The World of Deities Chapter 474


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Everyone looked at André curiously.

The host asked doubtfully: “Why do you say that?”

André slowly turned his head and looked directly at Suye, as if there was sword light shining in his eyes.

Suye froze for a moment, an unknown hunch lingered in her heart.

“Because, I was almost disturbed by Suye’s words. Of course, I’m not blaming Suye, but he didn’t understand the harp, but he judged randomly according to his own understanding, which made me very painful.” André sighed.

Alamo’s eyes flashed with vigilance, so decisively said: “Okay, different opinions about music, we will talk about it later, next…”

“Let him finish!”

“Let him finish!”

at first, a few loud Aristocrat yells, including even those on the VIP table. Then, a lot of Aristocrat simultaneously shouted.

Alamo’s complexion changed instantly, but recovery was normal immediately.

He narrowed his eyes slightly, glanced at André, then turned his head to look at Chief High Priest Ben Gora.

The old man is napping with his head down.

Alamo sighed and looked at Suye.

Suye seemed as if she didn’t know anything.

André took the opportunity to say: “This is how it is. In the process of learning the harp, I put a lot of effort into it. My hands grind out cocoons, and my sweat is enough to gather into a lake. I practice at least one hour a day. The harp, and even practiced for ten hours a day, almost broke my hands. During my practice, hard work and sweat are the most important reason, and the reason why I won the championship. However, Suye, I said that hard work and persistence are not important, and that thinking and methods are more important. I don’t deny the importance of thinking and methods. I also think and find ways, but I firmly believe that hard work and persistence are the most important thing for the harp. So, when When Suye denied my efforts and perseverance, I fell into self-doubt and almost gave up the game.”

“Very good, but after all, you insist on yourself and win the championship.” Alamo stared at André with cold eyes.

André turned a blind eye and stared at Suye.

“Suye, I hope you apologize in public, apologize to me, apologize to everyone who works hard and insists on practicing hard, and apologize to every athlete who is suffering and sweating on the scene! You should not obliterate our efforts and Hold on!” André loudly said.

At this time, many music contest players got up, shouted loudly, and supported André.

Some sports players also stood up and supported André.

Aristocrat screamed with excitement.

“Suye apologizes!”

“Suye apologizes!”

However, most of the audience is silent.

Almost everyone realizes that things are not right and someone is targeting Suye.

Plato Academy students look around angrily, looking for people who are not good for Suye.

The Teachers of the Plato Academy were sullen. They encouraged Suye to be a guest, but didn’t expect someone to arrange in advance.

Since someone has challenged Suye in the Pitiah competition, they must be very well prepared, and even have a perfect plan for a serial attack.

Slight carelessness may cause great damage to Suye’s reputation and may even affect Plato Academy.

However, even if Plato Master is here, it cannot help Suye.

No one knows what despicable means Aristocrat, who is mainly André, intends to use against Suye.

After all, André is the champion. Unless the blasphemy or treason is said, once the champion wants to fight for the rights, the host is not easy to refuse. The key is the support of many Aristocrat and players.

Once this matter is not handled properly, it will lead to opposition from Aristocrat and the players. The host of Alamo has to bear great responsibility, which may affect the future Pitiar contest and even the Sun God Temple.

Alamo looked towards Suye again.

Suye’s lips sneered slightly, and then said resolutely: “André, I know that in the magic apprentice competition between Academy, I didn’t take care of your emotions. I was stunned by a stick and made you become all Athens. I’m sorry about that. I also admit that in the drama “Jacquerie” I created, letting a sinful person named André, and you have the same name, has a bad influence on you, I I am also very sorry. You see, I don’t mind apologizing if I think I’m not doing well. However, I’m not wrong this time. I believe anyone with a normal understanding can see it. Although I emphasize thinking and methods, But I have not denied hard work and perseverance. My view is very obvious, good musicians have to work hard and persevere, on the basis of hard work and perseverance, to achieve higher achievements requires thinking and methods.”

However, overwhelming majority viewers don’t care what Suye is behind, but are thinking about two things.

At the magic apprentice match, Suye smashed André with a stick?

What kind of drama is “Jacquerie”? Suye is still a playwright? What does André do?

“I am a harp champion, and the harp champion of the Pitiah competition, and I have been regarded as the best musician. However, I think that in the harp field, perseverance and hard work are first, thinking and methods are second. So, you, a person who can’t play the harp at all, what makes my judgment wrong?” André said.

