The World of Deities Chapter 639


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At first, everyone still listened to Priests talking, but slowly, many people started talking in low voices.

Castor whispered: “Suye, you will have another king in the future.”

“What king?”

“confered by gods king.”

“This name is a bit forced, but…it’s good. In this case, I’m the Five King Suye.” Suye half-cracking a joke.

“After you return to Athens, take a good rest. You get so many conferred by gods that day, and most people’s bodies break down a long time ago. You are as okay, and Saint Domain warrior is not as good as you.” Leonidas looked suspicious Suye.

“After all, I have been exercising since I was a child, and I am considered half a warrior.” Suye said.

“You can say something, don’t you even look at the reaction of the surrounding warriors to you?” Leonidas said.

Suye glanced around and found that all the warrior generals had the same enemy.

You count as half a warrior, and we count as warrior’s hair?

“How many warrior or battle body innate skills do you have?” Leonida asked.

“It should be inferior to you.” Suye said.

“But I feel like I am.” Leonidas stared fiercely at Suye’s body.

“How many innate skills do you have?” Suye asked.

“Double 50, I am preparing to head towards the Double 60.” Leonida said.

The nearby warriors, including Miltiades, were shocked. Leonidas is only Saint Domain, so he has a double fifty innate skill?

This is the number of innate skills in the Hero level standard.

Many Legendary warriors who do not have Demi-God Bloodline rely on their own efforts will stop at double 40 innate skills in their entire lives.

“Oh, good.” Suye said without thinking.

Leonida immediately said: “I know you have enough innate skills! Now with this wave of conferred by gods, I am afraid it is already double 40!”

“I haven’t counted them yet, but these three offered by gods items are pretty good.”

Suye said, taking out three confered by gods item.

Everyone stared at the three items floating in the air supported by Suye mana.

One piece is a gift from the Goddess of youth, a very ordinary six-petal red flower of youth, as long as it is put in wine and the flower and wine are eaten, it can slow down skin aging, even 60-70 years People who are old also look like 30 years old without a trace of wrinkles.

This thing has been auctioned for 5,000,000.

One is a gift from the tragic Goddess, a brown deerskin hat, after wearing it, it is immune to any spirit attacks under the Divine-Level.

Basically equal to half a Demi-God device.

One piece is a gift from the grain Goddess and Bethfannie, Nether Soul Palace.

Like a small model of a palace, the whole body is pitch black, the surface is surrounded by gray fog, Yin Qi is dense.

If you look closely, you will find that all the pillars on the outside of the palace are made up of skull bones of various creatures.

A real Demi-God device, and a God-made Demi-God device.

“It is said that the grain Goddess is a very kind Goddess, so generous to you.” Leonida said with emotion.

Miltiades said with a slight smile: “After all, Suye protects the territory of Greece, which is equivalent to protecting the grains and farmers of the whole of Greece, and will naturally receive the gift of the grain Goddess.”

“However, I thought it would be something like God’s Valley, or the power that can produce a good harvest.” Leonidas said.

Many people followed nodded.

The second identity of the grain Goddess is the wife of Hades, Hades. She can only live in Ghostdom to accompany Hades in autumn and winter every year, and can only return to God Realm in the spring and autumn.

In everyone’s mind, she is a kind Goddess who spreads the harvest and beauty to Mortal World.

Even if she is the Queen of Heaven, it is a bit strange to give the Yin Qi Sensen Demi-God device like Nether Soul Palace.

Miltiades said with a slight smile: “You are misunderstood. The grain Goddess must know that Suye has a heavenly fortress, that is the nemesis of all Dead Spirits, and the other identity of the grain Goddess is the Queen of Pluto. No matter what, you must take care of it. Let’s take a look at the ghosts of Ghostdom. She gave this Demi-God device to Suye so that Suye can drive and purify the Dead Spirit and avoid killing it directly. The formidable power of this Demi-God device is very strong. It is said that even God’s undead incarnation They can’t compete. Moreover, this Demi-God device is not like other Demi-God devices. It can only be used until Suye is promoted to Legendary. He can scare away or enslave most of the Dead Spirits as long as he takes out this Nether Soul palace. “

Everyone suddenly realized that the grain Goddess was really kind, and the other meaning of sending it to the Nether Soul Palace was that Suye would not overuse the power of the elemental Bloodline to kill Ghostdom creatures, leading to grudges with Ghostdom and even Hades.

“Ai, plus the gains from your challenge before the battle, where did you come to fight, you are simply making money!” Euclid said.

The generals are nodded.

“These are not important, the happiness of the Greek people is more important.” Suye said resolutely.

The eyes roll.

After finally waiting for Priest to recite various hymns, the war ceremony proceeded to the next step, Goddess of Wisdom Temple’s Chief High Priest Grahanna walked down the big stairs, first praising Gods and Athena, and then praising the war Of all soldiers.

