The World of Deities Chapter 691


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“It’s really a monster! This statistical method is more useful than many magic, remember to sort it out and summarize it.” Sovo immediately interrupted the two people’s unhealthy color.

“I will.” Suye said.

Medea lowered his head and turned over and said, “I didn’t think about it seriously because I saw some familiar names. Yes, this statistical method looks very common, but there are…pie charts and data. Table, very interesting, worthy of promotion and learning by Magician.”

“Wait…you are promoted to Saint Domain when you are 18 years old?” Sovo asked.

“Don’t split the old sentence into two parts. I have a long history. I have been studying and studying in Lion Harbor naked since I was a child. Medea’s Legendary Grandmaster can testify.” Suye said.

Sovo looked towards Medea.

“He has studied at Plato Academy for many years. No Legendary has said that he is of God’s blood. In addition, he has killed Aristocrat on the arena. The most important thing is… his changes to World of Magic are far beyond your imagination. .Do you know how to draw a three-dimensional Magic Formation Chart?”

Suye only then realized that Sovo doubted his identity.

“He passed it to me.”

“He created it.”

“Wait, Suye? I remember, the first author of “Geometry” and “Syllogism” that you passed to me?” Sovo stared at Suye with wide eyes.

“Your admiration gaze is too hot, I am a little uncomfortable.” Suye smiled.

“Yeah!” Sovo turned his head away and spit out the window.

“Medea, send me his information quickly, detailed.” Savor said.

Mediya frowned slightly, and then said: “No, these all are what I said. Everyone knows the details. Only our Human World of Magic can share.”

“I…you…” Sovo panting with rage stared at Medea.

Suye stared at Sovo, slightly smiled.

“Ai, Bai feels sorry for you, do you know what I have done for you?” Sovo asked hate iron for not becoming steel.

Media looked up and down at Sovo, and tentatively asked: “Body?”

“I gave half of the god’s arm and a Void Dragon ring!”

Medea said with a sneer: “Stop talking nonsense there. It is not worth the price of a Void Dragon ring if you sell you. That is the real Divine Item storage space, or it is a storage plane. Do you know what the price of a Void Dragon is now? Wait…what treasure did you two get?”

“Nothing.” Suye shook his head and denied.

Sowo sighed: “Ai, such a cute little girl back then, how she looks like this now, I don’t even believe what my old man said.”

So Sovo recounted his previous experience.

“Your heart is still so kind, and your courage is still so small.” Medea thought for a while.

“What is courage? It’s to save you!” Sovo blew his beard and stared.

Suye blinked, faintly thinking about it, and faint smiled at Sovo.

Sovo was anxious, and said: “Don’t listen to her nonsense! If you give it to me now, I will dare to ask!”

Suye passed the dark golden sea snail and said: “Come on, you try.”

Sovo retracted his hand like an electric shock, and said: “I don’t dare to ask for Thales Teacher things, he can strip my…clothes.”

Suye laughed, turned his head to look at Medea, and asked: “Is there any danger?”

Medea frowns thought for a moment, and said: “I don’t know if this thing is the old Poseidon doing a ghost, or it is caused by your peculiar bloodline, or it is just an accident. But one thing can be concluded, don’t take the white No. However, the old gods and World of Magic are still in an alliance. The stronger you are, the happier they will be, and they will not harm you. Of course, be careful.”

“oh?” Suye eyes shined, “I also guessed that the masters should have contact with the old gods, but there is no evidence.”

“No one is a fool. Olin Persia’s Gods is so tough, we naturally won’t wait and die. Those old Magicians, who don’t know a few old gods, all say that they are Magician. I’m different, I’m still young, I don’t know any old gods.”

Suye and Sovo looked at each other.

Pretend to believe.

“Then, the beautiful and young Medea Big Sister, why are you here for the whale country?” Suye asked.

“Can’t say.” Medea.

Suye looked towards Suowo.

Sowo shook the head, I don’t know.

Suye twitched his lips, then you are embarrassed to be Medea’s Uncle? Obediently and honestly be a grandfather.

Sowo took a deep breath.

The youngster is too crazy now!

“Little Suye, can you sell your ring and God’s arm?” Medea said.

“Sell it, of course. The swan ring and arm are sold with a Low God device, and the Void Dragon ring is sold with a Middle God device.” Suye said.

“Did you save me for this moment of blackmail?” Medea asked.

“I heard that every Legendary Grandmaster is a sparkling attribute Magician. There is no shortage of this.” Suye said.

“I have a lot of wealth in my hand. After all, in order to avoid the slut getting it, I secretly transferred all the property that could be transferred, and I still have one or two billion in hand. I don’t have Divine Item, but are there any treasures? Less. How about two hundred million as a Low God device?” Medea asked.

