The World of Deities Chapter 453


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Suye’s body slowly shrank, and Giant’s characteristics disappeared.

The audience stared blankly at the ground near Suye. Yin Hong’s Earth formed a huge circle, and Impact held everyone’s mind and vision.

The big pit that Okunno fell into seemed to turn into a bloody lake.

After a Saint Domain Priest used a divine spell, he shook his head. The second Saint Domain Priest hurried over and used multiple divine spells in a row before stopping.

The host loudly said: “It is worthy of being the brutal Suye! He created the unprecedented skill in the history of human wrestling, I named it as “cruel wrestling” which can destroy not only the body of the person, but also the person. Will. Any wrestler who can survive such an attack and survives has a steel-like will! I hope that Ocano can survive this great calamity and can stand on the wrestling stage again. To save time, we change The next place is a wrestling match.”

Some viewers are full of question marks, is this the end?

Okano also said Demi-God Aristocrat!

There were only two Saint Domain Priest and Holy Light columns in the original No. 1 field.

Suye and the remaining six players occupied the No. 2 wrestling field.

The game continues.

The next six games are simply Suye’s fancy performances.

It’s not Suye’s skill, or Suye’s experience.

Only powerful.

No matter what kind of wrestlers are on the opposite side, as long as they have physical contact, they will be caught by Suye, and then there will be a variety of over-the-chest, over-the-shoulder, and bridge-falls.

The audience’s voice has been irritated, and the visual effects of many techniques of wrestling are far stronger than boxing.

The other wrestlers looked bitter.

Is this technology teaching or a highlight?

The biggest headache for wrestlers is that they found that several of Suye’s opponents are extremely high-level and have great strength. They could have counterattacked Suye, but when they counterattacked, they couldn’t grasp Suye. Hand slip.

In a while, everyone understood Suye has a super innate skill for wrestling: Sliding Skin.

This innate skill is not very useful in battle, but it is simply Divine-Level innate skill in wrestling. Except for the extremely few innate skills that only the big hero has, there is no power to restrain this innate in wrestling. skill.

However, instead of complaining, Suye’s opponents are grateful.

Because Suye didn’t hurt them in Giant form, all of his wrestling skills are up to the point and will not affect their next game.

There is no such thing as killing Okeno.

After Suye won all seven games, there was a uniform shout.



Some Sparta people still want to shout “shady” or “refund”, but when they see half of them, when they see Okeno in the pool of blood, they immediately suck the joke that came to their mouths back into their throats and swallowed them into their stomachs.

Dare not shout!

Compared to the duel field, Suye has completed evolution.

The Arena viewer has evolved into a brutal Giant.

It’s brutal!

The process of Hercules’s championship king was not so bloody!

Sparta people are most shocked that even Commodus is shouting “cruel”!

Commodus is the tenth gladiator battle king.

He was shocked by Suye.

Kastor sighed, said: “Commodus, you calm down, you are the king of gladiator battle.”

“No longer.” Commodus’ voice was hoarse.

“What will happen if you play against Okanau?” Kastor asked.

Commodus pointed to Okeno, which is still embedded in the ground.

Kastor is helpless sighed, Commodus is indeed strong, and is absolutely capable of defeating the human Okuno, but once the Okunno Giant Transformation seems to be really overwhelming.

“Kastor, I want to get Giant Bloodline, what should I do?” Commodus suddenly asked.

“Uh… One is the Giant Bloodline potion made by Magician using an entire Giant. It has a low rank, high side effects, and a high probability of failure.” Casto said.


“Patriarch of the Demi-God family personally sacrificed to other Gods of the Divine-Level, and took out good sacrifices, and the sacrifice was presided over by the High Priest, the chief of God’s Temple. You can specify confered by gods. No Unexpectedly, Okanno’s Giant General Bloodline was obtained through this channel.” Casto’s ear.


“The championship king, like Hercules, puts the championship trophy directly on, any God, remember, any God, even if he wants to kill his Goddess, is willing to accept his designated sacrifice “Castol said.

“Next.” Commodus is gently nodded. The Goddess obviously refers to Queen of Gods Hera. It is not convenient to mention her name at this time.

“Achieve King of Heroes or Demi-God, attach a God, good luck, not to mention Giant General Bloodline, or even Giant Lord Bloodline. But Giant Emperor Bloodline is a little bit difficult, it is basically equal to getting God Power.” Casto said.


“Look for Legendary Grandmaster and spend millions to buy magic materials. Let Legendary Grandmaster spend almost a year, but there may be some failures, but there will be no repurcussions. Even if they fail, they can enhance physical fitness.”


“Become a member of Titan Divine Race.”


