The World of Deities Chapter 631


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The golden light cut through the sky, like a line of golden arrows, separating the clouds and the sea, emitting a violent rumbling sound.

The huge disc-shaped dark cloud cracked from it, bursting into an expanding fan-shaped blue sky.

At the forefront of the golden light, a person covered in golden light is flying parallel to the sea, flying at Rapid Speed, and approaching Mount Roms and the Palace of Heroes almost in a blink.

The man flew between the dark clouds and the sea. His power not only separated the dark clouds, but even divided the sea into two, and the turbulent white waves rolled to both sides.

“Hercules, this king I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”

The sound is strange and harsh, and there is a faint tyranny and madness.

The hot spring closes and bursts of cheers.

“It really is Hercules!”

“God first!”

“Hercules will definitely defeat Gilgamesh!”

“Hercules is invincible!”

“Gilgamesh has Divine Item, but Hercules has Titan Divine Physique, that is a mighty power that even ordinary God does not possess!”

“Hercules will win!”

“Hercules will win!”

Many soldiers burst into tears.

Suye looked in the direction Hercules was heading, and saw a man who was also wrapped in golden light suddenly appeared at the entrance of the Hero Palace floating in the air.

The powerful force rippled around the person, causing the air to be distorted. Golden rays of light were attached to him, flowing backwards from bottom to top like flowing water.

Slowly, the golden light of the two people is changed from golden to dark golden, which is thicker.

Suye tried his best to look, but couldn’t see the faces of the two people clearly.

I can only see Gilgamesh holding a pure white long sword. Around the long sword, there are eight small black tornados slowly turning.

Gilgamesh is wearing heavy armor, but since the whole body is covered by dark golden rays of light, the detailed pattern of the armor can’t be seen.

At this time, the voice of Miltiades spread throughout Wenquan Pass.

“Under Golden, close your eyes and watch the battle.”

Miltiades’ voice is broad and loud, with a faintly irresistible tone, and all people under the Golden rank instinctively close their eyes.

Before the words fell, Gilgamesh was slightly short, leaping up suddenly, the ring-shaped white exploded with vigour, and the huge Hero Palace shook slightly.

In the sky, two dark golden light lines appeared, drawing huge dark clouds in the sky from two directions.

Between the sky and the sea, two golden light Rapid Speeds approach.

Suddenly, two golden lights met.

The dazzling divine rays suddenly lit up, and Suye squinted his stinging eyes and saw a giant ball of light burst out of the place where the two met.

The light ball keeps expanding, and a large amount of white energy rotates and spreads around the light ball.

Suddenly, the ball of light burst.


The dazzling rays of light permeated the world, and the sea of ​​heaven was filled.

Suye’s eyes sting, tears gushing out, and the world in front of him is instantly blurred.

“Be careful!”

Miltiades’ voice rang in my ears.

Suye blinked, wiped away tears, and looked forward with flushed eyes.

Seeing that Miltiades has stepped out.

“It’s a tsunami…”

Several Golden Warriors exclaimed.

Beyond the rays of light, which is still dazzling, a huge wave as high as 100 meters is surging, like a huge wall of extinction, roaring through the Maris Bay and pushing towards the hot spring pass.

Everyone who saw this scene felt cold behind their backs. The wave was only 100 meters high, but it was more than ten miles thick!

Where is the wave, it is like an ocean hitting it.

I saw Miltiades General loudly shouts, holding the golden light shining Hero Battle Spear in his hand, took a deep breath, drummed his chest, and then threw it out loudly.


Battle Spear pierced through the huge waves and made a strange noise.

Next, an unbelievable scene happened to everyone. The huge wave only slowed down a bit, the height of the wave just dropped a bit, apart from this, there was not much change.

Seeing Miltiades reached out and beckoned, Golden Lance flew back from under the sea like a fish, and he shot again.


This time, the huge waves finally collapsed, mostly surging backwards, leaving two or three meters of small waves spreading all around.

Everyone continued to look up at sky.

Since the collision between the two people, the flash of sky did not stop, and it was accompanied by various sounds, either low, or sharp, or high-pitched, or clear, and every sound was deafening and giddy.

Suye endured the roar of his ears and squinted his eyes to catch the silhouettes of the two people.

Sky’s dark clouds are breaking up at Rapid Speed, the sun is shining, and the blue sky is picturesque.

