The World of Deities Chapter 457


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With the brilliant sword in Suye’s hands waiting for the heat, Eugene and Gerner borrowed cheeky and carefully observed and touched the evaluation.

This rare war divine power equipment belongs to the family heirloom in the Hero family.

The two family members did not look at Eugene and Gerner angrily. There was no Hero Aristocrat in the same way, just like the two who have never seen the world.

The host looked at Suye without a word.

Everyone waits quietly.

Suddenly, sky Earth gave a light shock, and a strange rumbling sound appeared in the sky.

Everyone looked up and a huge translucent majestic city was suspended above it.

In the city, Idol stand in great numbers, huge arena densely packed.

The translucent city of Sparta is suspended in the sky.

As big as the real city of Sparta.

The magnificent atmosphere pervades Heaven and Earth. The imposing manner of biting cold makes everyone feel like being on the battlefield. The terrifying pressure is like a boulder suspended above everyone’s head.

Tian City hangs in the air, divine rays are still here.

Millions of people trembling with fear.

Priest heart startled in the Sun God Temple, which is not a sign of Sun God Apollo’s confered by gods.

This is the advanced miracle of God of War Ares.

Whether this is the domineering, or Ares ready to fight for Suye?

After a short period of confusion, everyone slowly guessed that fighting is essentially a battle. Suye’s experience in the fighting field greatly inspired people’s desire for battle and contributed an unprecedented brutal game. God of War is happy.

And God of War’s brutal and reckless well-known, he is also the younger brother of Apollo, and will never wait for Apollo confered by gods like other Gods.

Do whatever you want.

Among all Main Gods, only Ares is like a spoiled child.

Priest of God of War God’s Temple and some believers cheering excitedly, half kneeling on the ground to greet the big miracle.

A thick bronze lance descended from Tian City, like a meteor, with flames engulfed, emitting a huge rumbling sound and falling straight to Suye.

Many people discolored it and even suspected it was Divine Punishment.

Suye remain unmoved, his face calm.


bronze lance hit Suye, divine rays were shining, and flames were splashing.

Eugene and Gerner instinctively moved one step outward, but Suye didn’t move.

Suye is shrouded in flames, and then the flame slowly flows into his body.

The host shouted with passion: “Thanks to the great God of War Ares for lowering by confidents by gods, this is the glory of every warrior!”

The host does not mean to praise God of War.

The crowd cheered.

Many people carefully observe Suye’s body, the skin is slightly red, and does not disperse for a long time. This is a phenomenon of absorbing strong innate skill or Bloodlines Strength.

Eugene and Gerner looked at each other.

Hero Aristocrat has a fart function and can only watch God reward Suye.

A reward of this level is absolutely equivalent to the reward of a large sacrifice.

The dive rays dissipated, Tian City rose and left, Suye closed his eyes and absorbed conferred by gods.

Eugene asked in a low voice: “Last time it was said to be elemental Bloodline, what is this time?”

“It’s not Fire Elemental Bloodline, God of War is also the Fire Elemental monarch.” Gerner said.

“It shouldn’t be, the god of general craftsmen likes to reward Fire Elemental Bloodline. I really hope to be a warrior-like power.” Eugene bad said with a smile.

“I hope too!” Gerner smiled.

“If it’s really a warrior innate skill, next time I will fight your two dog heads.” Suye eyes opened looked towards the two.

The two immediately turned their heads to the sky.

“Gerner, I think Suye is so powerful, there should be other God’s confered by gods.”

“I feel the same.”

The two were tone barely fell, the night was gone, and the sky was white.

However, after a few seconds, the white light dissipated and the night sky was dark.

Suddenly, a star flicked lightly, turned into a meteor, crossed the sky, landed on Suye, and entered within the body.

“Praise the great Sun God Apollo!” the host shouted.

The host, tone barely fell, the familiar owl appeared on Suye’s shoulder again, and with a light scream, the olive branch in his mouth fell and fell into Suye’s shoulder.

Athens Aristocrat’s faces are black, and they are ashamed and surprised.

This is a fighting game, God of War lowered confered by gods is normal.

This is a Pitiar contest to commemorate Sun God. Apollo lowered his confered by gods normally.

You can win the championship twice in a row, and Athena continuously awards. This is not like just being followed by Athena, but more like Athena’s favorite.

“I’m sour! Oh, the great Goddess of Wisdom Athena, isn’t our Pandin Family worth your nostalgia? By the way, confered by gods, I am an innate skill.” Sisyphus prayed in public on the VIP table, hiding The coffin sword floated sideways.

The VIPs gave Sisyphus a glare, and only this madman plus Demi-God Aristocrat would dare to cracking a joke in public.

But Sisyphus is right.


All Athens Aristocrat feels sour.

Athena is the City-State Protector God of Athens City, which is continuously conferred by gods to a foreigner, how can it make Athens Aristocrat feel comfortable.

Key Athens Aristocrat also exiled Suye.

However, no one dared to complain.

Hold back.

