The World of Deities Chapter 470


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Aristocrat in Athens City scuttled more than half as the owl flew away.

Athena is the Protector God of Athens City.

However, many Aristocrat eyes flashed with strong alertness.

The people waited for a while. Sure enough, even the Goddess didn’t confered by gods and expressed respect for Apollo.

Priests of the peaceful Goddess are also relaxed.

In the envious eyes of everyone, Suye expressed her gratitude to Apollo and Athena, put away the gift, and left Hort talking and laughing.

Gerner followed behind blankly.

Eugene came over and patted Gerner on the shoulder.

“You should thank Suye, not him, your new innate skill cannot be inspired. I have a feeling that following him, you will inspire more innate skills,” Eugene said.

Gerner pushed Eugene away.

“I would rather not have this innate skill!”

Eugene laughed heartily.

After the competition, Suye returns to Plato Academy.

This time, almost all teachers and students look at Suye’s expressions all differently than before.

It’s so perverted!

Some people even say that the old Four Heroes of Plato are outdated, and Suye can become one of the new Four Heroes of Plato Academy. As for the other three, they have not yet been born.

However, after being happy for Suye, many teachers and students fell into endless remorse.

Betting less!

Only a few people like Niederne and Gregory smiled.

At today’s Academy dinner, Hort became the protagonist, and countless people congratulated him.

Everyone didn’t expect, he turned out to be the third runner in pentathlon.

After the dinner, Suye returned to the house and habitually entered the Magic Tower to view the new confered by gods harvest.

The light elemental crown is slightly larger, the shape has become more gorgeous, and the holy breath assaults the senses.

The light elemental crown originally had a gem of Holy White, but now it has become a large or two small gems, and the middle gem is a larger circle.

Light elemental Priest Bloodline.

Suye nodded with a smile not only improves the various elemental abilities of light element, but also enhances the original light of life ability to the divine light and the overall strength.

This means that from now on, Suye’s mastery of light elemental is already comparable to the authentic Priest of the Sun God Temple.

As long as you are promoted to Golden Magician, learn light attribute magic, and your healing ability even surpasses most of God’s Temple’s ordinary Priest.

Even if you use Water Attribute Healing which is very ordinary now, the effect is several times the original.

After being promoted to elemental sacrifice, you gain an additional area of ​​Bloodline ability, Holy Light barrier.

This is the domain ability of attack and defense. It forms a small fortress composed of pure holy light around the body, guarding all the people inside the fortress, resisting external attacks, and healing the friends inside.

Once the enemy rushes in, there will be a slight holy light burn, but if it is a Dark Attribute creature or an enemy restrained by light elemental, it will be extremely heavy and continuous.

If you get enough elemental innate skill and enter the dark Attribute creature’s lair, the Holy Light barrier is simply a large meat grinder, pushing it all the way.

Suye continues to look towards Goddess of Wisdom Athena’s confered by gods innate skill.

magic innate skill: magic perception.

Suye is very satisfied.

“Athena is so nice to me, all of the conferred by gods are super practical and very rare innate skills. Magic awareness is to comprehensively improve your perception of elemental and all kinds of magical powers, whether it is to describe Magic Formation in the future, Making magic medicine, refining Magic Tool or casting, or exploring and exploring, magic perception has a huge effect. With magic vision, the effect is huge.”

“Magic perception plus magic vision is the basic innate skill of the famous’magic master’ Sect. Together with some innate skill and magic, a Magician can control magic to the level of do as one pleases. Legend, Plato has the ability to dominate magic. The most basic feature of this Sect is that all magic has no secrets in front of itself and can be called the nemesis of all casters. From Magician’s point of view, God is also a half caster.”

“Masters who master the magic, the most favorite thing to do is to go to various planes to fight against various powerful creatures and even God, and then steal the power of each other to create new magic abilities.”

On the fourth day of the official race of the Pitiah Competition, the horse racing event was held as scheduled.

However, an interesting scene appeared.

Most of the audience at the scene are not interested in horse racing, but are interested in war chariot competitions.

And those who are interested in horse racing are basically gamblers.

So when Suye first appeared, many people were preparing to cheer, and they heard boos one after another.

Suye is also a little puzzled, but when you think about it, you know that every City-State has a horse bet, and that the Pitiah Competition has the largest bet money in horse racing.

Those who bet on horses didn’t bet on themselves, so they wanted to lose.

Suye shrugged, not caring.

Riding on the thoroughbred horses of Plato Academy, Suye marched forward with the lightness of Wind Elemental and finally broke into the quarterfinals.

But Suye’s results are average. After all, even the ordinary audience can see that Suye’s riding is indeed very ordinary. Even with the Wind Elemental innate skill, he has no strength to win the championship.

After the quarterfinals, it is the final, with eight riders competing in the same game.

Unlike ordinary events, in addition to the racers, the representatives of Great Aristocrat also stand in the field.

Because in a horse race, the rider is just the same racing tool as the horse, the horse or war chariot funded talent is the celebrity, and it is the last person to receive the award.

