The World of Deities Chapter 634


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“I still have important things to do recently. I really can’t separate it. Otherwise, I won’t leave as soon as I get to the hot spring.” Akdes looked regretful.

“That’s a pity, I still want to explore with you again. I think you should have encountered something difficult, if you need it, you can contact me, major event can’t help you, small things are fine.” Suye said .

“My business is a major event. It is too difficult. However, if you can continue to write dramas like “Jacquerie” and continue to create technologies like papermaking and movable type printing, you will be helping me. “Acdes looked at Suye with encouragement in his eyes.

Suye stretched out his hand and patted Akdes on the shoulder, and said: “Look, you have exposed your Legendary identity when you speak. How can ordinary people think about things from such a high height. I think you have some Legendary Ah, sometimes it’s just carrying too much. In fact, it’s okay to carry too much. The problem is that you are also human and will be confused. When you are confused, just let yourself go. When slave and so on are boring, just do it. What I really want to do. You are like this, and Miltiades General is like this. He obviously wants to go to Areopagus and beat up those Aristocrats, but he still cringes, not like a man!”

Suye recovered and looked like lazily, as if chatting with Old Friend.

“If you were Miltiades, would you dare to do that?” Akides didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“Dare. If I were Miltiades, I would dare to yell at everyone in Areopagus, anyway…they are the backward forces to be overthrown after all.” Suye shrugged.

“I was in Miltiades and heard what you said, including what you said in Plato Academy. It was…crazy, mader than me, mader than anyone. But, you know, this World has too much We are helpless.” Acdes sighed.

Suye looked at Akdes in amazement and said: “When you speak, don’t you think about it?”

Acdes is frowned and then stares at Suye earnestly.

Suye took out the paper and magic pen from the Ring of Space and handed it to Acdes.

“You draw a vertical line in the center of the white paper, divide the paper into two, write “what I did, what I could do, what I could have seized of the opportunity” on the left, and write on the right On’things I can never do’. Only write about the things that happened in the past, write every little thing, even the trifle of earning a copper owl, even if it is a dirty word, as long as you can remember it, write it down . Don’t worry, I don’t read it. When you write, take divine power obstruct. Don’t look at me, write seriously, I will go play and know the water.”

Suye really didn’t care about Akdes and jumped into the sea with a plop, swimming in the water like a fish.

All the water is like air, without wetting a single hair or a corner of his clothes.

Acdes looked at Suye blankly, hesitated for an instant, remembered all kinds of legends and words about Suye, turned on the divine power to block, and then wrote on both sides.

At first, he wrote a few things on the right side of the “absolutely impossible” place, but as he wrote, he was stunned and the pen tip moved to the left.

shua~ shua~ shua~ ……

As if he couldn’t stop, he kept writing in the blank space on the left, word after word, line after line.

unconsciously, he wrote all over the left half, unconsciously, he lowered his head silently and gritted his teeth lightly.

Those things that can be done are densely packed.

Those things that could have been done are layer upon layer.

Those opportunities that could have been seized continue one after another.

In contrast to the white paper on the right, a few sentences are occasionally added, but not even the one tenth on the left.

Looking at the dense text on the left, Akdes suddenly raised his head and looked at Suye swimming in the sea.

Above the deep blue sea, two dolphins are chasing and playing with Suye.

Acdes stared blankly for a long time, turned the pages of the paper, and continued to write, writing…

In the end, the entire back is also filled.

He turned the page again, and half of the “Things I Can’t Do” was written in less than half.

He stared at the paper, staring at it.

After a long time, he was long sighed.

“so that’s how it is…”

He raised his head and looked at the sea, the sea seemed to be much clearer, and sky was also brighter blue.

Suye waved to the two dolphins, flew out of the water, and walked towards Akdes. The water droplets fell naturally without staining the skin.

“Done?” Suye asked.

“It’s finished.”

“How does it feel?” Suye asked.

Acdes remained silent.

Suye didn’t speak, turned his head and looked at the blue-black sea, the towering mountains, and the sky just shrouded in white clouds.

“I have been thinking about what maturity is.”

“At first, I feel that when I grow up, I am mature.”

“Later, I felt that as long as I was just like others, I had to be polished away, recognized by this society and others, and recognizing reality is maturity.”

“Later, I felt that silently bearing the pain and silently assuming the responsibility is maturity.”

“I also feel that being able to handle everything with ease is mature.”

“Afterwards, I felt that having strong self-control is mature.”

