The World of Deities Chapter 455


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After the wrestling match, it was already evening.

After the host announced the fight at night, the match would end.

Eugene borrowed Suye’s champion prize Golden Serpentine Armband and looked at it, and finally reluctantly returned it to Suye.

In some City-States, someone will wear a Golden armband on his arm to show his identity, which is a symbol of noble jewelry.

Many Gods also like this decoration.

This golden serpentine armband is a rare guardian equipment that can be transformed into a metal giant snake to protect the owner and its strength is equivalent to Golden Demon Beast.

After dinner, the audience returned to the stadium.

Many people who participated in the Pitia competition for the first time looked at this familiar and unfamiliar stadium with surprise.

At night, the night is dark, and the world is dim, but the Pitiah Stadium is as bright as during the day.

No light source, no magic, there seems to be an unexplainable magical power to affect all this.

Many viewers are becoming more religious to God.

“Good evening, everyone! The fight is about to be a lottery draw. I would like to say one more thing. If Suye wins the fight champion again, he will become the fight champion, the legendary double crown! In ancient Greece In the history of the competition, only Hercules is the champion, there are only two triple champions, and there are only 17 double champions. Everyone knows that today Suye’s probability to fight the king is very large. After all, Giant Suye is too strong The host shook his head and sighed.

Many viewers are gently nodded.

The host continued: “However, don’t be discouraged, warriors, there will be a pentathlon tomorrow. Suye is capable of becoming Giant and has a huge advantage in javelin and discus. But as everyone knows, Giant is not good at swimming, and Not good for long jump, as for cross-country reloading… The default champion is Suye. Warrior, tomorrow must end Suye’s hegemony, we at the Sun God Temple are all on your side. One sentence a day, defeat the brutal Magician and end Suye’s hegemony !”

“Down with the brutal Magician! End Suye hegemony!”

Many people cried like hehe with a laugh like a play.

But some Aristocrat shouted seriously.

Most Aristocrat didn’t hear the host, and the Sun God Temple was on their side before they had ghosts.

Many Aristocrat talks in a low voice.

“Shall we leave early? In case Suye wins the championship, that is the king of fighting, I will surely lower the confered by gods. I don’t want to see his smug looking, disgusting civilian.”

“If you leave early, will you anger the Priest of Sun God Temple?”

“No, they are just happy, they don’t care about us.”

“So what if Suye doesn’t get a fight champion?”

“Do you believe this? Didn’t you see O’Connor hit the floor?”


With the announcement of the host, a draw of 64 people began.

Some of the audience laughed at Hehe and stared at Okuno, while others looked at Okuno with compassion.

The key point is that referee deliberately placed Suye and O’Connor in first and second place respectively.

However, the most ugly complexion is not Okeno, but Gerner.

He ranked third.

Gerner gave up wrestling and only participated in boxing and fighting in the three items of the fighting game.

He had rested for an afternoon, and he was well prepared, but didn’t expect himself to be third.

Gerner stared blankly in front of him. In case Suye won the No. 1, Okanau won the No. 2, and himself won the No. 3, it was directly eliminated and could not make it to the top 16.

Suye glanced at it and faced the host.

“No. 1, Suye won the No. 1 label again. So, please draw the next O’Connor lottery.” The host in deadly earnest did not smile at all.

Laughing too much and being immune.

Okano took a deep breath, yanked it out with his eyes closed, opened his eyes, and his face was ashes, slowly flipped over to the host.

“Label #2. Um… really a coincidence… the next one please.” The host said.

At this time, almost all viewers looked at Okunuo with sympathetic eyes.

His experience was so miserable, it was almost as tragic as Mortal World Netherworld.

Who would have thought that dignified Demi-God Aristocrat was being shattered on the field every day, flying all over the sky.

Can’t stop from morning till night.

Okano slowly lowered his head.

Sun God Apollo, you are targeting me again!

Soon, Gerner draws.

“No 3! No 3! No 3…”

Gerner mutter incantations, as a result, it is indeed not number 3.

But on the 7th, I still have to be in the first group with Suye.

Gerner’s heart is gray.

After the grouping, draw again, Suye No. 1, Okeno No. 2, Gerner No. 5.

“Go ahead, everyone knows the rules.”

The host teased the audience in one sentence.

Suye and Okuno walked to the fighting arena, and the rest of the team walked to the side of the venue, most of them were slightly away.

After all, someone was too close to be crushed.

“Apologize to Hort.” Suye repeated this sentence again.

Okano’s face was extremely pale, and he turned to look at referee.

referee lightly coughed, announce the start of the game, and then whistle violently.

Okano quickly rushed to Suye.

This time, he has no Giant Transformation.

But Suye transformed as usual.

Ocono narrowed his eyes and shoveled down with a shovel, his toes poked toward Suye’s calf like a lance.

Even if it’s Giant’s calf, he may not be able to withstand his full thrust.

