The World of Deities Chapter 699


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Led by a strong faith, Hai Demon Beast chased Suye for thousands of kilometers.

Suddenly, icebergs appeared in front of them, like the walls of a maze, obstructing the way forward.

Suye got into the maze, disappeared.

Sea Demon Beasts didn’t think much about it. Some jumped out of the sea to chase, some broke the ice and some walked along the waterway between the icebergs, at similar speeds.

I don’t know how far I swam, and suddenly, a strong breath of blue water and grass appeared in front of me, and there was also a dangerous and powerful breath, Spread.

A monkfish-like light appeared above a Demon Beast of the sea, and the light flickered, and a picture appeared, which was where the strong breath was in front.

All the nearby sea Demon Beast looked towards light lamps, and there were ten people standing in an open space in the sea, their whole body shining brightly, and the huge breath agitated all directions.

The one headed is the old man in white robe, exactly the same, but with stronger aura, and also showing the power of holy light barriers.

The sea Demon Beasts suddenly roared simultaneously.

This slut is looking for help!

More than 30 Hero Sea Demon Beast and more than 20 Legendary Sea Demon Beast looked at each other, cold light flickered in their eyes, and they were nodded.

A Hero Sea Demon Beast returns to its original path and summons the Sea Demon Beast that swims slowly behind.

The rest of the sea, Demon Beast, split into two groups, one way straight ahead, and the other way around the iceberg and outflank the sea.

Seabed surrounded by icebergs.

The entire group of Godking Temple stood in place, frowning and looking around.

A Saint Domain Priest sighed, said: “It really didn’t expect this Medea to get a Medusa shield. A total of five shields were made, and there are currently records. Wait to catch her and take it. Shield, if you leave the whale country, you must strictly investigate the family that colluded with her.”

“Yes, if there is no Medusa shield, with the two Demi-God weapons of the divine might scepter and the sword of dawn, she will definitely kill her this time.”

“You said, would it be Suye’s?”

“The two didn’t know each other before, and Medea has been chased by us. Even if they met, they only knew each other for just a few days. Would Suye be willing to lend her Medusa shield? Even more how, Suye is not a fool. I really want to find out that she was chased by the Godking Palace, and it was too late to escape. How could she help him.”

“I am very optimistic about Suye, but unfortunately he is not willing to belong to my god.”

Priest of Light headed by Guang Erte said with a slight smile: “Well, little child, who has not been young and vigorous? Give him a few more years. Once he understands the power of Gods, he will inevitably acknowledge allegiance. In history Legendary wizards and Magicians who convert to Gods are not rare. Even if he does not convert to my god, it is the same to convert to Athena Goddess.”

“Then do we kill Suye or not?”

“Killing him is a matter of the witch hunt. Our purpose is to make him acknowledge allegiance to the glory of Gods. Only if he is sure that he will never acknowledge allegiance, we can clean it up. Remember, Aristocrat’s interests, Greece’s Interests and even our interests are not important. What is important is the interests of my god and Gods. Suye is only a child, and he did not really offend the interests of my god. He was allowed to wander, but Medea violated the interests of my god. Sanctions!” Priest said solemnly of light.

“Yes.” Everyone bowed their heads simultaneously, including the Legendary warrior Marcus.

Priest of Light, Gulte looked all around, said with a slight smile: “These icebergs are made by some kind of divine power equipment. It seems that someone has helped Medea. Her help here should be Thales. The old shark that I raised. I want to see what they use against the glory of my god.”

“This place is like the legendary sea of ​​mountains. The legend is hit by Trident of the Sea Emperor, and the remaining power of the Main God Divine Item is enveloped. It is difficult for us to find it.”

“No hurry, my god will guide us to find her. Even more how, here is not far from where the Heart of Plane is, chasing her is just a handy, even if we can’t find her, we can change our way to the Sea of ​​Mist ‘, directly use the spirit trap to capture the Heart of Plane. “Gulte calm and composed.

“You said yes.”

Suddenly, Guert eyes flashed and said calmly: “Hurry up and leave this Sea Territory, there are powerful enemies attacking.”

boom~ boom~ ……

The iceberg in front burst, and countless huge ice cubes carrying dense blisters flew to all directions. After those ice cubes, the terrifying Water Attribute magic hiding the sky and covering the earth struck.

The bursting water ball with a diameter of 500 metres, the 1000-meter water mountain falling from the sky, the densely packed water dragon group, the large water vortex of Berserk, the waves hiding the sky and covering the earth……

“My God is above, and the glory will shine forever!”

Gurt immediately put away the Legendary magic staff, took out the divine might scepter, and hit the seabed heavily.

I saw the golden scepter inlaid with multi-colored gems burst out of endless milky white holy light, instantly transforming into a small fortress with a small sun on the top, protecting everyone.

Water Attribute Legendary and even Hero magic spell fell on the Glory Fortress, and they turned into soft water streams, spreading along the Glory Fortress to both sides.

Gult looked at the sea Demon Beast rushing frantically ahead, and was taken aback.

“It’s broken, we broke into the Demon Beast group.” Marcus raised the sword of dawn and stood in front of Gult.

Gulte immediately said with a slight smile: “This is probably Medea’s trick.”

Gulte finished speaking, pointed the divine might scepter forward, and blasted the dazzling divine rays to illuminate the ocean.

The sea of ​​mountains is pure and transparent, but now it is illuminated like daylight.

