The World of Deities Chapter 695


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Moreover, this innate skill appears many times in the sixth ring level. As long as I really want it, I am not afraid of not having it. The dignified General medal, only the body of Demi-God, is a bit of a loss.

The source of divine power is a good thing, which greatly increases the total amount of warrior’s divine power, but it is useless by itself.

The Lord of the Armies is the highest warrior innate skill, which allows the commander of an army to absorb the belief, will and strength of the whole army, and the strength is greatly enhanced. It can be said that the same rank is invincible before the Armies.

But, I won’t really be a General after all, and this innate skill mainly strengthens the will and body, I don’t need it.

After all, the General Medal is worth a full 80 million golden eagle, which can be exchanged for eight divine gems.

Suye opened the eyes of the altar, scanned the altar, cruelly, and threw the Great Savior Medal directly on it.

After the altar absorbed the rays of light from the Medal of the Great Savior, it even retracted the altar rewards above it, and then the sixth ring rays of light disappeared.

Seven rings light up!

Suye smiled.

Actually, the large number of treasures obtained before can also pile up the seven-ring rewards, but Suye knows the importance of the basics. Instead of stacking the seven-rings, he exchanges innate skills and a particularly important gemstone.

The number of deified gemstones now exceeds 20, which is enough to pile up seven rings.

The beautiful rays of light erupt.

Divine Punishment innate skill: Divine Punishment innate skill.

Divine Physique innate skill: Divine might resurrect.

God innate skill: Mortal body resurrects.

Suye sighed in relief, God’s things are just good, and it didn’t disappoint.

It seems that God’s innate skill has at least three types: Divine Physique, Divine Punishment, and Divine Punishment, plus Divine Right innate skill.

Suye patiently looked from top to bottom one after another.

Life and death is God’s signature ability, and Suye’s eyes glow.

The innate skill allows the gods to consume divine might and kill any mortal under Saint Domain, no matter where the mortal is, even the two places farthest apart in the infinite plane, as long as they are not protected by special forces , God can kill it directly.

This innate skill is tasteless to God.

Suye calculated in his heart that a divine might 1,000,000, 1,000,000 kill a person, want to kill who kill who… No, you can only kill the kind of people who don’t have strong protection, such as those with Paradise imprint, such as God’s Temple Those who take shelter will kill Undead by themselves, but will reveal their identity.

Seeing “divine might come back to life”, Suye’s heart surged.

That’s right!

Any physical damage, even if there is only half of the head left in one breath, as long as there is enough divine might, you can immediately reshape your body.

There is no doubt that the value of this ability is far greater than the Demi-God body. Waiting for oneself to obtain the body of Demi-God, plus the divine might resurrection, Legendary without Demi-God or even Heroic Warrior will not pose any threat to oneself.

Finally, Suye looked towards the resurrection of the body, undecided.

The effect of the resurrection of the body is exactly the same as the resurrection of divine might. As long as you have a breath and a little body, you can use divine might to resurrect it. The difference between the two is that Rebirth can only be used by others, not by yourself.

The most important thing is resurrection, not resurrection.

If the dead can be resurrected directly, Suye will choose without the slightest hesitation, but now, it is obvious that the resurrection of divine might is the most valuable.

Suye didn’t hesitate anymore and chose divine might to resurrect.

The power of divine might that I have on hand has accumulated nearly a hundred. With divine might resurrected, every power of divine might is equivalent to half-life.

Next, Suye sacrificed the Nether Soul Palace.

Very good, I have gained the Ghost Lord, let the original ghost Priest’s ghost body ability, evolution into ghost conversion.

The ghost body can only make one’s own body close to the ghost form, but the ghost transformation can make oneself become a real ghost directly, penetrate the wall into the ground, stealth prying, omnipotent.

The only negative effect is the fear of targeted Dead Spirit or light attribute magic.

The new ability of Ghost Lord is Ghost Commander, which is very similar to Giant Dragon Valley.

With this ability, Suye can continuously collect ghosts as his subordinates, and doesn’t need space, just find the gems of Dark Attribute and let the ghosts drill out by themselves.

A piece of magic obsidian worth one hundred golden eagles can hold hundreds of thousands of troops, so there is no need to consider living space.

If you are kind, you can create a ghost space, something that 200,000 golden eagle can solve.

The ghosts have never been a strong race, but they are extremely disgusting.

As long as there is no targeted Dead Spirit or light attribute power, encountering a ghost is equivalent to encountering a natural enemy.

Mage is better, warrior can only turn his head and run when he encounters higher ghosts, because warrior’s attacks do very limited damage to ghosts, but he can’t stand the ghost’s various insidious powers you can’t guard against it. .

Finally, I glanced at the Medal of the Great.

This is a medal tied with Greek, and it is properly worth the seven rings.

Suye feels that the value of this thing is no less than the world scepter, put it last.

Next, look at the biggest harvest of the whalebone mine in the sea of ​​mountains.

Void Dragon ring, swan ring and god’s arm.

“There is no doubt that the Void Dragon ring is the most valuable, not only because of the amount of light and fog, but also because there is something hidden in it. If all sacrifices are made, it will be too bad. It is best to open it and put the inside The things are taken out and sacrificed in batches. You can’t sacrifice until as a last resort. As long as you leave the whale country, you will definitely find a way to recover.”

