The World of Deities Chapter 697


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“Yes! They have.”

Sowo was shocked and said: “No way? Are they going to use Divine Item to capture the Heart of Plane? There was this thing in the old god era called “Spirit Cage”. The Heart of Plane in the whale country is better than the ordinary Heart of Plane is too powerful, not to mention Demi-God spirit trapping cages, Low God trapping spirit cages can’t do it. If you are determined to get it, you may use Middle God trapping spirit cages. I don’t believe Greece has this thing, it must be It was dropped from God Realm. Sending the Middle God device down, the power consumed is equivalent to a Middle God device.”

“Will Godking lack a Middle God tool? Even more how, the value of Whale Country is no less than Middle God tool, and its strategic significance is even stronger than High God tool.” Medea said.

Three people stood quietly on the water boat.

Everyone didn’t expect, the development of things far exceeds everyone’s imagination.

“What do you two think about Godking Hall’s actions?” Suye asked.

Sovo turned his head and looked in the direction of Black Coral Island, and said: “Once the Whale Country is acquired by Gods, then not only Black Coral Island will be destroyed, but also most of the lives of the Whale Country. I can’t let them succeed!” /p>

Suye looked towards Medea.

Media’s expression was calm and said: “If the whale country is acquired by Gods, I will never see my child again. Even more how, if Medea has grudges, I will repay it ten thousand times. Since they chase and kill Me, I can’t sit still.”

“How about you?” Sovo asked.

Suye said without hesitation: “I want to be Legendary Magician, so I will do what Legendary Magician should do.”

Sovo felt a shock and looked at Suye blankly.

Media gave a faint smile, brown eyes full of approval.

“There are very few people who understand this principle, and fewer people stick to it. No wonder that many masters are optimistic about you. By the way, I have some magic notes, so I will give it to you.”

Said Medea, his right hand swiped the Magic Book, and the Magic Book of the two lights up at the same time, and stayed for a long time.

Sovo looked at Suye’s Magic Book and couldn’t help showing envy.

Suye held the Magic Book to avoid transmission interruption, and then asked: “I have been thinking about a question. What are you doing after being promoted to Legendary? Or, what is the life of overwhelming majority Legendary Grandmaster? “

“Then I need to ask, of course, to study magic.” Sovo said as it should be by rights.

Media didn’t answer immediately. He bowed his head and pondered for a moment before saying: “Thinking. I and all the Legendary Grandmasters I know, spend the most time each day on thinking, but less practical work. Of course. , When necessary, we will not sleep for many days to portray a Magic Formation Chart.”

Suye looked towards Suwo with interest.

Old Sovo blushed and said: “We wizards are different from Magician. Magician likes fantasy, and wizards are more practical.”

“So the wizard can only reach the place that the body can reach, while the Magician can touch the Peak of the world with his thoughts.” Medea said.

“You were also a wizard!” Savor said.

“I am Magician now.”

Sovo looked helpless.

“So…how can I become a Legendary?” Suye asked the question that I wanted to ask the most.

Sovo quickly replied: “Thinking and working hard. As long as you keep thinking, plus constantly working hard to learn and practice, you can be promoted to Legendary. This is how I get promoted. Of course, it may take a little luck.”

Media said: “Luck? None of the masters I know get promoted to Legendary by luck. Their so-called luck is just because they do what others can’t do, but they don’t know how to do it, so It’s just a fake consignment. You question, I will think about it again.”

Suye glanced at Sovo again.

Sovo looked depressed and whispered: “Can’t you leave me with Old Zhang’s face? Magician is amazing?”

After a while, Medea stared at Suye’s eyes and said seriously: “When you believe that you can become a Legendary, you will naturally dig the stairs to Legendary. Then, always believe, keep climbing. “

Suye murmured: “Because I believe, I see, not because I see, I believe.”

Mediyawei nodded with a smile.

Sovo froze for a while, and sighed softly: “Humans are indeed monsters. Thales said so. Those Magicians who entered here and became Legendary have said similar things. Then I have to ask, just in case Can’t climb?”

Suye said without thinking: “That means you never believed from the very beginning.”

Medea smiled brightly.

Sovo complained: “I alone can’t say you two.”

“Then, I want to ask the last question, what is the nature of magic?” Suye asked.

Sovo was stunned, never even thought about this issue.

Medea spread his hands and said: “I have been thinking about this issue for many years, but I still haven’t been able to determine it. What I can say is that you need to find it yourself. The gains you have in the process of finding the essence of magic must be It will give you hundreds of times and thousands of times in return. Of course, the final harvest will give you and the entire Human billions of times in return.”

Suye suddenly realized.

“I see, thank you Medea master. I will find time to think about what you have said within three days.” Suye finished speaking and opened the Magic Book to record it.

As soon as Sovo’s eyes rolled, he also secretly recorded.

