The World of Deities Chapter 473


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“Your analogy is very clever, they are indeed fresh blood, and you are also fresh blood. Do you like a harp player?” Alamo asked.

“People at Plato Academy know that my previous academic performance was very poor. I have worked hard only in the past two years. I really don’t have time to learn musical instruments. Of course, I used to go to Lion Harbor when I was a kid. There are artists from all over the world. I can hear beautiful melody. So, I can say how I feel about the music or melody, but I can’t choose the harp player I like. I have never heard any of them play the harp.” Suye said.

“I have forgotten this point. You are a child focused on magic. Being the Priest of the Sun God Temple, music is a required course for us, so we often listen to the harp. Of the 16 people below, I turned out I have heard 7 people play,” Alamo said.

“Oh, then Alamo Priest must have a favorite harp player?” Suye asked.

“That is of course. My favorite is Kakor. He was originally unknown, and he didn’t shine until 20 years old, and won the harp champion at the Delos. However, a rookie has recently emerged, he It’s your André from Athens. His playing skills are not as mature as those of Kakor, but he is more passionate. Perhaps, the identity of Magician gives him different inspiration. It is said that he will play an original harp here this time. Music. You know, if you play original music in the competition, the jury will add extra points.” Alamo said.

Suye said with a slight smile: “I did see André in Athens, but I really don’t know that he has a harp innate skill. Then I hope he wins the championship. After all, we are both Athens and Magician.”

Suye looked at André.

André in the arena also looked at Suye.

The two smiled at each other.

André seems to forget what he has done.

And Suye seems to forget that the villain of “Jacquerie” is André.

“If he really wins the championship, you Athens will take 15 of the 17 championships. Hmm… you Athens are too greedy, everyone said, aren’t they?”


Non-Athens everywhere shouted with a smile.

Suye immediately said: “But the seventeen champions are all Greek.”

“Talking!” Alamo is very satisfied with Suye’s on-the-spot response, “Then referee and the contestants are ready, please contestants start playing the harp! The pearl in the music crown will shine brightly under the rays of light of the sun !”

Alamo’s voice was very loud, which awakened many audiences.

However, many viewers glanced at the music competition and continued, or bowed their heads, or looked up, or tilted their heads, and continued to sleep.

The 16 harp players played one after another. Each harp was attached with a magic beard, and the sound could be spread throughout the audience.

When it was Kakor’s turn, Suye was fascinated by the skills even if he didn’t know the harp. This person’s skill was really skillful and perfect.

After that, the judges began to comment, and finally gave the highest score in the audience.

Alamo is very satisfied with this high score, saying: “This score is almost the same as his game in Delos. Suye, you haven’t heard Kakor’s harp before. Now, what’s your comment?”

“As you said, skillful and experienced, there is a power that moves people’s hearts. It seems that he is not playing the strings, but my heart strings. Listening to his performance, I almost saw him practicing hard. The scene of the harp, at the same time, I almost saw him thinking, trying various Finger Laws, playing and listening in various ways,” Suye said.

Kakor looks surprised, and then gently nodded.

“Huh? Kakor agrees with you. Suye, I look at you again.” Alamo was very surprised.

“I have said a few times just now that long-term practice and performance may not be successful, and long-term hard practice and performance may not be successful, but if you add thinking and methods on the basis of long-term hard practice and performance There must be achievements. You just said that Kakor was not well-known when he was young, and he only achieved achievements in his twenties, so I vaguely felt that he should only have today through continuous thinking and accumulation of various methods. Achievement.” Suye said.

“Kakor, is Suye right? If you are right, you are nodded.” Alamo said.

Kakor is hard nodded.

“Kakor, can you talk about Suye in the right place?” The host was curious.

The referee aside immediately handed the magic beard to Kakor.

Music competitions are different from other competitions. Sports competitions are more about confrontation, and the focus of music competitions is appreciation. Therefore, whether it is a judge, a host or a player, there is a lot of time to speak.

Kakor salutes slightly, saying: “If you haven’t seen Suye before, I must suspect that he has observed my practice. He is right. As you said, I have practiced harp since childhood, but When I was in my teens, I was said to be of average level. Later, by chance, I encountered a playing problem, and then I thought hard for a whole day. I actually figured out that the performance level has been slightly improved. Since then In the future, when I encounter performance problems, I will think for a long time. Not only that, I also found that I use different methods and practice in different environments, and it will be more obvious than the boring practice.”

