The World of Deities Chapter 640


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Grahana still smiles, as if she has seen everyone’s thoughts a long time ago, said with a slight smile: “As for the battle in Maris Bay, we all know that it was the excellent navy General Dimis who led the Athena to break. Greece Navy. However, what many people don’t know is that the designer of the Athena was Suye, and the manufacturer was Suye’s magic servant. Without Suye, this magic iron mothership might take hundreds of years to appear, and without Suye The demon servant, this demon iron mothership takes ten years to build! Therefore, when we were about to award the first meritor to the Demis General, Demis General refused. He said that without him, the Demis, Greek It can still defeat the Persia navy, but without Suye, the Greece navy cannot win. Therefore, he strongly urged that the first champion of the sea battle be awarded to Suye. After discussion, God’s Temple finally followed the advice of General Demis. This The third Medal of First Meritor, belongs to Suye”

After she finished speaking, she opened the third wooden box in Meders’s hand, which was the third Medal of First Meritor.

Absolute silence in the audience.

This kind of feat and honor is like Mount Olympus, standing alone and proud of the world.

Three consecutive victories in one battle, three skills per person, this is something you can never dream of.

Everyone stared blankly at Grahanna wearing the medal for Suye.

When everyone was in a daze, many soldiers shouted loudly, blew slogans, or clapped vigorously.

The crowd reacted and joined the cheers.

Suye really didn’t expect that Dimis would give himself the first master, so he turned his head and glanced at him.

Demis laughed at Hehe and blinked at Suye.

The admirals near Demis knew why Demis did this.

Many years ago, Demis once fought against Persia Admiral Sekam at sea. Demis was full of confidence and arrogantly shouted that if this naval battle was defeated, Sekam would be called grandfather.

As a result, the Persia navy finally won with more volume. Dimis was defeated and retreated, and he gave a hard cry of grandfather.

The battle of Maris Bay made Demis a shame, and it meant more to him than anyone else.

The crowd hadn’t awakened from the shock when they saw that Grahanna had an unprecedented medal in her hand.

It’s pure gold texture, which is a circle larger than all the medals, and on the medal, there is impressively carved Mount Olympus.

Everyone was stunned. What medal would dare to engrave Mount Olympus?

Even the “Greek” medal of the highest level, it is only engraved with the Terrain Map of Greece.

On Mount Olympus, it leads to the residence of Godking Zeus, which is the God’s Temple in Greece.

Grahanna held the new medal quietly, and said slowly: “When we were studying Suye’s medal, we suddenly discovered that the current medal seems to be insufficient to set off his stalwart achievements. The great Greek Medal cannot be awarded here because it cannot be assessed immediately. In order to make up for this regret, in order to make the war ceremony more weighty, in order to allow all soldiers to witness the love of Gods, and in order to make every contribution deserved Therefore, God’s Temple created a brand-new medal, which can be directly awarded at the war ceremony and represents the highest honor.”

“The Greatest Medal!”

After Grahanna finished speaking, she put the world’s first Medal of the Greatest Man on top of the three Medals of First Achievement in a row.

In an instant, the golden medal of the Greatest Man burst into colorful rays of light, and Suye’s whole person was shrouded in sacred light.

Like a god.

The crowd stared blankly for a while before shouting.

“The Greatest One!”

“The Greatest One!”

Countless people raised their arms and shouted hard, their necks were red, and their voices were hoarse.

The sound reaches the sky!

Priest and Aristocrat, who were hostile to Suye, watched this scene blankly.

In the enthusiastic cheers of everyone, Grahana awarded one medal after another, and it was not just a brand new medal for the Great.

“In the war in the past, everyone can heal and help is limited, and the credit can only be measured by the savior. However, in this battle of Hippo, Suye’s credit is too great, we It may be worthy of his merits to hang the Medal of Savior all over his body. Therefore, we have set a transcendent merit on the Savior, the Medal of the Great Savior…”

“Since Suye was awarded a higher medal of the’Greatest One’, we will not award him the’Greater One’, but his credit cannot be denied, so we will award him three Honorable Men Medal…”

Although those who have accepted the Three Meritorious Songs, they can’t help shaking their heads when they hear the awarding mode of the Three Honorable Men.

Today is really an eye-opener. Others get one medal for many years, but Suye is good, not only that many at a time, but also one group at a time, just like a wholesaler.

Next, many people became numb.

The original heroic badge usually has an upper limit of nine to ten, to avoid being dominated by anyone.

But, that’s just a City-State level thing.

And now, it is God’s Temple who is giving awards to God!

At the end of the post, everyone felt that dignified Legendary Chief High Priest Grahanna’s hands were shaking a little!

Euclid silently records the number of medals.

To the Great 1.

The Great Savior 1.

The King of Slaughter 1.

The first contributor 3.

Guardian 2.

Ace Slayer 4.

