The World of Deities Chapter 461


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The morning sun shines on the field, and every player is like a flame, leaping and emitting heat.

However, there is a flame like the sun on the ground.

99% of the audience focused on Suye.

Suye habitually stretches and warms up, simulating running movements.

The players looked at Suye and began to do the same thing one after another, shaking their heads and moving their joints.

However, there are also a half of people who are motionless.

“Why don’t you learn Suye?” Gerner bounced and asked a player he knew aside.

“Then why did you learn Suye?” the man asked.

“He has such a good grade and such a strong ability. It is helpful for him to do those actions, and it must be helpful for me.” Gerner said.

“What makes him win is his innate skills, not these small moves. Gerner, didn’t expect you see the problem so superficial.” The man was sighed.

Gerner froze for a moment, speechless for a while.

That person smiles slightly.

Eugene on the side said: “Suye’s innate skill is so strong, he can almost say that he wins us steadily, he is still doing those small moves, does this not explain the importance of these small moves?”

Gerner said: “Yes, I mean that. Since Suye is better than us, there must be something outstanding. Even if we can’t become like him, but learn some of his words and deeds, and obviously there is no harm in words and deeds, after all It’s a good thing. Or, his action is not important. What’s important is that we have a heart to learn from the best, and we are willing to act and stick to it.”

Many people are gently nodded, Gerner makes a lot of sense.

“But even if we learn his small movements, we can’t compare to him.” That humane.

Eugene glanced at the man and said, “We don’t need to compare with him, it’s enough to exceed you.”

Suye people nearby laughed together, as if it were such a simple truth.

The person was coldly snorted, saying: “Blind learning, without considering your own conditions, may not be beneficial.”

“Then can you be sure that this is harmful?” Eugene asked.

The man was speechless.

“I’m not smart, but I like to try a lot.” Gerner smiled.

Eugene shouted: “Suye, why do you do this strange exercise?”

“The next exercise will cause the body to be warmer. Now stretching the warm-up will allow the body to warm up slightly and adapt to the next changes. Also, before this competition, our mentality will affect the body, resulting in The muscles and muscles of the body are not fully stretched. I can do this to help the body stretch. My simulated running movements also make my body more adaptable to the next running. And after this dynamic stretching, our body can do more large-scale movements. .. I have observed some dock workers in Lion Harbor, and some gladiator battle men in Sparta. Those who move their bodies in advance, they are more flexible in Early Stage and can avoid accidental strain.”

Everyone realized that they were constantly nodded.

Some people who didn’t do it, hesitated and started doing it.

Afterwards, Suye said: “The player said it well. In fact, it is more important to find the reason and ask why than to do it directly.”

Eugene said: “At present, some people do not even have the basic idea of ​​learning from excellent people, let alone compare and think about why.”

Everyone was nodded, and Eugene also put forward a correct premise.

Suye nodded with a smile.

The man blushed and walked aside, still standing still.

Extremely few people in the audience who can hear the dialogue in the field looked towards Suye and Eugene’s eyes full of praise.

However, some people looked towards Suye’s eyes with vigilance.

After the warm-up, referee are in place.

A full of ten Golden Warrior holding Sharp Thorn whip, standing all over the cross-country arena, scanning each player with the sight of harboring malicious intentions.

The players’ eyes fell on those whips, and their hearts were cold.

Although he was wearing heavy armor on his upper body and carrying things on his back, his arms and legs were exposed. A whip was pulled, and even the belt was scraped away.

Many people hurried to warm up.

Suye immediately reminded: “Do not move too much, and do not stretch or warm up too much.”

This is how the crowds have reduced.

The referee in the field looked at each other. After everything was confirmed, the main referee blew his whistle.

At this moment, whether it is a Greek or a foreigner, whether it is Aristocrat or a civilian, whether it is a Priest or a referee, whether it is an off-court athlete or all contestants who are worried about becoming a pentathlon 63 waste, all looked towards Suye.

At this moment, Suye seems to have a charm that attracts Heaven and Earth.

At the moment when the whistle sounded, a silhouette ran out of the starting line and ran at full speed.

Except for Hort, 62 contestants were scolding in their hearts.

It’s really not human!

Only Hort is different.

What he thinks is that Suye is really awesome!

In the moment when Suye is like a crazy horse charge ahead, the audience is silent, and even the sound of breathing does not exist.

Then, the Pitiar Stadium was like boiling water in a pot.




