The World of Deities Chapter 471


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In the room, every Athens Aristocrat’s face has a different color, some excitement, some anger, some worry.

Except André.

André smiled frankly and said, “A civilian cannot marry Paros.”

“After Suye was promoted to Saint Domain, what about Aristocrat?”

Athens Aristocrat were all stunned, and André was no exception.

Andre’s right hand clenched his fists, breathing slowly and deeply.

“I sent someone to investigate, Suye once gave Paros a ring, and she often wears it. You should be aware that in some City-States, the ring is a symbol of love.” Okanuo slowly leisurely said.

“Not at Athens!” André said.

Athens Aristocrat stared at Okanuo displeasedly.

Okano laughed and said: “So, I will talk about my intentions. I suffered a huge setback on the field, but I am Demi-God Aristocrat. It is okay to fall and continue to go. I am doomed Will become Saint Domain or even Legendary, all failures are insignificant. However, you know that I have a nasty father. Although he is brutal, he is actually good to me, but this time, I am afraid that it will evoke his bitter memories.”

“Hercules’ record-breaking competition?” André asked.

“Yes, now everyone compares Suye with Hercules, so what do I think of my father when I lose to Suye? So, in order to avoid being beaten by father after returning to the city of Argus, I was exiled Jags is in prison, I have to do something to make him happy.” Okeno said at the end, the smile on his face disappeared.

Everyone was shocked when he heard “The Prison of Argus.”

The Argus Deep Prison is a terrifying place in Greece. It is a huge bottomless hole. It is rumored that it connects to Netherworld, and even the entire Aegean Sea can’t be filled with seawater.

At the entrance of the Deep Prison, a ring-shaped city wall and city surrounding the entire Deep Prison Cave were built. The Deep Prison Coalition and God’s Temple Priest composed of various City-States were guarded throughout the year.

Legend, there is not only Demi-God sitting town, but also God incarnation guarding.

In the deep prison, at least three magic waves erupt each year, and each time you have to fight hard for more than a month.

In the prophecy, the Titans in Netherworld will break through the big ban, gush from the deep prison, destroy Greece, rush to Mount Olympus, and overthrow Zeus.

No Aristocrat wants to go there.

Once entering, it is difficult to leave alive.

“I understand your mood very well.” André’s complexion eased.

“So, you know exactly what I’m going to do.” Okuno just got up and poured wine for himself.

“To deal with Suye?” André asked.


“So what are our benefits?” André asked.

“The first person to take the Witch Hunter’s eye against Suye and ask me what is the benefit?” O’Keno unabashedly sneered.

“I’m just dissatisfied with Suye’s dominance, but I didn’t say to be a leader.” André didn’t care much about André’s tone.

“So, what if I ask father to start a new witch hunt for Suye?” said Okunno.

The audience was shocked.

“Okano, you have to think about it.” Carradine with linen hair persuaded in a low voice.

Okano’s face doesn’t change, continued: “Suye is an Athens, and it needs more than half of the Athens of the witch hunt of Athens to start. This must take quite a long time. Of course, there is another way. Opening a new witch hunt directly is initiated by the Demi-God family. The Demi-God family of Athens always has to give Pandian Family a face, and Suye will never start with Suye before he arrives at Saint Domain. However, since Pandy Family refused With the marriage of our family, we don’t have to worry about Hippolytus, we can directly open the witch hunt for Suye.”

“Aren’t you family afraid of incurring Magician’s counterattack?” André asked.

“Our family is only responsible for starting witch hunts, and not charging, Magician will not make enemies indiscriminately. Even more how, my crazy father dare to chase down even Hercules, what is there to do such a thing with a little Magician?” Okuno said.

“So, what do you want me to do?” André asked.

“If I remember correctly, you have reached the final of the harp competition. In the official competition, only 16 people played for each music event, and you are one of the top 16 of the harp, and may even win the championship. , Right?” Okeno said.

“I always like music and harp. When the music sounds, I am the whole world.” André smiled and made no secret of his love for music.

“I also believe that you have a great chance of winning the championship. So, if you win the championship, would you dare to force Suye to accept your harp to win the championship?” Okenno said.

Everyone’s face in the room is weird.

André pondered a little, and said: “If he launches a harp-winning battle against me, then he must take out a championship and then play the harp. If he wins, my harp champion will give him, and if he If he loses, then he will give me a championship. The reward and reputation of this championship will all belong to me. You want to destroy Suye’s four crowns, right?”