Suye said with a slight smile: “Why, are you going to waste precious contest time on quarrels? Delay Sun God Temple, delay the audience, delay the game?”

“All the competitions are over, and the closing ceremony will have to prepare for a while. I haven’t delayed anyone’s time.” André quickly retorted, “I am now, I just hope that you will ask our real musicians, music hobbyists and Critics apologize.”

Suye sighed, full of regretfully said: “We sort out what happened, my opinion is that thinking and methods are more important, your opinion is hard work and persistence is more important. Different people often have different views on the same things , What we can do is to allow the existence of different views, accept this colorful world, and then stick to yourself, and learn to be excellent. I stick to my views, but I don’t deny your views. If you just apologize for different views, then You will either be exhausted in the process of apology or exhausted in the process of forcing apology.”

“Suye, I am very disappointed with you. Didn’t expect, you have been quibbling. I only talk about harp and music. In other fields, I have no objection to anyone. You can deny me, but you cannot deny us that Perseverance and hard work of many people! Please apologize, do not continue to quibble and avoid!” André said.

Suye looked at André quietly.

“André, I think you made a most basic mistake. You judge whether a dish is good or not, and you don’t need to be a chef.” Suye said.

“Suye, then you also made a mistake. When you deny that it is not a chef champion’s dish, and you deny the chef champion’s view of a culinary chef, then you must have a deep understanding of the culinary chef! This is not The problem of music and playing, but the understanding of music and the understanding of musicians! If you are not a good musician and have not been strictly trained in music criticism, you can express any opinion, but you have no right to deny us.” André said.

Alamo couldn’t see it, saying, “But, we have heard it before, Kakor is sure of Suye.”

André turned his head and asked: “Caucol, do you think persistence and hard work are important for musicians, or is thinking and method important?”

Kakor looked at André, the harp players and the judges, and finally looked at Suye, lowering his head, sighed, and said: “I think it’s all important, but if there is no long-term effort and persistence, Just thinking and methods can’t be a really good harpist.”

“So, Suye, the champion and the runner-up believe that hard work and perseverance are more important, don’t you admit it? Your nonsense, disturbing the minds of our players, is it not a disrespect for music?” André Asked loudly.

Alamo looked so blue, he knew the subtext behind André, and he did not respect the music, that is, he did not respect Apollo.

“I don’t think I’ve said anything wrong. If a guest and the host can’t even say their own basic views, then in the future all games will not need the host and the guest, only the players and referee.” Suye said.

André sighed, said: “Suye ah Suye, you really got too many championships, you are proud. Since you don’t admit mistakes, but also deny me, I think you are insulting an Aristocrat! Civilian Suye, you only have two now Choose, either kneel on the ground, apologize for your insults and deeds, or challenge me to win the harp, you play the harp and beat me in the harp field, I admit that you are right, and I Turn down and kneel to apologize to you!”

The whole audience was in an uproar.

“Bad Aristocrat!”

“This is a conspiracy!”

“They are suppressing civilian champions!”

“Oh the gods, lower the thunder and kill this despicable Aristocrat!”

The civilians are completely angry.

In the Pitiah competition, under the onlookers of millions of people, what a shame it is to force Suye to kneel to admit his mistakes!

Don’t say that Suye is a four-time champion, even if it is a championship champion, even if he becomes Legendary Grandmaster and becomes Aristocrat in the future, this is a shame that cannot be erased for life.

Even so, this shame will affect Suye, tortured by shame and pain, and losing his fighting spirit.

Too many geniuses are completely confused and sinking because of a momentary failure and humiliation, and there is no more success.

A lot of Athens Aristocrat looked at this scene with a smile, if Suye could kneel to admit to mistakes in public, it would be the most joyful moment in his life.

Plato Academy teachers and students scolded.

Paros stared at André with a fist clenched tightly.

Golden Medusa necklace shimmers.

Suddenly, Sisyphus on the VIP seat turned to look at Paros.

Paros felt his brother’s gaze, coldly snorted.

The rays of light on the surface of the Golden Medusa necklace dissipated.

The audience was so excited, even some Aristocrat showed displeasure.

At this step, it’s too obvious. Aristocrat supports André against Suye.

Suye expression said indifferently, “I am a person who can’t play the harp at all. What can I do to win the harp champion? According to you, you can challenge me to the champion.”

The audience shouted in support of Suye.

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