Two golden lights are like lightning, flashing randomly in the sky, every time they collide, they will inevitably burst out dazzling rays of light, and will inevitably set off huge waves of different sizes on the sea.

At first, Suye can still see the trajectory of the two people clearly, but as the two people fight faster and faster, they can no longer see the silhouette of the two people at all.

You can only see the rays of light flashing randomly.

Suye is still good. Some Golden Warriors even burst into tears, making it impossible to watch the battle.

Even people of the Saint Domain rank frowned, and could only catch a scaly claw.

The only Legendary warrior Miltiades who could see the battle clearly became a coolie. While observing the battle and learning, he kept breaking the waves that came over.

On the other side of the coast, Persia General Hasting also complained bitterly. He was closer to the place where the two people battled. Behind him is the Persia Camp. He had to break the waves and guard Persian behind him.

Hercules deliberately led the battlefield here, and Gilgamesh simply didn’t care!

As a result, there are often waves breaking through Hasting’s line of defense, defeating the buildings of Persia Camp.

A large number of ordinary Persia soldiers were hit by waves or rock and wood rolled up by the waves, killing them.

Suye stood safely in the hot spring and watched the battle.

Only ten seconds later, sky suddenly changed.

Gilgamesh started to swing his sword. Every time he moved, hundreds of huge black hurricanes flew out and merged to attack Hercules on the opposite side, but then, hundreds of hurricanes spread all around.

Hercules’ attack seemed unremarkable, but he never retreated.

Next, the two Legendary coolies of the Hippo Army will not only break the waves, but also attack the hurricane.


sky, the speed of the two King of Heroes began to accelerate again, and even began to teleport continuously, and they may teleport more than a dozen times in the blink of an eye.

All Magicians are blushing, can this still be called?

The teleportation magic is an advanced magic. How can these two warriors be used as simple as blinking an eye?

At this time, none of the Saint Domain can see the detailed movements of the two people.

In Suye’s eyes, there are only two rays of light flying around, flashing back and forth, and then making various flashes and loud noises.

Suye also used the Magic Book to record, but found that the Magic Book was not as clear as his own, and was completely blurred by the force field of the two people’s battle.

Finally, Suye didn’t get entangled anymore. He looked at it calmly. Anyway, he couldn’t see clearly and couldn’t learn. Just remember this feeling of powerlessness.

Suye glanced at Euclid inadvertently, shaking her body suddenly.

This pervert!

It’s a big pervert!

You can see Euclid’s eyes are extremely clear, and deep in the pupils, densely packed geometric patterns emerge. Upon closer inspection, countless geometric patterns form Gilgamesh and Hercules, as well as the battle scene.

Euclid not only sees it clearly, not only does it geometrically, the right hand means it even messes up the Magic Book in front of it.

The most terrifying thing is that Magic Book is turning the pages frantically, leaving behind shadows like a book in a typhoon.

This means that every moment of the battle between two people, Euclid will record dozens of pages of information.

Suye carefully observed Euclid’s pupils and found that they were too small to understand.

“Forget it, I have a chance to take a look at his Magic Book.”

Suye looked at Euclid enviously. He deserves to be the real boss he admired through childhood. He is also Golden. Why is he so good?

At the same time, Suye was more determined, and he must dig out the essence of magic, and then use the essence of magic as the source to think about everything related to magic.

Although this process is very long, it takes more than ten years or even decades, but everything is worth it.

Euclid is to analyze the entire battle process based on geometry and axiomatization.

After that, Suye frowned slightly, feeling something was wrong.

Euclid’s geometry is strong. With his ability, he can definitely analyze the battle of two King of Heroes, but the question is, how does he see clearly?

I can’t see clearly!

Even when Aristotle, Plato or Socrates are in the Golden rank, it is impossible to see the battle between the two.

Suye thought for a while but couldn’t understand, so he continued to look up at the battle.

The dark clouds of sky have been completely torn apart. Between the blue sky and the deep blue ocean, a line of golden light flies and jumps, and clusters of golden lights burst.

The battlefield where the two are located is more dazzling than the sun.

Miltiades and Hastings two Legendary General gasping for breath to block the aftermath of the battle.

I don’t know how long it took, the two teleported away, then they turned into two golden lines again and flew towards each other.

Miltiades and Hasting shouted at the same time.

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