The World of Deities Chapter 467


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Seeing Suye taking a break, the audience suddenly lost interest and watched the game boringly, preparing to wait for the next discus throw.

No matter how the host interrupts, everyone just smiles politely.

Every time the audience plays a spirit, they can always find that it is not a game at all compared to when Suye was present.

That player is so stupid, is the ice floe so sad?

Are those poisonous snakes so powerful? Why didn’t you see Suye covered with poisonous snake?

Suye comes out after entering the sandstorm, why can’t other people come out for a long time like they are going to die inside?

The host had no choice but to stop talking.

In a little while, I changed the subject and started to revolve around Suye, so the audience on the scene was excited.

After seeing the results, the host found a Saint Domain warrior and a Saint Domain Magician as guests to analyze Suye’s innate skill and ability.

The Saint Domain warrior opened his mouth and ran a carriage full of mouth. He said everything. He even suspected that Suye possessed the Legendary body. In short, all kinds of touts. Finally, all the viewers doubted whether this warrior was a high-level black.

In contrast, the Vice-President of the Earth Attribute Magic Association is more cautious, only talking about some obvious Bloodline or innate skill. Any guesses that may really expose Suye’s strength are not much to say.

In contrast, the contrast between the two people has produced a good effect, and the audience was excited.

A game is more than half of the morning.

On the way, multiple players were whipped in public by referee, which is the only moment that can arouse the interest of the audience.

Starting from the seventh lap, people keep giving up the game.

In the end, with Suye, only 42 people completed the game.

The first two of them entered the next game, the discus.

Unlike the previous game, the discus match is only one round, each person can throw three times, take the longest distance, and rank directly according to the distance.

The ceremony of the pentathlon awards will be held at the end. The single event only has the champion, there is no runner-up or runner-up, and only the overall event has runner-up and runner-up.

referee wakes Suye, after the two of them are treated by Priest, they start the discus match.

During the lottery draw, the host sighed and said: “The other thirty-one players, I tell you bad news, everyone just saw the cross-country race, Suye is likely to own Water Element Bloodline, so don’t think about the final swimming champion. Everyone works hard, all Priest in Sun God Temple cheer for you, except Suye!”

The players are so angry and helpless, Suye of course no longer needs the refueling of Priest.

The draw was completed. The draw number at this time was not as coincident as when Okanuo was there. Suye reached the 15th.

Before the game, everyone took Suye seriously and warmed up.

The ones that didn’t warm up before have been eliminated.

One player after another throws the discus, some of these players throw in place, and some throw sideways.

Prior to this, Suye only used lateral in-situ casting, not at all using a better rotation casting method, which is a back-rotating casting beyond this era.

However, now that it is the final, it can be used without any worries.

Suye watched the players throwing quietly.

No. 9 is Gerner.

This Northwind family teenager, Aristocrat, took a deep breath and walked slowly.

When passing Suye, Gerner said deeply: “Suye, thank you very much. Let me wake up the new innate skill in the cross-country race. And this new innate skill will also cut off your road to the all-powerful king.”

Eugene said ill-humoredly: “Stop it first, say less, pretend to be deep, and forget when you were crying?”

Gerner’s figure swayed, speeding up and leaving.

The back is a bit embarrassed.

Suye looked at Gerner quite expectantly. In the discus and javelin competitions, the Beifeng family also has a huge advantage.

Blue Star’s discus world record is 74 meters, and the throw distance of the Greece champion is about three times this number, generally more than 200 meters, and occasionally someone has a special innate skill that can exceed 300 meters.

However, the world record set by Hercules is even more terrifying, exceeding 1,800 meters.

Beifeng family champions often throw more than 300 meters, and even extremely few people exceed 400 meters.

In the throwing area of ​​the cage, Gerner again took a deep breath and threw it out violently.

Make an all-out effort, only cast once.

All the audience stared at the flying dot.

The discus flew extremely far, far exceeding every previous player, and finally landed in the exclamation of many people.

Soon, referee takes measurements and then transmits the sound to the host.

The host was excited and honest: “420 meters! 420 meters! This is already the top 20 in history, and it is very likely to become the champion of this competition! Suye is in danger.”

Gerner gave up the other two shots and walked out of the throwing area, holding his head high.

As proud as a champion.

Suye thought quietly. This explosive power is actually very general. For example, before sprinting and running back and forth, they are far inferior to Hercules. And I secretly tried when no one was there, and make an all-out effort failed to reach 420 meters.

“It seems that many of Gerner’s battle class innate skills can work on discus.”

When the host shouted to the 15th player Suye, the audience cheered.