A whistle sounded and eight horses set off at the same time.

However, unlike before, Suye’s horse turned out to be crazy, with red eyes and running desperately, leading directly.

However, there are still not many people who are optimistic about Suye, because with the passage of time, the horse’s ability and Suye’s riding have become shortcomings, and will slowly fall behind.

A strange thing has happened. Suye’s horse has always maintained a high fighting spirit, and finally won the championship with a ride.

The whole audience was puzzled. Ranked second and third Aristocrat were so violent that they asked God’s Temple and referee to investigate thoroughly.

Soon, the host’s voice spread throughout the scene.

“Given that some Aristocrat questioned God’s Temple and questioned the game, we conducted a thorough investigation. The end result was that Suye had a powerful innate skill to let him win the game. As for what innate skill, you have no right to know . Please keep in mind that no one can deceive Gods, and no one can question Gods! If there is such behavior next time, the family involved will be prohibited from participating in the Pitia Competition.”

The host kept his face cold.

Yesterday Apollo carried out a big confered by gods. Is anyone questioning today?

Not only the Sun God Hall, but also the other Priest looked at the Patriarch of the two Hero family coldly.

The two Aristocrat’s faces were pale, without a word.

Afterwards, the Sun God Temple awarded Suye with the chaplet, champ and trophies.

In the second war chariot game, under the influence of Animal Affinity innate skill, Suye’s War-Horse made a sprint to help Suye win the game.

After Suye won the championship, many people were stunned.

This means…

The host said incredulously: “Suye has become the unprecedented four-time champion in Greece’s history? Race King, Fighting King, Almighty King and Horse Racing King? Oh my god, this is something that Hercules can’t do, Hercules He won only one race event champion and could not win double titles to become a horse racing king. That is to say, Suye won the unique four-time champion even if he did not win the championship, and became the Legendary that can keep pace with Hercules! We congratulate the world’s first four-crown king, Su…ye!”

Thinking of witnessing history again, the audience cheered loudly and the whole stadium became very lively.

“Four Crowns!”

“Four Crowns!”

“Four Crowns!”

Among the cheers of excitement, Sun God Hall presented Suye with the garlands, trophies and prizes of the war chariot project, and gave them to Suye the trophies and prizes that belonged to the horse racing king.

Later, Apollo and Athena lowered the confered by gods, but they are very common confered by gods, unlike the confered by gods rewarding the four crowns.

However, everyone soon understands that the final reward will definitely appear on the closing ceremony.

Everyone thought it would end like this. How come a black sheep suddenly appeared under the podium, then jumped up and jumped in front of Suye.


The black sheep screamed softly and rubbed Suye’s legs with her horns, and the two horns suddenly fell off and merged into Suye’s body, and disappeared.

The black sheep called again, turned and ran, and slowly disappeared.

In the flash of the Black Demon Sheep, the Priest of the Forest God’s Temple got up and bowed their heads in tribute.

Many viewers are also puzzled. The black sheep is the symbol of the shepherd Pan. Pan is also the god of nature and the forest. It is also often called Pan Shen.

The origin of Pan Shen is very mysterious. Some people say that he is the son of Main God Hermes, and some people say that he is an old god, older than Zeus.

He has old feelings with the old Goddess of the Moon, but after Divine Right was taken away by Goddess Al Iustitia, he became the slave god of hunting Goddess.

After the awards were presented, the host announced with excitement that the final music project competition of the Pitiah Competition will be held tomorrow and the closing ceremony will be held.

Suye returned to the Plato branch with his classmates. Even if it was a good celebration tomorrow, the teachers and students held an involuntarily small celebration for Suye.

Niederne and Gregory are responsible for all capital expenditures of this small celebration party, and they are forced by Teachers.

During a party at the Plato Academy, more than ten youngsters gathered in a luxurious house in a large house in Delphi.

The walls of the house are covered with famous paintings, just like wallpaper. There are statues of famous artists everywhere, and various expensive collectibles here seem to be just ordinary ornaments.

The sacred atmosphere shrouded the room. It was like a banquet, but there was no waiter.

The aroma of wine rises.

More than ten young Aristocrat did not drink at all.

“Okano, you and Carradine called us Greece Aristocrat, not for a bar?”

André has a faint smile on his face, and his eyes are covered with shadows.

The rest of Athens Aristocrat’s eyes are also a little wary.

“I heard that Suye and Paros are close together?” Ou Ke Nuo expression is indifferent, completely without the misfortune on the field, a blonde hair with a strong figure, is the dream lover of many girls.

“There are rumors that your Eurythus family wants to marry the Pandian Family, which was rejected by Hippolytus Your Majesty.” André straightened his body, and his tone became colder.

“Not a rumor.”

“Are you still not stubborn? No Athens is willing to let our most beautiful Princess marry your family, the enemy of Hercules,” André said.

“Then you are willing to give Paros to Suye?” Okeno asked back.

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