The World of Deities Chapter 469


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The audience was full of excitement, but the players who had participated in the pentathlon were overwhelming.

Suye is too special to be human.

This result is a Giant stepping on all faces, and Suye is really Giant.

Finally, the host announced that the top four players in the javelin competition would qualify and enter the swimming competition.

Suye Ranked 1st, Gerner ranked second, a Sparta warrior Ranked 3rd, Hort ranked fourth.

Eugene is very powerful, but his powerful skills are Battle Skill and Innate Skill. In the javelin throwing game, he still lost to Hort with a terrible physical strength.

Many Plato Academy students shouted Hort’s name excitedly.

The host looked at Hort with interest and said, “I really didn’t expect that this big man who is not even a warrior apprentice can actually break into the pentathlon semi-finals. It seems that he has Not only a strong body, but also a surging will! In my opinion, Hort is the real civilian light. Suye is not, Suye is the Giant light, the kind of blinding eyes, you can’t see more.”

The audience laughed and the four warmed up in front of the swimming pool.

500 meters long giant swimming pool, you have to swim 1000 meters back and forth.

The host said with a smile: “No one should want to watch Giant swim right now? Suye jumped, and the huge waves could shoot other players out of the pool, and then he would run all the way in the water, after all, so shallow The water can’t let him float. Finally, when he walks out of the swimming pool, we will see that the pool water level line has dropped by half.”

In the burst of laughter, referee blew his whistle, and the last four of the pentathlon jumped into the swimming pool and swam with all their strength.

Suye like a sea fish, swimming fast in a freestyle posture, his feet pedalling against the pool water roaring, two arms are like propellers, and the whole person Rapid Speed ​​sprints on the water.

The other three people only looked at it, and they stopped looking at it, swimming in their own way.

Can’t see it. If you look at it again, your confidence is gone.

The audience looked at Suye like a big fish and marveled.

In the end, Suye surpassed everyone with an absolute speed advantage, swimming 1,000 meters.

And the fastest Gerner has just traveled one-eighth of the journey.

The host roared loudly: “I just got the news from referee, Suye once again broke the world record of swimming competition. That is to say, he broke all world records of pentathlon in a row! He successfully won the all-round king of the year! King, Fighting King, and Almighty King are the exclusive ones, and the three kings Suye! More than terrifying, it is terrifying. Especially in the performance of pentathlon, it is invincible!”

“We will start the pentathlon award ceremony now…Oh, sorry, I forgot that there are still people in the game, please watch the final game together. Gerner is very good, he works hard.”

The people of Beifeng family sat silently.

After the first sprint, they never cheered for Gerner.

Gerner is not abandoned, it is really sorry.

Suye is blameless!

In the end, Hort, who grew up by the sea, defeated the warrior of Sparta and successfully won the swimming competition third, which is the third place in pentathlon.

Plato Academy people are crazy cheering for Hort.

Even Paros is unable to bear to praise Hort.

The civilian students even cried with excitement.

Hort lived up to their hopes and stood on the podium of the Pitiah contest with the wishes of all civilians.

After interviewing Hort and Gerner, the host finally asked Suye: “Cruel Magician, you are now breaking six world records, and Hercules is the only three-time crown in history. What do you think now?”

“Continue the game, continue to win the championship.” Suye’s attitude is calm.

“Okay! Worthy of the brutal Magician of Xue Wuqing! Perhaps, only this kind of peace of mind can have such strength. Then, I will ask you the second question, you also participated in horse racing and war chariot , And broke into the top 64, what do you think of the next game?”

“My next objective is the horse racing king.” Suye said with a slight smile.


Civilians are excited, and many Aristocrat sneer.

The host said: “You should know that horse racing has always been the sport of the Aristocrat, and even created a discipline for purebred horses. Horse racing is really better than horses, and every good horse needs to go through A hundred years of careful breeding. As everyone knows, the magic horses of Plato Academy are very unusual, but the horse racing is not excellent. So, what do you want to beat other players?”

“People confered by gods gave Mortal World goodness and beauty, regardless of Aristocrat or civilians, and horses too.” Suye smiled.

Civilian audience support aloud.

But many Aristocrat are proud.

The horses used for horse racing are really different from those of ordinary horses. Only carefully trained horses can win the championship. This has been the case for hundreds of years.

Hercules won a horse racing championship that year, also because of borrowing a top horse.

“Okay, trust Gods, we will surely be blessed by Gods. Now, we have a pentathlon award Ceremony…Suddenly found a thing that makes me very awkward, next, I will wear Suye five crowns, Five trophies were presented and five divine power equipment were presented. No, I don’t want that, I decided to give Suye all in one breath!”

