The World of Deities Chapter 454


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After the draw was completed, the host calmed down but did not dare to watch O’Keno, said resolutely: “According to the convention, in order to save everyone’s time, the four groups compete at the same time. According to the new convention, Suye should continue to follow the other. After the three players compete, the other games can continue. Well, now the First Stage, please invite No. 1 player Suye and No. 2 player Okuno to play…”

After speaking, the host turned his face a little and lowered his head.

Slightly rapid breathing sound spread through the audience through the magic beard.

A cheerful laughter sounded again in the audience.

Suye took a deep breath, and walked to the wrestling ground with Okanuo.

The two looked at each other.

After a full five or six seconds, Suye suddenly turned his head straight and said to referee: “Can you give me some more preparation time?”

“Why?” referee asked.

“pu… I am unable to bear.” Suye smiled sideways.

In the audience, many people laughed out of pigs.

There is nothing funny, but I just want to laugh.

Ou Ke Nuo gritted his teeth, others laughed like a pig, he looked like liver.

After a while, Suye lightly coughed, and smiled.

“Apologize to Hort!” Suye said resolutely.

Okno stared at Suye without saying a word.

“I will continue to change the course of the game.” Suye said, his body swelled again.

The shirt burst.

Okeno gritted his teeth so that his lips bleed slightly, and then his body swelled again.

The two Giants looked at each other from high to low.

Suye’s face was completely unsmiling and replaced by the concentration of the game.

Both sides rush forward at the same time.

Everything repeats itself, Okeno’s body shrinks again, and Suye remains unchanged.

Suye once again easily grabbed O’Kernor’s right arm, then a standard over-the-shoulder fell, O’Kernor crossed a huge arc in the air and fell heavily on the ground, dizzy.

The next moment, Suye turned around again, a standard over-the-shoulder fall.

Okano flew up to the sky and landed on the ground again, blood splattered.




For the seventh time, O’Connor flew out of midair, leaving only his arms in Suye’s hands.

When Ocano was still in midair, referee announced aloud: “Suye wins! Please save Okeno players immediately!”

The two Saint Domain Priest immediately took action and started treatment.

The audience lamented.

I laughed too hard just now, but now I see Okeno so miserable, forming a strong contrast.

But this is the game.

Everyone is responsible for their own choices, words and deeds.

After defeating O’Connor, Suye converged the Giant form and wrestled with the other two players to win all.

After that, the other teams started to play.

After the knock-out competition is over and the birth of the top four in wrestling, the talents find something missing and rush to find it.

Okno is gone.

The semi-finals are finalized soon, Suye against Eugene and Hort against another semi-finalist.

Soon, Suye and Eugene stand on the wrestling field.

“Give a face, don’t use the Giant form.” Eugene said when he met.

“If you have hidden innate skill, I might use it.” Suye said.

Eugene said ill-humoredly: “Do you think anyone like you has a lot of hidden innate skills or powers? I always make an all-out effort. In the wrestling project, I can’t even compare Hort, Don’t talk about you.”

“You are not as good as Hort?” Suye asked in surprise.

“In boxing and fighting projects, I will win Hort when I meet Hort, but the wrestling is not the same. His skills are not worse than mine, his body is taller than me, and his strength is a lot stronger than me. Wrestling is not his opponent. Come Let me touch your Sliding Skin,” Eugene said.

“I think you are itchy!” Suye replied.

The whistle sounded.

The two immediately rushed forward.

Suye’s previous game was completely overwhelming, but when the two played against each other, Suye felt the power of Eugene.

Eugene’s physical strength is almost a bit, but the response is extremely fast and skillful. Suye is constantly looking for opportunities, but Eugene can always resolve easily.

As the end came, Suye made an all-out effort and found an opportunity to win the first round with the power of innate skill.

In the next two rounds, Suye also made an all-out effort and finally succeeded in defeating Eugene.

In three rounds, only two rounds win with big technical points.

“Okay, no shame.” Eugene was content.

Hort won the finals three to one.

Following the third place, Eugene won the third place with a smaller advantage.

Soon, Suye and Hort stand on the finals at the same time.

The teachers and students of Plato Academy are full of excitement. This is the Civil War of Academy and the civil war of the desk-mate of the same class.

Paros, Jimmy, and Albert are equally excited about their classmates.

In the cheers of the audience, Hort smiled broadly, scratching his head a little sorry.

“Why, afraid of hurting me?” Suye said with a slight smile.

“I think this is unfair to you, but when you become a Giant, I feel unfair to me again,” Hort said.

“I know you are very difficult to deal with wrestling, but my odds are greater.” Suye said.

“But I’m still afraid of hurting you.” Hort hesitated.

“You are proud.”

