The World of Deities Chapter 758


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Except for King Sledgehammer and King Fire Furnace, in this metal Rock Dwarf tribe, there are ten Golden Dwarf, ten Silver Dwarf, and the rest are bronze Dwarf.

Summon King Sledgehammer, at first is summon with the Black Devil Sheep, a typical summon group of creatures.

After entering Giants’ Hills, he became the summon team, which can summon ten Dwarf.

Now, Giants’ Hills has been promoted to a large plane, and Power of Plane is fully cultivating and directly promotes the summon team to the summon tribe.

Next, as long as Suye uses “summon Black Iron servant”, what summon comes out is this tribe of 50 metal Rock Dwarf.

However, with the exception of King Sledgehammer, the other Dwarf died, and it will take some time to resurrect and be summoned again.

Suye looked at Wang Sledgehammer who was practicing the battle technique, yelling he he, and from time to time he assumed various poses to show his muscles and Legendary breath.

From now on, he can open the “King of Hill” form without any restrictions, making him a real Giant.

Entering the Mana Tree, Suye looked at the “summon Black Iron servant” Mana Tree leaf.

Giants’ Hills have been promoted to the large-scale Divine Power Plane, and the metal Rock Dwarf is the main group of Giants’ Hills. As the backbone of the Giants’ Hills, it must be strengthened in order to prevent the plane from being swallowed.

Netherworld dragons and World Tree servants are indeed very strong. They are not afraid to face the Legendary warrior, but they are easily solved when they encounter Legendary mage or Legendary warrior.

After all, Faye will always be Faye.

But the Dwarf tribe is naturally sheltered by Giants’ Hills. It is not afraid of expulsion, will not be imprisoned, and fearless of spirit impact. It often plays a decisive role in the swallowing of the plane.

So Suye incorporated a deified gemstone into the “summon Black Iron servant”.

The summon Black Iron servant, like the summon Golden servant, gains the power of deification.

Suye returned to Giants’ Hills again and looked at the Dwarf tribe.

I saw all Dwarf wailing in pain, including Wang Sledgehammer, under their bronze skin, a faint metallic luster was glowing.

The huge power transforms their bodies, even more drastically than Power of Plane’s transformation, making them unbearable.

So much so that except for the king’s hammer, the skin of the other Dwarf cracked, and the blood was dripping with a little dark golden light.

It took a full quarter of an hour before fifty Dwarf collapsed on the ground and fell asleep.

Those bears, Goblin, were frightened mad and shrank on the ground, pouting their butts and holding their heads, without moving.

The rest of the servants rushed over, and even the champion Netherworld Knight, who was serious about spreading evil, ran over to join in the fun.

“叽叽gu gu…”



Di Aotian, Netherworld Unicorns, and Netherworld Dragons communicate in the languages ​​of various races with bull’s head and mouth, and there is no obstacle at all.

After a while, Wang Sledgehammer foul-mouthed stood up.

“It must be Your Majesty playing another new trick! I bombed myself to death last time!”

Wang Dahammer complained, checked his body, widened his eyes suddenly, and grinned while touching his body.

A series of surprise swear words erupted from this Dwarf’s mouth.

After venting, Wang Dahammer rolled his eyes, dropped the qualitatively changed hammer, got up and hooked to the Netherworld unicorn, showing a contemptuous smile.

“Heizi, wrestle with grandfather!”


The Netherworld unicorn was furious. Even if Wang Dahammer was promoted to Legendary a few days ago, he called himself a little black brother. In just a few days, his status has dropped so fast?


Angel you uncle!

The Netherworld unicorn rushed over, two hind legs rooted in Earth like pillars, the body suddenly raised, and the front hoofs were raised high.

The hoof treads like a meteorite.

Wang Sledgehammer let out a low growl, his body swelled into a three-meter-high Giant, his whole body like iron, and the large tendons under his skin bulged like tree roots.


The king’s sledgehammer firmly grasped the two front hooves of the Netherworld unicorn, and then shook it with a shake. The Netherworld unicorn was threw away hundreds of meters away in a daze.

The flying Netherworld unicorn.


The Netherworld unicorn fell to the ground and slid in the Scattering Dust before finally stopping.

It has four hoofs up to the sky, and its face is confused.

Where is the little Dwarf so powerful?

Own strength is obviously comparable to the ordinary Giant Dragon!

“hahahaha…” Wang Dahammer laughed wildly with his arms akimbo.

Everyone looked confused, why is this guy so strong?

After laughing, Wang Dahammer hooked the Netherworld dragon and said: “younger brother, play with brother?”

The Netherworld dragon is furious.

The Netherworld dragon flaps its wings, the wind is blowing, the dust is flying, and the body is slowly rising.

Rising to a high place, the Netherworld dragon gave a low growl, and suddenly converged its wings and dived down at a very fast speed.


I saw a ring of mist suddenly appeared all over him, and a violent rumbling sound, and the speed continued to increase after the breakthrough sound barrier.

By the time it reached the sky above the King Sledgehammer, the speed of the Netherworld dragon had reached its extreme.

The Netherworld dragon slammed out its claws.

