The World of Deities Chapter 456


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Eugene was not angry at all, his eyes rolled and said, “Agree! There is nothing to dare! However, in the Pitiah contest, you can’t change the rules. You promised me that I wouldn’t need Giant to transform, and then I will You fight a knockout.”

Suye is hesitating, the host said: “You two can start the knockout battle first, whoever loses, who voluntarily gives up the championship is not against the rules of the Pitiah competition.”

As soon as the audience heard it, even the host agreed, what hesitated?



The audience shouted loudly.

Eugene took a look at himself, helplessly said: “Okay, I agree, let’s fight down first. Who loses, who gives up the final. Come on! You are not allowed to Giant Transformation!”

“Relax!” Suye said.

When the whistle sounds, both parties rush towards each other.

Eugene attacked immediately, but unlike boxing, legs can be used in fighting games, so more powerful leg attacks are the mainstream of fighting games.

Finding the right opportunity, Eugene kicked his right leg violently.

Almost as Eugene raised his leg, Suye also kicked out.


The calves of the two were strong and struck in midair, making a subtle sound.

“Hiss…” Eugene took a breath, hurriedly retracted his right leg, and instinctively grabbed the ground with his toes, the leg where the collision was a little hurt.

Suye is smiling, and her right leg is not strange.

Some people looked closely and found that Eugene’s legs were slightly red and swollen, and Suye’s skin was smooth as usual.

Suye hooked her hand to Eugene.

Eugene coldly snorted, continue to use leg attacks.

Which of Suye’s countermeasures is simple is to use Eugene’s mirror attack completely, which leads to the two people’s legs constantly striking.

At first, Eugene gritted his teeth, then stopped his right leg attack and switched to his left leg attack.

But slowly, he began to reduce leg attacks and used fist attacks.

The audience can clearly see that Eugene’s legs have large purple and blue colors, like densely packed purple grape skin.

In Suye’s eyes, it looks like the mark left by each and everyone cupping.

Eugene no longer has legs, Suye doesn’t stop.

With fists and feet, the means of attack are getting fiercer and more radical. Suye even fights hard and fights Eugene.

However, without divine power, Eugene’s power and innate skill can’t be broken, nor can it break the solidified rock armor.

This leads to the battle between the two people is very exciting, many people yelled from beginning to end.

However, Suye is unharmed from beginning to end, and Eugene has more and more scars on his body, and his movements are getting slower and slower.

After 3 minutes, Suye’s attack is more rapid, and he keeps on advancing and attacking.

Because the knockout does not limit the range, Suye keeps moving forward, and Eugene retreats while being beaten.

After retiring for a while, Eugene hits rage and fights back with all his strength.

The two fisted to the meat, constantly hitting each other’s body, muscle impact, joint twisting, skeleton vibration, and blood stains on Eugene alone, making the beauty of violence like flowers blooming, like sunshine.

The audience watched with blood, cheering for the two loudly.

However, just after a while, Eugene began to retreat again due to the dual effects of physical strength and excessive attack, and the attack became weaker and weaker.

Suye is like a battle puppet with no emotion, continue to attack, straight fist, uppercut, whip leg… attack, then attack.

Finally, Suye’s nose in a boxing.

Eugene screamed and fell to the ground.

Suye stepped back.



referee hurried to Eugene, Eugene waved his hand and stood up covering his nose.

“Come again!” Eugene hooked Suye.

Suye laughed and attacked again.

The two sides are again in a fierce battle.

The audience concentrated attention completely watching the battle.

Soon, Eugene was knocked down by Suye again.

Suye stopped.

In a few moments, Eugene slowly climbed up and grinned. Both front teeth had been knocked out. A large gap in the teeth appeared in the dark. The mouth was full of blood, but said with a smile: “Come again!”

Suye solemnly nodded and strikes again.

Three times, four times, five times…

After Eugene fell for the sixth time, he never stood up again, then raised his right arm, curled up his other fingers, and only extended his index finger.

The sign of admitting defeat.

Moderator loudly said: “Let’s congratulate Suye, a new generation of Pitia Fighting Champion and, Fighting King! Brutal magic Fighting King, Su……… Karma!”

“Suye Suye Suye!”

“Suye Suye Suye!”


Suye greets nodded Sifang and sits next to Eugene.

Saint Domain Priest came over and used divine spell to heal Eugene.

“How is it?” Suye asked.

“Okay, happy! There hasn’t been such a hearty battle for a long time!” Eugene face covered in blood, but the smile was bright.

The host said again: “Let’s also congratulate Eugene, congratulations to this fighting runner! He was defeated, covered with blood, he fell to the ground, but he was fighting like a warrior, bleeding like a warrior, Defeat like a warrior! This is our Greece warrior! You… Kim!”




All cheers of praise.

This is the game everyone wants to see. There is no arrogant provocation, no Aristocrat civilian dispute, no everything in disorder.

