The World of Deities Chapter 459


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“If Herodotus is still alive, he will definitely wear the Sun Legendary badge, with a slightly shy smile, call me Teacher.”

Niederne stared at the night sky and drank a large glass of wine.

“What happened that year?” Suye asked.

Niederne’s eyes are blank, seemingly lost in memory.

After a long time, sighed.

“The revenge on Socrates killing the gods. We were already prepared, but in the end it was still a little bit worse. The specific reason, even if I don’t know,” Niederne said.

Suye put down the empty glass.

“Will I meet that day too?” Suye asked.

“Before Saint Domain, you should be safe.” Niederne said.

“Then I should find a place to hide after I was promoted to Saint Domain, and then wait for promotion to Legendary before returning?” Suye asked.

“This is the best way.” Niederne said.

“That day is still far away.”

“It won’t be too far.”

Suye is silent.

“Eugene and Gerner persuaded you to abandon the confrontation with Aristocrat? Or… persuaded you to give up the game afterwards?” Niederne asked.

“Yes.” Suye said.

“I also want to persuade you, but I don’t know how to speak. Many of us want to persuade you. Will you retire?” Niederne asked.

“I’ve considered this issue on the road. I’m thinking, if I don’t think about obstacles, should I fight for the championship? You know, I want to be promoted to Legendary, and the next championship is very helpful for me to be promoted to Legendary. .. I thought for a long time and decided to continue.” Suye said.

“You are not Aristotle.” Niederne said.

Suye sighed, said: “Yeah, I’m not Aristotle, I’m not Aristocrat, I’m far less wealthy than him, I can’t have as much friendship as him, and I can’t have Double King Bloodline as a teenager. So, I grew up , Far more difficult than him, Aristocrat will block me, the environment will block me, old habits and thinking will block me, my Legendary road is destined to be many times harder than him. But, how about that? I and I My heart is facing the future. When I became Legendary, looking back, the so-called obstacles are just the steps of climbing.”

“No matter what you say, fighting for the championship will increase the obstacles,” Niederne said.

“Compete for the championship, point to my objective, do not break the law and commit crimes, and will not incur absolute destruction. Then, I will do it. As for obstacles, it is enough to meet the past! My life is to complete the objective, and Not to solve obstacles,” Suye said.

“Okay, well, if I can think of this earlier, it is now Saint Domain and I am ready to move towards Legendary.” Niederne said with emotion.

“Now it works.”

“We are too old to build up too many obstacles in our hearts, so that when encountering the same thing, the first thing I think of is how to face obstacles, rather than accomplish objective.” Niederne said.

“Age is never a problem. The problem is that you once again use your age as a hindrance, and again you think that hindrance can stop you.” Suye said.

Niederne was silent, and nodded hard after a long time.

“You are right, you are right! I want to be promoted to Saint Domain, not to calculate the age! Indeed, age will affect me, but besides death, what can absolutely stop me from being promoted to Legendary? No .” Niederne’s eyes brightened again.

“I wish you a promotion to Saint Domain.” Suye raised her glass.

“Borrow your good words.” Niederne reached out and touched.

The two of them drank a glass of wine.

“But… it will be difficult.” Niederne whispered.

“If you do nothing, it will be harder in ten years, harder in 20 years, and still harder in 30 years.” Suye smiled.

“Sure enough, it is my right choice to push you all. I may not believe in myself, but I believe in you,” Niederne said.

“Aristotle is fine, Alexander is not Magician, what about Euclid and Archimedes?” Suye asked.

“Archimedes is a lunatic in their eyes, and is obsessed with researching Magic Tool, especially can contribute various war equipment to Greece, there will be no threat. As for Euclid, he is very safe now, but, when he is flying into the sky , He would be particularly dangerous,” Niederne said.

“Oh? It seems that the Teachers rate Euclid very high,” Suye said.

“Euclid is a bit like you. He not at all has an outstanding innate skill. He has only been smarter since he was a child. However, he has a particularly good habit, that is, every major magic theory or geometry problem he encounters, He will continue to think, continue to think, and stop thinking until the most basic. After so many years, this habit has become his ability. In geometry, he has touched the most foundation of the entire field. Only need to go further, he may be comprehensive. Go beyond Pythagoras and advance to Legendary in a short period of time. This is the judgment of Thucydides Teacher.” Niederne said.

Suye opens the Magic Book immediately and records it carefully.

“What do you remember?”

“Euclid’s good habits, I will do the same in the future…” Suye said.

Niederne was about to speak, and the conversation between them just came to mind. Suddenly he closed his mouth and heard Suye continue.

