The World of Deities Chapter 635


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Miltiades laughed and said: “You guessed it, he is indeed a member of the Demi-God family. As for the specific family, I can’t say.”

“His experience at the family was a bit bumpy, right? Did any brothers and sisters compete with him for the Position of Patriarch?” Suye said his guess.

Miltiades took a deep look at Suye and said, “He is an illegal child, suppressed by the owner’s wife since he was a child, constantly persecuted, and displaced. However, the others are not bad, just too pitiful, alas.”

“When I saw him for the first time, I felt that his face was miserable, his strength was strong, but his heart was not strong enough, or it was not that his heart was not strong enough, but that he had suffered too much Surrounded by the pain of the past and the fear of the enemy, I can’t get rid of his pain. Perhaps others admire him, but I sympathize with him.” Suye sighed.

“This person is good. If you need help in the future, you can find him. If he is willing to give you a gift, it means he treats you as a friend. Even more how, he likes your “Jacquerie” and likes you more for Greece’s contribution. In other words, every real Greek will like you and be willing to help you.” Miltiades said.

“Go to Delphi this time, will you go with us?” Suye asked.

“Of course, what’s the matter?” Miltiades asked.

Suye smiled and said: “Why don’t you take my Magic Carriage? Don’t be too conspicuous when you set off, keep a low profile, don’t do any farewell ceremony, after all, the war ceremony is big enough, there is no need to do it in the hot springs. Too exaggerated.”

“Well, your suggestion is good. Then acquired, I will explain the military affairs early in the morning. I will sit in your Magic Carriage and leave, and the other generals will drive on their own.” Miltiades said.

“Okay, then I will go back and do my homework first.”

Back to the bedroom, Suye entered the Ruins Space with three wooden bottles, his eyes swept away, and the wooden bottles were wrapped in thick mist.

The value of each haze seems to exceed 2,000,000, and it is far more than ordinary haze Condensation.

“It seems to be the blood of Demi-God. The blood splashed from ordinary wounds cannot be called Demi-God blood. It must be refined, or the dark golden blood in the heart core and brain nucleus is Demi-God. The blood. However, Demi-God Hydra is extraordinary. Even the ordinary blood flowing in the body is also the magic material of the Legendary level. Hydra is the famous Divine Lineage Giant Monster Bloodline. Sacrifice this thing and see what happens… “

Suye thought, opening the wooden bottle.

I saw a black qi rushing out of the bottle. There were nine black qi, a dragon head with a snake body, but only an inch out of thin air, it was suppressed by invisible force.

Black Qi screamed and retracted into the wooden bottle.

Suye looked down and saw a drop of dark golden blood rolling around inside, exuding a frightening breath, like a living thing.

“Sure enough, my Ruins Space is powerful!”

Suye said, putting the wooden bottle with the first drop of Hydra’s blood on it.


The altar absorbs light and fog as usual.

The five-ring rays of light without any suspense emerged.

Divine Lineage Giant Monster General Bloodlines Crown.

Suye’s face is thinking.

Divine Lineage Giant Monster is a collective term for those descendants of non-human God. Their wisdom is constantly high, but their power is extremely strong. A few Divine Lineage Giant Monsters even have the power of ordinary God.

Although the essence of Bloodlines Strength is an additional strength and cannot permanently change the Bloodline and permanent form of Human, the Bloodline of Divine Lineage Giant Monster is very rare.

At least in Human history, only the descendants of Divine Lineage Giant Monster have received this Bloodlines Strength.

After obtaining the Divine Lineage Giant Monster Bloodline, whether it is taking the divine power route or the Magician route, it is very powerful, because the Divine Lineage Giant Monster has the natural ability to control elemental.

And Hydra is the top ethnic group that controls elemental, and in some places it even surpasses Magician and God.

So, Magician said that Divine Lineage Giant Monster Bloodline is the most compatible Bloodline with Magician.

Suye absorbs the Bloodlines Crown and enters the Magic Tower space.

No new tree roots are generated, but the ability of Divine Lineage Giant Monster General, elemental perception.

It is very important to be able to feel the most subtle changes in elemental more keenly, and to improve the basic ability of a Magician.

Subsequently, Suye discovered that his divine might tree roots were actually thick. It seems that the power of the Divine Lineage Giant Monster is still powerful, and it is worthy of being a descendant of God.

Back to Ruins Space, Suye put the second bottle of Demi-God Hydra blood on it.

First sacrifice, and when you have enough abilities, you will incorporate the blood of Demi-God Hydra into Flame Demon Serpent, and create magic. These three drops of blood of Demi-God Hydra can promote Flame Demon Serpent to four flames Demon Serpent, able to cast magic in four different fields at the same time, is simply ruthless.

It will not take long to master the prototype of the unprecedented Hydra Legion Sect.


Suye didn’t have confidence in the second bottle of blood, but stared at the final reward.

I still underestimated the power of Demi-God Hydra!

Five ring innate skill.

battle body innate skill: Legendary body.

battle body innate skill: Rebirth from a severed limb.

magic innate skill: elemental balance.

Damn choice difficulty!

