The World of Deities Chapter 757


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Suye blinked, did the wind just blow, or didn’t want to change?

Suye said: “I am the master of the ghost ship, I want to establish my belief here, um… just call me Sushen. Now, you have two options. Option one, actively become my subordinate , Help me spread my faith, and follow me in the future, step by step, and finally promoted to the undead god. Option two…”

A brand new white ghost palace appeared above Suye.

The skeletal horse began to tremble again, clucking like a thousand teeth fighting up and down.

“I use the ghost palace to control you, and then you will take the initiative to become my subordinates to help me spread the faith, and follow me later, watching other undead rise up and finally promote the undead god.” Suye glanced at the headless Knight. , And then looked at the skeleton horse with a smile.

The green flame eyes of the bone horse dimmed instantly, as if about to go out, and buried his head behind the headless Knight.

The headless Knight holds a long sword and motionless bones.

Suye looked at the ever-dark sky of sky, and said: “My time is precious, I will give you one minute…Forget it, you have no brains, I will be kind and give you 3 minutes to consider Right. After all, you are currently the only Legendary headless Knight, maybe this is fate.”

Time passed slowly, Suye used the power of Lord of Plane to find other Legendary, and unexpectedly found a Legendary Lich, which is the top power in the undead mage. Basically, Legendary Lich and Legendary magic master are the same, except for the race. .

Some Saint Domain or Legendary Grandmasters considered transforming themselves into Lich before lifespan was near.

After all, Lich’s body will also decay, but Lich can constantly change his body to ensure longevity.

And Demi-God Lich has an endless lifespan comparable to God.

However, Lich is the product of Witchcraft, and the oldest Lich should not be more than 500 years old.

That Legendary Lich, maybe a famous wizard or Magician Senior.

When the time came, Suye looked up and asked: “How about it, have you considered it clearly?”

The headless Knight slowly raised the long sword of the skeleton, the cold in his hands dissipated, slowly forming a fine frost-colored ice pattern on the long sword.

Suye nodded, said: “After all, it’s Legendary, and I have a very high spirit. I am not too difficult for others, so…”

Suddenly, the skeletal horse ran in front of the headless Knight, bent four hooves, knelt on the ground, and the skull horse’s head slammed.


Suye was stunned. This horse was really knocking and didn’t act at all.

Replaced with a real horse, now it is alive and dead.

After more than ten seconds, the headless Knight stretched out his hand to stop the skeletal horse, the coldness in his hands cleared, then he bent his left knee and knelt on the ground.

Slightly bend down the chest and abdomen, and the sword is horizontal.

“Very good, but your guide horse is smarter than you. These are your meeting gifts. Throw away the broken long sword on your body. By the way, I also have a Legendary harness here.”

Suye said, with a wave of his hand, the legendary equipment of the crackle fell in front of the headless Knight.

A lion head shield, a frosty long sword, a Black Dragon armor, a pair of black and gold boots, a pair of silver greaves, a Golden armband, ten Legendary rings, and a Legendary harness.


The skeleton horse screamed excitedly.

The headless Knight half-kneeled on the ground blankly, as if looking silly.

The skeletal horse excitedly plunged its head into the headless Knight’s arms, while drilling, placed a hoof on the metal harness and tapped it lightly.

When… When…

After a while, the headless Knight got up, first equipped the skeletal horse with harness, and then slowly put himself on Legendary equipment.

The majestic skeleton horse ran around the headless Knight Sahuan, even the green eyes looking towards Suye were stronger than before.

Suye blinked and said seriously: “Through observation, I found that because you lost your head and brain, your reaction was a few shots slower than normal. This is a big problem. Treat it well. The headless Knight I knew before, There are very few people like you. A guide horse, take your master well, maybe wait for him to be promoted to Demi-God, so you can use your mind.”

The guide horse obediently bowed its head to Suye, and then showed a sullen but flattering smile.

The headless Knight holds the Legendary sword firmly.

“Remember, in the name of God Su, build the undead Legion. There is a statue of me in the Ring of Space. Once the base area is determined, just put it on. If you don’t understand in the future, ask more about the blind horse. I think it might be conferred as God before you.”

The guide horse cracked its big mouth, creaked its teeth, and smiled happily and strangely.

The headless Knight slapped the horse with a palm.

crash-bang ……

The guide horse scattered all over the place.

The harness fell to the ground with a clang.

The skull of the guide horse continued to bite and move, like an electrocuted rabbit, not knowing whether it was cursing or laughing.

Suye glanced at the headless Knight who started to assemble the guide horse, looking for the next objective.

In this way, Suye successfully “convinced” a Legendary headless Knight, a Legendary Lich, a Legendary ghost, and a Legendary skeleton warrior, giving them a Legendary equipment, allowing them to form the undead country in four directions.

From beginning to end, Suye didn’t use the new ghost palace, and completely used his charm and eloquence to gain the trust of the other party.

Just let the ghost palace float in the air.

In this way, the ghost ship and the whale country are basically on the right track.

It’s just that the credibility of the undead is too small, but fortunately there are many.

