The World of Deities Chapter 468


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Eugene said dullly: “No, Giant is not the key. A silver-ranked Giant is not as powerful as Hercules. The key is that no one has heard of the Wind Elemental Bloodline in Giant.”

Gerner is hard nodded. Suye’s innate skill plus Giant Bloodline is too exaggerated for discus throwing.

Soon, the host loudly said: “Dear viewers, although the trample caused minor injuries, but since the Priest arrived in time, all the injured have been treated. Even a player who was beaten by Suye to pieces of meat can Just like a big shrimp just out of the water, I can guarantee that all the audience will be safe and sound.”

All the viewers are relaxed. Although a discus is small, the imposing manner that Suye throws is too scary.

The discus, in an imposing manner, feels like it can cut off a big head.

Okeno, who was sitting in the audience, gritted his teeth, almost stood up and scolded, he had already retired, how could this host mention himself? Aren’t you afraid of causing casualties to affect the reputation of the Sun God Temple?

“In order to continue the game and to avoid accidents, now the spectators in the direction of the cage entrance are asked to get up in an orderly manner and evacuate to the sides. Well, don’t worry about the position below the auditorium, Suye can’t throw it so close.”

The host laughed at the audience in one sentence.

Finally, Sun God’s Priest still arranged for everyone to evacuate in both directions.

Soon, Suye up ahead of the audience vacated a large area.

From afar, the clean auditorium has a spectacular feeling.

Evacuation for a person.

referee and Priest gathered together and began to discuss.

The host sighed and said: “Please wait quietly, this accident… this accident is a bit unusual. At that time Hercules threw a distance of more than 1800 meters, which was just to scare a few viewers. Suye was good, a discus flew In the past, the entire auditorium was emptied.”

Everyone laughed.

Gods incarnation personally established the stadium, there have been various abnormalities, but there has never been such a discus or javelin flying to the audience, please viewers let us referee and Priest to discuss and work out Countermeasures. After all, such a long distance is difficult to measure. Suye, you calm down, no, you calm down, your mouth is crooked. We are temporarily unable to play, so we invite the parties to talk about their views on this matter…”

The host said, suddenly turning to Gerner.

“Gerner, what do you think about this?”

Gerner lifts the head, with his mouth wide open, looked towards the host’s gaze full of doubts.

? ? ?

The audience was shocked, and then a big laughter.

This host’s mouth is too poisonous.

Okano saw this scene and finally showed a long-lost smile.

“Don’t you just smile a lot, please talk about your views now.”

The referee on the side puts the magic beard directly under Gerner’s nose.

Gerner has been silent for a long time, and asked, “Can you swear?”

“No.” The host’s righteous words are strict.

“Then I’m finished.” Gerner suffocated his face flushed.

The audience laughed.

Soon, the host again said: “Dear viewers, referee and Priest have communicated and have negotiated with other God’s Temple Priest to determine the processing method. Because the field is too small, and the game is impossible outside Held, so we invited a number of Magicians of proficiency geometry and mathematics to come forward. After they swore to Gods, they simulated the discus drop point and finally got an average distance as Suye’s final score. However, Suye has to throw one more time. , We need to make more accurate magic recordings.”

Many spectators rolled their eyes, what is the venue too small? Many small City-States are just as big.

Suye warmed up in the cage to prepare for the third head.

Everyone’s eyes widened, and even Gerner was attentive.

This is a once in a lifetime scene.

referee whistles, Suye throws.

The whistling discus flew in the clear blue sky, over the referee with its head up, over the light green arena, hitting high in the auditorium and bouncing on the hard rock seat.

Everyone seems to hear a loud noise.

“Cruel, so terrible!” Julius muttered to himself.

“Suye!” Komodos shouted with all his strength.



The audience roared with passion, this scene can definitely be recorded in history.

I have witnessed history!

Even many warriors who didn’t like Suye were blushing and having thick necks.

The host shouted wildly: “Gods are on! This is beyond imagination! Sports beyond imagination! Records beyond imagination! It is an experience beyond imagination! This man named Suye is simply a tyrant on the field! I It is certain that from now on, at least in the heavy-duty running, cross-country running and discus and javelin competition, Suye will be the hegemonic ruler of fully deserving, without any reservations, and will bring endless fear to all athletes for generations and generations. One hundred years!”

“No one can smile in front of Suye! Dare to laugh, just wait for the discus to be shot on the face! Never underestimate Suye, never underestimate his brutality!”

“Suye the Cruel!”

The host encouraged the atmosphere at the scene as if he was drinking high.

Almost all the audience stood up and howled, trying to be a part of witnessing history.

The Priest of Apollo God’s Temple smiled with a slit in their eyes.

When Hercules played record-breaking, but at the Olympic Games, it is said that the Priest of Zeus God’s Temple afterwards laughed with pain.

