The World of Deities Chapter 637


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Giant is made of pure white rays of light, the left hand shield, right hand Battle Spear, slender figure is slim, no one can see this person’s face, but everyone knows instinctively that this is Goddess of Wisdom Athena is showing miracle.

The miracle is majestic and vast, everywhere.

At this moment, in Pan-Greece, whether it is Thrace in the north, Crete in the south, Sicily in the west or Miletus in the east, the sun in everyone’s eyes has disappeared.

Instead, the giant Athena Idol composed of rays of light.

Even, even in most areas of other countries, as long as you look up, you can see the rays of light Athena’s back.

All Priest and Aristocrat watched the magnificent scene dumbly.

This is the miracle of the highest level, shining brilliantly.

As if God came to the world.

Once the brilliance of God appears, everyone in the entire country will be blessed, the body will be stronger, the disease will be reduced, the mentality will be healthier, and even lifespan will be extended.

Above the white clouds, the rays of light Athena stand upright. Although its face is fuzzy, its majesty is like a mountain, and its imposing manner is like a starry sky.

Generally speaking, normal war ceremonies are all conferred by gods by God of War Ares.

Until this time, many people suddenly woke up.

Everyone is used to calling Athena Goddess of Wisdom, but in fact, her theonym is Goddess of Wisdom and War Athena.

Not only Athena masters Divine Right and God of Battle Ares, but also Divine Right, and even Godking Zeus also masters Divine Right.

The huge brilliance Athena slowly lifted the right hand, while the brilliance Battle Spear in the right hand shrank sharply, and the Condensation became a ball of light.

Glory Athena turns her head slowly.

No one can clear her face, but everyone feels that the great Goddess is watching him.

Almost everyone lowered their heads humbly.

Only Suye stared attentively, wanting to see what Athena looked like.

Glorious Athena seemed to lightly nod her head, and then, the ball of light in her palm flew from the sky, tracing an arc, getting smaller and smaller, and finally swish into Suye’s body.

At the same time, everyone heard endless shouts, weapon collisions, horse hoofs treading on the ground, armor rubbing, flame combustion…

Everyone seemed to see that Suye was turned into an infinite battlefield, and Suye stood upright on the hill where hundreds of millions of corpses were piled up.

The only winner.

Suye showed a handful of weird weapons, transparent all over Suye, slowly turning around him, and retracting them all into his body.

Everyone blinked, Suye recovered normally.

The Priests of Goddess of Wisdom Temple were stunned.

The Priests are dumbfounded.

A few of Aristocrat’s high-end warrior Magicians were stunned.

Master of the battlefield, Strength of Domain.

How could Athena bestow such power on Suye?

Do you think Suye’s Strength of Domain is not enough?

The master of the battlefield is one of the powers endowed by the war Divine Right.

Generally speaking, only when the Priests set up the statue of Athena Goddess on the battlefield during the battle of Gods, will the battlefield dominate the field.

Even very high-level dependents, it is difficult to get this kind of conferred by gods.

The Magicians who have experienced the battle of Wenquan Pass cried with envy.

Suye’s servants were originally strong, and those Iron Tree people are even more abnormal. Now they are added to the battlefield master. Needless to say, those Iron Tree people will become Steel Tree people Berserker!

In case Suye also has metal elemental Bloodline, whether it is a metal soldier or a metal warlord domain, or a metal battlefield domain, once these overlap with the battlefield master, it will be a nightmare for everyone.

One man is like an army.

The high-end Priest looked at each other.

Others don’t know, they know that the battlefield master is the power of the Divine Right additional. Before Demi-God, it could only be called the domain, or the conferred by gods domain.

But once Suye is promoted to Demi-God, the battlefield master will be promoted directly to the real Divine Right realm, or Divine Realm for short.

And God owns exactly the same Divine Realm!

In the future, all magic Sects related to summon objects or servants in Suye will be additionally significantly enhanced.

Not only that, Suye, as the master of the battlefield, will greatly enhance his control of all forces within the domain.

“It is the sixth ring now, and it will probably be automatically promoted to the seventh ring in the future…” Suye silently calculated the value of conferred by gods in his own way.

Sky suddenly became brighter.

When everyone looked up, they saw Guanghui Athena suddenly disintegrated, and the densely packed light spots flew to all directions, flying to all parts of Greece.

A large number of light spots fell like rain on the main square of God’s Temple, towards the crowd.

Everyone hurriedly prayed loudly, excited.

Suye whispered: “The most beautiful Goddess in the world, give me strength…”

Densely packed light spots flooded into the bodies of everyone nearby.

Some people have only a little bit of it, and some people have a lot of it.

The spot of light on Suye’s head is like a white light waterfall, watering the whole body.

Even the chief High Priest Benn Gora’s eyes flashed with envy.

When the mages of Plato Academy saw this scene, they secretly sighed that Suye had been occupied by the brilliant conferred by gods alone, and Suye’s realm could no longer be suppressed.

Athens City.

The intense light drops from the sky, like a river pouring down.

The brilliance here is actually second only to Holy City Delphi.

