The World of Deities Chapter 463


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Many people laughed and looked at the dim stormy desert. Although they could not be immersive, they could know the terrible wind force when they saw the rubble flying all over the sky.

Slightly thinner people will be blown away, Suye is better, don’t look at the storm as a person, and run away at a high speed with a little smoke, the resistance is minimal.

Many people show their envy, and Wind Elemental Bloodline is good.

At the beginning of the nineteenth 100 meters, there is a row of giant trees, and at the end of 100 meters, there is also a row of giant trees.

The height of two rows of giant trees is five meters above the ground. The ladder-shaped equipment is placed across the sky and supported by pillars underneath to form a 100-meter-long ribbed wood, a total of ten side by side.

Suye quickly climbed up the tree, and then hung under the leftmost rib. His body was suspended, grasping the crossbar of the rib with his hands. His hands continued to grab forward and alternately, his body continued to flutter in the air.

This is the most physically exhausting 100 metres of all projects.

However, Suye is like a gibbon without weight, his hands alternate forward quickly.

The host was finally relaxed and said: “Hello everyone, I will continue to be the host. At this time, Suye finally flew over the ribs without a swish, although the speed is fast and the arm almost leaves a shadow, but with him Running on the ground at a lot of speed, I can finally finish talking. Hey? The players in front seem to be looking backwards.”

Cross-country heavy equipment runs 2ten thousand meters, 2000 meters per lap. In order to maintain physical strength, all players at first slow down their speed and accumulate physical strength for those difficult places.

Therefore, 63 people are not far from each other and are very close.

But Suye has been running at full speed.

This led to the fact that when Suye was walking on the 19th 100 meter rib and was about to run a thousand 900 meters, the rest were on the sand dunes of the fifth section.

At this time, there was no other occlusion, and they saw clearly how Suye was moving fast on the wall bars.

All the players turned their heads towards the rear and looked like a ghost.

The difficulty of cross-country reloading can be called the first in the competition. I am still worried about how to finish next. I haven’t even completed 1/4. Suye has already run a lap?

Does this mean that after Suye runs ten laps in the future, the worst player may also run two laps?

All the players turned into mathematicians again.

generally speaking, although the distance of the first 500 meters occupies 1/4, the difficulty is very low, and the time consumed only accounts for one tenth or even less, because the later lot takes too much time.

Moreover, the first lap is also the slowest lap because it needs to explore the topography to record the topography and deal with various new situations, that is to say…


All mathematicians have a terrifying thought in their minds.

In case anyone encounters an accident, fails repeatedly in difficult areas behind, and delays for too long, is it possible that when Suye ran ten laps, there were people who didn’t even finish the first lap?

All mathematicians are flustered.

Among them, many of them are among the dead of Pitia.

The strong pressure almost choked them.

“Suye, please be yourself!” Gerner suddenly stood on the dune and shouted.

The other players didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, and the serious referee people laughed simultaneously.

Some people on the VIP seat laughed.

When the host said this sentence, the audience laughed.

Suye finally completed the 100 meters of the 19th ribs, jumped from the tree, and landed on the hard and long flat.

The twentieth 100 meters are the same as the first 100 meters, they are flat and hard ordinary track.

Suye relaxed, sprinting and running without any hesitation.

The 63 players on the dune saw this scene. Jifei jumped and rushed towards the top of the dune with a scolding foot, and then rolled down the dune without any face.

It is the pursuit of ultimate speed!

Suddenly, a force came to the place where the players were, and then their scolding spread throughout the audience.

“I hate Suye! Plus this time, I may be both a waste and a waste!”

“Brothers, unite to defeat Suye’s evil hegemony!”

“When the game is over, let’s build an organization in Pitia, let’s fight against Suye together!”

“Don’t say these farts, it’s nice to think about how Suye cries when she catches up.”

“Our voice has been spread throughout the audience, these gangs of priests!”

“Dear viewers, think of a way, Suye will catch up immediately! Alas…”



crackle ……

In the laughter of the audience, the players stepped on the ice of 100 meters in the sixth lot, and then they fell one by one to the dead.

The audience realized that these ice layers were buffed with magical power, which was smoother than ordinary ice.

The players stood up with their faces bitterly, from running to small steps, slowly forward.

Ruby, someone suddenly screamed, “Go back.”

Everyone looked back.

I saw Suye rushing to the top of the dune, striding down in a stride.

All fryers.

“Suye is here, run!”

“It’s so cruel! Sun God Apollo, if you give me another chance, I will never participate in pentathlon.”

“You can’t let Suye catch up so close!”

“Evil Suye!”

Everyone was anxious, panicked, and overstretched under their feet. They fell more than half, and a few others who hadn’t fallen were rubbed by others, and all of them gnawed the ice.

