The World of Deities Chapter 638


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God of War Square in Sparta.

one after another Heavenly Fire is like a meteor landing, part of the Sparta warrior is surrounded by flames.

“God of War is supreme!”

“Thanks Suye!”


The Sparta warrior, who was not lit by the fire of God of War, looked enviously at the combatant, and looked at Suye in the red dragon armor in the light curtain enviously.

The red flames above Delphi slowly dissipated.

crash-bang ……

The densely packed peace pigeon flocks seem to fly from another plane to the sky, forming a huge ring, several hundred li in diameter, covering the entire Delphi Holy City.

The flock of peace doves is like a giant flowing ring cloud, surging in the sky.

The brilliant white feathers are scattered all over.

Everyone who was touched by Guangyu was extremely peaceful and peaceful, and his eyes were extremely clear.

Everyone’s heart is full of gratitude for Suye and longing for peace.

It is Suye, who has brought great peace to Greece.

The Priests of God’s Temple looked at this rare miracle with gratitude.

The Messenger of Peace.

Everyone looked at Suye. On Suye’s shoulders, there was a gu gu peace dove standing on each.

“Too happy, so enviable…” Euclid looked at Suye with his eyes full of light. The joy of the Harmonious Goddess towards Suye at this time is no less than the two Gods of War.

Suye’s contribution to Greece and even world peace has surpassed any general in the past.

This battle is enough to make Persia strength great injury, several decades dare not attack Greece.

Other countries will also be shocked, which will inevitably lead to a significant reduction in the intensity of the war.

This is the favorite of Xianghe Goddess.

In the eyes of everyone’s expectation, all the pigeons suddenly burst into holy light white feathers and fell all over the sky.

The densest holy light white feathers are like white ribbons, dropping from the sky, covering Suye, like a cocoon.

The Priests looked at each other, envious and helpless.

Needless to say, this time Suye must also have Divine Right abilities.

Many warriors prayed silently: I hope not to have the same name as miracle and the ability of the peace messenger, I hope not to be the peace messenger…

In the end, the light cocoon that wrapped Suye quickly converged, and finally the Condensation became a white halo, hanging high above Suye’s head.

Many warriors exploded in their hearts.

Sure enough, he is still the messenger of peace.

Peace Divine Right’s strongest ability.

This ability is called invincible messenger.

Generally, God’s Temple Priest will get the ability to mediate disputes with strong Great Influence.

The Messenger of Peace can only be used once a day.

However, after use, it can be immune to all the power of the same rank in a short time.

At the same time, it is also immune to an attack one level higher. No matter how many other powers are integrated into this attack, even if it is integrated into divine might, it will also be immune.

The most special thing about this ability is that other people’s attacks are invalid, but the peace messenger can attack normally.

Looking at the slowly dissipating halo on Suye’s head, many people looked up at the sky again.

Xiang and Goddess play so big, can’t you follow the Goddess?

Suye killed more than two million Persia soldiers in one go. From another point of view, it has planted the irreconcilable bane for the two countries. This is a huge dispute.

hong long long ……

Sky was filled with dark clouds, instantly dispelling the previous peaceful atmosphere.

Dark clouds covered hundreds of miles, and the whole city fell into dusk.

The densely packed blood-colored thunderbolt was tossing in the sky, and then, one after another blood-colored thunderbolt was suddenly cut off.

Every general who was struck by the blood-colored thunderbolt was numb with ecstasy.

The faces of the warriors who did not participate in the war were clouded.

Miltiades was slashed three times, and the wrinkles on his face stretched like a chrysanthemum blooming.

Dimisi rubbed his chest hair comfortably.

Baptism of blood thunder.

Every thunderbolt can make the warriors’ bodies get strong tempering, absorb the power of divine might, and at the same time, increase the probability of promotion to the next level by 10%!

Seeing this scene, Legendary and Hero who are hidden in the dark beat their chests and feet.

I knew this a long time ago, so I should ask for a fight!

Even if you are severely injured by Gilgamesh’s sword, come and baptism it’s worth!

Suye is indeed a treasure!

There is a chance in the future, Must and Suye are close!

Thunderbolt converges, dark clouds gather.

The dark clouds shrink, the color is as dark as thick ink, and the blood-colored lightning inside is more Condensation, like a school of thunderbolt fish.

Everyone looked up at the dark cloud of blood thunder that became smaller, just hanging high above Suye.

In the envious eyes of several millions of people in the city, the dark clouds suddenly disbanded. Then, all the thunderbolts merged into one and turned into a thick blood-colored sky thunder with a diameter of more than ten meters, which fell from the sky and aimed at Suye.


The whole city trembled, Earth shook, and thunder rolled thousands of miles away.

At this moment, everyone is instinctively afraid, even if Legendary suffers this hack, it will be flying ash annihilation.

The thunderbolt fell and turned into a thunderbolt, flashing and jumping continuously, and then went out after a while.

Suye showed up with a tattered shirt.

