The World of Deities Chapter 466


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For ribs, Gerner is a game that has been played since childhood. With the Bloodline of God of North Winds, he is always praised as flying under the ribs.

But this time, the wings are broken.

The weight of a hundred pounds, plus the physical energy he paid for speeding up later, made him fly not raise again.

Almost like the ordinary warrior, he advances little by little.

Midway, he even paused for a while, breathing heavily.

Until the referee’s scolding and whiplash sounded, he continued to move forward. Finally, he finally successfully passed this nineteenth section.

He stood on the big tree at the end of the road, his body bent, his hands on his knees, his mouth wide and gasping, and then he got up and gently shook his numb arms.

Sweat flows all over the body like a stream, moistening the sand into mud and pasting it on the body.

Gerner is very tired, but he is full of joy, because as long as he climbs down this tree, it is the last 100 metres.

It’s a long-lost flat, and it’s the terrain I’m best at.

At this moment, bursts of exclamation came suddenly behind him.

With the exclamation, there is also a peculiar and rhythmic sound.

It looks like the palm of your hand is making a soft peng peng sound on the wood.

Gerner remembers this sound, this is the sound of his own hands grasping the horizontal bar, but this sound is more rapid, more powerful, and more rhythmic.

After that, Gerner heard the name of a goblin.

“Suye, you give us a way to live.”

A player yelled weakly, his voice full of exhaustion, helplessness, fear, awe, anger and a trace of madness.

Gerner slowly turned his head and saw a ribbed wood. Suye was like a monkey leaping between the branches in the forest. Rapid Speed ​​came.

Gerner’s legs softened when he saw Suye.

But the next moment, the flame in his eyes rekindled.

“You won’t succeed!” Gerner loudly roared, neck muscles bulging, like the giant king cobra showing majesty, like a lion showing his majestic mane, and like a lizard opening his collar ring.

After roaring, Gerner quickly descended the tree and ran forward with all his strength.

This time, he blocked everything about him, Bloodline, glory, faith, dreams, full acceleration, full sprint.

However, his eyes were a little blurry.

This way is too tired, the physical exertion is too intense, and the speed is forced to the limit, and the body can’t bear it immediately.

“Beifeng family can fail, but cannot yield on the running road!”

Gerner red eyes, sprint, sprint, continue to sprint.

However, his speed is getting slower and slower.

Because, force can no longer sustain this sprint.

The speed slows down, but it slowly clears up in front, the visual recovery and the slow recovery of hearing.

Behind, a strange voice came.

Boom! boom! boom!

It seems that the giant hammer hit the ground, and it seems that Giant is running.

Gerner’s heart contracted violently and expanded in an instant, then began to beat violently.

He can’t see it, but he knows what is happening.

The Devil that dominates the arena!

The demon humiliating the player!

That brutal Magician!

“Can’t lose to you! No!”

Gerner is acceleration again, his eyes are blurred again, and hearing seems to be slowly lost.

He vaguely saw that two referee appeared at the finish line, pulling up the colorful cotton strips.

The tape representing victory and glory, in Gerner’s eyes, is like the dividing line between Mortal World and Netherworld, like the division of Darkness and Light.

“Never! Never!”

Gerner roared from in the depth of one’s soul. The cyan imprint on his forehead exuded a faint light, and the skin on his body shone slightly.

A slight power is injected into Gerner’s body, strengthening every inch of his body.

“It’s this kind of power! It’s this kind of power! I have another innate skill, is it a speeding run, or is it a gust of wind? Hurry up, hurry up! As long as I get this innate skill, I won’t be able to Being overtaken by Suye! I will be able to win again…um? Runner-up?”

Gerner is instantly sober.

The world in front of me becomes clear.

Later, a more clear silhouette appeared on the side.

The silhouette surpassed Gerner, like a running mountain, charging forward.

In Gerner’s ears, there is a strong peng peng sound.

It’s the sound of the mountain pedaling Earth, and the sound of the mountain heartbeat.

Gerner opened his eyes wide, opened his mouth, and made no sound, but it seemed to shock the soul.

Innate skill formation.

Gerner’s whole body suddenly rose with a faint blue wind.

Smile spread on Gerner’s face.

“Suye, here I am!”

Gerner is fully accelerating and running with all strength.

Beyond Suye!

Beyond Suye!

However, after only a moment, Gerner’s smile froze in his face.

Suye ran into the ribbon, and the winning rays of light surrounded him.

Heaven-shaking, earth-shattering cheers rang throughout the audience, and even the audience didn’t even know what the cheering represented.