“It’s unbelievable, are these two geniuses telepathic?” Alamo looked to Suye.

Suye said with a slight smile: “The two of us are neither geniuses nor telepathic, but just that the two of us are learning and progressing in a similar way.”

Two people smile at each other, people of talent appreciate one another.

“Very well, it seems that successful people often have similar reasons for success. Thanks to Kakor for bringing us a beautiful melody, now I invite the next player to play…”

One player after another, it was André’s turn on the 14th.

Suye looked at André and listened to his music quietly. At first, he was a little disgusted, and he soon realized that this emotion would affect his judgment, and now it is not suitable for showing hostility, so he kept a calm mind and listened carefully. .

When André finished playing, applause broke out in many parts of the auditorium, no less loud than Kakor.

Especially Athens Aristocrat patted his hands red.

Referring to referee, no one said that they were shortcomings, and they all gave extremely high ratings and then gave ratings.

In the end, a game-high score appeared.

Cheers sounded.

All those who know the harp know that the latter two players cannot compare with André, and André will surely win the championship.

Moderator Alamo said with a slight smile: “Sure enough, and my guess is good, André and Kakor are both popular champions. The judges gave André a high score out of support for originality and protection of the youngster , But, I must speak frankly, André is slightly inferior to Kakor in playing skills, presumably André admits himself.”

André is generously nodded and thanks to the host.

Alamo continued: “However, André’s score is higher than Kakor, and there is no problem. Because, as the judges said, this is an original harp song, and secondly, André’s emotions are more rich, this Little Brat Too much to arouse the emotions of the audience, he seems to have a magical mana. Suye, how do you evaluate this Athens fellow?”

Suye thought for a while and said, “Unsurprisingly, my fellow fellow from Athens is likely to win the harp. Congratulations, André.”

André slightly nodded, thank you.

“It can be said that no matter how good the results of the last two are, André will stand on the podium, then, we continue the game and see you on the podium.”

The game continues.

As everyone expected, the scores of the last two players were not high.

In the end, André won the harp competition and Kakor won the second harp competition.

In the melodious sound of the music, André and the other two walked onto the podium.

Asleep people in the auditorium were awakened one after another.

All competitions are coming to an end, and the closing ceremony is about to begin.

Host Alamo took Suye to the podium and watched Priest awarding three people together,

When André won the championship garland, championship trophy and championship award, the civilian response in the audience was flat, but the Aristocrat roared loudly.

Most of Aristocrat’s cheers are much louder than when he cheered for Suye before. Each Aristocrat seems to have exhausted all his strength, shouting blushing and thick neck.

Suye just smiled and watched quietly.

After the award presentation, everyone also waited for a while.

But after a while, nothing happened.

Like the previous two music projects, there is no confered by gods coming.

Many people sighed lightly, and a trace of loss appeared on André’s face. But he quickly cheered up the spirit with a smile.

His afterglow fell on Suye, and his eyes were dark and quickly bright.

The sympathy on the host Alamo’s face was fleeting, but not at all did not take this matter seriously. The reason is very simple, not all champions can get confered by gods, it must be particularly exciting.

Even if it’s Suye’s pervert, only when he wins the championship or breaks the world record, can he get conferred by gods.

Next, Alamo invited the runners-up and runner-up to speak, and finally invited champion André to express his thoughts.

Aristocrat shouted again, and some even called André the light of Aristocrat.

André put on a magic beard, took a deep breath and showed a happy smile, said: “Thank Gods, thank Sun God Apollo, thank the great Greece, thank you referee, judges, Priest and the audience, they are for It took me this opportunity to get me on this stage. At the same time, I would like to thank the ancestors of the Tross family, their will and glory, their taste and virtue, and guide me into the palace of music, and thank my father and mother for training them. Me, so that I can learn my favorite music with peace of mind. Finally, thanks to my harp Teacher, and to every classmate and friend of mine. This champion belongs to me and belongs to all of us who love music!”

Applause sounded and cheers burst.

Alamo is nodded with satisfaction.

Suye still smiled and watched quietly.

Suddenly, André looked dark and sighed, saying: “Actually, I was lucky this time to win the championship.”

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