The World of Deities Chapter 689


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According to legend, after the death of Hero, who was attached to God, his soul will enter Paradise Island, where God will reshape his body and continue to fight for God in God Realm.

What made Suye didn’t expect was that a strange mocking expression suddenly appeared on Sovo’s face.

“If you want to know these things, it means that you know the secret vaguely. Don’t worry, explore slowly by yourself, listen to your own heart, and be free from interference from foreign objects, and you will find the answer.”

Sovo finished speaking and carefully examined Medea’s body.

“I have used all the treatments I can use. What other treatments do you have, do me a favor and let her recover quickly.” Saovo said.

“I do have treatment, but I may reveal my identity. You have to make sure not to tell anyone about me.” Suye said.

“Don’t worry, I’m not even willing to give you that arm and the ring on it, I’m too lazy to sell you.” Sovo gave Suye angrily.

“That’s good.”

Suye said, opening the fortress of heaven, then using Saint Domain light attribute magic “curse dispelling” and “sacred light dispelling” on Medea, and finally using “sacred healing” continuously.

Sovo stared at Suye in horror and asked questions.

“Light elemental Lord bloodline?”


“light attribute innate skill Guangyu?”

“Light attribute innate skill guardian?”

Suye used ten sacred healings in a row before stopping.

The power of the Heavenly Fortress continues to envelop Medea.

“It’s almost there,” Suye said.

“Very well, well, it seems I am indeed old.” Sovo was full of emotion.

“You always remind me that when she wakes up, I will remove the heavenly fortress, or she will definitely recognize me.” Suye said.

Sovo immediately said: “Your Wright identity is fake?”

“It’s not a fake, just another me.” Suye answered seriously.

“It seems that other people only know your Wright’s identity, but don’t know your other identities. No wonder you only use Water Attribute magic along the way, but never show the powerful light attribute power. No surprise, you still hide what Power?”

“No, this is the limit I can do, really.” Suye said.

“Haha!” Sovo looked unbelievable, turned his head and looked towards Medea, gently relaxed.

Medea was surrounded by a pale white mist, which was the power guarded by the innate skill, and finally there was a little blood on his pale face.

Suye said: “For that arm, I might have to kill him. Therefore, we have to study and understand why Godking Palace shot her? If she just killed her own child and killed Jason, Godking Temple will not be used, and it will not be used to dispatch the divine might scepter. The divine might scepter is the highest Demi-God tool, even stronger than the ordinary Low God tool. After all, it was really forged by Zeus.”

“Isn’t it normal for Godking to kill Magician?” Sovo said calmly.

“Don’t circle with me here, you must know the reason.” Suye said.

“I can only guess, there is no evidence.”

“Then tell me your guess.”

“If there is no evidence, I can’t talk nonsense.” Savor said.

Suye couldn’t help but give Sovo a blank look, and said: “You Old Guy, you really don’t want to enter. You are not afraid of death, I am afraid. Godking Temple and Revenge God’s Temple are not a concept at all. Revenge God’s Temple is at best. A bunch of lunatic thugs, and the Temple of Godking is an organized army. You say, what did she do to force the Legendary High Priest of the Temple of Godking to use the divine might scepter? Well… Did she ruin the plan of the Temple of Godking? Over the years, I have never heard of her relationship with the Godking Hall. If it does, as her identity, we are impossible to know. Or, she forced Jason to death and affected the Godking Hall? This is a bit unreasonable. “

Suye was talking nonsense on the surface, but in fact he was staring at Sovo, but the Old Guy had a calm face, his expression and eyes did not fluctuate at all, and he could not capture any useful information.

“You don’t have to play with me. We just need to escape now. When the whale country closes, you can send her to a safe place, and you can receive the arm of God with peace of mind.”

“Wait, why should I send her to a safe place? In the whale country, I still have the confidence to avoid being chased by the Godking Temple, but when I go outside, revenge on God’s Temple and the Witch Hunting Club will be enough for my headache. Adding a Godking hall is definitely not something I can fight against.” Suye said.

“You don’t need to help her for long, just send it to Miletus to let Thales know that Thales will definitely save her. Her Teacher is also Thales’s discipline.” Savor said.

“This “also” works well. It seems that you are also Thales’s discipline?” Suye asked.

“Aren’t you?” Sovo said in an angry manner.

Suye interrupted immediately: “Okay, when we return to Miletus, I will give her to Thales’s discipline. The question now is, how do we escape Godking Hall in Whale Country? There are North Sea giants in Black Coral City. It seems safe, but if there is a big battle, the entire Coral Island will be destroyed. This is the reason why I cannot go there. The second is the sea of ​​mountains, which is affected by the power of Trident, even the power of Godking Hall cannot be detected. Arrived. But… We should have been regarded as enemies by Hai Demon Beast. If nothing else, you should always know the good places for Tibetans, right?”

Suye stared at Sovo closely.

Sovo looked at Medea quietly, without saying a word.

Suye shook his head helplessly, this Old Guy, the secret of the whole body, if it weren’t for the fear of his face, he would have been exposed!