Suye’s complexion has changed from the previous white porcelain skin to a bronze with olive oil

Suye looked down at his body. I saw this color a few days ago.

Saw it in Acdes.

The warriors stared at Suye’s almost perfect skin tone and the lines and muscles that seemed to be forged by a craftsman. They went crazy.

It turned out to be the innate skill of the warriors yearn for something even in dreams, perfect body.

Even the gladiator battle king Komodes and even Leonida almost drooling.

No one’s body is perfect and without blemish, because everyone’s growth environment through childhood is very complicated. The body is impossible and there are always many small flaws.

For example, Comodes has always been dissatisfied with the proportion of skeletons, while Leonidas is not wide enough for his shoulders. Miltiades is too tall to cause hunchback. Demis has always regretted that he is not tall enough.

The more powerful, the greater the impact of subtle differences in the body.

The difference in body structure also has a subtle influence on the performance of the Battle Skill. This subtle influence may be a world of difference in high-level battles.

The perfect body is an ability that can only be cultivation only after possessing the “True God body”, which enables the warrior to begin to grow into a perfect form at the moment it is acquired, and it is the most suitable form for him.

The younger you get a perfect body, the greater the effect.

If a mage has a perfect body, it is not very useful in normal times, but once a mobile battle is performed, especially in high-speed moving casting, the function of the perfect body will be vividly and thoroughly reflected.

After all, the perfect body acts on every part of the body. From then on, Suye’s throat is more suitable for casting, and his eyes will become more suitable for mage battle, and even his fingers will be especially suitable for writing. Excellent Magician grows.

This is a peculiar ability that Magician should not have.

The low-level Magicians have no feelings, but the Saint Domain Magicians sigh softly.

If you have such a perfect body, I am afraid that you have already been promoted to Saint Domain.

Euclid stared at Suye’s body, took out the Magic Book, and secretly painted on the book using the three-dimensional drawing method Suye taught.

The four miracles ended, and Sky finally calmed down.

Subsequently, a similar scene was staged in the Pythia arena, where many Gods gave Suye conferred by gods.

Then, the audience including Suye was shocked.

Because, I can’t stop.

Eagle, white peacock, seahorse, swan, dolphin, elk, ponies, etc., just like a zoo, God’s servants appear one after another, and one after another conferred by gods falls on Suye.

Adding the previous four types of conferred by gods, in the end, a total of twenty-seven conferred by gods fell on Suye!

The last three times of conferred by gods were given to items, not conferred by gods abilities.

So everyone suspected that the reason why other Greece Gods did not continue to be conferred by gods was because they were afraid that the power of conferred by gods would end Suye alive!

Suye didn’t expect this at all.

I thought it would be like the championship king at most, and it is enough to accept a dozen conferred by gods a day.

How can this be directly conferred by gods a day twenty-seven?

Everyone present also stared at Suye blankly. This conferred by gods world record may never be broken.

This is too terrifying.

But if you think about Suye’s contribution, you will understand.

Actually, everyone now knows that Greece Gods is besieged by Egypt Gods and Persia Gods. The real battlefield is God Realm.

The battle on the ground is not decisive, but it is of great significance to the battle of God Realm.

The victory of Greece at this time has an incalculable impact on God Realm. It not only inspired the God of Greece, but also inevitably made Egypt and Persia Gods fearful.

Thinking of this, some Aristocrats and generals were suddenly very upset.

No wonder Hercules claims to be number one under the gods. He is not only strong in Godking Bloodline, but also in will and a powerhouse heart. This time Hercules appeared to help Greece so much, which is equivalent to helping Gods. It will even affect Hera’s perception of him.

If Hero or Demi-God takes action to block Gilgamesh before Hercules, even if they lose to escape, they can still get God’s favor, which is of great significance to the family.

Thinking of this floor, the generals and Magicians who were in the hot springs chamber together looked at Suye simultaneously.

Even Miltiades was a little surprised.

What Suye said before sounded reasonable, but it seemed useless, but now everyone suddenly understood.

Those Aristocrats who are considered for the whole of Greece at the fourth level will have little benefit at first glance. However, when a person stands on the fourth level, he will inevitably get the benefits of the fourth level. This is the 3rd level. The floor will never be seen.

Suye, thinking at the fourth level and acting at the fourth level, many generals also stood on the fourth level in a daze, and then all got the benefits that the fourth level should have.

Gods, at least stand on the fourth level.

The generals of Wenquan Pass looked at Suye, condensation of strange rays of light.

Euclid’s eyes also flashed strange rays of light.

Suye didn’t see the eyes of everyone, but was thinking.

How many days do you have to rest this time?

Suye stood there and waited for a long time. All the talents came to their senses, and the conferred by gods was over.

So, Suye temporarily returned to Miltiades, stood with the generals and Magician in Wenquanguan, waiting for the next step of the war ceremony, listening to the Priests fooling around.

The Priests of each God’s Temple, like actors, recite prayers and poems about their God, and attribute all the glory to God.

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