“I am the Priest of Godking Temple, and you are waiting for Demon Beast. Don’t disturb the glory of my lord!”

See the golden rays of light flowing out of the divine might scepter, like the golden rays of light drifting in all directions, the streamer shining, and the ocean, like the golden dome covering hundreds of miles, with great momentum.

All the sea Demon Beasts backed back simultaneously, looking at the golden rays of light stream in horror.

That is the breath of divine might and the breath of Demi-God device.

The sea Demon Beast who was going to sneak attack from the surface of the water also shrank on the surface of the sea, afraid to attack.

Godking Temple, it is a name of horror that straddles the old god age, the dark age and the new age.

Gulte smiled slightly, showing the confidence of Godking Hall.


Where the sea Demon Beast is located, suddenly The earth shook and the mountain quivered, the terrifying Legendary force exploded, strong flames and rays of light erupted, and the legendary fire without fear of the sea burned the shell skin of the sea Demon Beast .

These sea Demon Beasts, who have never felt Flame Power, are instantly angry.

Sneak attack unexpectedly!

Gulte’s smile froze, and all the God’s Temple Priest froze in place.


The Demon Beasts in the underwater sea spit out a magic spell frantically and rush forward.

The sea Demon Beast on the surface of the sea moved at a glance, and screamed and charged up.

“Stop! We…”

A big Silence Spell wordless and uncommunicative landed where Gult and the others were.

God’s Temple Priest is furious, immediately activate the Magic Tool or divine power equipment, and release a powerful protective force, because they are waiting for densely packed Legendary magic spell.

Not two, but dozens.

Gulte held high the divine might scepter, and the golden streamer had to shrink and turn into a golden mask, covering everyone.

Outside the golden mask, the sea is boiling, sediment is rising, and the seabed vibrates.

The densely packed Sea Demon Beast magic spell falls on it.

The magic of Sea Demon Beast is far inferior to the magic of Magician, but it is fast and has a lot of volume.

Sea Demon Beast is really scary, not magic.

A huge sea of ​​Demon Beast surrounds Gult and the others.

The ten of Gulte are like ants surrounded by a group of giant elephants, under the dark clouds and shadows, under continuous attacks.

They quickly dispelled the Great Silence Spell, but another Great Silence Spell fell.

God’s Temple Priest shouted at Medea in their hearts. God’s Temple magic can guard against offensive power, but Silence Spell is not at all offensive.

Sea Demon Beast can’t use magic spell either, but their most powerful thing is their body.

The shield with a diameter of 100 meters was slammed by the densely packed sea Demon Beast, making the peng peng sound, on the verge of collapse.

Gust and Marcus looked at each other helplessly, gently nodded.

I can’t reserve the power anymore, first solve these sea Demon Beasts.

I saw Legendary warrior Marcus half-kneeling on the ground, holding the sword in both hands, the tip of the sword pointing down, and the arms and the sword forming a “T” shape.

“My divine rays shine, and the world will shine forever.”


The strange sound of the ocean waves from Marcus within the body agitated and continued to spread in all directions.

In an instant, Marcus’s back grew a thick white light group, which grew bigger and bigger. After it grew to the size of a round table, it split from it, and the rays of light were two points.


The sound of a dove flapping its wings spread throughout the audience.

The two-point rays of light spread out into two rays of light wings behind Marcus.

white light is blazing, falling feathers like fire.

The dark golden divine power surges upwards from Marcus’s feet, like living liquid metal, weaving and fusing autonomously, turning into a legendary divine power battle armor.

The divine power armor even covers the face, and the eyes are protected by transparent crystals.

“The light of dawn, the sound of breaking dawn.”

The sword of daybreak in his hand made a sharp sword cry, and the grid between the hilt and the blade of the sword quickly stretched out, and also turned into rays of light wings.

The sword body shines in the morning light, like a sun rising slowly.

Marcus reversed the sword of dawn and held it up to the sky.


Strong golden flames rushed from the sword body, and after an instant, 1000 meters of sea water emptied.

Reversed with the sea, and all the sea Demon Beast.

Looking from a high altitude, a large waterless hole with a radius of 1000 meters broke through the sea. The sea water boiled at the edge of the hole, steaming sky.

The large anhydrous cave is like a giant wine glass, with the sea on top and the seabed below. Ten people seem to be ten drops of white wine.

Besides the big hole without water, Legendary Sea Demon Beast angrily releases mana outside, constantly dispelling the faint golden flames on his body, while Hero Sea Demon Beast roars up to the sky, breaking through the waterless barrier formed by the sword of dawn, rushing to the Godking Hall Priest.

The Saint Domains were about to attack, and Priest Gult, the light, raised his left hand lightly to stop them.

“trifling beast, Marcus will fix it.” Gulte smiled slightly, the sparse wrinkles on his face gathered together.

The divine might scepter of his right hand fell gently and hit Marcus on the shoulder.

Click click…

The armor of Marcus’s divine power shattered every inch, but in the place where it was broken, the golden red’s divine might be like lava spreading slowly, filling the gaps.

Marcus’ body slowly increased by a foot.

“Go, in the name of my god, bestow brilliance to the lost fish.”

Marcus roared, like a little Giant, rushing out of the shelter of the divine might scepter.

Lost the support of the sword of dawn, the sea water poured in, and the waterless land turned into a depression under the waterfall, and it collapsed.

Only the mask of the divine might scepter stayed still.

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