The World of Deities Chapter 465


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Everyone looked at Suye, live without hope.

“I would rather dream of Devil than dream of you in the future!” Eugene shouted.

“I apologize to O’Connor! I still laughed at O’Connor’s retirement because of cowardly. Now I understand that he is too smart! If I knew this scene already, I would abandon the game!” Gerner said.

“Are you a 100 meters sprint?”

“Wait for your conscience!”

“Suye is invincible!” Hort finished, obediently and honestly walking forward.

He is tall and faster than everyone else.

When approaching them, Suye suddenly slowed down a little, and the look of doubt in her eyes appeared.

“Oh, how many laps is this?” Suye asked.

“get lost!” everyone shouted simultaneously.

“Say good friendship first match second?” Suye ignored them and splashed them all over.

“No! What is Suye’s physical strength?” Eugene yelled as he moved forward.

“Yes! His impossible has been exploding in physical strength, and physical recovery is also impossible continuous use. Where does he come from abnormal physical strength?”

“Everyone think about it, what innate skill can support him to run like this.”

“I think about it, first get rid of those innate skills or abilities that are too strong, such as the body of Hero, which runs half a month at this speed and will not be tired.”

“He should not have the innate skill of endless physical strength.”

“Think about it, will it be a fitness conversion?”

“Physical power conversion requires mana or divine power, and it should not be…No! It may be physical power conversion. Although the mana or divine power cannot be used in the game, the bloodlines Strength of this bastard! As long as Bloodlines Strength is not banned, Continuously absorb the power of elemental plane and transform into physical strength.”

“This probability is great. And yesterday it was God of War Ares’ confered by gods. It makes sense for him to have a physical conversion.”

“That is to say, God of War is helping Suye win the championship?”

“No physical fitness conversion is required, he can still win the championship, to be precise, God of War is helping Suye to record-breaking.”

Gerner finished talking casually and suddenly closed his mouth.

However, it is too late.

The stadium was suddenly quiet.

All kinds of associations emerge in the minds of the audience.

God of War confered by gods Suye is normal, but confered by gods Suye can record-breaking the innate skill, it is intriguing.

After all, the pentathlon world record holder, but Hercules.

In theory, Hercules is the half-brother of the God of War Ares, and both are the sons of Zeus.

Everyone says that Hercules will grow to be Zeus’ best son. What does God of War Ares, Hercules’ brother, think?

even more how, although God of War Ares and his mother Hera occasionally have conflicts, but after all, they are mother and son. Will this time be convinced by gods Suye to please Hera?

Suye is Athena’s Dependents, Sun God Apollo seems to recognize Suye, and Hera and Ares have reasons to support Suye over Hercules, plus the discordant Pantheon and the peaceful Pantheon. That is to say, Suye accidentally stands behind a large number of God and God’s Temple?

Athens Aristocrat looked at each other, and they all saw vigilance and determination in each other’s eyes.

Suddenly, André in the audience seemed to unconsciously take out an ornament, about one inch tall, silver oval frame, inlaid with rock-carved pale-gold vertical pupil eyes, like Giant Dragon’s eye.

André put it gently in his hands.

Some Athens Aristocrat saw this scene and the expression changed slightly.

There are also several Athens Aristocrat with similar vertical pupil eyes, playing with a smile.

Soon, some Aristocrat on the VIP seats also took out similar vertical pupils, but most of them just put it away for a few seconds.

Many Aristocrat smiles, and some Aristocrat looks quiet.

The episode in the audience is fleeting.

The competition is still going on.

Other athletes have to constantly adapt to new terrain, observe memory, and accumulate experience, but Suye has endless physical strength, and because he understands the terrain more and more, the speed is faster and faster.

One punch and one lap.

In the tenth 7th grade section of the ice floe area, eight of the first echelon had already stepped on the ice floe, and some were on the shore.

The referee on the side is harboring malicious intentions carrying a whip, glare like a tiger watching his prey looking at the person standing on the shore.

The people who stood and watched were helpless, and two of them were wet and pale.

The two men had very bad luck. From the very beginning, they broke the ice many times and continuously fell into the biting seawater, so that the whole body would be frozen and he would be injured. On the shore, observe the ice floes.

There are already three people looking for opportunities on the ice floes, but they all stop and go. They often find opportunities on the large ice floes and then move forward. Even so, they occasionally step on the ice and fall into the cold. In the sea water.

Everyone is rational. If you rush forward in one breath, you can pass it, but the physical strength of the next nine laps is not as sufficient as the first lap. You must find certain rules to ensure the success of the next by.

Suddenly, they turned back simultaneously and watched Suye running at high speed in the sea water, sprinting at full speed as soon as he landed, and then stepped on the sea of ​​ice floes, stepping on the ice floes to maintain the sprint speed.

