The World of Deities Chapter 696


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There is no domineering Giant Dragon pattern on the back of the King Jianghe Divine Right seat, only a group of colorful and shiny freshwater fish swimming in it.

There is also a soft water ribbon made up of river water, like a streamer, passing through the handrails on both sides, floating on the throne in an irregular “n” shape, which is particularly elegant and free and easy.

The bottom of the throne is not as domineering as Country Divine Right, just paved with beautiful pebbles.

If the country Divine Right throne is like a ten thousand zhang Great Emperor, then this river Divine Right throne is like a pretty daughter in a humble family swimming in the countryside.

Suye stared at the River Throne, slowly getting some incomplete information.

I can’t stimulate all the power of Jianghe Divine Right now, but I can reinforce the power of my Water Attribute.

Suye reached out and clicked Divine Right and quickly left Ruins Space.

The slight pain is in the body within the body Spread, and it expands rapidly.

Finally, the whole body aches and numbness, which is far less intense than when I got the country Divine Right, but it seems more unbearable.

Suye closed his eyes and breathed and entered the meditation state, quickly absorbing the power of the river Divine Right.

Not long after, Suye felt unusually transparent and comfortable, so he entered the Magic Tower.


The Divine Right Throne of Jianghe is different from the Throne of Country Divine Right. Instead of floating in the sky alone, it falls on the second layer of the ocean ladder counting from bottom to top.

Suye immediately thought that Jianghe Divine Right is the weakest Divine Right, and even some children of the Water God have the opportunity to obtain it, which is a typical lower Divine Right.

The lower Divine Right is in the second layer. The 1st floor of the 5-Layer ladder should be Demi-God or the new God’s Strength. I don’t know if I can put other things.

The 3rd floor is Middle God, the fourth floor is High God, and the 5th floor is Main God.

“Sure enough, Godking is different…”

Suye thought to herself, taking a step forward, stepping up the ocean ladder, and sitting on the river Divine Right throne.

The turbulent power impact body and mind, Suye seems to be in the flood of berserk.

Soon, Suye sensed the power that Jianghe Divine Right could give him.

Divine Right innate skill: The shelter of water.

As long as the place where water exists, you can get a strong protective power.

At the same time, because the power of the ocean ladder is stimulated, not only the Water Attribute magic formidable power is greatly increased, but also the power of all Water Attributes below Divine-Level is weakened.

Suye’s rough calculations, the Water Attribute magic I have gained this time is a bit more powerful, plus the colorful light fins, I am afraid that my Water Attribute magic has already breached Saint Domain and is close to the ordinary Legendary level.

In this way, facing the Legendary Magician may not work, but facing the Legendary Sea Beast, most of the opponent’s mana is not as strong as his own.

After all, after Miletus experienced the great sacrifice, the total number of his mana origin has exceeded 200, and he went straight to 300.

Suye’s gaze fell on the Medal of the Great.

This is the first medal in the history of Greece and the highest symbol of military service, even promised by Gods.

In a way, it is more valuable than the Greek Medal.

After all, someone can still get the Greek Medal in the future, but it is difficult to get the Medal of the Great.

The result of the annihilation of 2,000,000 enemies and fleets is almost impossible again.

Suye took a deep breath and slowly put the Medal of the Great.

In the end, it did not disappoint, the seven rings lit up, and the rays of light erupted.

Among rays of light, there is only one thing.

A Divine Right Throne.

However, Suye was stunned.

Divine Right: War.

Suye is covered.

The altar is too good to play, right?

War Divine Right, but the great and famous Main God Divine Right!

Only High God can barely master it. Even if Middle God possesses it, there is no war ladder. Even if there is a war ladder, the war divine throne will go up to the sacred mountain and the sacred mountain will definitely collapse.

If I absorb this Divine Right, Athena Aunt…No, what does Athena Big Sister think of myself?

How can I cheat and drink in the arms of Athena Big Sister in the future?

This is no longer a question of whether I dare to dare, but a question of Undead.

Suye looked down at the altar.

“You’re pretty good, why don’t you give me sky Divine Right and thunderbolt Divine Right, let me directly attack Zeus?”

Suye stared at the Divine Right throne of war on the altar for a long time, but after all he dared not point him up.

Even if you close it after being absorbed, you can’t guarantee that you won’t be sensed in Goddess of Wisdom Temple or God’s Temple.

Suye weighed in her heart.

Divine Right of this level of war Divine Right, not to mention the nine rings. The altar only uses the seven rings to condensation. It shows that this altar is not generally strong. It can also explain the value of the Medal of the Great. imagination.

However, it’s not reconciled to just put it here.

You can’t act based on your feelings, but be rational.

Suye began to take out a piece of white paper on the spot, draw a vertical line from top to bottom, and divide it into two halves.

Write on the left: Now get the benefits of the war Divine Right.

Write on the right: Now get the disadvantage of the war Divine Right.

Finally, a lot of densely packed are written on the right.

Suye shook his head helplessly. This is the first time that he has written a list of choices with so many disadvantages.