Millions of people shouted Suye and cheered him up.

In the first 100 metres, it is flat ground, and Suye runs at high speed.

The second 100 metres is sand, Suye is flat.

The third 100 metres is a muddy field, and Suye is flat.

Fourth 100 meters, which is a gravel ground, Suye barefoot on it, or flat.

The fifth 100 meters is a sand dune that is more than ten meters high. Suye is still on the ground, leaving only very shallow footprints on it.

Not only the audience and the players looked dumbfounded, but the referee couldn’t hold the whip.

Can this be callable?

The host all said in a daze: “Oh my God, Gods is up, does Suye have a natural all-terrain running innate skill? The key is that there is no such innate skill at all! The sand in the sand is very shallow and he is fast It’s okay to run, but it’s a sand dune, so high and thick sand, his instep hasn’t even sunk in! Does he have flippers on his feet? That shallow footprint, when the wind blows, it’s gone. “

The sixth one is 100 meters, which is an extremely glorious ice floor.

Suye finally slowed down a little bit, and everyone relaxed.

Good, he is still personal.

However, after only one second, all the audience changed their minds.

Because, just one second later, Suye accelerated on the ice! Still on the ground!

Not a human again!

The host shouted: “Crazy man, he is really a lunatic! Instead of anyone running at this speed, he has already fallen out and needs to run again from the beginning. He is good, even if he is stable. Before he could be said to be the son of Sha , Then it can be said that he is the son of ice.”

The crowd burst into cries, but Dune obstructed the sight of the remaining 63 players.

At this moment, 63 players even wanted to give up the game and ran directly to the middle or outside of the arena to see what happened.

I want to verify whether Suye is a human or not!

Whether it’s the sand dunes or the ice, it’s so far away that the host even said Suye had already gone there.

Doesn’t this force all our players to abandon the game?

More than ordinary audience doubts, even Niederne, Paros, Commodus, Euclid, and others who are familiar with Suye are confused.

This can also be called?

Next, Suye strode towards the seventh 100 metres, a smooth iceberg.

Any player on this mountain needs to use both hands and feet and move forward slowly, but Suye runs directly like Tushan.

There is no slowing down, no slipping, and there is a nail under the heel.

So many viewers tilted their heads sideways, just to see if there was anything added to Suye’s footplate.

The host shouted excitedly: “Suye! Oh, Suye! He is really a magic boy, a miracle boy. When he is running on the iceberg, he really looks like a son of ice.”

The eighth 100 meters is three small peaks with a broken surface close to more than 80 degrees, with a height of more than 20 meters, and can not jump, only run.

Everyone can climb, but Suye ran up and down, ran up and down, and ran easily over the three hills.

“Suye, Son of the Mountain!” The host has no idea how to describe it.

The ninth 100 metres is a swamp!

Waist waist deep swamp!

A panic scene appeared, Suye stepped on the 1st Step of the swamp, but did not sink until the 2nd Step stepped on the swamp before sinking.

The moment Suye entered the swamp, he was finally dragged down by the swamp, and his speed was greatly reduced.

All the audience was about to say comfortable, but all opened their mouths.

Suye’s speed was greatly reduced at the moment of entering. After entering, his whole person was still like a wild horse. The muddy water of the swamp seemed to deliberately bypass him, and the resistance formed was extremely small, so that his speed The slowdown is also minimal.

It slowed down a little bit, but faster than those who were running on the sand.

All the audience is blinded.

Even include some older people who have seen the game of Hercules, the creator and maintainer of the cross-country reloading record.

However, Hercules is not so exaggerated.

Others stepping in the swamps are all crooked in shape and unable to maintain balance. Often the whole person falls and must walk slowly and hard, as if they are twisting their bodies.

But Suye runs faster in the swamp than in the water.

Moderator yelled: “Did you see it? Did you see it? Suye’s 1st Step didn’t sink into the swamp at all, that is to say, he should have a legendary water line class innate skill, not sinking in water! However, he is in When I stepped on the swamp, I remembered that there are strict rules in the game. This terrain must be stepped on the bottom of the swamp, not on the water, so he stepped into the swamp 2nd Step. The son of the swamp, Su… !”

Suye’s speed is too fast. Before the audience reacted, Suye ran out of the swamp and stood in front of a mountain wall.

The tenth starting point of 100 meters is a straight mountain wall of ninety degrees, which is exactly 20 meters high.

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