One piece of ice floe was crushed by him.

Everyone hates gnashing teeth. In this way, they need to find new routes and continue to look for patterns.

“How many laps is this?” Gerner asked suddenly on a large ice floe.

“I remember surpassing us for the seventh time?”

“No, it is the eighth time, which is his ninth lap.”

Except for Hort, everyone panicked.

“What should I do?”

“What else can I do, even if I’m exhausted, I can’t let him overtake us nine laps! We didn’t finish one lap, he ran ten laps, what happened?”

“That’s… Suye is the biggest winner of the Pitiah competition, and O’Connor is the second winner.”

“I decided to think carefully in the second lap. This first lap is mainly for dignity!”

“Yes, for dignity!”

“For dignity!”

The crowd roared and set foot on the ice floes, running full strength.

Only Hort stood on the shore and thought hard.

“Suye said, you must first understand why, then think about how to do it, and finally do it again. I can’t learn them, I want to learn Suye. I want to continue to think about what to do.”

Hort took a serious look, and suddenly found that, as he watched those people stomping on the ice floes, he seemed to have a better understanding of the various ice floes.

Floating ice is fluttering, and it is very fragile, plus it is very smooth, causing many people to fall into the sea one after another.

Many people keep on clenching their teeth.

In the end, in addition to four people with strong innate skill or good luck boarding the opposite bank, the other three stood shiver coldly on a large block of ice.

Every time it falls into the water, physical strength will be greatly consumed.

In a moment, Hort showed an expression of sudden enlightenment and began to step on the ice floes.

Others are not optimistic about Hort. This big man has a lot of strength, but he is not flexible and agile, and is particularly disadvantaged in this kind of place.

Sure enough, Hort continuously fell into the sea.

However, Hort is not discouraged, move on. After a while, they magically surpassed those three and became the fifth player to rush through the area.

Three people standing on the ice shivering are puzzled.

After the ice sea, it is the storm desert.

Desert Storm greeted Suye nine times like an Old Friend, but was always left behind by Suye just after saying hello.

Now, Desert Storm meets new friends for the first time.

Friends destined to stay for a long time.

The first person to leave the sea of ​​ice has rushed into the storm desert. They are facing the strong wind and sinking into the fine sand. They are struck by the splash of rock and bent forward, struggling forward.

Everyone’s knees are submerged in the quicksand, and walking is more difficult.

The audience realized that the entire 100-meter lot is a quicksand zone!

In addition to Gerner, others are inwardly grumbled.

Gerner has the Bloodline of the North Wind God, and the strong wind’s formidable power is halved, but he can’t fight the quicksand.

If there is no wind, Gerner can walk on the sand and walk on the ground.

However, he is just Bloodline of Beifengshen, not Beifengshen.

Strong winds slow down, but dust and gravel do not.

He will still block his sight, drill into his mouth and nose, and attack his face.

Everyone was covered with wounds, soaked in seawater, and then hit by densely packed sand and gravel, the pain reached its limit.

However, none of them are discouraged.

Everyone insists on moving forward and going forward with all their strength.

Everyone has a belief in unyielding.

must ran one lap before Suye ran ten laps.

Some players reversed their direction and walked away from the tuyere. The breathing was smooth. The face was no longer hit by sand and gravel, but the speed also dropped. After walking for a while, I had to go forward again.

The call of the strong wind, the sand and stones are flying, and everyone in the storm cannot communicate, and can only move forward silently.

There is obviously only 100 meters of road, and Mingming usually finishes it quickly. It obviously feels very short, but in everyone’s heart, this is a very long journey.

Except Hort, everyone is worried that Suye suddenly rushes from behind.

Go forward, go forward, go forward!

I don’t know how long, Gerner finally rushed out of the desert storm with strong Bloodlines Strength, looking at the clear blue sky, looking at the bright sunshine, looking at the densely packed audience in the distance, let out a long sigh of relief.

“Can’t look back! Don’t let Suye interfere with my determination! I must not be caught up with him again, never!”

Gerner took a deep breath, using both hands and feet, and climbed the tree, but felt tired after only half of the climb.

He gritted his teeth, climbed to the height of five meters, and looked at the ribs parallel to the ground in front.

He took a deep breath again.

“Can’t let Suye catch up!”

Gerner moves his body gently, patting off the sand and dust, and inspecting all parts of the body.

The bare skin surface is full of scars, some are injured, some are cut by ice, some are hit by rocks, some are stabbed by poisonous bees, some are sprained by rattan, and some Bitten by poisonous snake, some were bitten by marine fish…


Gerner’s eyes seemed to be burning with flames. He slowly grabbed the bars of the ribs, hung underneath, and kept moving forward.

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