The World of Deities Chapter 692


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Sovo sighed and said, “I blame this. When Medea and her teacher entered the whale country, I wanted to please…cough cough, learn to communicate, and told many secrets about the whale country. Among them are ghost ships and god warriors. We guessed that some people would be marked by God before they were born, and either became God’s containers, or God Realm warrior, or became innocent victims. If God’s containers and God Realm warrior had an accident and died prematurely. God Realm would not accept it. Like innocent victims, God Realm warrior is very likely to become a god warrior. However, not all god warriors can enter the ghost ship.”

“I see, Medea is just looking for it, not sure,” Suye said.

“Yes. But, I believe she will find her son. Even if she can’t find it, she may have reincarnated from Ghostdom and become a human again. Right, Medea?”

Medea looked at the ocean, the water in his eyes was rippling, slowly speaking.

“When I met Jason, I was dazzled by love. It wasn’t until the Golden Fleece expedition was over and the Heroes were fighting each other that I vaguely realized that this Golden Fleece expedition might be God choosing God Realm warrior. But at that time, I only had Jason in my heart. I just wanted to marry him and have children and live a happy life. Until I found out that my child was too strong.”

“Every mother’s heart is contradictory. I want to make the children strong and safe. In order to protect them, I have a more eager pursuit of magic, and I will eventually be promoted to Legendary. Until one day, I lead When he went to the manor outside the city with his two sons, he saved a blind man who was dying.”

“The blind man’s eyes were pure white, but I saw the starry sky in his eyes. He said, in order to repay me, he would do something for me. Then he asked me if he wanted God to help me choose the fate of my son , I chose it myself. Yes, you can probably guess that, just like me at that time, I suspect that he is the’Great Prophet’ Homer. I feel the strange power from him, and even I instinctively at that time I feel that even if I am Legendary Magician, I have no power to fight back in front of him.”

“Hearing what he said, I thought of the Golden Fleece journey, of everything I experienced with Jason, and the fallen Heroes. For the child, I chose the latter.”

Speaking, Medea raised the index finger of his right hand and slowly slipped it from top to bottom in the air, just like touching Suye’s face.

“The blind man stroked my child, and then, I saw that on the left shoulders of the two children, a pale-gold six-spoke wheel-shaped formation chart appeared. The blind said, this is Paradise imprint. Anyone with such imprints People will be led by the power of fate to fight each other or fight side by side. The dead lose the imprint, while the survivors get the imprint. However, if there is a son of God, the son of God will absorb the imprint and become stronger.”

“I asked him, will the deceased who own Paradise imprint enter Paradise Island?”

“He did not answer, his expression is very strange.”

“I asked him, will the son of God who absorb imprint be conferred as God?”

“His expression is even more strange.”

“I have to ask him more questions, but he disappeared from me. He disappeared completely in front of a Legendary Magician. No power can detect it. The blind man’s power is beyond doubt.”

“After returning home, I was about to look up the relevant information, but I saw that on my left shoulder, there is the same Paradise imprint, and Jason’s body also has it.”

Suye and Sovo quietly looked at Medea’s back and at her trembling shoulders.

Medea took a deep breath and continued: “I have exhausted my wealth and favors, looking for relevant information from the Legendary Grandmasters and the major families, and finally determined that the so-called Golden Fleece Journey, the war dead, will Without Paradise imprint, the outstanding war dead entered Paradise Island. Those who survived gained Paradise imprint and became stronger and stronger. I finally understood what the heroes who were alive were scolding during the conflict that year, and at that time, I don’t at all understand.”

“They are scolding Paradise imprint, scolding the destiny controlled by God, scolding Gods.”

“I just understood at that time that they would rather not be strong, they just want their friends to live.”

Suye and Sovo are silent.

“After gathering sufficient evidence, I solemnly discussed with Jason, hoping to resolve this matter. However, I will never forget Jason’s voice that day.”

“He said, he already knew.”

“He said, this is their destiny, and the destiny cannot be violated.”

“He said that the reason why he was promoted to Hero and the reason why I was promoted to Legendary came from Paradise imprint.”

“He said, without Paradise imprint and Gods, then he would probably spend his life in a mediocre life. Now, he is the Hero of Greece. Because of the Golden Fleece Expedition, let alone the promotion of God Realm warrior, even if not. Going to Paradise Island, this life is also worth it.”

“After that day, he began to alienate me and eventually fell in love with others.”

“The next thing, you know, I killed his lover and his lover’s father, and finally, I killed our child.”

“That evening, I turned my back to the sunset, my feet on the red dragon, holding a bloody dagger, and said to him holding the child’s corpse, this is his fate, not mine.”