Let everyone didn’t expect a scene, another bloody lightning dropping from the sky, hit Suye, leave a bloody lightning imprint on Suye’s forehead, and then slowly blend into the skin.

Don’t smile with the Priest of Pantheon, and the Priest of the peaceful Pantheon are tangled.

And the faces of the audience are envious.

The fight between the two little Pantheon is well known. Since the Goddess dispute is struggling, the peaceful Goddess are impossible just looking at it, and will inevitably fight for Suye.

Now everyone can’t understand whether the disputed Goddess is optimistic about Suye, or is it frustrating with Xianghe Goddess? Or both?

Sisyphus’s voice sounded again.

“The great discord Goddess and the peaceful Goddess, don’t embarrass Suye, what’s the matter for me!” Sisyphus once again caused a lot of white eyes.

The crowd stared at Suye curiously to see if a fifth miracle would appear.

A white pigeon appears out of thin air with a olive branch.

When passing the top of Suye’s head, the pigeon had a beak, the olive branch fell, and it did not enter Suye’s body.

Amazing and cheering.

The host shouted excitedly: “Championship kings are already very rare. A champion king can actually get five God’s confered by gods. It’s even more rare. Historically, a champion confered by gods usually only has two or three. , Even Hercules, only get four at most. Suye, once again set a new record! Of course, it is still far from Hercules’s championship champion, Ten Gods, by confidents.”

Gerner enviously said: “Suye, your achievements are destined to be out of the ordinary. You can rest assured that in the future I will persuade our family and the close Aristocrat to try not to embarrass you. Maybe in the end, you are the son of Zeus, Godking Bloodline , Self-built Demi-God family. I don’t want to make Beifeng family a villain and a laughing stock in “Suye Biography”.”

“Gerner is right, in case you become a Demi-God family Patriarch in the future, that would be too embarrassing. After this contest, I want to treat you as an enemy Aristocrat, either a fool or a deep hatred, you But pay attention. Who is the specific, I am inconvenient to say more, be more careful.” Eugene kindly reminded.

Gerner glanced at Eugene without saying a word.

Suye vaguely understands that Eugene will not refer to O’Keno because it is too obvious to be deliberately proposed. Well, it must have been Athens Aristocrat, but Eugene was forced to identify, so it was inconvenient to say so.

The crowd continued to wait, and no more confered by gods appeared, and the three talents went off the podium.

“Let’s go back together, just to talk about tomorrow’s pentathlon.” Gerner said.

Not waiting for Suye to agree, Eugene said: “Then take Gerner’s carriage, his carriage is more luxurious than mine.”

Suye slightly smiled, nodded agreed, saying: “Then let me tell Hort first.”

Say hello to Hort before Suye leaves with Eugene and Gerner.

On the luxury carriage, the few smiles on Gerner and Eugene’s faces slowly dissipated.

In the dark car, the light azure imprint on Gerner’s forehead is no longer so clear.

He turned the bulge on the side of the armrest, and the magic light in the carriage gradually became brighter.

“Suye, the higher your achievements are, the more angry and fierce your enemies will be. This must be clear to you.” Gerner looked serious.

Suye nodded slightly.

“Compared to your life, the championship is not important. I don’t understand why you are persistent in winning the championship and fighting against Athens Aristocrat. Now, I have reason to suspect that non-Athens Aristocrat is already dissatisfied with you.” Gerner Road.

“I know clearly.”

“You do have asylum from Plato, you do have the help of Pandian Family, but you are not Aristocrat after all. Even if you are promoted to Saint Domain at an incredible speed, it is difficult to become Aristocrat. Because, countless Aristocrat will oppose you, and even will Keep exiling you,” Gerner said.

“I also know.”

“Eugene and I have no selfishness. Although the two of us broke into the top 64 of the pentathlon, they are not popular for winning the championship. They may not even be as good as the big man Hort. Even more how, you know, We have a good relationship with the Pandian Family.” Gerner said.

“I also know.”

“So, you have won two championships. Why should you continue?” Gerner asked.

“If I take Athens Aristocrat as an enemy, I might give up the championship and then find a place to live in seclusion, continuously cultivate. But I didn’t take Athens Aristocrat as an enemy,” Suye said.

“You don’t seem to mean this literally,” Eugene said.

“Of course, I mean obviously, Athens Aristocrat is not worthy of being my enemy. Only when really powerful enemies prevent me from winning, I consider giving up. And really powerful enemies do not care how many championships I win. “Suye said.

Gerner and Eugene brows tightly knit.

“You are too arrogant.” Gerner said.

“I want to get confered by gods and keep improving myself.” Suye said.

“But the more confident by gods you get, the more ruthless Athens Aristocrat will be! They will not be overly worried now. Once you are promoted to Saint Domain and show the potential of Legendary, they will destroy you at all costs. No Just Athens Aristocrat, there will be more Aristocrat. The reason for killing you is very simple, you may become the next Socrates, may become the next Plato, may become the next Aristotle.” Gerner said.

“Aristotle is not dead.” Suye said.

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