The World of Deities Chapter 694


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Ordinary whale bone marrow generally takes one meter as a segment, condensed and condensed under the action of time, shrinking to the thickness of the arm, like a white jade with pale red spots.

The whale bone marrow in Suye’s hand is ten meters long.

This is the longest whale bone marrow in the entire Black Coral City. It was extracted from a complete whale bone nearly a kilometer away and finally condensed into ten meters.

The value of this whale bone marrow is more than 2,000,000 purple shells, equivalent to a complete piece of whale marrow.

Whale bone marrow resembling erythema white jade is placed on the altar.

The long-lost light and mist gushed out, and was sucked thoroughly by the altar.

One ring, two rings, three rings, four rings, five rings…

Six Rings!

Suye smiles nodded, good things are good things.

The cone-shaped white light erupts upwards, and Suye smiles at the reward in the rays of light.

battle body innate skill: The body of the great whale grandduke.

Battle Skill innate skill: Long whale roars.

Water Element innate skill: evaporation.

magic innate skill: magic energy expansion.

Suye thought about it a little bit and took the Legendary Magician as the standard. He looked at the body of the great whale grandduke quite regretfully, and chose to expand the magic power.

The body of the giant whale is a very strong innate skill, especially for the warrior, if it can cooperate with the Body of Giant, the whole person is like a mountain.

However, magic takes precedence.

Magic expansion is a famous advanced innate skill of Magician.

The function of this innate skill is simple and pure, increasing the mana capacity of the Magic Formation Chart, thereby directly enhancing the basic magic formidable power!

For most Magicians, this innate skill is a double-edged sword.

Because from now on, the mana consumption of all magic will increase by six times, and the formidable power will only increase by twice.

However, Suye doesn’t care.

This innate skill is often used as a killing move when Legendary mage is critical.

Suye can be used as a daily innate skill at any time.

Then, remove this whale bone marrow and put down a whale marrow the size of a human head.

The texture of the whale marrow is pure white, translucent, and also jade, much cleaner and rounder than the bone marrow. The pale-gold God Mark is scattered inside, exuding soft rays of light, and exuding a heart-pounding fragrance .

The essence of the whale is the most important treasure of the great whale prince. Even in Black Coral City, it is rare to encounter one in several decades.

The altar lights up and white light erupts.

battle body innate skill: The body of the great whale grandduke.

Battle Skill innate skill: berserk Impact.

God innate skill: The source of Water Element.

Two deified gemstones.

Suye took a deep breath, with eyes shining.

Obviously it is the sixth ring, so there is the source of the Water Element!

Divine-Level innate skill!

Suye reaches out and clicks.

No wonder the previous murlocs said that after taking whale essence, it is possible to obtain the Divine-Level innate skill.

The altar directly extracts the upper limit of the whole whale essence.

The source of Water Element is the very important Divine-Level innate skill that God and a few Demi-God Water Attribute creatures are based on.

The source of Water Element is equivalent to construct a channel with the Water Element plane. With this innate skill, no one can block the connection between themselves and the Water Element plane except the Lord of Water Elementals main body.

This also means that from now on, all the ability to isolate Water Element is known, whether it is magic, Formation or divine spell, or even the absolutely water-free Divine Power Plane. Suye’s Water Attribute magic is not Subject to any influence.

Moreover, in such a place full of water, the power of Water Attribute magic will be strengthened.

The key is that some magic or abilities can only be used if you have the source of Water Element.

For example, the famous Legendary magic spell “Twelve Sea Dragons”, it is necessary to condensation enough Water Element in just a few seconds, not to mention on land, even in the sea in the whale country is difficult to complete, must be in the Water Element Plane can be successfully displayed.

But with the source of Water Element, it can be used even in Fire Elemental plane without any Water Element!

Not only that, the source of Water Element can also fully enhance all aspects of Water Attribute magic.

“Good thing! However, this is the first time I saw the exclusive name of God’s grace innate skill, maybe it corresponds to Divine Right innate skill?”

Suye left Ruins Space contentedly and first absorbed the two newly acquired powers.

In the process of absorption, the boat of water slowly grew bigger.

From the original length of 100 meters, it has increased to 150 meters.

Next, on the ship’s gunwale deck, there was a rising spring.

Slowly, the spring water Condensation becomes expressionless Golden Water Element.

Three hundred people.

These Water Element guards composed of pale white water, holding coral magic staff, equivalent to a Golden Water Attribute Magician.

Sovo and Medea, who were thinking about their sweetness, looked puzzled.

“You have lived for so long and you have followed the King of Water Thales master in Whale Country. Have you seen this kind of water ship?”

“Don’t say me, Thales Teacher has never seen it! The water captain grows out of Water Element, which is too abnormal! This Suye is too strange, playing in the whale country is better than ours. Legendary is good! If he gets to Legendary, I won’t be able to live!” Sovo made no secret of the envy and hatred in his heart.

Medea walked to the Golden Water Element, looked carefully, and his face changed drastically.

“What’s wrong?” Sovo hurried over and asked.

“Look carefully.”

Sovo looked for a long time and shook his head.

“Ai, you must study hard when you are old. The magic level of Whale Country is far behind us.”

Sovo’s old face was blue and white, and asked helplessly: “What did you find?”