Finally, look at Suye.

“Next, on behalf of Gods, I will award Suye the medals that should belong to him. The medals at this time may be a bit too many. I hope you can forgive me for this slowly old man.”

Everyone smiled and looked at this Old Lady, who is known for her wisdom and kindness.

“Come here, the child loved by Goddess.” Grahanna smiled and waved to Suye, just like a neighbor’s grandma entertains her child.

Everyone smiled knowingly. Almost everyone knew that Athena Goddess preferred Suye, but it was the first time someone said this in public.

Suye bowed her head slightly to express her gratitude, and then walked to Grahanna to the bottom of the big stairs.

The Aristocrat and Priests standing on the big ladder looked at Suye enviously, and watched Grahanna walk down the big ladder to face Suye.

Beside Grahana, Meders smiled and held a white wooden box.

“Handsome and strong child.” Grahana laughed like a grandmother, turning her head to scan the oval God’s Temple square.

“The battle of Hippo is divided into three battles, namely the battle of two levels, the battle of Wenquan Pass, and the battle of Maris Bay.”

Subtle expressions appeared on the faces of many generals when they heard the “war of two levels”.

“The battle between the two levels ended in a retreat, but our Greece coalition successfully obstructed the Persia army’s first wave of offensive and successfully killed Persian in large numbers, achieving our original plan.”

“The battle of Hot Spring Pass is far surpasses the imagination. The defenders led by Miltiades General not only successfully blocked the Persia army, but also annihilated a large number of Undead Army and Golden Warriors. They have never been lost. .”

Some generals’ complexions changed. Grahanna really gave enough face to the coalition headquarters, and did not say that “the soldiers of the battle between the two gates are the most important.”

“As for the final Maris Bay naval battle, with the great Athena and the command of Demis General, the Persia fleet was successfully wiped out, creating a glorious record in the history of naval battles with fewer fights and more.”

Demis and the admirals proudly lift the head with a smile.

“Next, we will first issue the Medal for the First Meritor of the Battle of Two Levels. I actually want to say a lot, but everyone in the room already knows that the Suye in front of us invented a new style of harness. , Formed a new type of cavalry, and commanded hundreds of cavalry, creating the miracle of the world army battle, killing more than two million enemies, and becoming the battle with the most kills in history! I also want to praise many, many, praise him for his decisiveness Strike out from the ground, praise his calm wisdom, praise his powerful magic ability, praise his fearless spirit, but all of this will be presented in the history books!”

Cheers from the audience!

Countless people looked at Suye enviously. At such a young age, he was destined to go down in the annals of history, and was affirmed by God’s Temple Chief High Priest. This was an honor that the overwhelming majority Aristocrat could not get in his entire life.

When the cheers drop slightly, Grahanna said with a slight smile: “So, I don’t need to say much today, I am only responsible for awarding the medal of the first contributor to the’War of Two Passes’!”

Amidst the cheers of the people, Grahanna opened the wooden box that Meders was holding, took off the Medal of First Meritor, and put it on Suye’s left chest.

“Thanks to Chief Grahanna, thanks to the soldiers who fought with me, thanks to the guardian cavalry Legion, thanks to Miltiades General, thanks to the people of Greece, thanks to Gods!”

Suye politely put the right hand on the medal and expressed sincere thanks.

Grahana nodded, said: “The first master of the battle between the two passes belongs to Suye, and the first master of the battle at Wenquan Pass was established by the powerful magic Divine Lantern and magic servant, and their master was Suye. And Suye, with the Golden rank, achieved fifteen consecutive victories against Saint Domain before the battle, forcing 3,000,000 people in Persia to lower their eyebrows! Therefore, the medal of the champion of the hot springs still belongs to Suye.”

This time, everyone forgot to cheer.

Because this has never happened in the history of the world.

A double-headed man?

This is almost impossible.

First of all, you need a very large battle to have the first achievement. The first achievement needs a particularly big credit. Even more how, the tacit understanding of the parties is that the credit should not be monopolized as much as possible, and private transactions are required.

But then, everyone suddenly realized.

Indeed, since Suye has achieved a first-time performer, he can let the first-time performer from Hot Spring Pass out. The question is…who is embarrassed to accept this first-time performer?

Miltiades is already a General, and there is no shortage of pioneers. The key is that he and Suye are in the same camp, everyone is the same, and His-Senior will never accept this kind of honor that is not his own.

To other generals in Wenquanguan? The other generals simply didn’t take much action. Whoever dares to receive this medal will be scolded to death.

To the generals of the coalition headquarters? Could it be that the reason for the award is that they have been cleansed by the Gods adjudication office, and they stayed obediently and honestly in the back and did not mess with the hot spring gate?

In one after another complicated vision, Grahanna wears the second Medal of First Meritor for Suye.

Suye himself is a little confused, this is a bit exaggerated.

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