“He could not bear this fate and chose to commit suicide.”

“Soon after, God’s Temple of Vengeance decided that I was a desperate man, and prepared to send the great Adjudicator Leona to chase me. But when I was desperate, Leona suddenly left and I was able to escape. Later I was able to escape. Only then did I know that Leona left to capture you and Euclid. You and Euclid saved my life.”

Suye suddenly realized that when she touched her face, there was a kind of elder love in her eyes, and she also understood why she was willing to give out the Magic Source Badge.

Sovo couldn’t help saying: “To revenge God’s Temple, the great Adjudicator, being killed by Kraken means that he saved your second life. And this time you were hit by Godking Temple, my strength I’m afraid they won’t be able to save you, but his power can. So, you owe him three lives.”

Medea nodded lightly and continued talking.

“Vengeance God’s Temple gave up chasing and killing, but Godking Temple still remembers me. Especially in the prediction that I will enter the whale country, they will hunt at all costs. But I repeatedly escaped. Until the last battle, I was injured and escaped. The divine might be hit by the thunder. They will continue to chase me, and they will certainly be able to chase me.”

“It seems to have used the powerful God’s Temple power.” Sovo frowns saying.

Suye asked: “How is their speed in the water?”

Sovo suddenly looked towards Suye.

“Do you want to use Demon Beast to solve them in the sea of ​​mountains?” Medea asked.

“Yes, the sea of ​​mountains is affected by Trident’s residual power and cannot be teleported. They are just Priest and warrior, and they are no faster than Demon Beast. As long as they can be introduced into the whalebone mining area, Demon Beast will naturally Will solve them.”

“You underestimated Godking Hall. They must have a way to escape.”

“It doesn’t matter. My objective is not to wipe them out, but to weaken them. As long as they don’t pay attention, they may lose their staff or suffer severe injuries and have to leave. Even if they are not injured, they may consume some powerful One-off power or divine power equipment. It’s better than just waiting to die. Besides, Sovo, can you say that the North Sea giant can make another move?”

Sovo shook his head and said: “Unsure. The North Sea Giant Monster is Demi-God, very powerful, but its lifespan should be limited, otherwise it won’t sleep forever. He may not be willing to help you continuously. Secondly, there are people in Godking Hall. The Demi-God device may not be able to defeat Kraken, but it has the ability to escape. Once they escape, the entire Black Coral City will be in danger, which I don’t want to see.”

“Sovo grandfather, can you tell me the location of the ghost ship now?” Medea asked.

Sovo smiled bitterly, and said: “The ghost ship has always been the legend of our whale country. I am just a little Legendary. I don’t even dare to enter the sea of ​​mountains. I don’t know where the ghost ship is. I also want to avoid suspicion and dare not have any contact with the conquerors. Otherwise, once God’s Temple Priest finds out, I will not be let go.”

“Is the legend of the god-killers occupying the ghost ship true?” Medea stared at Sovo.

“I haven’t seen a ghost ship, but…Thales master said he has seen it. Of course, he has only seen it, not at all, not knowing where it is.” Savor said.

“Where is the Navarre?” Medea asked.

Sowo immediately said: “I haven’t seen it, but many sea races have seen it. The difference between a god-slayer and an ordinary undead is very big. The ordinary undead are mostly gray or even black, but the body of the god-slasher It is translucent and holy white, like a white mist shining on by the sun. It is very recognizable. I can help you investigate those who have appeared in the Sea Territory, but you should not hope too much.”

“Can you lend me that swan ring?” Medea looked at Suye.

Suye looked at Medea.

“You know the cost of using Divine Item under Demi-God.” Suye said.

“In addition to the power of mana and divine might, the sacrifice of lifespan is only. With Paradise imprint, do I still care about lifespan? I even expect myself to die soon and become a godslayer.” Medea said.

Suye took out the swan ring full of divine power diamonds and handed it to Medea.

Medea took a look, gave a long sigh, and handed it to Sovo.

Sovo took a closer look, followed by a sigh, and handed it to Suye.

“In every real Divine Item, there is the power to drive the Divine Item, which is the Divine Item melting pot. But this Divine Item is on the middle finger, near the broken index finger, and the Divine Item should be destroyed by a strong force Furnace. This Divine Item cannot be used unless the Divine Item Furnace is relocated.”

“I still have Medusa’s shield in my hand. However, this is the whale country and I cannot borrow Athena God’s Strength summon Medusa.” Suye said.

“What about the Void Dragon ring?”

“You can open it and try.” Suye handed it out.

Sovo and Medea have been studying for a long time, but they can’t open them.

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