The World of Deities Chapter 693


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“Ai, may all belong to the broken Divine Item, there is no divine power furnace, the value of the two rings will not be too high.” Savor said.

“You give an estimate.”

“The swan ring is worth about 80 million golden eagles, and the Void Dragon ring must be more than 100 million. As for the specific number, I don’t know.” Saovo said.

Suye looked towards Medea.

Medea shook his head and said: “I don’t know much about Divine Item, and at this level, I rarely calculate according to gold coins, and often barter. I heard that God has Using the power of divine might as a transaction currency, I don’t know the details.”

“Then we will make a careful plan. Don’t worry, come slowly, we are in the sea of ​​mountains, and we can let the people of Godking Hall look for it for a long time. After all, there is the power of Sea King Trident here.” Suye said.

“Then we first enter the edge of the sea of ​​mountains and find a place where there is no Demon Beast.”

The boat of water dived into the seabed, sailed in the sea of ​​mountains, and finally stayed in a hidden place.

The ship of water just stopped, and Medea asked, “Suye, how are you going to use that god’s arm?”

Suye said: “I’m also thinking about it. Both of them are Legendary. They will help me with the staff. It is inconvenient to take out here. I am afraid that it will attract Demon Beast. I will send the magic image to both of you.”

The two looked at the magic image carefully and lost their thoughts.

“Should we discuss how to deal with Godking Hall first?” Suye asked.

Never know Medea said: “If we can use the arm of God, the odds are even greater.”

“How to use?”

“Don’t even think about making Divine Item first. There is no material, no time, no level. Directly driven, the probability is also very small, but you can try it in critical situations. As long as you have similar Bloodlines Strength, then Injecting the power of mana and divine might may be useful. For Magician, the most effective way to use it is to create magic, and it is to strengthen the creation.” Medea said.

“Incorporate God’s arm into Hand of Magic?” Suye asked.

Medea shook his head and said: “Yes, but not necessary. What we value the arm is not the shape, but the inner strength. Can you sense who the previous owner of this arm is?”

“This arm obviously contains the breath of the ocean. It should be an old sea god. At first I suspected it was Pentos, but later I felt that it may not necessarily be him. It may be another old sea god. After all, he died in battle. There are many sea gods, and Pentos is just the most famous.” Suye said.

“Yes, according to the appearance, this arm doesn’t look like Pentos’s.” Savor said.

“Then, you can try to incorporate this arm into your Water Attribute magic for enhanced creation. But… can you do it?”

“Can’t do it.” Suye said.

“Sovo grandfather and I can’t do it either. I thought you were a monster and could do it.” Medea said.

Suye sighed, said: “My current limit is only to integrate refined Demi-God blood into the Magic Formation Chart, but I haven’t used it yet.”

Sovo surprised: “Do you want to incorporate Demi-God blood into magic now? That’s too wasteful, it’s better to strengthen Legendary magic.”

“I want to take the Hydra Legion route.” Suye said.

“Uh…With your wealth, it seems you can really go.” Sovo said helplessly.

“Unfortunately, I’m still waiting now. After the completion of the new three-dimensional ‘Flame Demon Serpent’, I can create enhancements, otherwise the final enhancement is only the ordinary Flame Demon Serpent.”

As soon as Medea raised his hand, a magic image was released, and a Magic Formation Chart appeared on it.

Suye took a closer look. It is very similar to Flame Demon Serpent, but with a lot of three-dimensional painting methods.

“Your Legendary Grandmaster has researched the results?” Suye was overjoyed.

Medea said: “After more than half a year from the three-dimensional drawing method to the opening, masters of various departments have begun to study the three-dimensional drawing methods of the famous magic of each department. This Magic Formation Chart, you Guess by whom?”

Suye watched carefully, a large number of masters’ Magic Formation Chart style appeared in his mind, and finally happily said: “Is it from the King of Fire Heraclitus master?”

“Yes, it is his. It is said that in order to portray the new Fire Attribute three-dimensional Magic Formation Chart, he also consulted many princes of the Fire Elemental plane. However, even so, this was not completely completed.”

“Can’t use it?”

“Why would I take it out if I can’t use it?” A faint smile floated across Medea’s brows.

Sovo and Suye are both sighed in relief.

Magic Formation Chart as long as it can be used, because it can be improved slowly later.

“Then I will laugh at it. What new Magic Formation Chart is there, and give it to me.” Suye said, handing out the Magic Book.

Medea was nodded and passed all the Magic Formation Chart to Suye.

“You have been studying at Plato Academy for so long, have you learned how to use the arm of God?” Medea asked.

Suye helplessly said: “You look down on me too much. The content of my studies at Plato Academy are all basic courses. I am currently studying the fifth grade textbook. How can I use the arm of God.”

“I know a possibility!” Sovo’s eyes beamed.

Suye and Medea looked at Sovo at the same time.