“I’ll think about it again.” Suye said politely.

“Don’t want to sell? Forget it, those things are more valuable to stay in your hands.” Medea said, beautiful eyes flowed, looked down at his chest, stretched out his white fingers and took off the charred Magic Source Badge, throw it to Suye.

“It’s not broken, it works. I’m about to meet you and send you off. I don’t usually like to participate in Magic Parliament activities, so the Formless Magic Robe is only 74 floors.” Medea drowsily leaned on the bed .

“This…” Suye held the Magic Source Badge with his right hand and looked at Medea.

Sovo stared at the Magic Source Badge in Suye’s hand, looking gloomy, and asked in a low voice: “Is your injury so severe?”

Medea suddenly laughed, and the snow melted like spring.

“Sovo grandfather, you think too much, I’ve long wanted to pass the Magic Source Badge to a trusted junior. However, none of my students have any promise, so it is better to give it to Suye. I am not after explaining Matter.”

After finishing speaking, Medea stood up abruptly. The seemingly delicate female Magician was as tall as Suye, her body was slender, her neck was white, and her long purple hair seemed to undulate.

“That’s good…that…how’s your Teacher?” When Sovo spoke, his lips trembled.

“Very good. I married someone and continued to study magic. I passed away a few years ago. The only bad thing is that I can’t attend her funeral.” Medea looked out the window indifferently and narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Oh.” Sovo lowered his head.

“Let’s get back to the subject, when did Godking Palace start chasing you? They entered the whale country this time. Is the main objective you or the god-defender?” Suye broke the embarrassment.

“Are you worried about Godking Hall?”

“As worried as you are.”

Medea walked slowly to the window and looked at the blue sea outside.

“The objective that you understand is different from the objective that Godking Temple understands. For them, whether it is me, the Magician, the slayer, or you Suye, I don’t even deserve to be an objective. They call themselves the “sweeper” ‘. Understand? They don’t even call themselves purifiers. In their eyes, we are inferior to insects and beasts, but the dust of the world, nothing more.”

“In other words, did they enter the whale country to kill everything?”

“It is cleaning. Sovo grandfather, let your clansman leave Black Coral Island. I learned from them that the Priest of Poseidon is ready to take action, colluding with the sea monster and triggering the whale country war.”

“It has been calmed down by this person, and he summoned the sleeping Kraken under the island.” Saovo said.

“Cracken was willing to come out? Suye, what is the secret in you?” Medea slowly turned his head, back to the sky, and her dim face was unspeakably charming.

“I even let you touch my butt, where is the secret?” Suye’s face was calm.

Never know that Medea slowly walked to Suye’s side, stretched out his hand to caress Suye’s face, and whispered: “If Phocas is still alive, he will be as tall and handsome as you.”

Suye’s body stiffened, and he let Medea touch her helplessly.

Suye felt strange that Medea’s eyes were filled with sincere love.

Perhaps, I just thought of her child.

Sovo suddenly took a deep breath and said: “You have been very kind since you were a child. You should have discovered that the children will suffer a tragic fate, so you ended their lives early. At first, Godking Palace might think that you are trying to avenge Iraq. Song only did that. But after a while, Godking Hall discovered your true purpose, so it chased you down. Isn’t it true?”

“It’s basically like this.” Medea nodded.

Sovo glanced at Suye, then at the dark golden sea snail, took a deep breath.

“Are you here to find the ghost ship?” Sovo looked at Medea.

Medea turned around naturally and looked at the sky and the sea again.


Suye was stunned for a moment, and asked in confusion, “Ghost ship? Does it mean the most peculiar Divine Power Plane? It looks like a ship, and the inside itself is a Divine Power Plane. Legends travel between Mortal World and Ghostdom With Netherworld, there is a powerful force, even God is difficult to control.”

“It’s that one.” Savor said.

“You two means that the ghost ship will pass by the whale country?”

“It’s not passing by, it’s a long stay.” Sovo smiled.

Suye slightly frowned, all the information about the whale country came to mind, how can I not link the two together?

“Who can tell what is going on?” Suye asked.

“Can’t you think of it?” Sovo asked with a grin.

Suye shook his head.

“Ghost ship, godslayer.” Sovo uttered two words.

Suye suddenly realized.

“so that’s how it is! God-slayers are undead who died because of God, and the ghost ship is controlled by the undead. In other words, the god-slayers do not know how to master the ghost ship?”

“To be precise, I haven’t mastered it yet, but I can control it to a certain extent.”

“Then, Medea entered the whale country to find his son’s undead? Or… Medea had long been certain that his son would go to the ghost ship, so he killed them and came here to look for it?” Suye ask.

Medea lowered his head.

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