The World of Deities Chapter 688


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Suye and Sovo simultaneously looked at the flying white light, which contained a person.

The two looked at each other.

Suddenly, a brilliant thunderbolt jumped out from the Transmission Gate, and it was 100 meters long.

The thunderbolt is incandescent, surrounded by golden light, and instantly blasts on the person.


The blazing spherical rays of light expand in all directions.

The sky shook and the sea collapsed.

The strong divine might aura swept across Heaven and Earth, and the whole sky seemed to be crushed by an invisible giant hand.

The aftermath of horror hit all directions, and the powerful water ship had no resistance at all and disintegrated instantly.

Suye and Sovo expressions have changed drastically. At the same time, they use the Legendary Protection Magic stored in the Magic Tool and integrate divine might at the same time, which obstruct the aftermath.

Sovo’s face hurts, Suye expression is alert.

The person who was hit by the thunderbolt flew far away with blood spitting out, and the white light all over his body collapsed, and then drifted down slowly like autumn leaves, so light that he didn’t weigh any more.

Sovo stared at the man, his expression slightly changed.

Suye looked up into the sky.

The subtle thunder and lightning surging, the dark cloud Condensation, stays for a long time.

“It was the Legendary Priest of the Godking Temple, and it was the power of the Demi-God device ‘divine might scepter’. We cannot afford to offend, let’s go quickly!” Suye turned and left.

“Save her, that arm belongs to you!” Sovo finished casting, and flew into the air, catching the unconscious person who was vomiting blood.

Suye stared at Sovo’s back blankly, frowned and thought for a few breaths, reluctantly summoned the boat of water and rushed over, picking up the two, holding a handful of silver powder in his left hand, right hand took out a ring, white light Flashed past, the silver powder in his hands turned into densely packed white butterflies, more and more, and finally reached one million.

Millions of butterflies fly everywhere, eliminating all the marks.

Subsequently, Suye opened up the surging lake of the Water Element Lord, fuse together with Heaven and Earth sea water, leaving without leaving any mark.

Next, I took out a conch-shaped Legendary Magic Tool and poured it into mana, saying: “We were chased by the sea Demon Beast, and all of you returned to Black Coral Island. When I was away, the Black Coral Kingdom was led by Shark and told Shark, if you dare to mess around, I will go back and strip his scales, chop his meat, and then boil the bones and stew the soup!”

In a Sea Territory thousands of miles away, Harmon Luo’s Teacher Kaska was taken aback and raised his right hand.

I saw a ring that Suye lent him emits rays of light, repeating what Suye said just now.

After listening, everyone is very quiet.

Shark turned his eyes, loudly said: “Yes, Your Majesty!”

Magician and the wizards looked at the ring helplessly. It seems that this ring is actually Suye’s back hand. Not only can it transmit sound, but it even has a magic mark that allows Suye to use long-distance transmission of magic.

The transmission distance of Saint Domain master is limited, at most several dozen li.

However, as long as the Legendary Grandmaster has the magic tag, it can cross countless planes.

Suye is not Legendary Grandmaster, but using two pieces of Legendary Magic Tool as a bridge can also achieve a similar effect.

“Master Casca, you might as well give me this magic ring, and I will wait for the order of His Majesty.” Shark smiled kindly, his teeth gleaming.

Kasca is coldly snorted and said: “We will return to Black Coral Island right away. Whatever you do, Harmon Luo and I will stay on Black Coral Island until the whale country closes.”

When Harmon heard this, he realized that Caska was keeping Wright’s mark and leaving a safe way for Wright, so he nodded said: “Our gain this time has far exceeded our estimates. There is no need. Continue to take the risk.”

“I also stay in Black Coral Island to create a safe rear for Wright Your Majesty.” Tementin said.

The army returns to division.

The boat on the water moves away from the black Coral Island.

In the cabin, Sovo sits on the edge of the bed, watching Magician lying on the bed.

Suye is also watching.

This female Magician is only 30 years old. She has delicate skin and can be broken by blowing, but her skin is pale because of her injury.

This woman is extremely beautiful, but unlike ordinary beauty, this woman is a bit sharp.

Her nose is straight and proud, her lips are as thin as a sword, and she is full of heroism.

Suye shifted his gaze down, and this woman magic wore a pearl necklace around her neck.

The pendant is a golden faucet with soft lines, and the pearls of the whole necklace start from both sides of the golden faucet and are sorted from big to small.

Each white pearl is carved into a dragon head of the same style, but in different sizes.

This chain of necklaces is very famous, it is a very famous Legendary Magic Tool, and it is often seen in various legends and even magic items.

Dragon Summoner Necklace, Giant Dragon Summoner, Great Wizard, Legendary Magician Medea.

Suye’s gaze flicked over her scorched magic robe, broken magic staff and dull ring, all Legendary things, more than half of them were things she couldn’t call her name.

