The World of Deities Chapter 636


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“Fortunately, Niederne Teacher has been pushing me to Hydra Legion Sect, and I have been studying the creation of Flame Hydra. However, even so, the perfect creation will take a long time, after all, the blood of Demi-God Hydra must be integrated. Now, start Perform portrayal exercises.”

Suye thought, thoughts move, and a light blue meditation needle appeared in front of him, flew to a Mana Tree leaf, and began to carve the Magic Formation Chart of Flame Hydra.

Different from the previous imagination, the real portrayal process is more difficult.

The first time, it failed.

Summary of the reasons.

The second time, it failed.

Continue to summarize.

The third time, incomplete.

After summarizing, think and analyze, and then consult the masters of Wenquanguan.

Fourth time, failed…

Suye can’t feel frustration at all. In his opinion, every time he fails, he can gain an experience of “why fail”, and this experience is a step to success.

Failure itself is never the mother of success. Thinking, analysis, summary and new actions after failure, as well as the joy of harvest and self-affirmation, are the mother of success.

Because instead of blind practice methods, but deliberate practice methods, Suye has a deeper and deeper understanding of the Hydra formation chart.

However, the time to study magic is always beautiful and short.

In the early morning of the day of the war ceremony, Suye, Miltiades, Euclid, Meders, Kabazan and Rockett entered the Magic Carriage, left the hot springs, and drove towards Holy City Delphi.

Other generals set off in advance through various means.

The lonely Magic Carriage is flying in the sky. Six people sit in the Magic Carriage and have tea and chat. It includes an infinite plane, covers the gods of Heaven and Earth, and talks about everything.

Above the clouds in the sky, a God’s Temple carriage quietly looked at the Magic Carriage going away.

“His Royal Highness Leona Adjudicator, when shall we do it?” a revenge God’s Temple Priest asked very carefully.

Everyone looked at the senile woman in the carriage humbly. She was lying half-lying on the back of the chair, her right hand gently holding a whip.

The tip of the whip is divided into three snake heads, and the three poisonous snakes are scanning everyone with strange eyes, spitting scarlet letters si si.

“Gods need them to participate in the war ceremony alive.” The big Adjudicator Leona spoke slowly without raising her eyes.

“Suye will surely be conferred by gods. Under the brilliance of conferred by gods, our power cannot detect whether he is a rebel. In this way, we cannot touch him even if we have countless evidence.”

“Don’t be so troublesome!” Leona said, throwing a fist-sized ashlar at Priest who was speaking of Revenge.

The Priest startled, hurriedly picked it up very carefully, happily said: “With this old altar, we can attract more power from Goddess, thereby penetrating the conferred by gods, and confirming his identity as a rebel !”

“We follow, when the war ceremony is over, he will leave Delphi, and we will intercept it halfway!”

“As you bid!”

Magic Carriage landed outside the gate of Holy City Delphi.

Suye wanted to sit in the carriage and sneak in all the way, but the hundreds of people waiting in the Delphi city gate asked Miltiades to push Suye out of the carriage.

The moment Suye appeared, many people recognized it.

These days, Suye’s magic video has been playing repeatedly in Delphi.

From the three-year-old to the old man with dim eyes, they recognize this outstanding youngster.

“It’s Suye!”



“The King of Netherworld!”

“The King of Netherworld!”

The whole people cheered wildly.

99% of the people here have experienced the Pythias, and now, Hero, the stadium that shocked them, is back.

This time, it’s the battlefield Hero!

And it is enough to rank among the greatest Heroes in the history of Greece!

One person led the army and slaughtered 2,000,000 soldiers in Persia. This was an unprecedented horror record.

Amidst the crazy shouts of the people, Suye showed a very kind smile and walked in slowly.

Occasionally shook hands with the child kindly, occasionally helped an elderly old man, and even didn’t mind hugging a young woman. The whole process was free and full of different charm.

Those who secretly follow Suye can’t help being nodded, this is the leadership temperament!

Countless people threw petals at the sky. From the city gate to the God’s Temple Grand Plaza, all the roads are covered with flowers.

Suye led the crowd, stepping on flowers all the way, amidst the cheers of the crowd, walking along the road to the statue area of ​​the city.

It is filled with statues of celebrity or sports champions in history, as well as stone tablets of various family donors in the past.

In these statues, Suye saw a lot of himself.

Walk through the statue area and arrive at the top God’s Temple area.

All Greece Gods have a place here.

People are already standing around the oval God’s Temple square, and the white stone floor is also covered with petals.

Suye stepped onto the square, dressed in fragrance, like sunshine.

Everyone cheered frantically.

Many people even shed tears.

Suye saved all of Greece!

Suye has repelled millions of Persian!

Suye is now the greatest Hero in Greece!