Amazed, amazed, frightened, or surprised, full of extremely complex emotions.

Gerner suddenly looked like a deflated ball, the smile on his face disappeared, the skin’s luster dimmed, and the speed dropped suddenly. Even a new innate skill could not push his body.


Gerner gave a long sigh.

Clear’s world is blurred again.

The people behind Gerner all sighed except Hort.

Only Hort is as excited as the audience.

“Suye is invincible!” Hort continued to dangle over the ribs.

The rest of the players, either in the storm or on the ice floe, and the slowest group of people are fighting the sea fish in Lot 16.

Except for Hort, every player seemed to have lost several bones, the expression was weak, and his body collapsed.

“It’s too difficult…”

“Who can think of running a cross-country race can bear the blow of life level…”

“Perhaps, I am not suitable for sports…”

Almost all players began to doubt life.

The host is as excited as he is excited.

“Suye surpassed all generations of cross-country reload players, surpassed Hercules, surpassed everyone, once again broke the record, once again broke the record! God, he is already a legendary double-record player, and he will take the first place Two little gold men! Unbelievable, this brutal Magician can always surprise us! No, it is a miracle!”

“His long-distance running record only surpassed Hercules a little bit, but this cross-country record greatly surpassed Hercules, and it took only half of Hercules! This is simply a miracle! I once saw the scene of Hercules flying, Seeing Hercules surpass one opponent after another, and see Hercules over dunes, mountains and icebergs, but I have to admit that Suye surpassed Hercules in this sport!”

“Suye, it’s a miracle spokesperson! I apologize for my previous pride! How can I call him the son of sand, mountain or forest? He is simply the king of all terrain! He is the king of off-road !He will be the king of the cross-country heavy equipment running project!”

“Let us cheer for the king of long-distance running and the king of off-road! And let us cheer for the possible triple crown! Suye!”


In the cheers of the audience, Suye saluted the Quartet.

A lot more elegant than those of Aristocrat.

The audience was completely conquered by this wonderful game, yelling constantly, for a long time.

Especially those Magicians who normally keep calm, are more excited than anyone at the moment.

A Magician has formed an absolute crush in the warrior’s most proud game, which means that Magician is not weaker than warrior in any way.

The cries of the Athens civilian seats were thunderous, but the location of the Athens Aristocrat District was like a graveyard.

Every Aristocrat’s face is like a tombstone.

Late night grave, very quiet.

On the foreign seats, the expression on the face of the Arcades wearing a wide-brimmed hat to cover his face is extremely complicated, a bit didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, and something else.

“This kid is too rampant. In order to avoid his arrogance, the next time he meets again, um… let him feel the beating of life. Well, I’m doing it for him. I was going to give him a gift , But watch this kid grow up so smoothly, then slowly.”

Akerdes whistled softly, and a strange brown wooden cylindrical bottle appeared in his hand. The surface of the bottle was carved with black dragon snakes, but the lower ends of all the snakes were connected together. The Demon Beast became a terrifying sea.

He gently tossed the wooden bottle, and in the wooden bottle, the terrifying breath rose, as if there was a formal power that attracted the ocean to destroy a country, but Akdes reached out again to catch it, holding it like a piece of tofu Broken that terrifying breath, then recovered Ring of Space.

At the Plato Academy seat, Euclid stared at Suye, scratching his head across the hat in doubt.

“Why is this guy so weird? I really want to do some research…”

Outside the game, Suye did not take a direct break as before, but instead walked slowly and smiled at Gerner who rushed over.

“Come on!”

Gerner twitched his lips and gave Suye a super invincible big white eye, the moon as big and bright as the sixteen.

“I made an all-out effort to finish this journey and am preparing for a new journey. You can’t stop on your own road.” Suye still smiled.

Gerner froze for a moment, took a deep breath, nodded hard.

“You are right, my journey is to reach your objective, not to fight against you, you can not affect my path. Suye, congratulations, we will meet again on the new road!” Gerner turned behind him Suye waved her hand, her eyes glowing.

Suye walks slowly, smiling at each passing player, and encouraging them.

Some accepted Suye’s kindness and some refused.

Suye is still smiling.

Just like Gerner’s objective has not been changed by Suye, the behavior of others can’t change Suye’s kindness.

After cheering for all 63 players, Suye slowly walked to the rest area and closed his eyes to sleep.

This time, Suye is more tired than any previous game.

Not only physical, but also spirit and will.

Fatigue of the body can be solved by physical fitness conversion, but fatigue on the spirit and the will cannot be reduced by any strength.

Fortunately, there are sleep and meditation.

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