At this time, Suye broke the Hercules record one after another, and the transcendence was greatly broken. The status of the Pitiah Competition will be further improved, and it will also attract more people to become believers of Sun God Apollo.

Suye’s credit is better than High Priest.

Every Aristocrat and every Priest present can foresee that after the award of this competition, Apollo will once again lower the generous confered by gods.

Not a reward, but a thank you!

Actors is currently the very few people sitting in the auditorium.

“It’s boring to break the game. I want to go.” He murmured a few words, took out the wine, and took a few sips.

At the Macedonia National Seat, Alexander roared loudly, and friends and subordinates around him fell into a carnival.

Euclid didn’t measure it, he just glanced at it and calculated the exact distance.

“This Suye, the geometry is very good, and the strength is also very strong, and the angle of throwing is also learned…”

Soon, the game is completed and the thirty two throws are finished.

In a moment, the host announced: “I just got the calculation results of the Masters, and this result is valid under the witness of Gods. Then, I announced that Suye won the championship of this discus competition with a score of 5872 meters. , And broke the Hercules record, becoming a new record in Human history, which has lasted for thousands of years! Discus King, Suye!”

In the cheers, Suye blinked, and the title was really frustrating.

In the afternoon, the long jump competition begins.

There are only 16 players left.

After the lottery, the athletes shot successively, everyone’s performance was normal, and Gerner’s performance greatly surpassed others.

When Suye came out, the audience was silent, followed by deafening cheers.

Suye slowly walked up to the starting point, holding a 2kg dumbbell in each hand. This is a prop that must be used in ancient Greece long jump competitions.

Standing at the starting point, Suye looks forward.

Bluestar’s world record is close to 9 meters, and the distance of the general championship in Greece is about 15 meters. Those with powerful innate skills, like Gerner, actually jumped out of the 21 meter horror score.

Hercules’ world record far exceeds all others, reaching 32 meters.

Suye takes a deep breath, this time, you can try the effect of super jump plus Wind Elemental Bloodline and many other powers.

Suye is slightly short, swiftly accelerating, and jumps with full force at the moment when he steps on the pedal.

All the audience stared at Suye in midair.

Gerner was stunned, where is long jump, clearly flying!

I saw Suye directly jump over the 35-meter-long bunker, fell outside the bunker, stepped heavily on the grass with both feet, and stepped out two small pits.

The referee support the amount, which means that from then on, the bunker of the long jump competition will be extended again.

The audience cheered, but, soon, the uniform sound gradually spread to the audience.

“Giant jumps!”

“Giant jumps!”

“Giant jumps!”

The host said with a smile: “Suye, did you hear the voice of the audience? Tear the clothes, reveal your body, and show the power of Giant’s! Come on, you don’t jump without Giant Transformation, we will not admit your Results, spectators, do you say that?”


Suye didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, I didn’t need Giant Transformation to think of winning the championship, but now it seems that the audience just looked at him.

Suye looked at referee, and referee spread his hand.

“Let’s jump for the second time.” Suye’s body swelled as he walked, and his clothes were burst again.

Giant screams from the audience, Giant Suye runs from a farther distance, getting faster and faster.

Boom! boom! Bang…

The sound of Giant’s foot pedal Earth resonates with the audience’s heart, and everyone feels that the blood of the heart is rushing to the whole body.

Suye stepped on the pedal with one foot, her body leaped high.

Everyone was surprised to see that Suye at this time was “flying” higher than before. Like the giant eagle, he left a huge shadow on the ground and flew high.

The referee nearby suddenly raised his head.

Suye, as if the rays of light blocking the sun.


Suye jumped out of the bunker again and landed farther than before, even stepping the grass out of a huge pit and dusty.

More than 80 meters away!

The crowd cheered wildly, and everyone was extremely fanatical.

This is sports, this is competition, this is the breakthrough limit!

Finally, the host announced loudly: “86 meters! 86 meters! Giant Suye the brutalist once again set a world record! Future long jumpers, tremble! Let us congratulate the new long jump champion, the pilot, Su… industry!”

After the long jump, the javelin was thrown.

Without the referee and Priest opening, the audience in the javelin throwing area up ahead took the initiative to separate to the sides, and the audience in other places watched and laughed.

Gerner threw his face in tears, and the other athletes were all weak except Hort.

In the end, Suye directly Gianted and threw the javelin.

Without suspense, the javelin wrapped in the power of Wind Elemental was accurately pinned in the auditorium, and the rapid speed of the rifle tremble and buzzed.

The results will come out soon.

The host shouted: “The javelin king Suye, 6124 meters! Once again set a world record! He is already the holder of five world records! Su…ye!”

This number, which is far more than expected, once again plunged the audience into a carnival.

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