The World of Deities Chapter 472


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“Your Four Champions, Sun God Temple decided to invite you as a special guest of today’s music competition and host the music competition with the host Alla Great Master Mo. After the competition, you happen to attend the final closing ceremony.”

The people around were surprised and happy, and all were envious.

Even Paros’s eyes flashed with surprise.

This is a very high honor. Generally, only excellent members of the Demi-God family are eligible to receive such preferential treatment in this competition.

Suye hesitated a bit, being a host is no easier than the game, today I just want to accompany the desk-mate students to talk and laugh and enjoy the good time.

Niederne hesitated when he saw Suye, and hurriedly said: “What else do you want, hurry up with Master Priest.”

“Yeah, you must be so happy, and still stunned.” Gregory hurriedly said.

Suye instinctively glanced at the nearby teachers and students, and found that most of the students were envious, and the teachers were looking forward to it more.

Suye secretly sighed, slightly smiled, said: “Many thanks Sun God Palace’s kind invitation, I am so happy, I don’t know what to say for a while. I will go to the podium with you, please You lead the way.”

“Don’t be afraid, you are the beloved of the great Sun God.” The white robe Priest politely made a please gesture and walked ahead to lead the way.

Multiple Teachers squeezed their eyebrows at Suye, Suye gently nodded, then looked at Paros and turned to leave.

Jimmy whispered in a low voice: “The tutor is so good, I still have to ask The head of the family before I leave.”

Chi chi, a classmate nearby, laughed.

Paros fiercely gave Jimmy a blank look.

“Who?” Hort was puzzled.

The students laughed louder.

Paros fiercely gave Hort another glance.

Hort is wronged.

Niederne looked at the students with a smile of relief on his face.

No one in the class dared to talk to Paros cracking a joke before. They all regarded her as the Priest of aloof and remote, but slowly, everyone found that Suye was not afraid of Paros, but also actively provoked, and everyone dared to talk to Paros occasionally.

As a result, Paros did not completely ignore it as expected, and the Metropolis responded normally, but the attitude was still cold.

Suye walked all the way, and nearby audiences greeted Suye.

Suye micro-nodded with a smile, listening to all kinds of well-meaning jokes.

“My younger sister is not married yet, Suye, don’t you think about it?”

“Four crowns, you look so handsome!”

“Wow, the brutal Magician is here, run!”

“Suye is invincible!”

Walking through the noisy auditorium, Suye came to the Priest area behind the podium.

The host Alamo is a middle-aged man with light blonde curly hair and arms spread with a passionate smile, facing Suye.

“Look who is coming, Hero of the Pitiah Games!” As he said, Alamo gave Suye a strong hug.

Suye suddenly remembered Julius, the hug of the two people was too passionate.

The two sides separated, Alamo patted Suye on the shoulder, said with a slight smile: “How is it, great guy, dare to host the game with me?”

“To be honest, I just want to sit quietly. However, since the Sun God Temple is so kind, then I must not lose my mission and cooperate with God’s Temple to complete the host.” Suye said.

“It can be seen that you are not the same as those arrogant warriors. But you can rest assured that the next host will say whatever he wants. The place where there is Sun God is your home, Priest in our Sun God Temple, They are all your relatives and friends.” Alamo smiled with a sincere look.

Priests in the lower ranks are very surprised. Those in the higher ranks are kind.

Suye’s heart flicked lightly, and she still didn’t understand why Sun God Temple was so kind to herself.

I also talked to Niederne and Larens about it yesterday. As a result, people at Plato Academy believe that Sun God is not malicious. It should be that Suye did what happened to win Apollo’s favor, and the game spread Apollo’s faith. Therefore, the Sun God Temple is paying more and more attention.

This time Suye was not willing to come, but the Teachers were too hoping to help promote Plato Academy.

Before the host always said that Suye was Magician, how to be brutal, but he rarely mentioned that Suye was a student of Plato Academy.

“Thank you Sun Temple for giving me this opportunity.” Suye sincerely thanked.

Alamo said with a smile: “It’s nothing, but I want to tell you something to notice.”

So, Alamo kindly reminded Suye not to mention Gods as much as possible, but can say some polite words and don’t talk about his affairs with Aristocrat, try to avoid various conflicts, mainly humor and music, of course, Do not mind Suye saying some interesting things about World of Magic to attract the audience.

When the time came, the host led Suye to the platform in front of the VIP seat, and the two men wearing magic beard stood side by side.

“Dear viewers, you must have seen this man beside me…um…brown eyebrows, yes, he was Suye who was burnt by the great Sun God Apollo because he was too brutal. Suye, Did you confess last night?” Alamo asked.