Since both the feeling and the rational are opposed, let the Divine Right Throne of War stay here.

When will I wait for myself to become a High God, and when will I move this chair?

Suye glanced around, the important item sacrifice is almost done, and the Void Dragon ring continues.

Finally, his eyes fell on the ten-node olive wood.

“You must find a way to find excellent gems as soon as possible, set them on them, and then sacrifice them. I just don’t know how strong the formidable power of the ten-section olive wood is.”

Suye tidied up a bit, then left the room and walked out of the cabin to take a look at the Water Element like a guard of honor, and immediately understood that his power had strengthened the water ship.

Medea and Sovo still stared at the Water Element blankly.

These Water Elements are like taking divine medicine.

At first, it was just an ordinary Golden Water Element. Later, there was a crown and clothes. It didn’t take long for him to suddenly add a layer of water protection to his body, and the appearance was more clear. The body grew to three meters high.

This should be the height of the Saint Domain Water Element.

As soon as Suye walked into the captain’s room, Sovo was surprised and said: “You…how come you haven’t seen you for a while, it’s completely different?”

Medea also looked at Suye carefully, and said: “The fluctuation of the Water Element around you is very unusual, which reminds me of the Water Attribute Legendary Grandmaster. Moreover, your skin is more shiny, as if fuse together with the sea. .”

“I absorbed whale bone marrow and whale essence, and ate some of the previous treasures, plus some comprehended magic, so I grew a lot. By the way, does the whale country have a powerful Magical Creature? Or can I become a magic servant? Demon Beast? I feel I need a Water Attribute magic servant.” Suye asked.

“Yes, there are, I’m afraid you are not strong enough.” Sovo said sourly.

“What? I can try!” Suye said confidently.

Sovo stretched out his hand and pointed to the sky, and said: “This great whale grand prince.”


Sowo said: “No kidding, the best magic servant of Water Attribute is Hydra Hydra, but it is difficult to find the complete remains, and the weakest is Saint Domain. We have never seen the whale country, what about the outside world? “Speaking looked towards Medea.

Medea also shook his head and said: “No one in the outside world has a Hydra servant, and it is useless to have it, because it requires Divine Lineage Giant Monster bloodline plus Water Element bloodline to summon out.”

Suye slightly smiled, I really have them.

“I’m ready now. Next, I will look at the two of you. Are you going to attract the people from the Godking Temple here, use Demon Beast to bring trouble to others, or continue to escape?”

“I don’t like to sit and wait for death. I’m willing to give it a try.” Medea said.

“In Whale Country, no one can hurt my people with impunity!” Sovo straightened his chest.

“Okay, the next step is to provoke Hai Demon Beast to attack them, Sovo, can you do it?”

Sovo smiled slightly and said: “It’s too easy, as long as the people in the Godking Temple are hunters, those sea Demon Beasts can rush past like crazy.”

“Then, how strong is the team that chased you down in Godking Hall? This is very important.” Suye said.

Media darkened and said: “The Godking Temple is composed of two Legendary and eight Saint Domains. One is the famous Legendary warrior Marcus, and the other is even more amazing. It is the light of the Demi-God family. Priest Goult.”

“No wonder it hurts you…” Suye murmured.

“Are the two famous?” Sovo asked.

“Marcus is famous, but Guert is even more powerful. It is said that he has the light elemental Priest bloodline. Not counting the dying Legendary Priests of God’s Temple, he is undoubtedly the first Legendary Priest in Greece. This The opening of the whale country at the second time is really unexpected. The Priest of Poseidon controls the sea monster tribe, and the Priest of light comes in person, not to mention the power of God’s Temple that we don’t know. I believe that Gods wants to do something against the whale country. “Suye said.

Sovo sighed and said: “Thales Teacher predicted a long time ago, didn’t expect, they would do something on Whale Country so soon. Fortunately, Whale Country is outside of God Realm, Gods cannot come directly, otherwise , There’s no resistance in the whale country.”

Media frowns saying: “If you two guessed correctly, then the trouble will be big. The danger of the whale country is far beyond your imagination.”

“What?” Suye asked.

“Priest of Light represents not only the Godking Palace, but also Zeus! Even for Zeus, the Whale Kingdom is worthy of his oracle. Do you think that with the Zeus Oracle, what attitude does Godking Palace have towards the Whale Kingdom? ?”

“Aim to win.” Suye and Sovo said at the same time.

“So, even if Godking Temple exhausts all the power of God’s Temple, you will get the Heart of Plane from the Whale Country. I originally thought that Gult took the divine might scepter for me, but now I understand that it is for the heart. of Plane. I can be sure that they must have more powerful power in their hands, but before getting the Heart of Plane, it is inconvenient to use it to avoid affecting their real objective. No wonder Goult and Marcus only use Legendary weapons , I couldn’t catch me in the end, so I used the divine might scepter once.”

Suye said: “Their power is not important. The important thing is, you mean, they have a 100% way to get Heart of Plane?”

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