Forget it, wait a moment.

The boat of water sailed fast, and after a long time, Sovo said: “Medea’s breathing is steady, and you can put away your heavenly fortress. Do you have wine? Let’s drink.”

“Drinking at this time is not good.” Suye said.

“It doesn’t matter, if you are in danger, just use magic to disperse it.”


The two left Medea’s room and entered the captain’s room.

Suye brought out all kinds of wine and delicacies from Ruins Space, and Suye looked confused.

“Are you here to travel to Whale Country?” Sovo looked disgusted, but reached out to grab vegetables and gulped.

The old man looks dry and thin, but his appetite is extremely terrifying, just like strong wind scattering the last clouds, a big dish for a while.

Even the big dish like roast suckling pig, he even chewed the meat with bones and swallowed it by himself, and praised it as he ate it.

“didn’t expect the outside world food has reached this level…hiccup…is there anything delicious? Continue.”

Suye twitched his lips, thinking that you, Old Guy, still missed his lips, and then continued to take out food and wine.

Finally, Sovo ate ten Hort’s appetites before he was full and drank. To ones hearts content went to the bench, picking his teeth leisurely, his eyes dim, and he was full of alcohol.

“I said, you brat’s transfiguration technique is very good, who taught it? If you only look at your appearance, breath and feeling, you will not feel that this is a transfiguration technique. By the way, you will not really have Devil blood Right?”

“What kind of transfiguration? I don’t understand.” Suye said.

“I pretended to be a XX with grandfather. When I was deformed, your grandfather was not born. Your biggest shortcoming is that your thinking is too quick and your hands and feet are too clean, unlike a 30-40 years old person. It’s like a youngster in his twenties. In the future, you will play the middle-aged and elderly people, remember to speak and do things slowly. Hiccup…” Sovo squinted and looked at Suye.

“Your old level is high, but you can’t stand the habit of being a person, and you don’t look like a human at all!” Suye replied angrily.

Sovo exploded and said angrily: “What is not like a person. I am a person! In this Sea Territory, no one is more like a person than me! When I talked to Medea and her Teacher about love, you Never born!”

“tsk tsk, it’s a secret love, but also talk about love, so old, so able to blow.” Suye said.

“Fart! Our two love each other, but I can’t leave the whale country, so I reluctantly separated! You know what a fart!” Sovo angrily said.

“The two are in love with each other. You have a lot of grandson girls, it’s weird if she can bear it.”

Sovo’s imposing manner softened, gurgling after drinking a large bottle of spirits, squinting, and shrank his neck and said: “This can’t be blamed on me. It’s the virtue of our family. Damn, for this family, I Even the woman I love the most gave up. I paid so much, and that bunch of tortoise eggs are still a bunch of trash! Seeing that I was about to die of old age, so I released false news and seduce the enemy and catch everything in one net. , Bao family has a century-old foundation. Who knows, that rival attracted that many powerful foreign aid, scared me to shrink into the seabed, not to fight, not to escape. Then, I don’t know where Little Brat came from, unexpectedly awakened Old Ancestor , Catch everything in one net. Do you know? I was so silly at the time. I wanted to find a chance to go home, but who knows, my disappointing children and grandchildren are giving up the family business! Annoying thing, that Little Brat is better than me in managing the family! You say, how can I have the face to go back? I am difficult, I am too difficult…”

Sowo in a daze picked up a whole bottle of spirits again, slurped and drank it, and fell asleep with nonsense that no one understood.

Suye found a blanket from Ruins Space, put it on Sovo, walked to the bow, and looked into the distance in the sea breeze.

2nd day, Sovo refreshed, pulling Suye to the Medea room again.

“Help her treat!” Sovo said in the right and self-confident.

“Can you be more polite?”

“The arms of the gods are given to you, why am I polite?” Old Sovo was even more in the right and self-confident.

“Sorry, our contract stipulates that I have the first choice. Even if you want it, the last thing you get is a lot of jade stone.” Suye gave Sovo a glance, and then released the fortress of heaven, giving the United States again Dia treatment.

At the time of the ninth divine healing, Medea suddenly eyes opened.

Suye stopped abruptly and put away the heavenly fortress, almost frightened.

Medea’s beautiful eyes flowed, scanning the two with confused and confused eyes.

“Sovo grandfather?”

Sovo got up and furiously said: “How many times have you said it, called Uncle, Uncle!”

“Sowo grandfather, I’m still young, don’t be aggressive with me.” Medea slowly sat up, her voice soft and soft, but still looked at Sowo coldly.

Sover suddenly retracted into the chair like a discouraged little old man.

“Medea Big Sister is good, you are more beautiful than the legend!” Suye said with a slight smile with an obedient face.

“It’s called a younger sister.” Medea still has a cold face.

Suye froze for a moment and looked at Sovo.

Is she stupid by lightning?

Sovo blinked.

No, she has been sick since she was young.

Suye’s face was clear, and the two men used their eyes to complete a complicated and secret communication.

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