“I haven’t.” Hort hastily denied.

“Then where did your faith hurt me?”

“Not faith, but…I don’t know.” Hort looked at Suye helplessly.

He saw Suye being bullied by others, and later he fought back. Now he has strong muscles. He knows that Suye is completely different, but he still has the shadow of the weak Suye in his heart.

He knows that Suye is strong, but still feels that Suye needs to protect himself.

He doesn’t want to stand opposite Suye, he just wants Suye to stand behind him.

Suye slightly smiled, said: “The game will start immediately, so I won’t say much. You should learn to wrestle with me normally. If at first you can win, just drop me, if you can’t win, then make an all-out effort. After all, I don’t want to deliberately give you the championship because of my classmates.”

“You want a champion, then I can directly admit defeat.” Hort laughed hehe.

Suye looked helpless and said, “You don’t care about the champion?”

“Care, but you are more important than the champion. Just as you think I am more important than Demi-God Aristocrat.” Hort still laughed at hehe, and actually the same in peacetime.

Suye lightly sighed, nodded.

Hort didn’t wear a magic beard, and the audience could not hear what he said, but the host repeated Hort’s words.

“This big man is a man, not worse than Suye!”

“Sure enough, what kind of people have what kind of friends, I suddenly felt that Suye should actually be quite honest.”

“No, there may be complementary personalities.”

“Plato Academy students are really different.”

“Although he wants to admit defeat, I still want to watch his game. He is a real civilian player, Suye is not counted, Suye is likely to be a descendant of God!”

“Hort, come on, knock down Suye!” The Sparta people suddenly screamed out loudly.

The good deeds screamed.

“Down with the brutal Magician!”

“Down with the brutal Magician!”

Many spectators cheered and yelled with laughter.

Athens Aristocrat at first is still happy, but it sounds wrong. This is not an objection, but brings out Suye’s invincibility.

“Two, are you still playing?” referee asked.

Wait for Hort to speak, Suye said: “Come on, just as you and I study carefully.”

“Okay, referee, if I win two games in a row, I admit defeat, okay?” Hort asked.

referee said: “It’s okay, but if you put a golden eagle on Suye, you may be judged to be a passive game. You can never participate in any competition, you can only participate in the City-State small competition.”

“I bet Suye, I don’t have much money, the four champions bet a little bit each.” Hort was a little confused.

“Then if you admit defeat, you have to bear the consequences.”

“Is it impossible to participate in future competitions? It doesn’t matter.” Hort doesn’t care about said with a smile.

“I don’t believe you can defeat the brutal Magician, well, start now.” Referee said.

The whistle sounded.

Hort didn’t move, Suye rushed over.

This is the first time the two have actually met.

As soon as they touched, Suye felt the difference of Hort. Hort was not flexible enough and had no bells and whistles, but his arms, body shape, and footsteps were particularly stable.

This is the most troublesome wrestler.

After continuous temptation on the front, Suye gave up attacking from the front and started running quickly.

The powerful speed innate skill works.

Hort finally showed his weak spot because he was not flexible enough, Suye scored continuously with the weak spot.

However, there are still no major technical points.

At first Hort was very carefully, and after seeing Suye’s power, he made an all-out effort.

At the end of the first round, referee judges Suye to win.

“How are you still afraid of hurting me?” Suye asked.

“Ai, I now understand why they called you abnormal. Fortunately it was wrestling. If it was boxing or fighting, I lost even worse. Come on, I will make an all-out effort!” Hort loudly said.

Next, the two make an all-out effort match.

Because the strength of the two sides is close, there is no particularly exciting wrestling technique, but the confrontation process is extremely intense, and many people are hooked.

In the end, Suye took advantage of the innate skill and defeated Hort by scoring three consecutive games.

After the referee announcement, Suye and Hort gave a friendly hug and then left the wrestling ground together.



In the cheers of the audience, Suye and Hort walked to the podium with Eugene.

After the award ceremony, the host interviewed Eugene.

“As the player with the most third place title in this competition, what do you want to say?”

Eugene sighed, said: “What else can you say? The next fight player, you have to fight for a breath. If you don’t work hard, Suye will win the fight championship again, and you will become the fighting king! A Magician won the fighting king, For the warrior, this is definitely the darkest day in the history of the Pitiar contest and even Greece. Will our warriors still face Magician in the future? Our slogan is, to defeat Saye Suye and end the brutal rule!”

“Hort, what do you say?” the host asked.

“I believe Suye can win four champions!” Hort was confident.

“It’s a good classmate of Suye, what about Suye?”

Suye said modestly: “Eugene, you can rest assured that today will not be the darkest day of the Pitiah competition.”

When everyone listens, why is this a bit wrong?

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