Suye, holding the discus, walked to the throwing area and stood in the cage.

The cheers of the audience slowly weakened, and everyone stared at Suye.

“Look, please, Suye turned his back to the throwing direction. Is this a new posture he invented? As far as I know, some people throw their backs to the throwing, but the effect is not obvious. So, what is his performance? , Let us watch quietly.”

referee whistle to indicate that Suye can throw.

Suye took a deep breath, facing away from the throwing direction, right hand holding the discus, pre-swinging his arms, twisting his body, and then Rapid Speed ​​spinning.

After a full rotation of 540 degrees, when facing the throwing direction for the second time, the discus was thrown sharply between a tilt angle of 30 degrees and 35 degrees.

The discus pierced the sky and flew high.

All the audience stared at the flying dot.

Suye also watched quietly, this was his first full throw.

Suye has an innate skill such as Wind Elemental Bloodline, Wind Elemental Bloodline, light travel, proficiency throwing, etc.

However, the physical strength is still weaker than the ordinary champion of thousand hammers, hundred refinements.

The discus flew extremely far, far beyond almost all players, and finally landed in the exclamation of many people.

Soon, referee takes measurements and then transmits the sound to the host.

The host said with regret: “415 meters! It is a pity that it is 5 meters behind the Gerner of the north wind family. This is a very huge gap. So in the second throw, can he really surpass Gerner?”

Many viewers threw their eyes at the host. They said that they did not support Suye before. Now that Suye is behind, the tone immediately becomes regretful.

Shouldn’t you be excited?

The host suddenly looked in one direction and said: “Look, Gerner is grinning, and the corners of his mouth are all going to the back of his head.”

Everyone looked at Gerner and saw the young man’s smile stiffen in his face, quickly bowing his head to cover it.

“It seems that Gerner finally had a chance to win a championship, so he smiled so happy. Even more how, the next javelin is also his strength. If he can win the discus championship, he will definitely get it. The javelin champion. It doesn’t matter, the winner should get a smile.” The host appeared very fair.

Many people shouted Gerner’s name.

Gerner relaxed, lifts the head, showing a big smile.

referee stepped forward and asked, “Suye, do you need to make a second throw?”

Suye nodded, arms slightly stretched to both sides.

Giant Transformation.

Suye’s skin was propped up translucently, his body swelled rapidly, and soon became a giant with five meters high.

Gerner’s smile froze once again, standing still.

He finally remembered the fear of being dominated by Giant Suye in three fighting projects.

How can I forget Suye’s ability?

Many people had cheered Gerner, but when they saw Gerner’s complexion, unable to bear laughed.

Suye looked towards referee, referee nodded, and blow the whistle.

At this time, Suye still uses a back-rotating cast.

In the flash of his huge body turning, some of the audience in the auditorium on the hillside on the south suddenly gave an unknown hunch.

Because the north side is a VIP seat and the mouth of the cage faces south, Suye throws a discus to the south.

However, Suye is more than 2000 meters away from the seat in the south, but why do you still feel cold behind?

May be an illusion.

Suye twirls violently, throws out the discus, and then looks up at the sky forward.


sky-splitting sound sounded in the field.

Everyone can see in disbelief that the little black spot crossed all referee positions in a blink of an eye, across the arena, and flew straight to the south of the auditorium.


Scarring screams and panic in the audience Spread.

Tens of thousands of spectators ran to both sides.

In this brief moment,hundreds of thousands experience the horror of Giant’s and the brutality of Suye.

The flying discus is like a falling meteorite, and there seems to be a demon standing above the meteorite.

Defeat everyone’s psychological defense.

At this moment, even the Saint Domain Magician who was in charge of protection was blinded.

Greece’s contest has been held for so many years, simply nothing can fly to the audience.

The big game is on the one hand, and on the other hand, you can’t use divine power magic, impossible flying up!

Fortunately, multiple Saint Domain warriors are located in that area, and they not only did not retreat, but jumped high.

Finally, a Saint Domain warrior braved golden divine power all over his body, reaching for the discus.

“Don’t panic, everyone! The discus has been caught! Don’t panic! Don’t panic…” The host of came back to his senses hurriedly dissuaded, those running talents stopped slowly.

However, the panic just now has caused a small amount of trampling, and many people are dying on the ground.

Priests nearby hurried over to rescue them.

Suye stood blankly in the throwing zone of the cage, silent.

“Suye is invincible.” Hort muttered to himself.

Gerner extend the hand, flattening the stiff smile on his face, his eyes filled with horror.

“Is this Giant’s strength?” he muttered.

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