Suye missed the reward of two rows of innate skills at once.

Legendary body is not important, but rebirth from a broken limb is too powerful. It is a rare innate skill that anyone can dream of, and an extremely powerful life-saving innate skill.

For warrior, the value of limb rebirth even exceeds that of Hero.

However, for Magician, the value of elemental balance is higher, and more than ten times higher.

For Magician, elemental balance is worth at least six rings, even if you trade seven rings for it, you won’t lose money.

Because, Legendary magic and Saint Domain divine spell can treat severed limbs and rebirth, no matter which limb is broken.

I own the light elemental Lord Bloodline. As long as I am promoted to Saint Domain, I can master the magic of rebirth from a severed limb.

However, elemental balance is a magic innate skill that is difficult for Legendary Grandmasters to possess.

The elemental balance allows you to release magic that does not conflict with the same attribute, such as Water Attribute and Fire Attribute magic, and release them. Each party has innate skills that do not conflict with each other.

The real abnormality of elemental balance is that it will greatly weaken the enemy’s mutual restraint magic. For example, the Fire Attribute magic released by yourself will be extinguished by the Water Attribute magic of the same formidable power, but with the elemental balance, it will be poured on it, and if I burn mine, it can only weaken the Fire Attribute magic slightly without being extinguished.

What Magician really values ​​is the ability of elemental to balance the Magic Formation Chart and its creation.

With this innate skill, all the structures that cause elemental imbalance in the Magic Formation Chart will be slowly changed and eventually become balanced!

It is known that all perfect Magic Formation Charts are built on the innate skill of elemental balance.

But this innate skill has a small drawback, that is, it smooths out all the ‘destructive reinforcement’ formation charts.

Because destruction enhancement uses elemental imbalance to form unexpected effects. Although it is unstable, Magician can avoid risks as long as it is familiar enough.

However, this is not a disadvantage for Suye, because Suye has no time to learn and use destructive reinforcement.

“Strong, very strong. I suspect this should be a six-ring innate skill, but because Demi-God Hydra masters this innate skill, the power in the blood of God is too strong, so it is refined by the power of the altar. This drop The previous owner of Blood should be one of the strongest Demi-God Hydra in the world, and I am afraid that he has the ability to surpass the incarnation of True God. Acdes really helped me a lot. When I am promoted to Legendary, I have to return his favor.”

Suye dropped the third drop of blood expectantly.

battle body innate skill: Legendary body.

battle body innate skill: Rebirth from a severed limb.

magic innate skill: elemental fusion.

“Is Demi-God Hydra so powerful? The value of these three drops of blood is far beyond my original expectations. The owner of these three drops of blood is not the son or grandson of Giant Monster King Tifeng? “

Suye without the slightest hesitation chose elemental fusion.

Elemental fusion has no effect on the magic of a single elemental.

However, it is of great use to any multi-element magic.

In a single magic, the more elemental types, the greater the effect of elemental fusion.

Because all elementals have repulsive force, the more elemental, the stronger the repulsive force. For example, the mana consumed by the five-elemental spear is twice that of the four-elemental spear, but the formidable power cannot reach twice.

However, elemental fusion can eliminate the repulsion and internal friction between these elemental elements and exert greater formidable power.

“No wonder Hydra can use nine kinds of magic without the same attribute at the same time, and the formidable power is huge. It turns out to have both elemental balance and elemental fusion two abnormal innate skills. This thing gave me, the meaning is different! Because there is no Elemental fusion and elemental balance. Many formidable power magics only exist in theory, and there is no way to create them. Even if they are created, they will be abandoned because the ratio of formidable power to consumption is too low. These two innate skills are in the current formidable power It’s not too big yet. Once you can be promoted to Legendary, use Legendary Magic Formation, the kind of Legendary magic that is formed from a whole Mana Tree branch or even multiple Mana Tree branches, and the formidable power will be unprecedented.”

Suye had a sweet dream for a while, and then released three drops of Demi-God Hydra blood.

“Next, I have a short-term objective, which is to strengthen the creation of Fire Attribute magic, especially the magic creation of Flame Demon Serpent!”

Suye immediately threw away the boring homework and entered the Magic Tower directly.

Suye closed his eyes and began to recall the magical magic material strengthening formation chart “Flame Demon Serpent”.

In my mind, the complete Flame Demon Serpent formation chart was disassembled into 27 parts, like 27 pieces of blue, 19 parts of which remained unchanged, and the other 8 parts showed slight changes , And then added a new formation chart structure, forming 28 structures.

Soon, the new twenty-eight formation chart structure was reorganized into a new enhanced Flame Demon Serpent.

However, this formation chart quickly dissipated, and a new Flame Demon Serpent Magic Formation Chart appeared again, split into 27 parts again, and the structure of the eight formation charts changed again, and then two new formations were added. The chart structure, in the end, formed a reinforced Flame Demon Serpent with 29 new structures.

Next, the formation chart continued to collapse and was wrongly re-formed. Finally, a primordial twenty-seven formation chart structure and a new nine-formation chart structure were formed.

The creation of the complete “Flame Hydra”.

Suye eyes opened, long and relaxed.

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