Rescuer 2.

The Honorable 3.

Repulsor 3.

Ship Inverter 1.

Innocent 3.


The medal award should only be worn on the left chest, but Suye is good, the left chest is full on the right chest, the right chest is full on the left abdomen, and the left abdomen is full on the right abdomen.

Not only the people who admire Suye are envious and tired, but even those who hate Suye are tired.

They never felt that hating someone is such a tiring thing.

Since you are so tired and painful, you might as well give up your hatred, stay away from Suye, and find a place to hold your head and cry.

On the carriage of the Vengeance God’s Temple outside the city, the Vengeance Priests and André were stunned.

André muttered to himself: “It would be great if he were Aristocrat, so that I would be able to work for him willingly, follow him and make achievements, and be famous throughout the world. It’s so tiring to be an enemy of him…”

Wearing a set of medals on Suye’s right abdomen, Grahanna took a look at Suye.

Both saw the embarrassment in each other’s eyes.

Further down, it is not the abdomen.

Can’t go down anymore.

You can’t wear it on your back, right?

Hanging on your neck? On the arm?

That’s not sensible.

The experienced grandmother looked at Suye’s chest and abdomen medals, a little confused.

“Sloppy…” she muttered to herself, looking towards Meders.

Meders reluctantly nodded.


“Also, there are military ranks.” Meders whispered.

“Take out the list of medals and I will just finish reading them.” Grahanna whispered.

See you, one medal after another flew out of Meders’ hands, and finally hovered in the air.

The shouts of the crowd weakened, and they looked at Suye and Grahanna puzzled.

Old Lady Grahana smiled gracefully and said: “As the presenter of the war ceremony, I apologize to everyone present. Because this is an unprecedented war and an unprecedented victory, so, The awarding process is also unprecedented. Suye’s merits are limitless, but his clothes are limited.”

Everyone was stunned for a moment, then looked at Suye carefully, and made a kindly have a big laughter.

Suye seems to be wearing an armor made up of medals!

If Suye is not supported by mana, the weight of so many medals is enough to shred the long gown.

City Square in Athens.

The people of Athens and the students of Plato Academy laughed happily.

This scene is so funny, the embarrassing aura of dignified God’s Temple chief Grahanna and Four Kings Suye almost burst out of the light curtain.

Paros finally couldn’t hold back, Pu Chi let out a laugh, then hurriedly covered her mouth.

Crimella grabbed Paros’s arm and giggled.

In the God of War Square in Sparta, a long-lost and neat voice sounded.


After the hush, the Sparta guy haha ​​laughed.

Suye looked down helplessly and said: “Everything is simple.”

Grahana laughed, raised the blank paper in her hand, and said: “Okay, I will simply read out the name and number of the medals that follow…”

Grahanna finished reading for a while, put away the blank paper, and said: “The heroic badges have been awarded. Then, we will begin to issue the General Medal. We all know that Suye has made outstanding achievements in Battle of Marathon. , Was promoted to Senior General. In the Hippo War this time, his contributions far exceeded the Marathon. Therefore, on behalf of the coalition headquarters, all City-States and all God’s Temples, I announce that Suye has been promoted to Meritorious General! “

Amidst the cheers of the crowd, Grahanna stared at Suye holding the Meritorious General medal.

Where to put it?

Suye pointed to his left shoulder and said: “In fact, the military rank can be separated from the ordinary medal and placed on the shoulder.”

“Not bad.” Grahanna nodded and put the rank of Meritorious General on Suye’s left shoulder.

Suye thanked him, and Meders held out another wooden box.

This black wooden box is different from all the others. It has a pure black texture and two gold lines on the surface.

The surface of the wooden box is carved with stars.

Suye’s heart beats hard.

A few people were also stunned when they saw the black wooden box in Meders’ hands.

Even the people who knew the black starry wooden box in front of the City-State in front of the light curtain were stunned.

It is very likely that there is a General Medal in it.

But, how can the General be awarded to a teenage Golden Magician?

General candidates are basically Legendary.

In some small City-States, it can be appropriately adjusted to at least Legendary Family Patriarch to serve as a temporary General.

Even so, Saint Domain must be requested.

Because if you are promoted to the general leader under Saint Domain, once you are killed, if you fail in front of the battle, then the normal war will be a mess.

Does God’s Temple want Suye to be promoted to General?

Although the military service is sufficient.

The Magicians looked at the black wooden box, showing a strange expression, and then looked at Suye with strange eyes.

Suye fell silent.

Grahana said with a slight smile: “Next, I will award the last medal. Of course, it will not be the Greek medal. For this last medal, whether it is Demi-God Aristocrat or God’s Temple, discuss It’s been a long time, even to the point of with swords drawn and bows bent. Some people agree to award this medal to Suye, while others disagree. After all, the significance of this medal is too important.”

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