The World of Deities Chapter 462


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Both hands and feet are used together to climb quickly, and some places even jump slightly to climb in an incredible way.


The audience was confused again.

Is this Magician or warrior?

Precise location selection and judgment, strong stepping and finger grip, just like a gecko climbing a wall, just climbing up to the top of the 7-Layer building.

ordinary warrior, even with magic climbing, can’t be so fast, and dare not play like this.

The thing carrying a hundred pounds fell from the air, and you can’t use divine power mana yet.

Some viewers were anxious, because after all, it was a 20-meter-high mountain wall, and people in one direction could not see it.

Suye stretched his arms and reached the summit.

No one cheered.

Because all viewers are wondering, how did he do it?

Because an important issue that all the audience continues to think about, is Suye really a person?

“Son of climbing, Suye!” the host muttered to himself.

Because, there is a full 100 meters above the mountain wall, which is a terrible lava zone!

Crimson’s lava flows on the mountain like a rectangular volcanic crater. Above the lava, some black rocks float.

This time, Suye is completely different from the previous one. Instead of heading straight past, instead of observing each stone of Lava carefully, it took 15 seconds to observe the progress before moving forward.

Many people are puzzled and don’t understand why Suye did this. Thinking for fifteen seconds is too slow.

A few of Aristocrat’s faces show joy, which means that either Suye is afraid or Suye is too stupid to pass here quickly.

The host was sighed and said, “If before, we can say that Suye relied on the perverted innate skill, then now, it needs to be corrected. If it is just to run through the lava zone once, he only needs to think for five or six seconds. It’s okay, but he thought for 15 seconds. Is he stupid than others so he thinks for a long time? No, but he has keenly discovered two points. The lava zone is very dangerous, more dangerous than other places, as long as it falls into lava Here, he will either ask for help or use the power forbidden by the game to protect himself, which means that the game has completely failed. Based on this, he has to think for a long time.”

“The second point, he has to run ten times! Instead of thinking about five or six seconds every time you come here, it’s better to think about 15 seconds at a time, and spend more time observing and thinking deeply about the lava river, then the next nine times , He will be faster than once, I can be sure. In the last few times, he will set foot without thinking, if anyone does not believe, you can bet with me, if I lose, I apologize to everyone after the game, If you lose, donate once to Sun God Temple, no matter how much, even if it is just a copper owl.”

A lot of audience listened to this. Well, many people shouted and gambled with the host.

Athens Aristocrat, who was happy before, was sullen and waited disappointedly for the next result.

In the process of the host speaking, Suye ran smoothly across the lava zone on the mountain, and the speed was the same as on the ground. He always found the right floating rock accurately, and he always stepped on the new one before the black rock was stepped into lava. Rock runs.

Running to the end of the lava river mountain, Suye grabbed the cane, stepped on the wall with his feet, and slammed his body back, while releasing his hands slightly, sliding down the rope and swinging back to the wall Afterwards, push hard again to swing outwards, repeat several times, and quickly fall.

From this perspective, some viewers are still obstructed.

However, the audience on the VIP seats are different, because their position is shrouded in divine power, you can see all angles of the audience, and your vision will never be blocked. This is only during the Olympic Games. Some magical power.

Every warrior who sees this way down the mountain has a strange face. Why is this Suye more warrior than warrior?

The off-road ability and the ability to survive in the wild are not comparable to warrior.

How did he develop these skills?

Sliding down the cane, Suye glanced at the 11th 100 meters.

It’s all foggy, but Suye’s mouth is filled with a very shallow smile.

The host said with a smile: “I found that Suye smiled when he saw the mist, and then he rushed into the mist. Many people can’t see the scene in the mist, but I can see it. The path of the mist There are sharp stones…no, he has rushed out of the mist, but I still have to finish it. The mist has extremely deep puddles, mud pits, icy ground, and quicksand vortex. In short, than the previous The terrain is hundreds of times more complicated, and it’s easy to get injured. But… what did I see? He ran out at full speed. This means that he has the vision to see through the fog! What is the innate skill? Everyone guessed it. This Suye , A mystery.”

The audience was speechless. The host didn’t even introduce the road conditions of the fog, and Suye ran out. How else to play?

Twelfth 100 meters is a forest.

The host with a bad said with a smile: “hehe, he has rushed into the poison bee forest, the poison bees are constantly spraying stings at him. These poison bees will not kill people, but will make people poison and breathe. Difficulty, physical exhaustion, soreness and pain all over the body. It is one of the most annoying and terrifying areas of cross-country reloading. Even often, after running out of the poison bee forest, players often abstain… er… he rushed out of the poison bee The forest is here, but why is his skin as clean and new as a stinger? Is it red and swollen? Uncomfortable?”

