The World of Deities Chapter 690


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“Are you 18 years old this year?” Medea casually extended the hand, squeezing Suye’s face.

Suye’s body is stiff as if she is surrounded by a giant snake while Snake Xinzi licks her face.

“Who are you talking about?” Suye was a little confused.

“There are not many light elemental Lord Magician who have a fortress in the heavens. Besides Suye, who else can you be?” Medea said.

“Medea younger sister, did you see it?”

“Call Big Sister!” Medea twisted, her slender legs fell under the bed, and she stretched out her hand to trim Suye’s clothes.

Suye turned his head and looked towards Suwo, gently nodded.

She does have a brain disease.

Sowo lifts the head and stared at Suye: “I did hear Suye’s name from other Magicians, but I don’t know much about it. Thales really praised you?”

Among the torn black robe, Medea’s fair skin was faintly discernible. She raised her right leg on her left leg, tilted her leg back, propped her hands on the bed, and said lazily: “Thales master More than praise him, he has even regarded him as the new generation successor of World of Magic. What about the people of Godking Hall?”

Speaking, Medea’s slender eyebrows looked at Sovo, not like a girl seeing grandfather, but like a queen seeing a courtier.

“We have been on the run and haven’t seen them.” Sovo really looked honest.

Medea lifted his eyelids and looked at Suye.

“The people in Godking Hall are looking for you.” Medea said, turning his head and looking out the window, her long neck was pure white as snow.

“Looking for me by the way.” Suye said.

“You are smart.” Medea’s bare right foot swung lightly, and the room glowed.

“Dear Legendary Magician Medea Big Sister, what have you done to get the Godking Hall to chase you down?” Suye said.

Medea casually said: “Killing my two children, forcing my husband to death.”

Suye stared at Medea’s eyes firmly. In her slender eyes, the pale brown pupils were like a peaceful ancient well, without any ripples.

Medea added: “Of course, the status of that slut is not ordinary.”

“The Temple of Godking will not hunt you down for these lives.” Suye said.

“What if these lives are useful to Godking Hall?” Medea asked back.

Suye stared at Medea, and said: “The beautiful Medea Big Sister, can you elaborate on it?”

“There are some things that can’t be said nonsense.”

“You are going to die, do those words still matter?” Suye asked back.

“That’s right, it makes sense, no wonder you can slaughter 2,000,000 troops.” Medea said.

“What?” Sovo was startled.

“Don’t be frightened and flustered, you are Legendary pretending to be Saint Domain and pretending to believe it?” After Suye finished speaking, he looked towards Medea, “Can you tell me the real reason why Godking Palace is chasing you?”

Medea glanced at Sovo, who looked up to the top of the captain’s cabin.

“To be honest, I don’t know.”

“en?” Suye continued to stare at Medea, her eyes still unchanged.

“I killed people who are important to Godking Hall, so Godking Hall killed me, but it doesn’t mean that I know why it is important.” Medea said nonchalantly.

Suye frowns saying: “If others don’t talk about it, let’s talk about your two children first. Your two children are very important to Godking Hall. The other meaning is that Godking Hall is using your children?”

“Your understanding is correct.” Medea praised.

“There are many possibilities for a mother to kill her own son. Among them, there are two possibilities that are consistent with your statement and my understanding. One is that your son is no longer your son. Child revenge; the second is that you don’t want your son to suffer more harm, so you ended their life early. However, you can’t be sure of the final result, you can only be sure, once Godking Palace successfully uses you Son, no matter what, the future is not that you and your son are willing to see the future, so you do it in advance. This also means that you have destroyed the plan of Godking Hall, and Godking Hall is chasing you. p>

Medea sat up and clapped vigorously.

“As expected of Suye, the analysis is very good. It seems that you also know a lot of secrets.”

Suye sighed, frowning.

“Why, afraid?”

“No, I want to know what happened in the Golden Fleece Expedition, why that many Hero did not end well, and even Jason, the winner of life, whom everyone envied, had a tragic ending. So, can you tell me Golden Fleece At the end of the expedition, why did many Heroes break up? The beautiful Medea Big Sister.” Suye asked.

“I also want to know what you went through outside.” Sovo suddenly sat up straight, looking at Medea like his aggrieved daughter.

A blankness flashed in Medea’s eyes, but then recovery was clear.

“The last memory has been erased.”

Suye and Sovo looked at each other in disbelief.

“All Heroes or you are the one?”

“All Heroes.” Medea said indifferently.

“Then God will do it.” Sovo looked gloomy.

