually a pair of soft leather bracelets. Once excited with divine power, it will immediately form a glove to wrap your hands and increase strength. It is very popular with warrior. One of divine power equipment.

After lunch, the wrestling match starts in the afternoon.

Under everyone’s attention, the top 64 players began to draw, and Hort, Eugene, and Ocano were all three old friends.

Soon, the draw ended, and the draw result made the audience laugh for a long time.

Suye draws number 1, and Okeno draws number 2. Both are assigned to the first group.

Oukano’s face is always black.

Everyone realizes that Suye’s prayer is effective. It must be Apollo himself who decided the lottery. After all, even God’s Temple’s Chief High Priest is not qualified to do such a thing.

The believers of Sun God Apollo looked at Suye enviously.

After the group draw, it is the group draw.

Suye still draws No. 1, and Okeno draws No. 2.

Have a big laughter.

The host deliberately made a jealous look: “It seems that the great Sun God Apollo heard the prayer, the enviable Little Brat. Then, according to the convention…No, according to the exception, the other groups The game was suspended, Suye alone challenged the same group of seven people in a row, Suye, dare you?”

“I have the great Sun God’s favor, and it must be rewarded with wonderful results.”

Suye’s words provoke all Priest nodded again and again, this attitude is far superior to everything.

“Okay, then, everyone in the first group, please follow the serial number to wrestle with Suye in turn. First Stage, Suye vs. Okeno! Let us cheer for the two players!”

At this time, few people shouted O’Keno’s name, most people called Suye.

After all, Sun God is watching Suye.

The two sides stood on the wrestling ground and looked at each other.

Two people’s bodies swelled at the same time, bursting into clothes in public.

Excited screams came and went, and the woman’s voice in this brief moment overwhelmed the man.

“I, O’Connor, will end your brutal rule of the contest!” O’Connor growled loudly.

“Apologize to Hort!” Suye said peacefully.

“Never!” Ookano growled again.

The whistle sounded.

Two people rush towards each other like two mountains.

After a while, Suye still looks like a mountain.

Okeno shrank into a rockery.

Okano’s eyes were full of grief and indignation, but he didn’t flinch and still grabbed Suye’s arm.

Suye’s four hands flicked around and grabbed O’Connor’s right arm, with his arms wrapped around his wrists, forearms, elbows, and upper arms, like armor.

Like an eagle grabbing a chick just out of its eggshell.

Next, an unprecedented scene of the ancient Greece wrestling match appeared.

Seeing that Suye grabbed O’Connor’s right arm, and flew O’Connor high, then fiercely fell to the ground, and then flew high again, and fell again.

peng~ peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

Giant Suye grabbed O’Connor’s right arm and made a circle in situ. Every time he moved, he picked up O’Connor and hit the ground.

Okano was dizzy when he fell for the first time.

When he fell to the fifth, O’Keno broke his skeleton.

Okno was covered in blood and fell into a complete coma when he fell to the seventh.

After Suye made a turn, he hit it with all his strength.


The whole body of O’Keanor is embedded in the ground, and the dust is scattered.

However, Okeno’s arm remains in Suye’s hand.

Suye glanced at the broken arm that had been shattered, and threw it to the side of O’Kanno.

Okino, whose body is twisted, is like an elbow stewed for ten days, and the meat has rotted into cotton.

At this time, referee has a wealth of experience, immediately announced: “Okano completely lost the ability to compete, First Stage, Suye won! Rescue…”

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