Especially where City Square is located, the richness of holy light even exceeds that of God’s Temple Square in Delphi, only weaker than the brilliance around Suye.

Many Plato students bathed in holy light and praised Athena loudly.

In Athens City, one after another warrior or Magician suddenly blessed their hearts and promoted their ranks.

Sky outside Delphi city.

A God’s Temple carriage is hidden in the clouds.

On the carriage, even the Great Adjudicator of the Temple of Goddess of Vengeance stood up and bowed his head in prayer.

Including André, everyone is very religious, with their eyes closed, ready to accept Goddess of Wisdom’s confered by gods.

Countless light spots passed by them.

In a short while, the spot of light flew far away, and everyone on the God’s Temple carriage lifted the head in a puzzled manner, and the eyes opened.

“I heard that everyone’s body seems to be immersed in hot springs after receiving the brilliance conferred by gods. Why don’t I feel it?” André said the question in his heart, then spread his hands and carefully looked for changes.

“I don’t feel it either.”

“It may be that the brilliance we got given by gods is too little, so I don’t feel it.”

“It is possible…”

They looked helplessly at the God’s Temple square below.

In the big square, almost everyone is warm all over, as if soaking in a warm hot spring, with a drunken look on their faces.

Especially those generals who participated in the war, even clearly felt that old wounds and dark diseases were slowly healed.

Suye’s skin is like a thin porcelain bottle with a magic lamp, shining light from the inside to the outside, and recovering his normal skin tone at a very slow speed.

Priests have far more light spots than others, but some of the Priests of God’s Temple have fewer light spots, secretly sighing.

Priests of God of War Ares, looking enviously at Priests of Athena.

The arrival of this highest miracle consumes not only the strength of Athena alone, but also the God’s Strength of Greece.

But most of the benefits have been gained by Athena and her followers.

Athens has a Suye, or Sparta. There is no warrior comparable to Suye.


The horn sounded.

Priests of God of War God’s Temple are immediately inspired.

Ares’s confered by gods is here!

sky all directions endless wars, raging combustion, Heaven and Earth crimson, and the sky in the Persia direction is particularly bright.

Only the sky above is still intertwined with blue and white.

“Praise God of Battle Ares!”

Everyone on the ground praised.

Many generals have blossomed. This is the rare God of War miracle, which is close to the highest level. Except during the state-building period, it never appeared again.

The God of War fire today means that even if Athena steals the limelight, Ares is still very happy.

Priests who fought against God’s Temple finally sighed in relief, which means that because of this war, God’s Strength has also been significantly improved.

Above the sky, one after another flames fell on different people with subtle whistling and air vibrations.

Afterwards, a large number of God of War fires flew to all directions, to the hot spring pass, and to the Greek defenders in other places.

Densely packed, tens of thousands!

Those who did not participate in the war suddenly regretted it, this time God of War confered by gods is too big!

I knew that participating in the war had such a great opportunity to get the fire of God of War, so I should follow Suye to pick up the bargain.

Almost everyone in the generals and warriors near Miltiades received the fire of God of War, far more than the generals in the coalition headquarters.

In a short while, sky still combustion, but no Heavenly Fire falls.

The Heavenly Fire of all directions began to gather, and finally the Condensation became a Fireball far surpassing all the Heavenly Fires. It fell from the sky, with great momentum, and the sky-shattering thing, and it fell on Suye.


Suye’s whole person was ignited by the raging flames. The flames covered the ground with a radius of more than ten meters, and the flames went up more than ten meters.

In the huge flames of crimson, Suye’s shadow is faintly discernible.

Like Devil in flames.

True-king of Netherworld.

The whole audience once again envy and hate, seeing this situation is unusual.

At the same time, many people are also full of admiration for Ares, worthy of God of War, even if it is a great contributor to Pantheon, God of War did not deliberately release water and only give small rewards.

It burned for a while, all the flames gathered, and finally, attached to Suye’s body, turned into a translucent red full-body armor, like a magic battle armour to protect Suye in all directions.

The dragon-shaped helmet is covered with the Suye helmet. It is grasped by the dragon claw on both shoulders, and the dragon face is fierce between the chest and abdomen. Suye seems to be wearing a red dragon armor, and the appearance is so majestic that it far exceeds all the warriors present.

The warriors were dumbfounded.

Ares, is it better to compare with Athena this time?

Yes, this kind of domain power cannot be released outside, but it is the domain of the warrior’s yearn for something even in dreams conferred by gods.

The ability to guard Divine Right, battle armour of faith.

The ordinary belief battle armour is constructed by divine power, but this set of belief battle armour is obviously composed of elemental, driven by Suye’s own power.

Not only that, the protective power of belief battle armour is also affected by everyone’s beliefs and the beliefs of others.

Magician’s spirit power is inherently stronger than overwhelming majority warrior, and Suye is the Hero who all Greek admires. The formidable power of this belief battle armour is probably incalculable.

The warriors are a little desperate.

After facing Suye, how can you fight this?

This set of belief battle armour has its own contribution!

The warriors looked at Suye bitterly.

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