On the steps on the north side of God’s Temple Square, the generals of the City-State, Great Aristocrat and Priest stand.

Most generals have complex eyes, admiring and admiring, with a hint of jealousy.

The Priests almost all smiled and looked at Suye with admiration.

In the Great Aristocrat, except for a few people who smiled and cheered, most people had a faintly discernable smile on their faces.

I don’t know if they are laughing or not.

Some civilians cry, some laugh, cry sincerely, and smile equally sincerely.

It is almost noon now, and the rays of light spread by the sun seem to be tamed by the power of the Holy City, from golden light to milk-white holy rays of light.

rays of light fell on God’s Temple Square, on everyone.

shuaa~ ……

White pigeons flew up to the sky in groups, and cut the white holy rays of light into one after another beam of light.

The whole world is holy and bright, but Suye in a white robe seems to be the only light source.

Many people even looked at Suye blankly.

At this moment, Suye is like God’s Son, as if he is the only owner of God’s Temple area.

The whole Holy City was born because of him.

Some people even knelt down and paid homage to the born Hero.

Sun God Temple Chief High Priest Ben Gora said with a slight smile: “This is an unimaginable war, and there will be an unimaginable war ceremony! Now, in every City-State in Greece , Whether it’s Athens, Sparta or Miletus, whether it’s Tebai, Corinth or Mycenae, or even a small City-State with only tens of thousands of people, miracle images can be formed in all city squares, allowing everyone to see us .Because, Gods omnipotent!”

Being just finished speaking, I saw that above Greece Earth, one after another white skylights descended from the sky, falling in each of the City-States in Greece.

The white light turns into a giant light curtain in every City-State plaza. As long as you get close, you can see everything about the war ceremony from the light curtain even if you are not standing in the plaza.

Many cities originally issued notices, and large numbers of people gathered in squares everywhere.

Even if some cities deliberately did not announce it, various gossips have spread.

At the moment when the light curtain was formed, all the people of City-State across Greece cheered excitedly.

Especially the Priests everywhere, they have their chests up, not only Magician can do it!

Even Magician can’t spread the synchronized light curtain to all of Greece!

Ben Gora opened his arms and shouted: “Let’s welcome the gladiator battle, the marathon, the Pitia, and the Netherworld, Suye! Even the Gods in the sky want to hear him Name, let us cheer together!”




Suye smiled and greeted all around, calmly accepting the cheers of everyone.

Bern Gora said: “Come on, excellent Greek, come to Gods embrace, let Gods show their joy and generosity! No matter how much glory you get next, you deserve it! Come here, board The steps of God’s Temple, under the witness of Greek, received the gift of Gods.”

Bengora said, slowly turning his body sideways.

At the same time, everyone on the big ladder turned sideways and made a path in the middle.

After Suye paid his respects, stepped on the stairs, crossed the road made by the generals, Aristocrat and Priest, and climbed onto the platform above the big stairs.


The turbulent flow of people gathered in the God of War square, looking at the huge light curtain.

“It’s Suye!”

“See Suye again!”

“Suye is half Sparta.”

Athens City, City Square.

“Suye!” Hort yelled.

“Suye is invincible!” Jimmy yelled.

Plato Academy students, shout simultaneously.

In a room facing the street in City Square, Paros and Climella stood by the window, looking at the light curtain.

Crimella was so excited that she almost jumped up.

Paros pursed his mouth, trying to conceal his joy, but the corners of his mouth could not stop rising.


The Magicians of this magic city have all turned into irritable warriors at this moment.

“Suye!” someone yelled with arms raised.

“Magician’s glory!” someone shouted hoarsely.

“Suye is invincible!” Some were flushed.

People from all over the city looked at Suye’s back.

On the platform, God’s Temple sits on the green ground.

Looking around, the holy light floats and the colorful light permeates.

The white deer took a leisurely stroll, the swans moved the lake, the beautiful butterflies dancing lightly and gracefully, and the little fairy with wings secretly watching Suye behind the flowers.

“Praise Gods!” Baengora shouted.

“Praise Gods!” Everyone and Suye followed Gao Song.

“Please be pleased by gods!”

“Please be pleased by gods!”


Heaven and Earth shook, and a terrifying collision of shields suddenly sounded.

Such a loud sound seems to be able to destroy Heaven and Earth, shatter the river, shatter everyone’s soul, but everyone does not even sting their eardrums, but feels that the whole person is surrounded by a huge sound.

Mountains and rivers hum, Heaven and Earth reverberate together. Everyone seems to be on the battlefield, but they have an unprecedented sense of security.

“My God…”

Some people knew that they shouldn’t make a sound, and after seeing Sky’s rays of light, they still exclaimed.

Just above the sky, a white light giant of ten thousand meters stands tall in the clouds.

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