Like a mountain falling from the sky.

The king’s sledgehammer slammed his fist to meet the claws of the Netherworld dragon.

The claw meets the fist.

Sky’s dragon claw is as solid as a rock, and the lower arms burst and blood splashes.


Wang Dahammer screamed and rolled back and fell heavily to the ground.

The Netherworld dragon fell heavily on the ground, shaking the dragon claw lightly.


The Netherworld dragon roared and turned away triumphantly, but it was a little slow, like a person walking barefoot on a gravel road.

The claws are also hidden in the dragon wings.


The Netherworld unicorn grinned and showed his big white teeth. It trot around the fallen king sledgehammer, sneering constantly, and his tail occasionally passed over Wang sledgehammer’s face.

Di Aotian and a large group of Dwarf ran over, Wang Huolu was anxious like a calf on a hot pot.

Wang Sledgehammer sat up reluctantly and watched his arms recover at a speed visible to naked eye.

“Ai, compared to the Netherworld dragon, it’s still almost. However, I feel that my master has bestowed me a magical power. It won’t take long for me to improve one more step, and even Rock Dwarf will become Silver Race group.”

Di Aotian twitched his lips with a look of disbelief.

I have just been promoted from Rock Dwarf to Metal Rock Dwarf. I am already strong enough. How can I be promoted so quickly.

“叽叽gu gu…” Di Aotian was suddenly discouraged.

The sledgehammer patted Di Aotian on the shoulder and said: “Don’t worry, it won’t be long before the volcano plane will become the domain of the master. When the time comes, you will become the king of the race just like me.” /p>

Di Aotian forcefully nodded.

“Let’s break your wrists for fun?” Wang Dahammer looked up and down Di Aotian.

Di Aotian looked at Wang Dahammer’s hand carefully, his fingers were thicker than his own wrist, so he turned and left with a look of disgust.

Wang Sledgehammer stood up, patted the dust off his body, smiled, and walked towards the shiver coldly bear Goblin coolie…

Suye shook his head, then flew to the World Tree and whispered a few words.

The breath of World Tree converges to the whole body. It looks like a very tall ordinary tree, which is hard to think of the legendary World Tree.

Suye raised his head and looked at the gray and blue sky.

“Since you encounter a plane fishing once, you may encounter it a second time. Although the Double Ring Void is very unique and God cannot enter, it can give his believers powerful power, or let the powerful power of the world enter. It’s just that God’s Divine Power Plane generally cuts off contact with the world to avoid exposure.”

“I don’t know if Cyrus can find this place again. If I can, I will have a second altar. When the time comes, I can put it on the ghost ship.”

Suye was thinking, sensing that the Magic Book received the message, hurriedly waved and opened it.

There is only one person who can contact me now.

Legendary Grandmaster Thucydides.

“Netherworld changed. Space Cracks appeared in many areas of Greece, and a large number of Devil, demons and Netherworld Giant emerged. In addition, the evil God’s Strength of Northern Europe began to erode the ocean, and Beowolf, the pirate king, was about to conferred as God. Not surprisingly, each The Great God’s Temple will conduct a new round of recruitment and you are ready. In addition, André’s Magic Book has been cracked, and you can integrate it with your Magic Book after you get it.”

“In addition, we found that last time thanks to Goddess of Wisdom Temple for helping you to cover up the mark, otherwise, your battle process will be restored by other God’s Temple with a powerful divine spell. I specially asked someone to make one for you The Legendary ring can release a power to cover up the exploration of God’s Temple. It is called’Old God Defilement’, but it will consume divine might. Send it tonight together.”

Suye thanked Thucydides a lot, and then asked: “Can you open me the profanity material?”

It took a while before Thucydides responded.

“Already in your book, including all the profanity magic known by Plato Academy. In order to avoid disturbing you, you are only eligible to open it after you have completed thirty Legendary magic.”


Suye secretly sighed this master has a wild road.

The old god is filthy and belongs to one of the rare magic branches, blaspheming magic.

Suye also became aware of this branch after he was promoted to Legendary and obtained some advanced Magic Book memberships from Plato Academy.

In the eyes of God’s Temple, this branch is “blasphemous magic.”

Profane magic is a taboo among Gods taboos. Any Magician who learns and studies profanity magic will be judged as a blasphemer, and God’s Temple will be destroyed at all costs.

Because the power of other magic, even if it comes from God, will change its appearance, or the power level is very low.

But blasphemy magic simply is completely imitating or even stealing God’s power.

There are different opinions on the origin of blasphemy magic, but it is currently recognized that in order to fight against the new gods, the old gods acted together with wizards and did not hesitate to sell some of the secrets of God.

As a result, the wizards didn’t expect to create the “Profession of Priest”, that is, the wizard first believed in a God and gained the power to use the divine spell.

After that, deceive God to become a hypocrite, but continue to steal the divine spell.

But then this method leaked out. As a result, more powerful existences such as Devil, Devil and even Giant began to steal God’s power.

Soon, Gods found out, so act together to fight against Priest.

overwhelming majority blasphemy Priest was wiped out.

After that, Magician appeared.

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