The World of Deities Chapter 628


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The flames are raging, the tornado is raging, the poisonous bee venom cloud is enveloped, the lightning flashes, the Icicle is densely covered…

The Persia warrior and Magician on the Persia flagship ran away.

Magic and crossbow arrows penetrate the deck and captain’s cabin, penetrate the cabin, and penetrate the bottom of the ship.

The second flagship of the Persia Navy, sank once again in the Greece Sea Territory.

The Persia generals and Magicians on other battleships and on land were stunned.

That’s the flagship of Persia. The protective power is enough to resist multiple Legendary magic spells. Why can’t it resist this level of magic crossbow arrows and Golden Mage magic?

The sum of the destructive powers of hundreds of Golden Magicians multiplied by ten is not as good as a Legendary magic.

Unless it is suppressed by the Legendary Magic Tower.

Persian looked at the two hundred meters high Magic Tower on the Athena in horror. This is definitely the strongest ship-borne Magic Tower in the world.

When the magic crossbow and Magician on the Athena were attacking, the entire huge ship was also sailing.

Suddenly, the Athena acceleration rushed to the second Persia magic warship.


The magic warship issued a shrill sirens.

However, every big ship turns very slowly.

A few seconds later, the Athena was like an iceberg and crashed into a small fishing boat.


ka-cha ……

Like a sharp blade across a paper boat, the huge Persia magic battleship was split in half, broke apart from it, and sank downward in the huge waves.

Everyone on the Athena just stepped back, apart from this, without any discomfort.

The powerful collision angle was unharmed, and all the splattered fragments were rebounded by the shallow blue magic shield.


Persian suddenly discovered that the Athena was like a berserk sea Demon Beast. While colliding, it used magic and crossbow arrows to attack Persia ships all around.

Soon, spectators everywhere discovered a phenomenon that made Persian desperate.

In addition to the magic battleship, more than 90% of the ordinary battleships were sunk by the Athena’s magic crossbow or magic before the Athena reached their range.

Looking from a distance, sparse crossbow arrows or magic fell on the huge light shield of the Athena, but the Persia warships around the Athena were either lit by blazing flames or sunk into the sea.

There seemed to be an invisible huge sickle on the Athena, and it swept it gently, destroying all enemy ships around it.

The Persia army quickly fell into a panic, especially those Persian on the ordinary battleship, desperately running away.

Persia Navy General Sekam, who flew to the sky from the flagship, calmed down and issued orders loudly.


“The whole army hit the Athena!”

“For Persia!”

“For Persia!”

Everyone who heard Sekam’s command was cold.

Using your own ship to hit the enemy is a common method of naval warfare.

However, it is absolutely impossible to use it in battle at first.

Persia obviously has a huge quantitative advantage. The Navy General issued this order when the battle had just begun, which was desperate.


“For Persia!”

The commanders of the ten magic battleships, like fanatical believers, began to rush to the side of the Athena.

“Even if the legendary Athena is made of pure steel, it cannot withstand the collision of the magic battleship!”

“Persia is unbeaten!”

“Kill this big guy, all of us can be promoted to the first rank!”

Persian like a group of hyenas, with bloodshot eyes and red faces, ready to hunt the lonely male lion ahead.

Soon, the commanders of ten magic battleships discovered a very serious problem.

Can’t catch up!

They were originally looking at the sideboard, but the Athena simply ignored these magic battleships, quickly staggered with the advantage of speed, and then attacked those ordinary battleships.

Without the protection of a magic shield, ordinary battleships are often hit by more than a dozen Golden magic or a few magic crossbow arrows.

“Catch him! Don’t let him destroy these ships!” Sekam roared hysterically.

Demis stood in the captain’s room, raised his right hand index finger, and shook Sekam.

You, no!

Under the command of Demis, the Athena is like a giant whale swimming in a school of sardines, constantly attacking ordinary ships with its speed advantage.

Consuming the same magic and crossbow arrows, the benefits of attacking ordinary ships are greater.

The ten magic ships have been chasing, but every time they want to catch up, they will be frozen by a large amount of Ice Attribute magic, and their speed will drop sharply.

They also tried to use Ice Attribute magic to block the Athena, but the thick layer of ice was like butter in front of the Athena.

Some Persia ordinary battleships were completely desperate, knowing they could not escape, and ran straight into the Athena.

Demis doesn’t care about all the ordinary battleships that come over.

Those three 40-meter ordinary wooden battleships in front of the Athena are like oranges under a watermelon.

The watermelon and orange meet, softly trembled, and continue to roll forward.

Orange torn skin and gaping flesh, full of juice.

After the collision, the wooden battleship made a series of cracking and crackling sounds, and the wood chips scattered in the sky, screaming again and again.

However, the Athena was just a flick.

These wooden battleships are enough to make a big hole on the side of the ordinary magic battleship, but they can only leave a shallow mark on the hull of the Athena.