“Ai, I’m really unwilling to lose to a little girl. However, after listening to these things I have heard before, it seems that there are different gains, interesting, interesting…”

“Then, we have to start preparing to act together to stop the Priest of Light! Our objective is neither Gulte nor Marcus, but the Saint Domain Priest around them. By the way, please give me a paragraph Time, I want to learn about the creation of magic by the new Saint Domain Water Attribute.” Suye said.

“With the sea of ​​mountains as cover, we can prepare for a few more days.”

In the following days, the three people prepared with all their strength.

5 days later, everything is ready.

In the captain’s room, the three discussed for the last time.

Suye looked at Medea and said, “You are the most critical link. You must not only introduce them into the sea of ​​mountains, but also determine the timing and scope. The most important thing is to protect yourself. Are you sure you can do it?”

“With what you and Sovo borrowed from me, self-preservation is no problem.” Medea lifted his chin slightly.

Sowo helplessly said: “That’s the inheritance treasure of our Black Coral Island.”

“Sovo Ancestral Grandfather, next, you have to use your marine innate skill, hide in the sea of ​​mountains, meet Medea, protect her at critical times, and kill more at critical times The Godking Temple Saint Domain, to the greatest extent hinder them from obtaining the Heart of Plane.” Suye said.

“It’s messed up, all generations are messed up!” Sovo was a little dazed.

“As for me, I mainly seduce Demon Beast. Before I was alone, maybe it was a little difficult, but now with no difficulty.”

“Are you sure?” After Sovo finished speaking, he glanced at the Water Element person on the water ship and seemed to get the answer.

“Let’s take a final look at the detailed plan.” Suye said.

Three people opened the Magic Book and quickly browsed over a hundred pages of detailed plans, including various emergencies and probabilities as well as all measures.

After all, everyone will face the most powerful opponent in Greece.

Priests of Godking Zeus.

In a short while, the three of them looked up one after another.

“If, I mean, what if we fail in the end?” Sovo asked.

“There is no failure in my dictionary, only victory and learning. You are saying, what should we do if we encounter a situation that requires learning? It’s very simple, then continue to learn, find the root cause, and learn how to solve the problem.” Suye Tao.

“What if we all die?”

“Then you are asking, how other Magicians who have a common objective should learn to solve things similar to today. I believe that as long as they continue to learn and improve, there will be Magicians who will win.” Suye said.

“You Humans are all lunatics, all lunatics…” Sauvo muttered to himself.

“Good child, really good child…” Medea’s eyes were filled with kindness.


Suye extend the hand, clenched fists.

Medea extends the hand, and Sovo also extends the hand.

The fists of three people are closely connected.

“…Go!” Suye said, walking to the bow of the ship without looking at the two.

Two people leave the water boat separately.

Sovo enters the water and Rapid Speed ​​swims.

Medea flew up to the sky.

Suye stayed on the spot and ordered the Water Element people to attack him and help him stack the innate skill of the mana anemone, eventually expanding his total mana to ten times the original.

As early as yesterday, Suye sacrificed some spare items, bringing his total mana origin to 300.

300 Mana Wells are so much that Mana Wells begin to fuse and form three larger Mana Wells.

The total amount of mana and mana recovery speed of these three Mana Wells are the same as before. The difference is that the mana in each large Mana Well is much richer than before, and even the entire Mana Tree There have been subtle changes.

“It’s still too small. When we sell a batch of treasures and replace them with golden eagles, let’s get Chii directly!”

Suye said, sailing to the ambush area and let the water ship sink into the seabed.

Then summoned Wood Attribute Golden magic servant.

This time, summon is not nether shadow hive.

It’s World Tree.

The huge Magic Formation rotates slowly on the top of the ship of water, and a tall tree with brown skin and blue leaves but an ordinary shape emerges from it.

The tree roots plunge into the water ship, and the tree trunks continue to spread until the entire water ship is covered with densely packed roots, and a large number of roots protrude from the bottom of the ship, drifting slowly with the current.

The huge old tree is 50 meters high, surrounded by ten people, and the lush canopy resembles a giant peacock.

The tree canopy is so huge that it droops slightly even under the buoyancy of the sea.

On the trunk under the canopy, the face of a kind-looking old man appeared and gently nodded to Suye.

Suye also smiled and turned on all innate skills.

Little pale-gold rays of light converge from all directions and merge into the World Tree.

Next, World Tree will continue to grow and improve until it is promoted to Saint Domain World Tree.

Saint Domain World Tree, there is no way to use Legendary Magician, but it can fight Peak Legendary warrior.

Not only that, the “plant equipment” bloodline ability is constantly being promoted. This time Suye did not choose metal elemental equipment, but instead chose Water Element equipment.

The surface of the World Tree is constantly condensation of scales composed of heavy water, and a long whip of water grows at the end of each branch.

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