Everyone stared blankly at Suye, who ran out of the forest. There were some fine bee stings on his backpack and clothes, but there was no bee sting on his exposed skin or face.

“No, I clearly saw a large swarm of poisonous bees spraying stings on his body, and he could not avoid it… I remembered that he was fine when he stepped on the ground. It seems that he has a strong protective class innate Skills, such as metal skins and the like. Alas, the players behind, please ask for your blessing. The following are Twelfth 100 meters terrain, rattan ground… Uh, have run out.”

Behind Suye, the densely packed rattan whipped wildly like a living snake.

Suye was continually whipped while inside, but there was still no mark left on her skin.

“After the rattan field, it is the poisonous snake field. It is a meadow with bushes and bushes, where many poisonous snakes are lurking. All poisonous snakes are fuse with the environment, even if you don’t touch the poisonous snake, the poisonous snake will take the initiative. Bite you… Well, Suye successfully broke through.” The host said weakly.

I saw seven poisonous snakes bitten on Suye’s legs, arms and backpack.

Suye tears away the poisonous snake on his arm, regardless of the poisonous snake on the backpack and back.

After a few more steps, the poisonous snake on his leg was finally unable to continue to bite and fell loose.

“I’m crazy, this Suye, not only the poisonous bee missed, he couldn’t even bite the poisonous snake. Is he the son of the forest?”

The host’s words caused the audience to be nodded frequently.

Everyone’s heart is the same.

The cross-country heavy-duty running is good-looking, but Suye’s race is so beautiful, but it makes everyone doubt that this World and himself are not good-looking.

“The fifteenth 100 meters is a deep-breasted river. According to the rules, you can only run, not swim. I see him… you have seen it, so look at it.”

The host’s words made all the audience laugh.

It was seen in the chest-deep water that Suye was able to run at high speed. Impact made a hong long long crow in the current, and the water splashed to the sides.

Such as a giant whale divided into seas.

Although the speed is much slower than usual, it is still in a running posture, and other people can only paddle and move around.

The host looked at Suye desperately running in the water and said: “I can be sure that he definitely has the Water Element class innate skill, even the Water Element Bloodline, and the Bloodline rank is not low.”

Experienced warrior and Magician gently nodded, they have long discovered.

Suye’s innate skill.

Bloodline full of blood vessels.

“The waterway is divided into two sections. The first 100 metres is the ordinary chest-deep deep river water, and the second 100 meters is the seawater filled with various kinds of water grass kelp and fish. The sea inside is entangled and fish can bite. People, please note that these fishes are more lethal than poisonous snakes and poisonous bees. They are non-toxic, but bite is very painful. The key is that if you don’t bite, all the fish will come to bite. If you don’t bleed, you will be hit by all the fish. Such attacks will be entangled by a lot of kelp plants and water, greatly slowing down the speed. Suye …… Oh, Suye went ashore.”

The host’s tone was full of frustration, which made the audience funny and equally frustrated.

Because everyone sees that the water plants are not entangled with Suye, and the ferocious marine fish also don’t seem to see Suye.

“Okay, the son of the sea has been born.” The host helplessly said.

Many people keep thinking, what kind of ability does Suye pervert avoid water plants and fierce sea fish?

“The seventeenth 100 meters terrain is a painful sea of ​​ice floes. In such a cold place, everyone must run on ice floes, and all ice floes may break, and the ice water inside is biting and falling. I can’t go forward, I can only move sideways or backwards, looking for new ice floes to climb up, and then move forward on the ice floes. I have personally seen many players who fell into the water and found a new ice floe , Find a new piece of ice floe, break a piece, and keep falling into the ice water. You know, it was carrying a hundred pounds of weight in the ice water, and finally they cried and gave up the game. Oh, I don’t want to say Suye anymore , He can always charge ahead before I introduce the terrain, let us congratulate him on the 17th terrain.”

The host’s voice is full of stiffness and coldness, no emotion, no happiness.

Even if a piece of ice broke at Suye’s feet, he did not say that the reason was simple. Suye didn’t fall into the ice water at all, but stepped on the smaller broken ice and jumped onto the floating ice in front. Did not really fall into the water.

The host was powerless,” Glacier Prince Suye showed flying on ice and came to the eighteenth 100 meters. Storm desert, note that there are all the bad things such as sand dunes, quicksands, storms, dust storms, flying sand running stone, etc. In the weather, everyone can only squint or even close their eyes, and that kind of wind is like a wall… Hmm? He passed? I don’t want to preside over, Chief High Priest His Excellency Berngoola, either change me or change Suye! I haven’t finished, why did Suye run out? Is it so difficult to host a game? It was so happy to host a game before! Why is my heart full of pain now?”

The audience laughed heartily.

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