“Yes, only by destroying his four crowns can I avoid the doom of falling into a deep prison.” Okenno said.

“But have you ever thought that if he wins and gets me a music championship, then, according to the rules of the competition, he is the championship champion! If he wins, you are equivalent to creating a championship champion , Made a new Hercules, your father will definitely beat you to death, and then kicked on your ass, kicked into the prison.” André said.

“I mobilized the power of the family and investigated Suye in detail. His music score at the Plato Academy simply failed, and the harp will only barely play the simplest piece of music, impossible beats you.” Okenno said.

“Since he knows he has no musical foundation, he will never challenge me. You can look down on Suye, you can hate him, but you can’t treat him as a fool.” André said.

“Yeah, you always know that Suye is smart, so you never conflict with him head-on, every time you make a shot, you hide it well, even if he suspects, there is no evidence.” smile.

André’s eyes moved, said with a slight smile: “Your words can be understood as slander.”

“Is it defamation, you know it clearly, of course, this is not the focus of our conversation,” Okeno continued, “The point is that if you provoke Suye, Suye will definitely treat himself as a harp before Excuse, refuse to fight the harp for you. However, we have a way to let him eat his own fruit.”

Other Aristocrat was puzzled, André thought for a moment, and looked up: “I probably understand what method you are using, but that requires a Legendary Grandmaster.”

“I have already contacted the Legendary Grandmaster who is willing to shoot.” Okeno’s face smiled aloud.

André said: “So, you see, things turned out like this, I challenged Suye, and then I blocked his excuse, but he still has reason to refuse. In this way, you can not achieve your effect.”

“Unlike other competitions, the music competition takes a long time and requires judges to judge. So, I will find a way to let Suye as a guest of the music competition to comment on your music.” Okeno said.

André’s mind emerged from the scenes of the past music competition, and suddenly realized: “Commenting music will inevitably say advantages and disadvantages. Do you want me to find his comment loopholes, then provoking or even humiliating him?”


“But if he was provoked and humiliated by me, wouldn’t he fight for the championship with me?” André asked.

“If he disagrees, what should you say afterwards, do you still want me to remind you? Isn’t this exactly what you and I want?” Okanuo smiled slightly.

André raised his glass.

The two looked at each other with a smile, and drank together.

“So, let’s discuss tomorrow’s plan and judge all possible words and deeds of Suye…”

On the fifth day of the official competition of the Pitiah Competition, the audience gathered again on the field.

Although many audiences do not at all like music, they prefer to see the battles and sports that make Bloodline Zhang Zhang, but Apollo is the god of music after all, plus after the music competition, it is the closing ceremony, no one will give up.

However, many people are ready to sleep.

After all, the snoring melody sounds in the audience of every music competition.

With melodious music, sleeping under the sun, eyes opened is the closing ceremony, what a wonderful experience.

At this time, Suye finally sits in the auditorium as an audience.

Suye sat directly next to Paros.

“Student Paros, we haven’t sat together for a long time, and I really miss the feeling of desk-mate.” Suye said.

Paros gave Suye a white look, his head slightly turned, and his long neck was white as if glowing.

She suddenly lowered her head slightly, her eyes falling on the ring on her finger.

The light silver ring is inlaid with soft blue gemstones, simple and simple.

She gently extended her right hand to cover the ring in her left hand.

Jimmy hugged Suye’s shoulder and said with a smile: “I also miss how you feel in class.”

“Don’t make trouble, Paros and I are remembering the feelings of classmates,” Suye said.

“I also want to recollect the feelings of classmates with you.”

“I only have classmates with Paros, not with you!” Suye was not angry.

Classmates nearby laughed and scolded.

Happy laughter and cheerful voices of teenage girls are flying in the auditorium.

Niederne and Gregory smiled and looked at Suye, a good student of golden light.

However, some teachers and classmates secretly sighed.

Even if Suye won the championship, he would not be able to return to Athens. Instead, he would continue to escape the arrest of Athens City guard.

The competition has not started yet, a golden-ranked white robe Priest comes over, embroidered with a golden sun on his chest.

Teachers and students nearby stood up quickly and bowed their heads slightly.

Others watched puzzledly.

Suye finds that the strange Priest stares at her and walks straight, and she has to stand up.

Paros beside him hesitated and stood up.

The white robe Priest bowed his head to Paros respectfully and said, “His Royal Highness Paros.”

Paros small face is still expressionless, gently nodded.

The white robe Priest didn’t take it seriously either, turned his head to look at Suye, and faced the spring breeze.

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