With a smirk, the host, with the help of other Priest, put five crowns on Suye’s head in one go, and then put five trophies and five divine power equipment on Suye.

One of the rewards that belongs to the Almighty King is a wooden boat that is more than one foot long, but it is actually a Saint Domain magic boat, which is no less than the magic carriage that Aristotle gave to Suye.

People looked at this scene without laughing, but with endless envy.

Five flower crowns, five trophies, and five pieces of God’s Temple equipment set in one body. Suye was very reluctant to hold it. The visual impact is too strong.

Especially those athletes, their eyes are red.

Gerner on the side looked at Suye, then looked at his poor runner wreath, his eyes were red again.

All players are sour.

The host was not satisfied yet, sighed and said: “Unfortunately, the golden statue of record-breaking will be produced afterwards, and the award will be awarded at the final closing ceremony. Otherwise, Suye should now add five more golden figures in his arms. Hercules was just this level.”

The audience all cast a bad look on the host, enough!

Seeing that Suye wants to take things back to the Ring of Space, the host reaches out and blocks: “Don’t move, just hold it until the confered by gods is completed. Only by holding these spoils of war can you show godliness to God. .”

Many viewers roll their eyes, which has nothing to do with piety, that is, Sun God Hall and Suye colluded with each other, embarrassed, and shameless to show off.

Suddenly, the sky was dark.

Many people panicked, then realized what it was and calmed down.

confered by gods started again.

The people looked up at sky and saw a weird scene.

The sky is dark, even reaching out to see the extent of the five fingers, but you can clearly see the sun high in the distance.

At this moment, the sun is like a round hole in the shady, not the world master of the rays of light ten thousand zhang.

The sun has light, but it is not universal.

Suddenly, Heaven and Earth swayed, and the sun fell from the huge shadow.

Everyone was shocked to see this scene, and the huge sun fell like a huge and unremarkable shooting star from the sky.

The sun is getting closer and bigger and bigger.

Soon, there will be a big sun covering the sky again.

However, this time is more terrifying than the sun, and everyone feels that the huge sun is about to fall. Everyone can clearly see the flames of the sun spitting, getting closer and closer, closer and closer.

A flaming tongue above the sun is as large as thousands of miles, so you can destroy the entire audience.

At this moment, awe of Sun God Apollo rises in everyone’s heart.

Seeing the huge sun set, the Rapid Speed ​​shrank suddenly, and it was still getting closer.

Finally, when it landed on the stadium, it was only a few kilometers in diameter, with a long flame dragging behind it.


A loud sound rang above the stadium, and the sun’s shell exploded, and thousands of fireworks sparkled in the dark Canopy, like dreams.

The core of the sun turns into a big Fireball and falls on Suye.

Suye’s body immediately ignited flames, burnt clothes and hair, and her skin was red.

Everyone saw with admiration that Suye gritted her teeth, revealing the slight pain.

Everyone wants to suffer this pain.

Soon, the flames around Suye dissipated, and he quickly took out his clothes and put them on.

Various calls, whistles and coaxes sounded in the auditorium.

However, the overwhelming majority has a calm face and is naked on the stadium, which is a good custom of Greek.

Sky’s darkness disappeared, the sun re-hanged in the sky, and all recovery was normal.

No one doubts this Sun God Apollo’s big confered by gods. After all, the pentathlon champion and full record-breaking may not be reproducible for hundreds of thousands of years.

Many Priest looked at Suye with envy.

The sun has dropped, it is already the confered by gods of Sun God Temple ranked second.

This is tantamount to saying that Sun God Apollo divided the power of the sun he controlled to a part of Suye.

Whether Suye wants it or not, it has been listed as a high Dependents by Sun God Hall.

In other cities, Sun God’s advanced Dependents may only be equivalent to ordinary Aristocrat, but in all City-States guarded by Sun God, such as Delphi, Suye’s status is at least equivalent to the main Priest, almost equivalent to a Legendary.

The highest-level confered by gods, that is, God is falling, God illusory shadow appears in the sky, it will be the top-level confered by gods that all Greece can see.

God Tianjiang kind of confered by gods, occasionally in ancient times, but in the past 100 years, less than five times in total.

With the exception of God’s sons or descendants, it is impossible to get God’s confered by gods.

The Aristocrat looked at Suye with great envy.

They are willing to spend millions of golden eagles for this big conferred by gods.

An owl flew wordless and uncommunicative, threw an olive branch at Suye again, and left.

Many Priest and Aristocrat glanced at each other without a word for a long time.

Magician, who knows God’s superstition, is also looking thoughtful.

Sun God Apollo has shown that the sun is confered by gods, generally speaking, and other Gods will not make confered by gods anymore, both to respect this Main God and to maintain a balance.

God should not be too partial.

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