“The Swan Ring is an unknown Divine Item. Although it has lost the Divine Item melting pot, it is definitely worth more than the seventh ring and can be sacrificed directly. I am a little impatient…”

“As for the arm of God, it is a pity that it is only the arm of Low God, and it is incomplete, with the lowest value, but it cannot be underestimated. Even if it does not reach the seventh ring, it is also a very valuable sixth ring. Complete ordinary Demi-God Demon The corpse of the Beast is between 10,000,000 and 20 million golden eagle. The complete new divine corpse should be about 100 million, and the complete Low God corpse should be 200 to 300 million, but it is also divided into races, like the special race should More than 500 million. As for the corpse of Middle God, it will not only be 1 billion, I am afraid it will exceed 5,000,000,000. If it is higher than that, I won’t guess. The number is too big, dizziness…

Suye looked at this green golden god’s arm, the surface was smooth and delicate, and it was impossible to tell whether it was a male or female, but it made people want to touch it.

After hesitating for a moment, he finally reached out and touched it.

It’s cold and creamy.

People are reluctant to sacrifice.

The whole arm is a wreck after all.

Suye cruelly placed the arm of the god on the altar.


The whole altar suddenly shook slightly, making a faint sound, and then all the rings suddenly flashed, and then they all went out.

Suye stared at the altar, and saw that the recovery of the altar was normal, starting from the first ring, then one after another, and then off, and finally the sixth ring.

Failed to reach the seventh ring.

But why did all the ten rings light up just now?

The previous world scepter level was higher, and it was not able to do it.

Could it be related to the power in the arm of God?

Suye didn’t think much, and looked up at the altar reward in the white light.

battle body innate skill: the fearless body.

Natural innate skill: climate control.

Divine Transformation Diamonds: Six.

Sacred Mountain: Ocean Stairs.

Suye looked at the fourth option with surprise and joy, which he had never seen or even heard of.

This thing is obviously rarer than Divine Physique, Divine Punishment and Divine Punishment innate skill, and I underestimated this arm.

So, focus on the spirit and look there.

It is a transparent crystal ball. In the crystal ball, a five-step step made of blue sea water is suspended. The sea water flows from top to bottom, and the sea water appears and disappears out of thin air.

Subsequently, Suye slowly knew what it was.

It turns out that there is a sacred mountain in all God’s Divine City.

God can only place the relevant Divine Right throne on the corresponding stairs if a ladder is opened up on the mountain.

There is no corresponding mountain ladder, and the corresponding Divine Right throne cannot be placed on it.

But there is a sacred mountain ladder without the Divine Right throne, and it is impossible to obtain true God’s Strength.

“Didn’t expect, I actually knew God’s secret.”

Suye without the slightest hesitation choose the ocean ladder, even if it cannot be used now, it will be of great use in the future.

Suye’s figure was shocked, and she felt the powerful force injected into her body. She was happier. He didn’t expect this thing to strengthen herself now.

So, Suye exited Ruins Space, performed meditation, and then entered Magic Tower.

The Saint Domain Magic Tower is taller and wider.

Suye didn’t care about other things. He looked up and immediately saw that on the east side of the Magic Tower, a suspended staircase made of sea water appeared.

The steps of Nazhan blue are about three meters long and no more than two meters high. There are five steps in total.

It seems ordinary, but all the creatures in the Magic Tower dare not approach, except for the Water Attribute innate skill fairy.

The Cloud Palace of the Water Attribute innate skill fairy floats slowly and falls below the ocean ladder, making the ocean ladder as high in the clouds as it is, more sacred.

Suye took a closer look and found that the root of his Water Element was growing at a speed visible to naked eye. In the end, it was thicker than the second largest tree roots three times.

Moreover, the place where the root of the elemental connects to the ground turns into a pool, and the tree roots plunge deep into the pool.

This pool is the source of the Water Element.

Whether it is the source of the Water Element or the ocean ladder, they have brought great strength to themselves.

Suye nodded, not surprisingly, his Water Attribute power is already extremely strong.

Go back to Ruins Space again, take a deep breath, and slowly place the ring of swan on the altar.

This is the first True God tool I sacrificed.

The white mist is so strong that it is dazzlingly absorbed by the altar.

Then, ring after ring lit up and then off.

Finally, the seven rings shine.

Suye’s face bloomed with joy.

rays of light erupted, and the whole altar shook slightly.

Suye took a deep breath and looked forward.

Divine Physique innate skill: The body of the starry sky.

God innate skill: Faith protection.

Divine Punishment innate skill: Divine Punishment innate skill.

Divine Right: Jiang He.

The body of the star sky is very strong. It can not only cross the void, but also directly absorb the power of the star sky. This is very practical in the starry sky environment of God Realm.

God Realm is an extremely dangerous place. There are powerful powers for God to absorb, but every power is full of destruction.

Without the body of the starry sky, even if the ordinary Demi-God enters the God Realm, it will be constantly weakened by the destructive radiation of everywhere, pointing to death.

Conviction asylum can extract the power of believers and transform it into a powerful force to protect itself, which is very useful.

I watched Shengshayuduo twice, and there was nothing new.

Finally, Suye looked at Divine Right: Jianghe.

Like Country Divine Right, this is also the image of a throne.

But the difference is that the country throne gold and jade in glorious splendor is full of domineering.

And this throne of rivers is composed of shallow white water flowing slowly from top to bottom, like a seat of a curtain of water.

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