The World of Deities Chapter 464


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“Hehe, they want to watch our bad luck.”

“Remember the terrain this time and run a few more times to speed up.”

“Suye thinks the same way.”

Suddenly, Gerner’s voice appeared.

“I have a bad hunch again.”

Next, screaming again and again in the mist.

A black shadow rushed into the white mist and ran at full speed.

“What is it!”


“It’s Suye!”

“Suye, I’m going to kill you!”

“Suye, how many golden eagles do you want, I will give you, please quit!”

“Super second time, I don’t want to live…”

A bunch of players want to cry without tears.

overwhelming majority The audience cannot see the scene in the mist, but just listening to the sound can guess what happened.

The atmosphere of joy echoed in the Pitiah competition.

slowly, the echelon of the team is divided again.

The lava river was difficult to pass, and nine people in the third echelon slowly moved forward in the misty area.

“Ai, thank you. If we meet Suye twice in the lava river section, we really can’t look up in the future.”

“Yeah, but why do I want to laugh?”

“Just make a face.”

“However, it is said that the slowest is the sea of ​​ice floes, and our desire to be exceeded twice in the same area may be realized.”

“You can shut up!”

The audience who heard their conversation laughed.

“Don’t say that these are useless, remember the terrain first, and speed up next time.”

“The difficulty now is that if we can’t slowly remember the terrain on the first lap and can’t speed up in the back, the ranking will be lower. But if our first lap takes too long, it will be overtaken by Suye for nine laps, causing Without waiting for the first lap, Suye has already won the cross-country championship.”

“I think it is most important to stick to ourselves. We are here for the game, not to escape Suye…”

“But the problem now is that I can’t stick to myself.”

“It’s just a lot of beep!”


Suddenly, the third echelon stopped.

Because a slight sound came from behind, it gradually increased.

“What is it?”

“Will the bad-looking referee not release the undead in the dark mist to scare us?”

“No, it should be…”


A familiar silhouette breakthrough fog, skimming over them, rushing forward at high speed.

“It’s Suye!”

“The third time!”

Everyone gnashing teeth watched Suye’s back disappear into the mist.

“What terrain is the next segment?”

“Poisonous bee, live rattan, poisonous snake. All three places can be rushed past!”

“For the sake of our reputation with City-State, we will go through the first lap first. Even if we fail, we will not allow Suye to overtake nine times!”


City-State people in the auditorium cheered.

“We City-State does not have players like you!”

“You have been expelled from City-State!”

“Exile you at the end of the game!”

The members of the second echelon who rushed out of the poison bee forest looked at the members of the first echelon standing in front.

The two sides came out after a while, but the members of the first echelon were still pulling the bees in pairs.

In the first echelon, except for a few people such as Eugene and Gerner, who have a strong protective innate skill, they can avoid most of the poison needles, and vulnerable places such as eyes are still swollen into peaches, and the eyes are squinted. . Their scalp and face are also swollen.

“Poisonous Bee Swarm is too vicious!”

“In front of Poisonous Bee Swarm, the ability of Heal Wounds is useless, you need the innate skill of toxic resistance class, who has?”

People glance at each other with their hearts.

No one, everyone is a big red envelope.

“Eugene, why don’t you guys run away?” one asked.

“To accumulate physical strength for the next. We only have a chance to rest when we pull out the bee sting, otherwise the referee’s whip has been drawn.”

“Ai, slowly pull it out. If you don’t pull it out, you will be able to run ten laps with a bee sting, no one can stand it.”

“In the last few laps, I wasn’t going to pull out, and after the end, let Priest help clean up.”


A silhouette rushed out of the poison bee forest and into the cane land.

“Damn it, Suye!”

Everyone looked at the front. There were dark five-meter-long rattan strips all over the place. They danced all over the sky, making the air crackle straight, and the ground was dusty.

A lot of rattan fell on Suye, but Suye seemed to be unaware, even the color of the skin did not change at all.

Soon, Suye rushed out of the rattan land and into the poisonous snake land.

“This lunatic!”

“How come he is not afraid of pain!”

“Go forward or rest?”

“I’m going to try it!” A warrior suddenly strode towards the rattan land.

“Don’t, the bee stings on you haven’t been pulled out yet!”

In the eyes of everyone’s doubts, the warrior rushed into the land of rattan.

bang bang bang bang……

Man Sky Vine was drawn on his body, and he saw a rapid red imprint of blood floating on him, and even blood spilled.

One second, two seconds, three seconds…


The warrior finally screamed and ran back.

People are even more puzzled. This kind of rattan is painful, but any warrior can bear it.

When the people looked closely, they saw that the warrior was trembling slightly and his face was twisted, his hands were constantly scratching and scratching on his body, but he hurriedly closed his hands, but soon he couldn’t stop scratching.

At the same time, a cry of ecstasy.

