The World of Deities Chapter 630


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Suye said with a slight smile: “Indeed, stupid and not stupid, sometimes does not depend on things and people themselves, but depends on our perspective on things. In some Aristocrat’s eyes, for ourselves, attack Magician is right. If they have a higher vision, they will be right to attack Magician for the family in the second layer. Then, their vision will continue to improve, and when they reach the Third Layer, it seems right to attack Magician for all Aristocrats. The reason is very good. Simple, they believe that the wealth and power of the world are limited, and if magic masters the power, they themselves will suffer. I say that, right?”

Everyone is nodded.

“So, we now regard ourselves as individuals, as a person who transcends animals, as a person with the ability to think. Then, we assume that if we go to a higher level, we will not only see individuals, families, and part of Aristocrat , We reach the fourth level, the whole of Greece. We stand at the level of the whole Greece and consider whether we should attack Magician? Should we contain Magician? Faust General, you answer first.”

Faust froze for a moment and hesitated: “Magician can indeed take away Aristocrat’s power. For most Aristocrats, it is indeed unfavorable. However, the emergence of Magician can better protect Greece and allow Greek people live better, and at the same time, it can also make Aristocrat live better. On the whole, Magician has improved all aspects of Greece. As you said before, Magician has added a kind of diversity to the whole of Greece. Greece’s future has opened up a possible new road and new direction. This new direction and new road should not be blocked, because any possible direction blocked will cause Greek’s progress to slow down and be affected by foreigners, natural disasters and internal conflicts. Perish.”

Many Aristocrat generals who were present followed helplessly, and the Magicians smiled.

Suye nodded, said: “Very well, then, let’s think about it. Time goes back to the past. When we just passed the dark age, Greece had only many villages and tribes at that time, and there was no City-State. The best of the people, take action, step by step to establish the City-State, let Greek live better. And those people back then, known as the’state builders’, those state builders are the origin of Aristocrat. In In that era, Aristocrat defeated those who opposed the City-State system, defeated those still living in the tribal era, defeated those who were ignorant and backward, and Aristocrat became the correct and advanced force of that era. This, No one will deny it?”

Aristocrat warriors are happily nodded, and Magicians are nodded with approval.

“Then, let’s push the time forward. Before the age of tribe, Human was struggling in the dark. The leaders of those tribes took on the responsibility and formed the tribe, leaving the seed of inheritance for Human. In the dark age, Do those tribal leaders also symbolize the correct and advanced power of that era?” Suye asked.

Many people are nodded.

Suye continued: “In the Dark Ages, tribal leaders represent correctness and advancement. But in the City-State era, even though tribal leaders have the right side, they are wrong and backward compared with the Aristocrat state builders. If they obey the changes of the times and do not consider their own interests, but stand on the fourth level and consider the interests of all the people, then they will still be the ladder of Human and the pathfinder of Human. However, if they rebel against the times Change, for their own small interests, short-term interests, disregarding the big and long-term interests of the times, against the Aristocrat founders, then they are the enemies of Human and represent evil.”

The audience was silent, as long as the Magician and a few warriors were interested.

“Greece has passed the tribal era, passed the old City-State era, and came to the new City-State era. In the new City-State era, many new forces have emerged, including rich merchants and heavy equipment warrior, there are all kinds of civilians, and Magician. So, the current Aristocrat, is it the tribal leader who learned from the founding period to fight against the founders, or is it learning from the founders of the year, integrating into the torrent of the new era, and abandoning the individual, Short-term and small interests, pursuing long-term interests that benefit the whole of Greece?”

Everyone thought quietly.

“Let’s go up one more level, which is the 5th floor. At this time, we are not thinking about the problem from the perspective of the Greek, we are considering the problem from the perspective of the whole world and the whole human. Then, let’s look down, What are those Aristocrats doing?”

“For the benefit of themselves and small groups, for their own power, they persecute the common people and hinder the happiness of more people; they enslaved the peasants and turned them into brute for farming; they mutilated merchants and handicrafts and hindered They hunted down Magician and blocked and interrupted the progress of the whole Human. You use your brain… No, you use your heels to think about it, a group that is almost the enemy of all forces in the world, Can the ages really last forever?”

“So, they are smart in the short term, but in the long term, they are stupid and ignorant.”

“Ordinary people may not examine themselves at a higher level, but those who bear glory cannot!”

“Human will overthrow all crimes, mistakes, and backwardness in order to survive better and make better progress! Throughout the history of Human, it is a history of struggle, overthrowing the greatest evil of one era after another! “

“Do you want Human to fail in the struggle?”

Suye scanned the meeting hall.

Everyone was silent.

“So, Faust General, do you think those Aristocrats are ultimately right or wrong?”