“Confessed, but I feel that my sins are too deep and I hope to be burned again.” Suye looked serious.

The audience laughed heartily.

“Sure enough, this is a complete asshole! There is no doubt that the protagonist of the game a few days ago was not the Sun God Temple, not my host, not the referee off the field, not anyone else, there was only one, It’s this Suye. However, thanks to Gods, he just randomly signed up for the music competition and didn’t really participate, so we won’t see him participate in the competition today. King of Heroes Hercules If you hear this news, you will be relieved. If Suye I really got the title of the second championship king. If I was replaced by Hercules, I would fly back across the mountains and rivers and beat him! You said, isn’t it?”

“Yes!” The audience shouted, and at this moment, everyone became black powder.

Many viewers are paying attention to the title of “King of Heroes”. This is the first time God’s Temple Priest has publicly acknowledged Hercules’ new identity. Previously, he only called him Hero. It seems that Hercules must have completed the major event of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, which was recognized by God’s Temple.

“Suye, what do you want to say to Hercules? Be bold, the Sun God Temple absolutely…will not care about you.” Alamo’s words attracted happy laughter and cheerful voices again.

Suye politely smiled and said: “Thank Gods, thank the world, thank this era. Because, in this era, we can shine as much as we want, but it will not hide any great glory.”

Everyone was stunned and looked at Suye in surprise. For a while, it was a bit uncomfortable for a brutal player to come up with such philosophical words.

After that, a loud cheer sounded.

Many Master gently nodded and looked at Suye with great satisfaction, especially those old Magicians, this is the most perfect image of their in mind young genius.

Alamo gave Suye a surprised look and heartily praised it: “As I said before, Suye won the championship by innate skill and strength, but by winning the king, he relied on wisdom. Shining, it won’t cover up any great brilliance, it’s awesome. Well, actually I wanted to scold Suye for Pitia…cough cough to relieve all athletes, but he conquered with wisdom Me. Now I officially announce that Suye has become a special guest at the Sun God Temple and will host this music competition with me. We all know him, but we have not heard him introduce himself. Come, brutal Magician, introduce yourself .”

Countless people looked at Suye with admiration. The Alamo seems to have lost Suye in total. In fact, it is a blatant praise. After all, such a large Main God God’s Temple impossible is too boastful of a Magician.

However, to others, there has only been a derogation and no commendation.

The Pitia crowds in the athlete’s rest area looked helpless, and no surprise, this name is indeed true.

Suye slightly smiled, said: “First of all, thank Gods, thank Sun God Apollo, thank all God’s Temple, thank all Priest, thank every friend who supports me.”

Many people think that Suye’s ability to speak on the spot is quite high, and the key is the last sentence.

“I’m just an ordinary person under the divine rays, an ordinary Greek, an ordinary student of Plato Academy, an Magician of ordinary. I have many disadvantages, but the advantages are probably only modesty and hard work. Just point. I actually want to say that I am very kind, but the contestants will not believe it, I will not say it.”

Everyone smiles.

“It’s over?” Alamo asked Suye in surprise.

“I’m afraid to go on, and you call me cruel again.” Suye looked wronged.

Alamo laughed with the audience.

“Okay, we like the humble and hard-working Greek, and the kind God’s people. Then, I announce that a project of the music competition, the clarinet competition, begins!”

Later, Suye and Alamo hosted a music competition.

After each player finishes playing, a judge will score and then comment.

Occasionally, Suye is invited to express his views. Suye has never spoken of criticism, only praised, and only said a few words when he was forced by the host to talk about shortcomings.

With various art innate skills, with basic music knowledge on Blue Star and massive art information baptism, plus Plato Academy courses, Suye can often make extremely unique insights, even allowing many Master judges to Praise.

The viewers who are not asleep are frequently nodded and admire Suye more and more.

Soon, the clarinet is over, and Shiqin plays the game.

At the end of the poem competition, 16 harp games will be played.

Suye glanced at the 16 harp players, his eyes moved slightly.

didn’t expect, André is among them.

In ancient Greece, the harp is larger. Compared with ordinary instruments, it has a solemn and elegant appearance, a wide range, and a beautiful tone. It is called the king of musical instruments and is the main instrument on important occasions. It is often used in the ceremony of God’s Temple.

Therefore, the status of the harp champion in Aristocrat and Priest in mind is higher than that of any other competitive event, only slightly worse than the champion.

The host Alamo looked at 16 people with a smile and said, “Look, most of them are youngsters, which is really energetic.”

Suye nodded, said: “This shows that all aspects of Greece are improving, and every youngster is like fresh blood, injecting power into the body of Greece.”

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