The World of Deities Chapter 629

“Normally, we have won the final victory, but the problem is that Gilgamesh is a huge variable. The kind of King of Heroes with Demi-God strength is not Xerxes who cherish feathers.” Suye said.

“I’m also worried about this. Let’s make an agreement. Once Gilgamesh shows up, you will run away. If he catches you, I will help you withstand it for a while.” Miltiades said.

“How long can you obstruct him?”

Since a long time, Miltiades said with a guilty heart: “Ten seconds?”

“Legendary resisted Demi-God, it has been ten seconds long.” Suye said with emotion.

“If he directly used the Divine Item, the entire hot spring gate would be a blink of an eye.” Miltiades helplessly said.

“Should we ask God’s Temple to go out?” Suye looked towards Meders.

Meders helplessly said: “The other side expects God’s Temple to come forward, and then excuses God’s Temple to intervene in this war. When the time comes Gilgamesh can open the hot spring with a sword, kill a few hundred thousand Greece coalition forces, and then enter Greece. .”

“In other words, God’s Temple can only be started after Gilgamesh has started, but when God’s Temple has started, it is actually too late?” Suye asked.

“That’s it.”

“Can’t God’s Temple be as stiff as I was in Puluoguan and slap it over?” Suye asked.

“Can’t twitch…” Meders’ mouth trembled slightly.

“Neither is Demi-God Priest?” Suye asked.

“God’s incarnation is not Gilgamesh’s opponent, even more how, he has even killed the new god!” Meders said.

The generals nearby looked bitter.

“Darius is really poisonous, knowing that he is a hot lava ball, throw it directly at Greece. Euclid, what do you think?” Suye frowned.

“I think we should give Gilgamesh a face.” Euclid said seriously.

The generals cast their eyes simultaneously.

“In fact, even if the hot spring pass is released now, Greece will not be in danger. No surprise. After the breakthrough hot spring pass, the Persia army wreaked havoc in the northwest of Greece at most, and then returned to the teacher and boasted that Persia had captured Greece. This way. , Persian has a step down, we Greece also kept the loss to a minimum.” A general said.

“It’s not like what Greek said.” Suye said.

There was a sigh on the city wall.

A Gilgamesh is more difficult to deal with than the millions of troops in Persia.

“Wait, if it is the wise king Gilgamesh, he will definitely communicate with Darius and then lead Persian back.”

“Yes, after all, King Xian still loves his people.”

“Hundreds of people died in his Hero Guard, and he will not be unhappy.”

“What if Gilgamesh is now a tyrant?” Suye asked rhetorically.

The hot spring at night is very quiet on the city wall.

Just at this time, a strange, sharp, harsh and even disturbing voice resounded through the sky.

“Tomorrow at noon, this Royal General will be cultivating on Mount Roms for one day, irrelevant people, get out!”

hong long long ……

Seeing the direction of Persia Daying, the golden light soars through the sky.

The deafening “roll” is like a thunderbolt, rolling all around, Spread to a thousand li.

The hot spring is closed, and the generals dumbstruck.

After a long time, everyone reacted.

Faust flustered and exasperated said: “He is blatantly violating the Divine Contract! He said it was in the Roms cultivation, but actually forced us to leave!”

“He dropped his sword and left Mount Roms directly. Does the hot spring pass still have a fart?”

“If he is tougher, the entire Mount Roms including Hot Spring Pass will be raze to the ground!”

“Too much! Too have no shame! It really is a tyrant!”

“How can people guard this? Since they are playing like this, everyone will send Legendary, Hero and Demi-God to destroy the city and the state!”

“Where’s Hero in Greece? How about Demi-God? Just watch him pee on top of Greece?”

“hehe, I am completely desperate for the Demi-Gods of Greece.”

“The top priority now is to think about how to solve this.” Miltiades sighed.

Slumped again on the city wall.

Suye looked at the golden light rising in the sky.

“This choppy!” Suye slowly finished speaking, not knowing why, feeling comfortable.

The generals looked at Suye in horror.

Is it so fierce?

Everyone went back to the chamber to discuss, but after the discussions came and discussed, there was still no result.

“What is the attitude of God’s Temple? What is the attitude of each City-State? What are the attitudes of those Demi-Gods?” A grumpy general couldn’t help but get angry.

Miltiades sighed and said: “The power of God’s Temple cannot be moved at the moment, but God’s Temple and the City-States are already contacting Demi-God. Hero’s words are no different from ordinary people in front of Gilgamesh. There are probably more enemies of the Hero rank and Demon Beast than I killed Golden.”

“What about the Demi-Gods?”

“Half God Powerhouse rarely stays in Greece, and most of them are exploring various planes. There are also some old Demi-Gods who lock themselves in special places in order to extend their lifespans, and they will not be destroyed by family or City-State. , Will not shoot.”

“Now that Greece is about to be destroyed, will they not take action?”

“Obviously, we played too well, and Greece got out of the crisis a little bit.”

“Then, the coalition and God’s Temple, why don’t you ask Legendary Magician of Greece for help?” Suye asked.

The recovery in the chamber is silent.

Suye each minding their own business said: “A Legendary may not be able to help Gilgamesh, but multiple Legendary act together, enough to easily stop him. The formidable power of Legendary magic, everyone knows well, kills King of Heroes Difficult, but stop him with no difficulty. So, who can tell me why the coalition headquarters, City-State, and God’s Temple would rather give up large tracts of land, would rather die a large number of warriors and civilians, would rather suffer the humiliation of being captured by Persia, also Would you like to invite Legendary Magician?”

No one responded.

“In other words, there are some idiots in Greece, who would rather sit back and watch Greece be annexed by Persia than create a better Greece with Magician. Some idiots would rather be buried with rotten, stubborn, and ridiculous backward ideas and be exterminated , Being extinct, I would rather let an outsider replace myself, and I would never decentralize power to a friendly person, and I would never make progress. I said that, right?”

The people in the meeting hall remained silent.

Faust said slowly: “They are not stupid, they are just fighting for their own interests.”

Some generals were helpless and nodded.

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