Sowo laughed and said: “Have you forgotten the Poseidon statue? Suye, I remember that you gave priority to a total of eight Poseidon statues.”

“Don’t forget, the Poseidon statue requires multiple followers of Poseidon to activate. I have considered this a long time ago.” Suye said.

“I can activate a Poseidon statue by myself every day.” Saovo said.

“Oh? Can’t I start seven consecutive seats?”

“I’m not a full-time Priest.” Savor said.

“Can I do it?” Suye asked.

“If you believe in the old sea god, you can activate eight sea god statues at the same time.”

“Forget it… Tell me how to use the arm of God?” Suye said.

“It’s very simple. Cut off the left arm of a Poseidon statue and connect the arm of the god. Then the punishment of the god we use will far surpasses the imagination. However, the three-color pearls consumed may also There will be more.” Savor said.

“Well, give me one day to think about it. You two will discuss the plan to deal with Godking Hall first.”

Suye said, enter his own cabin, guard and guard, and close all around.

Medea and Sovo looked at the dark room in the boat of water.

“This Suye, is it credible?” Sovo asked.

“Believable than you.” Medea said.

“You are more stubborn than you were.” Sovo sighed.

“You are the same as before, still reluctant to part with that broken island”

“If I leave, the hundreds of thousands of murlocs on the island will face a disaster.”

“Oh, you men, always use the righteousness of your family and country as an excuse. Ruthless is ruthless.”

“It is those of us who are holding our lives there, so some people can safely talk about love. Aren’t you doing the same thing as me?”

“I just want to protect my family.”

“But you know very well in your heart that you can protect your family only if you protect Greece first.” Savor said.

Medea kept silent.

“Suye is the choice of Legendary Grandmasters?”

“There is no final conclusion, but Plato Academy has long selected Aristotle as the heir of the Athens School. The master of the Miletus School prefers Suye, even if he is not a member of the Miletus School. Miletus masters are sure that if Suye joins Miletus , Will bring about tremendous changes, and thus surpass the Athens school.”

“Plato has entered here. He is very difficult to deal with. As for the Aristotle, I don’t know much. After all, I can only get information from the outside world when the whale country is open.” Sovo said.

“Old Guys of the Miletus School, have you also sent a message to you?”

“They asked me to take care of Wright. That’s why I joined his team.” Savor said.

“I heard you are dying?” Medea looked into the distance.

“It’s okay to live for 7-8 years,” Savor said.

“You said… Did I do the right thing?”

“This World, how can there be that many right or wrong, it is enough to do what you like, do what you think is important.”

“But I personally killed them both.”

“How can you be sure that Gods was not killed by you?”

Medea’s body is softly trembled.

“Does Homer say how to solve Paradise imprint?”

“He didn’t say it, but I know that the slayer has a solution.”

“What the hell is an imprint of heaven?” Sovo asked.

“Not sure.”

“Can this Suye be the second Socrates?”


“It’s a pity…” Savor said.

“He will surpass Socrates.”

Sovo was stunned.

In the room, Suye stands in Ruins Space.

Half of the hemispherical Ruins Space has been filled with densely packed toothgrass.

The other half is placed on various shelves, on which various items are placed.

There are collectibles, Magic Tool, divine power equipment, daily necessities, and a lot of food.

After experiencing the great conferred by gods of the war ceremony, while at Miletus, Suye successively made sacrifices.

Acquired a lot of innate skill, bloodline, mana roots, magic origin, magic incarnation, magic liquid and divine might power, even two plane souls and a lot of deified gems.

There are also complete Legendary and Hero bodies!

However, the general innate skill of Suye can only be activated to the body of Legendary, because the aura of the body of Hero is too strong and will be recognized at a glance.

Except for some treasures, the most precious fountain of youth has never been sacrificed.

This is my reward for Athena God’s Temple after the Battle of Hot Spring Pass.

However, Meders told me not to use it for now and save it for later.

Since Meders said so, it means that there are secrets in the Fountain of Youth, but God’s Temple is not open to the public.

Subsequently, Suye inquired about the information on the Fountain of Youth and found nothing, but learned from other Magicians that Gods had been concealing information about many important things, and the Fountain of Youth was among them.

There is no sacrifice for the Whale Kingdom income.

Many of these jewels cannot be sacrificed, and they need to be sold in exchange for golden eagle sacrifices.

All kinds of giant whale skeletons can be sacrificed directly, but most of them have to wait.

Because the altar’s valuation of these broken corpses is lower than the market price.

Roughly estimated, all the altars of the skeletal fragments are estimated to be at most 300 million golden eagles, but if they are sold or exchanged in the outside world, the total value of the final items will not be less than 700 million.

If you sacrifice now in advance, you will lose more than 400 million golden eagles.

However, some items can now be sacrificed.

For example, whale bone marrow and whale marrow that can be eaten directly, and some magic items.

Suye took out the most complete piece of whale bone marrow and the only piece of whale marrow.

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