Next, the most important thing…

Look for the altar of believers.

So, Suye asked the Plato chamber of commerce to help him find the True God altar.

Also, give André’s Magic Book to Thucydides, let him help to crack it and avoid being discovered.

You can’t always close André’s Magic Book.

Late night, Pandion Family.

The girl covered in black robe slowly moved across the corner.

Just a little bit!

Just a little bit can leave the family, and then assassinate André!

Suddenly, the girl quickly climbed to the wall and rolled over to the ground.

Like a black cat, quietly.

The girl gently relaxed.

She touched the Ring of Health on her ring finger.

Suddenly, a dark figure appeared behind the girl.


Paros turned his head abruptly, and in the moonlight, tall Sisyphus cut it off with a hand knife.


Sisyphus bent over and carried the unconscious younger sister, lowered his head and walked back, muttering to himself.

“It’s been the fifth time, and let people not sleep…I won’t be promoted to Legendary, I can only stop her by sneak attack…

Ander Lie Family.

After mastering the basic super magic skills, Suye finally completed the last shortcoming of Magic Formation Chart.

Basic Magic Formation, Creation Magic Formation and Super Magic Magic Formation include all types of Magic Formation Chart.

Whether it is the Legendary Magic Formation Chart group or the magic Divine Formation that masters have imagined, they are all based on these three types.

General Magicians learn the super magic skills first, and then learn the last Legendary Magic Formation Chart group.

However, the order of Suye is different, so when you come back to learn the super magic skills, like a hot knife through butter.

All the super magic skills under Legendary will be learned as soon as you learn.

Ordinary Saint Domain has to learn super magic skills for at least one month, and Suye can learn it in a day.

Super-magic-extended, super-magic-enhancement, super-magic-instant, super-magic-no curse, super-magic-enhanced, super-magic-delay, etc. super-magic techniques have appeared on Mana Tree leaves one after another.

Each ordinary magic technique is the same as ordinary magic, depicted on a single leaf.

However, the Legendary Super Magic is as difficult as the Legendary Magic. It is a Magic Formation Chart group composed of ten leaves.

Suye browse Legendary super magic skills.

“Super magic-superposition, very strong, can make all super magic tricks work, but it is actually a Hero level magic trick, which needs a Hero magic spell bit to carry.”

“Hero magic spell position and Demi-God magic spell position are both a kind of Legendary magic, which can carry Hero or Demi-God magic spell, but the problem is that Super Magic-Superposition itself is also equivalent to a Hero magic spell. In this way, the difficulty is equivalent to learning and portraying two Hero magic spells. At my current level, it will take more than a year, and I can only give up.”

“Super Magic-Foresight is very strong, equivalent to directly release the future magic, but the difficulty is too high, at least half a year to learn.”

“The super magic-double hair is very strong, it is the standard configuration of Legendary mage, but this super magic technique has a flaw, that is, some magics are not effective, such as summon and protection, which cannot be activated twice. Mastering Legendary incarnation, Legendary incarnation is equivalent to the weaker second me, which is very useful and may basically replace the super magic double hair.”

“At present, it seems that the super-mana sacrifice is more suitable for me. The function is to inject a large amount of mana into a magic instantly, maximizing the formidable power of a single magic, the total amount can be selected by yourself, and you can even sacrifice all mana. I have more than 20,000 Mana Wells, which are basically equivalent to two thousand times the ordinary Magician, plus the role of Legendary magic’mana lake’, mana doubles, if you cooperate with the magic anemone, etc. to increase mana’s power , That is a few hundred thousand times mana pouring into a magic.”

“Although there is a risk of the magic leaves blowing up, needless to say, the formidable power is definitely the strongest single Legendary magic since ancient times. The key is that I still have inexhaustible strength. I can use mana several times in one breath… “

Suye did not give too much consideration, and earnestly learned the powerful super-magic technique of “super-magic-mana sacrifice”.

“But before that, we have to maximize another magic.”

Suye appears in Giants’ Hills, looking at the Rock Dwarf tribe.

However, we need to change the name now.

The current Wang Sledgehammer and all the Dwarf under him are no longer what they used to be.

The former Rock Dwarf had rough skin, like a chisel of a novice sculptor.

Now, they are pretty casual, but their skin seems to have been sanded.

Bronze metallic color.

It is like curing the divine power body of Bronze Warrior.

Not only that, their shoulders, wrists, and knees all have metal Sharp Thorn that protects their joints.

Each Sharp Thorn reflects a faint light, making each Dwarf look extraordinarily hideous.

From skin to flesh to skeleton, all contain the dual power of rock and bronze, earth elemental and metal elemental.

Metal Rock Dwarf.

The entire tribe, under the buff of Giants’ Hills power, is upgraded from the original Black Iron tribe to the bronze tribe.

Because of the integration into Giants’ Hills, the number of the entire Dwarf tribe has increased to as many as 50.

Wang Dahammer, has been promoted to Legendary.

His wife, Wang Huolu, was promoted to Saint Domain.

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