“Don’t ask me, go find Suye!” Kastor looked disgusted.

“Listening to you, look down on me? Think I can never get Giant Bloodline like Suye?” Commodus squinted at Kastor.

“Yes!” Bai Jing said.

The boxing competition continues, and finally, the first two of the seven teams have been determined, leaving only the first team.

Suye and six other boxing hands quietly looked at Okanuo lying in a humanoid pit.

The wound on his body has been healed by divine spell, and the broken arm has been recovered.

But he kept his eyes open and stared straight at the sky.

His gaze was extremely dark.

The referee looks at the main referee, the main referee looks at the host, and the host looks at the chief High Priest.

Chief High Priest lowered his head.

After all, it’s Demi-God Aristocrat. It’s not good to judge the outcome directly. Wait a minute.

Waiting for a while, many spectators were impatient to watch Suye’s next game and began to clamor loudly, mocking Demi-God Aristocrat privileges.

Aristocrat are very unhappy, but this is the stadium, no one objected.

Finally, Chief High Priest lifts the head.

The hostess gave Referee a wink.

referee immediately walked to the pit of Okanno.

The pit, which is less than an inch from O’Keno’s body, the blood near the pit has solidified into dark red paint.

“Okano players, I will count dozens more. If you still can’t stand up, we will decide that you abstained and can’t continue to participate in the wrestling match.”

“10, 9, 8…”

When referee counted to 3, ok lu made a gu lu in his throat and then stood up violently.

“I can!” he said in a low voice, but there was nothing agile in his eyes.

Same as Mummy.

“Okay, the game continues. However, next you have to battle with six people in a row.”

“It’s just six wastes.” O’Kannow said innocently.

The six wrestlers were furious. They looked at each other, simultaneously nodded.

Get Undead Suye, and Undead you?

Soon, the six battles are over.

Okano swept the six with a crushing advantage, and the technical action theory is even more ornamental than Suye.

After the sixth victory, O’Keno raised his arms and roared, venting all the previous negative emotions.

“Hehe, what is crazy, isn’t it one of the seven wastes of wrestling?” The sixth opponent stood up from the wrestling field and slowly walked out.

Oknor’s complexion changed suddenly, his arms high fell down weakly.

He glanced at the rest of the people, and everyone laughed on his face.

He looked towards Suye.

“Apologize to Hort.” Suye expressionlessly said.

Okno only felt a wicked fire in his mind, and he wished to rush over to Suye to have a Life and Death Battle.

In the end, O’Keno lowered his head and walked to the rest area.

Choose 16 out of 64 people, and 16 people will be divided into four groups to compete for the group first. Only the group first can be ranked in the semi-finals.

The second round draw is conducted.

Suye draws first.

The host looked at the number on the wooden sign in Suye’s hand and glanced at Oukano with regret, and said in the strange eyes of the audience: “Suye player won the No. 1 label for the third time. The Okeno player who won the No. 2 label draws.”

Okano expression was stiff, and his energy seemed to be taken out.

Okano draws for the third time in the eyes of everyone.

Everyone can see that O’Connor’s hands are shaking.

He pulled it out and placed it in front of himself, shaking his hands even more.

The audience clearly saw a layer of hoarfrost spread on his face.

His hand flicked gently, facing the label helplessly to the host.

“No. 2, the third time the Okuno player won No. 2.” The host’s voice was very weird, so sorry, but he was trying his best to cover up something, weird.

This means that Suye and Okeno will be grouped together again, and only one person can enter the semifinals.

The audience fell into a brief silence.

Everyone feels weird.

Until someone couldn’t hold back, he laughed out loud.

The whole audience was hilarious.

Millions of people laughed at the same time.

Many people even burst into tears.

In the end, a weird laughter squeezed out of the host’s mouth, and then the host simply laughed and said, “Please don’t misunderstand the players of Ocano, I don’t mean to laugh at you, I even sympathize with you, But…this thing is so funny…”

After speaking, the host lowered his head, covered his face, his body trembling slightly, and he could not continue to host with a smile.

The audience was already laughing, and they laughed even harder when they saw the host.

A large number of Priest and Demi-God Aristocrat on the VIP seat sideways, covering their faces, trying to hide something.

Even Paros is unable to bear, covering his face with his hands, laughing happily, and even making sweet laughs occasionally.

In other words, her smile can stun everyone nearby, but now no one is looking at her and laughing.

Even Albert who said Suye must lose is laughing.

Eugene held Hort’s arm and couldn’t smile straight.

Hort smirked.

The whole audience is laughing.

Only O’Connor is crying.

Sun God Apollo targets me!

Okeno almost shouted.

He silently lowered his head and stepped aside.

The draw continues.

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