This ship, full of magic iron, was enchanted by the Legendary Grandmaster!

The thickness of the magic iron and the attached magic power, under the buff of Magic Tower, are comparable to the Saint Domain warrior of full equipment!

Seeing ship after ship of ordinary Persia battleship broken into pieces of wood flying all over the sky, the morale of the Persia navy slowly dropped.

At this time, even the most ordinary Persia sailor understood that he was caught in the trick of the damn chest hair strange land Mies!

It is indeed the legendary Knight on the sea.

Such a huge magic iron mothership, he commanded it like a War-Horse flying across the sea.

Demis blew a whistle and said to the very excited City-State generals: “You said that the mana crystal consumption this time will be paid for by the coalition headquarters.”

“Of course!”

“No problem!”

“It’s worth it!”

All the admirals of this group of admirals were flushed red, and they heard golden eagle combustion crash-bang auditory hallucinations, and what they saw in front of them was a glowing red army.

“This battle has finally overwhelmed the disappointing army!”

“Look outside the port, the army only dared to turn back and attack.”

“Only the navy can save Greece!”

“What does it mean to burn some golden eagle, we won!”

“The army must be saved by the navy!”

“Disappointing things, a few hundred thousand army and multiplied by ten, the military merits are not as good as Suye alone!”

“Don’t mention Suye, he designed and built the entire battleship…”

The red light on the faces of the admirals suddenly dimmed.

“Suye is the navy!” a general suddenly yelled frantically.

“Yes, Suye is the navy!”

A group of admirals roared.

Demis gave these people a blank glance and continued to command the battle.

With its extremely high speed and extremely fast steering, the Athena turned Maris Bay into its own swimming pool, rampaged, and wherever it went, the Ordinary Persia battleship was shattered and was by no means spared.

The Athena also passed by the port, smashing all the warships at anchor in a series of Persian’s desperate eyes.

Hundreds of warships were scrapped directly.

The most frightening thing is not the Persia Navy, but the Persia Army that has just landed at the port.

They, there is no way out!

Not enough equipment, not enough foster care, nothing!

Those things were on the ship that was just smashed by the Athena!

Many people get off the boat with a lance.

Now they looked back and stared blankly. In the ocean behind them, there were densely packed broken pieces of wood, layered on top of each other, and they might be able to leave.


Greece allied forces returned.

At this moment, the morale of the Greek coalition forces has reached an unprecedented level, comparable to that of the Netherworld Knight led by Suye at that time.

The Persia coalition forces in the port are in despair.

After completely cutting off the retreat of the Persia Army, Demis General changed his tactics and began to attack the Persia’s magic ship.

This time, give up all the bells and whistles, meet force with force!

“Navy retreat!” Persia General hovered high in the sky, shocked in a cold sweat.

Those wooden battleships can be built quickly, but if ten magic motherships are also sunk, it is equivalent to Persia giving up the Aegean Sea in the next ten years.

However, it was too late.

The Athena started attacking the ten Persia magic ships like crazy.

The Persia Navy could not escape at first sight and launched a perish together attack on the Athena.

Warship after battle and even magic ship crashed on the Athena.

Strong as the magic iron mothership, there are also a lot of breaches.

However, the unbelievable scene is repeated. The huge gaps that should have caused the sinking of the Athena are always suddenly repaired by invisible forces.

As good as ever!

With the perverted power of the Magic Iron Mothership, Dimis forcibly sank all magic battleships in Persia.

When the last Persia magic ship sank, Demis laughed loudly.

“hahahaha…Sekam, I took away all your hair and turned you into a bare General! Ten years ago, I was scammed by you, and I have earned it today! Starting tomorrow, I will visit all of you Persia’s coastal ports! Wash your ass and wait! Suye, you will be my grandfather from now on!”

Persia General Sekam stood in mid-air flustered and exasperated angrily roared: “What kind of magic iron mothership are you? Obviously the sideboard has been smashed many times, and it should sink when you see it. Why is it suddenly healed! You guys! Cheating! You have used the power of Legendary! No, even ordinary Legendary can’t do it, did Plato take it personally! I’m going to God’s Temple to sue you!”

“hahahaha…just let us know that we have Suye’s servant, even if it breaks in two, it can be repaired quickly!”

“Suye again!” Sekam wanted to crash into the sea.

The boiling Maris Bay gradually calmed down. Most of the Persia battleships were either sunk or surrendered. Only a few dozen warships fled while the Athena was raging. It broke through the blockade of the Greek Navy and flees desperately. .

The Persia army in front of the hot spring pass is dead silent.

They stared blankly at the empty Maris Bay.

The Persia Navy was wiped out.

The ships of the Greek navy have arrived at the port. The Magicians bombarded the shore indiscriminately, forcing the Persia Army to stay away from the port.

And the Greek coalition returned fully and launched a general offensive.

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