The audience saw laughed heartily, who thought of the extremely cruel cross-country heavy-duty running, which was so joyful. This is a situation that has never appeared since the advent of this project.

This scene is like a goblin holding a sickle chasing a group of chubby pigs.

Seeing the fastest few people have ran to the end of the 100 meters ice, and a gust of wind passed by.

Suye passed all the people and rushed out of the ice road to the iceberg road.


Multiple players shouted flustered and exasperated.

More players didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, running muffled.

“It’s over, the name of 53 obsolete is going to spread all over Greece and even all the world.” Gerner complained as he ran, and his voice spread throughout the audience.

“You can shut up, who would come up with 53 without you?” Eugene scolded.

“Yes, I seem to have made a mistake. What should I do?”

“You just shut up!”

“Will I scold Suye?”


Many viewers were amused by their conversation.

“He is gone!”

Many players stood on the ice and watched Suye riding the dust, over the iceberg, and disappeared into view.

“Iceberg is so easy to climb?”

“I don’t find it difficult.”

In a moment, the first person to reach the foot of the iceberg learns to run upwards like Suye.



Slap Slap…

They slid down the hillside like dead fish, no matter how the hands and feet were tumbling, it was useless.

“Who changed the iceberg!”

In the laughter of the audience, all players climbed obediently and honestly slowly.

Even so, there are accidentally hand or foot slips of bad luck, slipping from the hillside to the foot of the hill, giving up all your previous efforts.

Climbing through the icebergs are three hills with extremely steep angles. The players sighed while climbing.

Crossing the three hills, everyone was walking in the ninth section of the swamp, Gerner suddenly said: “I have a bad hunch.”

Cross country offroad looks back simultaneously.

Suye appeared again on the top of the mountain in the back. The feeling was like looking inadvertently out of the window late at night. A bloody grimace was stuck on the window, showing a mysterious smile.

“Is it still possible to play!” A player hit the swamp with a punch.

Not waiting for them to cross half of the swamp, Suye has stepped on the mud and ran to the side.

“Suye, can you run slower or not? Wait for your soul and your kindness!” Gerner said.

“If you run like this again, your kindness is gone!” Eugene shouted.

Suye didn’t hear it. Like a carriage running over the mud, the marsh mud splashed by the running collapsed the others.

“Your heart is dirtier than the swamp!” Gerner shouted.

“You running puppet without emotion!” Eugene called.

Suye rushed out of the swamp without looking back.

The audience couldn’t laugh.

Soon, the team split up.

In addition to Suye, the first group of people has entered the misty forest of the 11th lot, and the second group of people is still competing with the lava river.

Many patient people carefully observe the movement of floating rocks, carefully calculate the weight of each rock, and carefully watch the way others pass through, remembering which rock can stand forever and which rock should be stepped on immediately get away.

When there were more than a dozen people not crossing the river, someone suddenly scolded swear words.

Everyone else turned back instinctively.

I saw Suye appearing in the swamp for the third time.

Some people almost collapsed, and this time Suye ran another lap without even walking through two lots?

Then they probed from the mountain wall and saw Suye crawling up and down like a giant gecko, with a desperate look on his face.

Does a hundred pounds of weight exist?

Flyers on vertical cliffs?

Suye glanced at the lava river in front and saw the two men walking on the stone and said, “You will find the big stone to stand still.”

The two players hurried to the nearby lava rock, which can stand for a long time, motionless.

The lava river is very wide, and there are many floating black rocks. In theory, a dozen people can run together, but no one can guarantee that there will be a possibility that multiple people grab a stone and fall together.

Suye looked at the lava river for the third time, at this time, for only three seconds, and then ran at full speed.

Suye’s speed is too fast, the force is too fierce, most of the black rock sinks violently, and lava splashes. It takes a while to appear on the surface of lava, and it flows slowly with lava.

The hearts of all the players are grabbed, afraid that Suye will step on the rock completely into lava and never float. doesn’t raise.

The host shouted excitedly: “Did everyone see it? He thought for the first time in front of the lava river for 15 seconds, the second time it took only 5 seconds, this time only took 3 seconds. I dare to guarantee, fourth At this time, he will consider at most 1 second.”

When Suye rushed out of the lava river, the players behind were relaxed.

However, they reacted quickly.

Is it time to relax?


In the misty forest, the players of the first echelon sighed and moved forward slowly, for fear of falling into a big puddle or slipping on the ice.

The fog is too dense, everyone can only see two or three meters away.

However, the voice can travel far, and they slowly explore the way while chatting.

“Ai, Suye that bastard must have a super visual innate skill, otherwise impossible sees through the mist and moves forward quickly.”

“Priests in the Sun God Temple are full of evil tricks. This off-road terrain is obviously more difficult than usual.”

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