“These Golden Water Elements have obvious Life Aura.” Medea.

“That’s it?” Sovo looked unconvinced.

Medea glanced at Sovo, and said: “This means that Suye has mastered some kind of god who comprehensively increases Water Attribute magic! Level! Heaven! Fu!”

Sovo’s face blushed, and he suddenly realized: “It is estimated that he has eaten the essence of whales.”

tone barely fell, the two of them were dumbfounded.

Because the previous Water Element people were just humanoids, holding magic staff, bald’s head and humanoid upper body.

But now, every Water Element person has a gold crown of sapphire on top of his head, his face is clear and human, with eyes, nose, mouth and ears emerging instead of the Water Element image with black vortex eyes on his forehead.

Moreover, these Water Elements also have a layer of pure white magic robe of water on them, with golden marks embroidered on them, which are exceptionally gorgeous and more handsome and handsome.

Like a legendary higher fairy.

Sovo looked down at his old robe, not even as good as a Water Element!

In the room, Suye has absorbed the whale bone marrow and whale essence to his satisfaction.

The whole piece of whale bone marrow directly allows me to obtain the body of the huge whale grandduke that I was greedy before.

Suye originally thought that this only applies to the warrior, but after careful inspection, he found that he has additionally increased his flight speed in the water, and even immune to all Water Attribute magic under Golden and Golden!

At the same time, the innate skills and abilities of all Water Element and whale bloodline are greatly enhanced.

Even, as long as I inspire Giant bloodline to transform, the Siamese shape will be bigger.

After all, the body of the great whale is far greater than that of any Giant.

Absorbed the essence of whales, failed to get the Divine-Level innate skill, but got an extremely rare innate skill, ocean equipment.

An additional layer of armor formed by Water Element for yourself and all subordinates, and can stack with other innate skills.

This means that in the future, all treants, in addition to obtaining plant equipment, can also obtain marine equipment.

With the ocean equipment, the treants will no longer fear any flames.

Subsequently, Suye enters Ruins Space again.

In Ruins Space, in addition to the ten olive wood, there are some things that have not been sacrificed because they are too precious. I wanted to wait for the right time, but it seems that I can’t wait.

There is a dragon god head obtained from Athena God’s Temple.

There are the General badge, the Greatest Medal, the Grand Savior Medal and the Nether Soul Palace obtained in the war ceremony.

At the same time, there are the biggest gains from the Whalebone Mine, the Void Dragon Ring, the Swan Ring, and the God’s Arm.

Suye raised his hand, the dragon head flew to the altar, and the Thunder King Dragon Hawk completed the sacrifice at Miletus and obtained the Giant Dragon Priest bloodline.

There was no accident, and Suye was given the reward that Suye wanted most.

Giant Dragon Lord Bloodlines Crown.

After absorbing the Bloodlines Crown, Suye couldn’t hold back, and entered the Magic Tower to take a look.

The Dragon’s Might breath of Giant Dragon General is promoted to Dragon’s Might suppression. All low-level creatures will be greatly restricted, and the vassal group of Dragon Race has the greatest influence.

The Dragon Flame of Giant Dragon Priest, promoted to a dragon group circling, is an extremely powerful force, but because it is not a domain, it needs to consume the power of the user.

The new ability of Giant Dragon Lord is called Giant Dragon Valley.

Seeing this ability, Suye’s expression is a little subtle.

Giant Dragon Valley can’t attack, can’t defend, just an independent space.

The role of Giant Dragon Valley is to incubate Dragon Race, but only if there are dragon eggs.

All dragon eggs hatched in the Giant Dragon Valley will become their own subordinates until they surpass themselves.

“Am I becoming the Dragon King…” Suye’s mouth twisted slightly.

With the bloodline of the Giant Dragon Lord, it means that you become a member of the Dragon Race, not to mention the use of Dragon Race corpse enhancement, summon Dragon Race servant, even if you kill the Giant Dragon, you will not be chased by the whole family.

“Giant Dragon Valley is not useful in the short term, but it is extremely powerful in the later stage. Although dragon eggs are rare, they are not unavailable. Many families or Magicians will secretly collect them. As long as it is not a dead egg, it is generally the price of a Legendary Magic Tool. , 300,000 golden eagles up and down, buy one or two hundred in one go without pressure, but maybe there is not that many…The circling of dragons is a real powerful force, and it can definitely threaten any Legendary, even the Legendary of Godking Hall. I have Fire Elemental and Devil bloodline, then the ordinary Dragon Flame will evolve into Netherworld Dragon Flame.”

Next, Suye gently stroked the General medal.

I have sacrificed the Persia’s General medal before, but only the five rings.

My previous senior General and Meritorious General medals have six rings. This General should not be able to go to the seventh ring, but it is definitely a high-level sixth ring. If the innate skill is not good, then find other sacrifices to make up the seventh ring.

There is something behind, it’s not surprising to make up a seven ring.

The General Medal slowly fell on the altar.

divine rays erupt, and finally the six rings light up.

battle body innate skill: Demi-God body.

warrior innate skill: the source of divine power.

warrior innate skill: Lord of Hosts.

The Deity Diamond: Eight.

Seeing the body of Demi-God, Suye’s eyes flickered, because unless he was promoted to Hero level, opening the body of Demi-God at this stage would require divine might.

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