Finally, this warrior in a daze came and cried with tears: “Help me to remove the bee sting, I’m going crazy…”

Everyone suddenly realized that the bee thorns on his body were drawn into the meat by the cane, which was deeper, more toxic, and more red and swollen. Once this place was drawn by the cane, the sourness can be imagined .

Eugene, Gerner and others with very little redness and swelling also appeared helpless.

“This group of Priest is too bad.”

“No way, this is the cross-country race, every time you kill all kinds of tricks, you can’t guard against it.”

“Originally, the cross-country race was to test how the warrior coped with the complex environment, and now it becomes a tragic observation of Mortal World.”

“Ah… continue to pluck the bee sting, let’s say it gets dark.”

Everyone lifted the head helplessly, watching the morning sun.

Finally, the team split again, forming four echelons.

Eugene, Gerner, Hort and others with few bees and thorns set off ahead of time, rushing straight through the bushy rattan jungle.

Pure pain can’t hinder their footsteps, everyone has no fear.

That is, the rattan entangled in the ankles and legs is too disgusting to avoid damage and fall from time to time, and it is impossible to speed up.

Passing through the rattan field, looking at the densely packed poisonous snake on the grass and shrubs in front, everyone can’t calm down.

As a powerful warrior, no one is afraid of these poisonous snakes. Even more how is specially cultivated, not lethal, even if the toxicity will enter the body, it is only a variety of pain and pain, even if the poisoning is too deep, it will only produce Slight hallucinations.

The problem is that there are too many poisonous snakes in front.

Densely packed everywhere, even if you use divine power now, you can’t avoid it all, you can only use divine power to protect your body.

Divine power cannot be used.

“Let’s pray to Gods, I’ll rush first, and the pressure behind may be less. If I accidentally get poisoned by poisonous snake, remember a word and defeat Suye!” Eugene roared half-cracking a joke In a word, rush into the poisonous snake ground.

si si hiss…

The densely packed poisonous snake bounces into the air like a long leg, glides like a long wing, and pounces fiercely on Eugene.

Because the game rules only run and block, you can’t attack and counterattack. You can only use it when you are completely bitten. Eugene can’t catch the poisonous snake and wave it around. You can only run while protecting with your arms Head and face.

The eyes are already swollen. If the poisonous snake bites the face again, the upper and lower eyelids will be inseparable.

One after another poisonous snake pounced on Eugene, opened his mouth wide, exposed his fangs, and bit off.

Eugene innate skill is extremely strong. More than half of the poisonous snakes are difficult to bite, and some of the poisonous snakes cannot penetrate the skin during biting. Only extremely few poisonous snakes can bite, but either they are quickly thrown away or they are bitten. Eugene quickly grabs and throws away.

Even so, there are more and more poisonous snakes biting on Eugene.

The players behind immediately followed.

The players in the first echelon ran wild among the poisonous snakes, and the poisonous snakes kept biting.

After seeing these people’s encounters, the audience clearly realized Suye’s power.

After Suye rushed into the group of snakes, there were so many poisonous snakes, but overwhelming majority poisonous snake would slip off after a bite.

But these players are different. There are more and more poisonous snakes biting them. Their hands are too busy.

In the end, they rushed out of the jungle of poisonous snakes, covered with densely packed poisonous snakes all over them, and with the avant-garde costumes, colorful and creeping gently.

They tolerate nausea, help each other, and pull out the poisonous snake from each other.

si si sounds endlessly, no longer the voice of poisonous snakes, but their whispers.

Soon, many audiences put down their magic glasses and dared not see these players.

Every player is covered with densely packed wounds, and every wound is swollen and bluish.

The worst person is swollen like a dead body that has been soaked in water for half a year.

Everyone’s eyes are blurred, and their bodies are gently shaking.

On top.

“Don’t stop, hurry to squeeze the swollen place, it will be harder to face later!” Eugene gritted his teeth and squeezed the wound constantly with his hands, and the pus mixed with venom and blood spewed out.

People help each other.

Squeezed halfway, a silhouette flew by suddenly, and a few snakes slipped from the silhouette.

“fourth times.”

Everyone said silently in their hearts.

However, no one is in a hurry. If the snake venom cannot be handled properly, the next three water areas will become nightmares.

Few times, the members of the first echelon dealt with most of the severe snake venom, and then entered the chest-deep water together, the fifteenth lot.

The sun is warm and the water is cool.

Even if many people have innate skill, but there are too many wounds, bee stings, rattan, snake bites, etc. wounds are densely covered, when there is no divine power, it cannot be healed in a short time.

When the cold water touched the wound, everyone made a very ecstasy sound, rolling their ecstasy eyes.

Itching, numbness, and pain seem to creep into the flesh and bones, into the bone marrow, as if there are a series of earthworms drilling in the brain, and the whole body is hairy.

The water is too deep. People without Water Element innate skill can’t run at all and can’t swim. They can only step forward by step slowly in water and draw with their arms.


Before going ashore, a strong splash of water came from behind.

The people turned their heads to look around, the water in the sun was shining brightly, and the familiar evil spirit came to the world like a dark night.

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