“I…” Faust took a peek at Miltiades General, hesitating.

“When we look at a problem and only look at the present, it means we give up looking for the future; only look at low level, which means we give up climbing the peak. So, Faust, you tell me that you want to stay where you are. Or are you looking for the future? Do you want to stay in Saint Domain or climb the peak?”

Faust remains silent.

Miltiades looked at Suye with a pleased smile.

“Born to be human, we should pursue the future and climb the peak.”

Legendary General’s voice constantly echoed in the chamber.

Euclid said slowly: “If Suye did not pursue the future, the hoofs outside the general pass would not sound; if Suye did not climb the peak, there would be no papermaking and movable type printing in the world; if Suye, like those Aristocrats, only consider himself Only consider the interests of Plato Academy, or even the interests of Magician, then the Baixiang Palace and Hero Palace are already standing in Athens City, and Suye is already the new king of Uruk.”

The Aristocrat warriors lower their heads in silence.

“When the Hero Palace rose to Mount Roms, when Gilgamesh’s rays of light were shining on the hot springs, there was no reinforcement, and I chose to retreat.” Suye’s face floated with an unpredictable smile. meaning.

Everyone looked at Suye blankly.

Faust gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

He knows that Suye’s retreat is not just withdrawing from the hot spring pass, not just withdrawing from the northwestern area of ​​Greece, and not just withdrawing from Athens.

“I’m also a little tired,” Euclid frowns said. “Suye’s destination should be the same as me, wandering in the ocean of magic and knowledge, and then, creating amazing theories, constantly opening up new disciplines for Human. You guys have been delaying Suye.”

The meeting ended in a solemn atmosphere.

In the early morning of 2nd day, the Persia army did not come.

The coalition headquarters only dispatched 10,000 Greece warrior to guard the port, and all the troops retreated in an orderly manner.

They want to withdraw from Mount Roms.

Withdraw from the Gilgamesh cultivation place.

On the city wall of Wenquan Pass, everyone looked forward, and the golden beam of light surpassed the mountain, like a pillar of heaven. Once it falls, the entire Mount Roms and the small hot spring pass will collapse instantly .

The generals even lost the courage to discuss, they just watched in silence, silently in a daze.

Suye flipped through the Magic Book and read about Gilgamesh.

The more I read, the more Suye sighed.

King of Heroes is too strong. This kind of person who can fight on the ground according to the new god has surpassed common sense.

He was so strong that he even caused the fear of Persia Gods and refused to conferred as God for him.

Almost everyone is sure that once Gilgamesh conferred as God, he can be promoted to the position of Main God in just a few decades, and then he will inevitably compete with Marduk for the position of Persia Godking.

This kind of super genius, who has Godking assets, has become his opponent.

Suye sighed, in front of this kind of powerhouse, it is not shameful to retreat.

Unfortunately, Greece is no longer there.

Suye closes the book and returns to his room for final finishing.

After finishing everything, walk back to the hot spring pass.

The sun slowly rises. When it reaches the middle of the sky, suddenly, Heaven and Earth dim.

Eight black hurricanes rise from the ground, like eight pillars of heaven, straight to the sky.

Each hurricane has a diameter of over 1000 meters, lined up behind Persia Camp, reaching the sky, just like the end of the world.

With eight hurricanes as the center, more and more dark clouds gathered. Eventually, dark clouds covered several thousands li and enveloped Mount Roms.

The dark sea of ​​clouds spreads over the sky, and the hot spring turns into a dark night.

The sea is also blackened by dark clouds.

“Gilgamesh’s Divine Item, the sword of eight winds…”

The generals muttered to themselves, their voices trembling.

Later, pale-gold’s rays of light replaced the sun, covering several hundred li.

Dark clouds and golden light are intertwined, dark and bright alternate.

The golden light is indestructible.

“The armor of Tian City, which is said to be made from the skin and bones of the bull of the sky, is his second Divine Item, which is higher in rank than the sword of the eight winds…”

The whole hot spring pass fell into despair.

Experienced the Battle of Pluoguan and wiped out the army of Xerxes.

After experiencing the Battle of Tempe Valley Passage, Suye intercepted Persia pursuers with strength of oneself.

Finally experienced the Battle of Wenquan Pass and the Battle of Maris Bay, witnessing the annihilation of the Persia Navy.

But now, the power of invincible in the whole world is unfolding at the end of the sky.

In the golden light, before eight black hurricanes, the huge Hero Palace slowly lifted into the sky.

Like the palace of hanging sky, overlooking Mortal World.

Suye took a deep breath, and slowly raised his hand to give an order to retreat.

Suddenly, a golden light flew from the eastern sky.

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