“Later, I felt that to maintain a positive attitude and be happy forever is mature.”

“Then I feel that if you don’t give up, just keep your original intention is to be mature.”

“I think a lot, but I always feel that this may be the maturity of others, but not my maturity. Until recently, I didn’t want to understand what maturity I want.”

“When a person can transform all seemingly negative or neutral things into something good for oneself, then such a person is considered mature.”

Acdes said with a bitter smile: “What you said is too difficult, it is almost impossible to do it.”

“So, do you divide this maturity on the left or the right? Ten years later, 20 years later, 30 years later, if you rewrite this list, do you divide this maturity on the left or Right?” Suye turned around suddenly, showing a bright smile.

“You…” Acdes was speechless, picked up his pen, and wrote silently on the left.

“So, how do you achieve what you call maturity?”

“I said, you like it very much.” Suye said.

Acdes was taken aback for a moment, and quickly said: “Jacquerie? Definition? No, is it a positive definition?”

“It’s that simple, but many people don’t believe it. Like many things they have encountered, Ming should be written on the left side, but it should be placed on the right side. Try it, write it.”

Acdes looked up.

“If God is harming you, how do you turn it into something useful?” Akdes asked.

“Such a simple thing, don’t you a Legendary know?”

“I don’t know.”

“God is killing me. This incident tells me that I am not strong enough. I need to grow. I have to grow to the point that God cannot harm me. From a positive point of view, this God is killing me. Motivation for growth. I know that this incident will give us endless negative thoughts, pain, fear, and anger. I cannot fully control, but I can control myself not to think, I can control myself to think about me Helpful.”

“What if you fail? I don’t believe you haven’t failed.” Akdes.

“Isn’t it normal to fail? No one can succeed forever. If I tell myself this way, 2nd day is still angry and painful, then I will continue to do that and continue to believe that this will happen Promote my progress.”

Acdes was taken aback for a moment, and then asked: “What if you fail the second time?”

“Then try again.”

“How about ten consecutive failures?”

“Keep trying! Until I believe that this event will indeed promote my progress. Because, I do not believe in God, not this thing, I believe, I want to improve, I believe, it is me I can make progress! I live not for pain, not for fear, not for anger, but to do what I want to do.” Suye said.

“I remembered.” Akdes said seriously.

“I won’t delay you. After all, every Legendary is a busy person. I hope we have a chance to meet snoring, and then have a meal on the grass like that day.” Suye finished speaking and turned to leave.

“Wait.” Acdes called Suye.

“en?” Suye saw that Akdes took out three wooden bottles from his hand and threw them over.

As soon as the three wooden bottles left his hand, Suye took a sudden step back and looked over in horror. In his own perception and vision, it seemed as if three seas descended from the sky and destroyed the world.

The hot spring closed, Miltiades’ complexion changed drastically, and he stepped out of the room and rushed to the city wall, looking at Suye and Acdes.

Looking at Suye taking the three wooden bottles, Miltiades slightly smiled, glanced at Akdes’s back with kind and compassionate eyes, and walked slowly back to the room.

Suye stared at the Hydra carvings on the three wooden bottles, stunned.

Look at this pattern and feel the breath, which obviously contains the power of Hydra.

Although it is impossible to accurately perceive the power level of this thing, it is definitely Hero or Demi-God level.

Suye was stunned for a while, then looked up and found that Akdes had disappeared.

“Where are people?”

Suye looked around and found a silhouette disappearing among the mountains.

Suye shook it lightly and sensed that there was liquid in the bottle.

“Hydra’s power and breath are liquid, it seems to be the blood of legendary Hydra. However, how did he know that I need this thing, um…also, Hydra Legion Sect is renowned in World of Magic, he should have something I heard that this is what all Magician dreams of. However, this legendary boss has a very generous heart. I hired for a few days and gave him such a big gift with a few words of comfort. Who is he? I have heard of such a kind Legendary warrior.”

Suye thought for a while, put away the couch, returned to the hot spring, and found Miltiades.

“General, let’s talk about it, who exactly is Acdes? Is it a pseudonym for a certain Legendary, or the kind of hidden Legendary, or a descendant of the Demi-God family? I have known for a long time that there are many Demi-Gods Legendary and even Hero of the family are incognito, and even if they participate in the war, they will not leave a name. For example, Hippolytus of Pandion Family has not been famous, but when he was young, he used an alias to practice everywhere.”

“Paros even told you this?” Miltiades.

“Don’t interrupt, who is Akdes?” Suye asked.

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