Suye stooped gently, his arms quickly grasped Okanuo’s slender calf and lifted it upside down.

In the exclamation of the audience, Suye grabbed O’Connor’s leg and staged a brutal fall.

Left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right…

peng~ peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

Twelve full kicks, but Ocano’s leg was not broken yet, Suye wanted to continue to fall, referee once again showed a wealth of experience, loudly shouted: “Okeno lost the battle ability, the game is over, Suye Win!”

Suye let go and Okeno in midair fell to the ground.

The two Saint Domain Priest glanced at each other, teleported to the field, and played a divine spell in a familiar way.

Without the command of the host, everyone left the No. 1 venue and walked to the No. 2 wrestling stadium.

Suye returned to his normal body and continued to fight.

Super power, super fast speed, super sharp response, externally strengthened large rock armor, nearly unlimited physical strength, combined with completely both sides suffer play style, no one can stand in front of Suye for more than two rounds .

Even if Gerner is a Northwind family, with unbeatable speed and unmatched agility, Suye beat bloody nose and swollen face.

All seven games won.

The audience on the stage simultaneously congratulated Suye and shouted Suye’s name, but there were also some discordant notes.

“Fight the Seven Scraps! Hush…”

“Fight the Seven Scraps! Hush…”

Gerner’s heart was ashamed, and he already occupied two waste places.

And all of them are good at.

Not only is he not Suye’s opponent, but also not O’Keno’s opponent, he will definitely be eliminated.

Family is ashamed.

Soon, everyone except O’Keno will finish the game.

Everyone looks at Okanno facing upwards. The two Saint Domain Priest have left, and his body has been completely recovered.

Gerner sighed, as soon as O’Keno stood up, he left here and went to the rest area to watch the game.

referee walked over and whispered: “Okano, it’s your turn next.”

Suddenly, two sparkling crystals emerged from the corners of O’Keno’s eyes and slowly flowed down.

The crowd froze.

The biggest hit this time, Demi-God Aristocrat Okeno cried.

His tears made everyone feel the pain in the heart.

Everyone hadn’t waited for the reaction, Okeno suddenly got up and walked out at a heavy pace.

“I give up the game.”

Everyone stared blankly at the silhouette of O’Connor disappearing in the stadium gate.

The main referee announces that Ocano gave up and the game continues.

Gerner was overjoyed and almost laughed out loud.

Okeno abstained, and Gerner was the second in the group and could enter the second round group stage.

There was a brief silence in the audience, and different people reacted differently.

The belligerent youngsters scolded loudly, thinking that O’Keno insulted warrior and Aristocrat.

warrior can fail, but not fear, even more how this is a game, not a war, not even Life and Death Battle.

Some people even scolded more badly, scolding all the swear words that Greece can use, because they put a lot of golden eagles on Okenuo.

Now, O’Connor suddenly abandoned the game, even the top 16 of the fight can not enter, the loss is huge.

Many people sighed and felt sorry.

Some Aristocrat gnashing teeth looked at Suye as if they were humiliated by themselves.

On the VIP table, several Aristocrat old men looked cold.

“Can’t go on like this.”

“The great Demi-God Aristocrat should not be treated as such.”

“The arrogant, be destroyed.”

The game continues.

The fighting limit is very small, you can use any part, the battle is particularly exciting, so everyone quickly forgets the unpleasant scene just now and immerses in the game.

Suye was promoted all the way, defeated Gerner of Bad Luck in the semifinals, and entered the final with Eugene.

Hort also unfortunately lost in the second round group stage and failed to break into the semifinals.

After Gerner’s third place battle, Suye and Eugene stand on the finals.

The host said with a smile: “As far as I know, Suye and Eugene had two discussions a long time ago, and both ended in Eugene’s defeat. This time on the field, the two also played against each other, both It ended with Suye’s victory. Today is the last fighting game, does the two want to say anything to each other? Eugene, you talk about it.”

Eugene sighed, said: “Suye, if you are a man, don’t use Giant to transform!”

The audience laughed.

“You say this to a Magician, but you are not a man.” Suye.

The audience shouted in approval.

“Others are Magician, you are brutal Magician, can it be the same? Audiences, are you right?” Eugene looked around.


The audience simultaneously shouted for Eugene, even the host.

Laughing out loud, I didn’t expect to be so united.

Suye said with a sneer: “You are a man, just fight me with a knockout!”

Everyone was overjoyed and cheered.




Everyone is full of anticipation. The knockout is one of the most exciting fighting games. There is no time limit. After the two sides start the battle, the end is that one party can no longer stand up.

As long as a person can stand up within ten seconds, the knockdown battle will continue.

Eugene was about to agree, thinking of Suye’s horrible stamina, hesitating.

“Eugene little bitch, dare you say that I am not a man?” Suye mocked in public.

The audience laughed.

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