Medea said with a sneer: “They are too self-righteous, thinking that erasing memories can make us forget. Unfortunately, they underestimated Human, especially Legendary Magician. I still have no recovery memory. , But, I have entered the hall of thinking, deducing countless possibilities.”

“You have too many deduced results to be sure which one, but you can get a general direction. For example, God is hurting you, right?” Suye asked.

“Yes.” Medea said.

“Then, you began to search for various ancient secrets and materials. Then, by chance, you discovered that you, your husband, your son, and even more people were affected or controlled by God. In order to get rid of control, Made the fiercest resistance?”

“It’s true.” Medea said.

“So, how do we exchange the history of the old age?”

“Yes.” Medea said, right hand opened, five fingers blooming like white petals, white light erupted, and a Magic Book with four waves engraved on the cover appeared.

She swipes at her hand, and a large amount of information enters Suye’s book.

Suye also unselfishly assigned the materials of the Old God Age that she had obtained to Medea, and then quickly browsed Medea’s materials catalog, picking the key points and reading them quickly.

Sovo also asked for the information of two people from Medea, carefully browse.

The three people looked at the huge amount of information, with different expressions.

After watching for a long time, Suye lifts the head and slowly said: “Everything is clearer.”

“Indeed.” The two lifted the head afterwards.

Suye said: “We can now make sure that God uses Human’s two way, one is alive and the other is dead.”

Medea and Sovo didn’t change their expressions at all when they heard such nutritious words.

“If we sort out the history of the old god age, the dark age, and the new age, we will find that the Heroes will always break out due to unfathomable mystery. Afterwards, we will feel very strange, and in the whole process, God is behind the influence and even personally controls. In other words, Hero’s death is beneficial to God. As for the benefits, we still don’t know yet, but one of the most influential legends is that God established a place to fight against enemies That place accepts the dead Human Hero and then gives them strength to fight for God.”

“In Greece, this place is called Paradise Island. In Northern Europe, this place is called Valhalla. In Egypt, this place is called Solar Ship. In Persia, this place is called the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. When there are too many similarities, it may be possible Not just similar, but regular.”

“However, this is just a legend, not necessarily the truth. So, I can only say that God killed the Human Hero in order to harvest the God Realm warrior, which is just a kind of probability.”

Sovo and Medea are gently nodded.

Suye continued: “After talking about death, say live. An as everyone knows but few people dare to say the reason, the container. In fact, the new god killed by Socrates back then is not God from God Realm And descending, it’s not that the person is normally conferred as God, but God used this precious container to inject powerful strength into it to become a new god walking in the world. These containers are the body of the descending god.”

“Then, Master Medea, your son, is it God Realm warrior or a container?” Suye stared at Medea again.

Medea looked at Suye coldly, sitting obviously, but condescending.

A faint light blue mist slowly escapes from the purple hair.

Old Sovo hurriedly said: “Calm down, calm down, don’t let your breath out, otherwise you will be discovered by the people in Godking Hall.”

Medea took a deep breath and the mist swam back into her hair.

“How much do you know about Hero in Greece?” Medea asked.

“I have recorded all Legendary, Hero, and Demi-God in history. I have recorded everything that has information.” Suye said.

“What about then?”

“Then, I made a detailed statistics of them, counting their origin, their beliefs, their age at death, their speed of promotion, their way of death, their place of death… In short, in almost all aspects, All statistics have been made.” Suye said.

The eyes of Medea and Sovo shined.

“Can you take a look?” The two simultaneously spoke.

Press Suye right hand on the Magic Book and swipe in the direction of the Magic Book of two people.

The two people immediately looked down at the content passed by Suye.

The more they look, the more ugly they look.

“More horrible to see than I guessed.” Medea gritted his teeth.

Sovo sighed, suddenly raised his head to stare at Suye, and said: “Wait, how old Medea said you were?”

“She is talking nonsense.” Suye instinctively concealed it.

“I didn’t, because you are the same age as my eldest son.” Medea looked cold.

Suye froze for a moment, and said that Legendary Grandmaster’s heart was cruel.

“How could you be 18 years old?” Sovo stared at Suye with a weird look.

“I loved to read and study since I was a child. I read a lot, so I make progress quickly.” Suye said seriously.

“He said nonsense again. He liked playing bare butt in Lion Harbor when he was young.”

“Did you see it?” Suye asked grimly.

“I’ve touched it.” A sneer appeared at the corner of Medea’s mouth.

Suye couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

Forget it, I can’t play this kind of Legendary female exile.

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