A clean game, a happy battle.

Eugene’s injury is far less than that of the previous Okuno. A beam of light came down and the whole body healed quickly.

Suye extend the hand, pull Eugene, and then the two hug each other, side by side, smiling toward the podium.



Many spectators were full of blood, and in the end the actions of the two met everyone’s imagination of the game.

This is the game that Greek should have.

The runner-up Gerner followed the podium with excitement, and suddenly felt that the third place was actually quite good.

First of all, the awards for fighting games.

After awarding the Wrestling Champion Corolla, Wrestling Champions Trophy, and Wrestling Champions awards to “Sugar Sharp Thorn Helmet”, the host smiled and asked Gerner.

“Young man of Beifeng family, how do you feel about stepping on the podium again?”

Gerner showed his joy, and said: “Praise Gods, Praise Pitia, this feeling is really good.”

Everyone laughed heartily, everyone remembers his frustrated expression when he finished runner-up in the race.

“So, Eugene, you who are known as geniuses, didn’t get a championship in running and fighting, and they were beaten by Suye, what is your mood now? Do you want to scold Suye, rest assured, Sun God Temple Give you this privilege.” The host said.

The audience smiled at Eugene.

Eugene smiled brightly and said: “I am here, not for the championship, not for the reward, but for training myself. Failure is not important, reputation is not important, what is important is that I gained in this competition What.”

“So, what did you gain?” the host asked.

“I have a lot of gains, such as never underestimating anyone. For example, if you see an unprecedented black swan in a white swan, don’t panic, don’t object, don’t kill this strange number, but admit his existence and think And learn. For example…cultivation to defeat Suye!” Eugene half-cracking a joke said.

The audience laughed.

“Okay! You are not discouraged, you don’t have fear, and you face the difficulties, I believe you can beat Suye! So, Suye, what do you say.” The host looked to Suye.

Suye thought about it and turned slowly, looking towards Athens Aristocrat.

“Please let other opponents follow Eugene as an example and take me down positively as an objective. Of course, if you think from the depth of one’s soul that you cannot be dignified and are defeating me, I will allow you to use despicable means.”

Many people immediately cheered Suye, thinking that Suye showed a true champion temperament.

Some people think that Suye continues to fight back against Athens Aristocrat.

But some people think of another layer. Suye is a joke expert. When this sentence comes out, a seed will be planted in the hearts of all enemies.

If dignified is shooting Suye, this seed will become a healthy towering tree and bear fruit.

If you continue to use despicable methods, this seed will also be able to take root and germinate, but it will become a twisted tree that “you will never be as good as Suye”. The more you grow, the more twisted, even if you really defeat Suye in the end, This twist will not collapse, but will grow stronger, and finally drain all the positive spirits of this person.

“Very well, the Sun God Temple is the place of eternal light, and I hope everyone will have light in the heart forever. The Sun God Temple, will shine on everyone who has light in his heart.” The host also looked towards Athens Aristocrat.

Some Athens Aristocrat is cold and sweaty, and the hair is standing upright.

Does this represent the will of the Sun God Temple?

Does this represent the will of Sun God Apollo?

The host then recovered with a smile and said, “Please invite the Sun Priest High Priest of Athens to give Suye the reward of fighting king, let us cheer for the strongest fighter Suye under the light! Cheer for the king of fighting!”

In the cheers of the crowd, the High Priest of the Athens branch appeared, wearing a fighting crown for Suye, and then presented with a gold fighter trophy, and finally, a Saint Domain grade treasure.

Brilliant sword.

Some warriors are just envious when they see it, but those General see the sword and their saliva will flow out.

This is a rare war weapon, additional healing light, under the sun, where this sword is located, all friendly forces within a mile radius will be slowly healed.

Whether it is a serious injury or a minor injury or an internal injury or a trauma, even the old scars will slowly heal.

This sword is worth only 200,000 golden eagles for ordinary warrior, and for City-State, the typical high-end Legendary Magic Tool level is worth not less than 500,000 golden eagles.

Especially worn by the generals of the ace of the elite army, it is indestructible in the independent army.

Many people stared at Suye.

Not to mention Suye’s magic innate skill, the background of Plato Academy, this glorious sword bestowed by the Sun God Temple alone is enough for all City-States to provoke Suye.

“Suye, Sparta welcomes you!” Komodos shouted.

The Sparta people smiled and immediately followed.

Next, a large number of people in City-State, country, or region such as Tebai, Corinth, Miletus, Macedonia, Thrace, etc. welcomed Suye.

Even Egypt, Northern Europe or Persia’s special envoys could not bear to shout a few times.

Only Athens people panting with rage look at Athens Aristocrat.

Athens Aristocrat said nothing.

It’s too hard, and I won’t come tomorrow…

Some Athens Aristocrat glanced at the arena, what about Ocano? What about the damn Eucano? If he were there, Suye would definitely not take his own surgery.

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