“Is she Medea?” Suye asked.

“When I first saw her, she was a little girl.”

Suye’s eyes become weird.

Sovo continued: “She is as beautiful as her Teacher, didn’t expect. After so many years, she has been promoted to Legendary.”

Sovo’s eyes are particularly kind.

Suye suddenly realized.

“You don’t know about Medea yet, do you?” Suye’s eyes were a little strange.

“She is a Legendary, she is as brilliant as a god. Tell me about her.” Savor said.

Suye sorted out his thoughts before starting to tell Medea’s story.

“Her story at first is very beautiful. She is the daughter of a king, but she is fascinated by Witchcraft and summon. Later, she was transferred to magic by a wizard. Due to her hard work and concentration, she was promoted to Saint Domain soon. But, maybe Due to midway transfer, she stayed in Saint Domain for many years and was never promoted to Legendary.”

“Until one day, a ship named’Argo’ also known as’Golden Fleece’ arrived in her country with Greece Hero and Legendary, and wanted to get from her king father Take back the golden fleece. Those leaders of Greece Hero are a Legendary warrior named Jason. Jason is handsome, polite, and has great strength. In addition, she is deliberately approached by her. The blocked heart finally beats.”

“As an Aristocrat, Jason has various proficiency abilities, including rhetoric. He not only promised loyal love and a strong marriage, but also promised to help her promote to Legendary, which completely moved her.”

“So, Medea helped Jason and the Heroes to pass her father’s test for love dash on bravely with no thought of personal safety, then stole the golden fleece, and finally eloped with Jason.”

“This is the famous Golden Fleece Expedition.”

“However, on the way back, Medea’s father was not reconciled and sent people to chase Jason and the others. In order to save Jason, Medea did not hesitate to fight against his big brother. Finally, he My big brother was killed by Jason.”

Sovo sighed lightly and said: “She must be in pain.”

“Yes. So, she has no retreat. She puts her future life on Jason. After returning to Greece, Medea married Jason and had children, and naturally broke through realm and promoted Legendary has become a famous Legendary Magician. Even though she uses various magic medicines to maintain her aging, she is not as good as when she was young. Her husband Jason transferred to another woman, proposed to other women, and forced Jason to dissolve the marriage. .”

Suye paused for a moment, and said: “What happened after that, there is no evidence, um, because I checked the information, there is no conclusive evidence, just heard all kinds of rumors. One of the most widely circulated legends is that Dia went crazy and killed her husband’s mistress and his mistress’s father, and then returned home, in order to avenge Jason, killing her two sons. The most terrifying thing is that she took the two sons as sacrifices. A weird sacrifice was performed. Jason, who returned home, saw this scene, completely mad and committed suicide with a sword, while Medea took control of the Giant Dragon, watched all this in the sky, and left indifferently. After that, no one heard the legend of Medea, didn’t expect, and saw her here.”

“Later someone else drew a picture based on this story. Medea was holding a dagger. Before killing the child, he turned his head and looked back, hoping to see Jason.”

Suye finished speaking and sighed slightly.

“Medea is a good child, as kind as her teacher. She will definitely not kill people randomly. If she kills people, it must be those people who deserve to die.” Sovo’s tone was extremely calm.

Suye continued: “I’m not sure what happened that year, but some people say that there is something else hidden in this incident. Because the weirdest thing is that Jason’s good friends are all over the world, including God No. 1 Hercules, Peleus, Tramont, Achilles, Ajax, and many other heroes, if Medea really does this, these Heroes will not avenge Jason, even if they don’t kill Medea, they will catch her and let her admit her mistake To comfort the spirit of Jason in the sky. But those people, especially the Heroes who participated in the Golden Fleece Expedition, no one condemned Medea, no one wanted to arrest her, only those Jason friends who had not participated in the Golden Fleece Expedition , I scolded Medea.”

Sovo looked at Medea quietly, without speaking.

Suye asked: “Are you familiar with Medea’s Teacher?”

“Don’t need to confuse me, she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. It’s a pity…” Sovo turned his head and looked out the window, looking at the blue sky and sea with gentle eyes.

After a long time, Sovo came back to his senses and asked: “Can you tell me about the Golden Fleece Expedition? I want to hear about the Golden Fleece.”

Suye glanced at Sovo in surprise, there was a faint frosty spit between Sovo’s lips and teeth.

Suye nodded, began to tell the story of the entire Golden Fleece expedition, telling how the Heroes experienced the arrival of the suffering untold hardships, how to steal the Golden Fleece and leave, and how many Legendary and even Hero died on the way, so that the starlight of Greece generation was dim.

When Suye finished speaking, Sovo sighed and said: “At that time, God Realm’s battle must be very fierce.”

Suye was stunned for a moment, then took a deep look at Sovo.

“Would you like to talk about the story of God War, God, Hero, Paradise Island, I am very curious about these things.” Suye’s tone is very serious.

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