“I haven’t gotten into the habit of thinking deeply about important things. I only know that deep thinking is useful. But many recent experiences have made me realize the importance of thinking, plus what you said makes me Recognize further. So, starting today, I want to make sure that I spend at least half an hour every day to think about an important piece of knowledge! If half an hour does not work, it will be an hour! If an hour does not work, it will be ten hours! And use the same time Compared with repetitive test papers, it is more valuable to thoroughly understand an important and basic knowledge.”

Niederne still has no opening.

After recording, Suye looked up and said, “I know what you think, yes, Euclid has been thinking in this way for more than 20 years, and has solidified this method into its own ability. I may have my whole life. I can’t catch up with him. But, after 20 years, I will be closer to him, and after 30 years, I may reach his realm! I will be closer and closer to him, and I will be better and better than me. Enough!”

Suye’s face is filled with the joy of harvest.

Niederne looked at the smile on Suye’s face and curled her lips.

“If it was before, I would say that if I meet you earlier, my achievements will be higher. But now, I will say, very timely.”

Niederne said, open the Magic Book and record carefully.

Suye looked over and found nothing.

“What did you write? Let me see.”

“Don’t let me see!”

“You are Teacher, you have to teach by example, don’t be shy, let me see.”

“Don’t let me see!”

“I want to learn how to take notes.”

“I will give you a copy of my reading notes tomorrow.”

“I just want to see how you learn from me.”


After Niederne finished writing, Suye drove away the stingy Niederne disgustedly and entered the Magic Tower.

Five consecutive confered by gods, a little inventory.

After seeing the innate skill given by God of War Ares, Suye unable to bear smiled, and at the same time he felt emotion, as expected, God of War Ares is wayward.

Obviously, he is against Pantheon God. He clearly has a better relationship with Athena, but he only gives him a rare and powerful innate skill if he only pleases him in the game.

Physical fitness conversion.

This innate skill can transform other strengths of oneself into physical energy such as physical strength.

The physical strength is gone, mana added directly.

My eyes are tired of reading, and mana directly resolves fatigue.

Writing tired hands can eliminate muscle fatigue.

Even if you are tired of reading, you can transform mana into the energy required by the brain, which greatly reduces the fatigue of the brain.

Even if you are hungry, mana may be directly converted into the energy necessary for your body.

In short, everything needed by the body can be converted directly under this innate skill.

Suye’s view on Ares is somewhat improved, and he understands that God will not have any hostility towards himself before he is promoted to Legendary, just like, no one will guard against a two or three-year-old but very smart child, even if it is a hostile force. Yes, you can also send a red envelope.

However, if you are older, it is not necessary.

“It seems that I have to take advantage of the low rank, and get more benefits! While I am still a child…”

Later, looked towards Apollo’s confered by gods innate skill.

“Enough meaning!”

Suye really didn’t expect, Apollo is so good to himself.

I thought the miracle natural phenomenon was not particularly strong. Apollo would give an innate skill to deal with it. After all, Ares gave such a good confered by gods. If you give confered by gods again, it will break the balance a bit.

However, Apollo actually confered by gods had the light attribute “dispel” the innate skill.

A single innate skill is used with ordinary light attribute magic, the effect is already very strong, can dispel negative magic or effect, including toxins.

Cooperate with light attribute magic’s “dispel holy light” to form a double dispel effect, which is a nightmare for all forces.

All things are said to be dispellable.

The warrior has a divine power shield. Disperse the holy light and disperse the innate skill. The divine power shield will weaken when it is light and disintegrate when it is heavy.

A Fireball Spell is flying, dispersing the holy light passing by, and the Fireball disappears.

A summon servant appears, one disperses the holy light and the servant is gone.

The only problem is that the Holy Light is Saint Domain magic.

“If this is combined with the innate skill to wait for my promotion to the Golden rank, master the light attribute Golden magic, and then transform into the fire of the Heaven Realm of Magic Evolution, it can be called all Dark Attribute creature nemesis, what kind of devil Devil demon Everything is difficult. Well…when the time comes to find some Dark Attribute biological lair to collect protection fees. Is Aristotle’s riches related to this? Once he launches Bloodline Double Lord Bloodline, he can directly kill the dark Attribute Legendary of ordinary Creature, and he seems to have done this kind of thing in the Golden rank…Forget it, don’t want this pervert.”

Athena’s confered by gods, magic innate skill: servant spiritual connection.

At a glance, Suye didn’t know what to say, but he really ran down the Great Summoner Sect.

This innate skill is not very useful for many mages, and is better than light attribute innate skill for yourself.

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