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On the basis of desecrating Priest, Magicians no longer “steal” God’s divine spell, but try to restore the divine spell with magic and create Divine-Level magic.

Profane magic is the highest achievement of these Magicians.

However, ordinary profanity magic is not very useful, and it is not as good as basic magic.

And the particularly powerful profanity magic, because it completely copied the divine spell, mana can replace divine power, but divine might cannot be replaced, and Divine Right cannot be replaced.

So, even if many profane magics are completed, Magicians cannot really use them.

Like the old god, filth belongs to relatively simple blasphemy magic, and additional divine might is fine.

Think of blasphemy magic, Suye’s heart is hot.

Profane magic can be said to be the most high-level magic at present, combining Witchcraft, magic, unlimited plane knowledge and God’s highest achievement.

Magician does not have Divine Right, and can’t use advanced profanity magic, but he has Divine Right!

The point is, as I continue to grow, my understanding of the power of Divine Right and God will definitely surpass all Magicians.

As long as you learn the basic principles of blasphemy magic, you can create new blasphemy magic.

No, it should be called Divine-Level magic.

Suye’s heart was pounding at the thought that she could use power no less than God’s in the future.

“World of Magic hides too many unknown powers. Socrates master can slaughter the gods and can be directly promoted from Legendary Magician to Demi-God Magician. There must be a reason. Even a few Magicians have completely analyzed some parts. Divine spells are possible, but they are either afraid of God’s full bounce, or they are unable to use them and cannot be announced yet.”

“must master the blasphemy magic!”

“However, the magic incorporated into the deified gemstone is considered blasphemy magic?”

Subsequently, Suye’s eyes fell on the magic letter.

Think deeply again.

The Thucydides master is willing to take it out even to blaspheme the Magic Tool. Does this show that Magicians have no scruples?

The prelude to the chaos has been opened.

All signs indicate that the ancient Titans of Netherworld have made up their minds.

After that, Suye shook his head slightly.

The ancient Titans are very strong. Once they break through the ban and rush into God Realm, the entire Greece Pantheon will be torn apart.

In order to guard against the ancient Titans, Greece Gods has been preparing for too long.

In the ancient prophecy, Gods cannot kill the ancient Titans in Mortal World.

Because the ancient Titans are all descendants of the Great Mother Earth Goddess Gaia, as long as Gaia does not abandon them, the God’s Strength cannot kill them on the Earth in Greece.

So, ancient prophecies show that only mortal can kill the ancient Titans and prevent them from climbing Mount Olympus and rushing into God Realm.

Hercules, or Hera Krus, is a killing move prepared by Greece Gods to deal with the ancient Titans.

Gods cannot break the blessing of Great Mother Earth Goddess Gaia, but the half-human Demi-God Hercules can.

Hercules are chess pieces set by Greece Gods act together.

The purpose of his existence is to prevent the ancient Titans from climbing Mount Olympus.

In a sense, the reason why Hera keeps driving Hercules crazy, keeps making him kill, keeps making him bear the sins, is to make him become Demi-God or new god as soon as possible.

As long as Hercules has not become a Low God, he has always been able to break Gaia’s blessing and completely kill the ancient Titan.

Suye can almost predict that when Hercules is standing under Mount Olympus, no ancient Titan can rush to God Realm.

Even if there is a fish that escaped the net occasionally, it doesn’t make any sense.

Hercules is too strong.

Blowing the breath to divide the river, breathing out the mountain, this has exceeded the scope of Demi-God and reached the level of a new god.

And he is just Demi-God now.

Hercules is now absolutely No. 1 under God.

Even without Hercules, there is still God’s Temple and the power of Greece as a whole.

The ancient Titans have been sealed for too long after all, after all, they are just a group of old gods of the old age.

They chose to launch the final offense at this time, not because they were sure.

It’s because they are too old.

If they can’t rush into the God Realm recovery power, they will die of old age completely.

Not every ancient Titan possesses the undead ability of Cronus.

However, Suye is most concerned about World of Magic and Magician.

How can World of Magic get the most out of this change?

This is why Suye pretends to be André at the risk of hiding.

The defeat of Greece God allows World of Magic to get the most benefit.

But the problem is that Greece Gods will definitely win. It’s just a big victory or a terrible victory.

“This battle of the Titans is an opportunity for World of Magic to rise.”

“So, what exactly should I do?”

At night, Suye received the old god filthy ring and André’s Magic Book secretly sent by the master of Thucydides.

After absorbing André’s Magic Book with my own Magic Book, I equivalent to own two Magic Books at the same time.

Opening the magic letter box belonging to André, there is a densely packed prompt flashing.

Before this, I have been unable to open it.

Suye fell into hesitation. She was stupid for a few months and that’s all. Do you want to reply now?

There are also several Saint Domain masters who are not low in status.

Suye read the letter while thinking, suddenly, Steward hurried in the door and said: “André Lord, the Priest of God’s Temple came with the joint call-up order of God’s Temple and Areopagus. We have entered the gate and we can’t stop it.”

“The one who should come will come.” Suye said, slowly getting up, leaving the study, and walking out.

In the night breeze, Suye and God’s Temple Priest stood at both ends of the gravel road in the courtyard, looking at each other.

“Your Excellency André High Priest, I came here with a joint levy order to read the orders of God’s Temple and Areopagus. From now on, you will be called up as the Protector of the Deep, and will go to the Deep through the Great Transmission Array on the Citadel Mountain.

God’s Temple Priest and the people behind him stared at Suye closely.

“Give me half an hour of preparation time.” Suye said.

“We are waiting here.” God’s Temple Priest said.

Suye returned to the study, lost in thought.

Not long after, Suye got up and left the study.

“Let’s go.” Suye nodded to God’s Temple Priest.

God’s Temple Priest also nodded in return, leading everyone and Suye out of the door of the Tross family.

“André” glanced back at the new house, his eyes full of nostalgia and melancholy.

“I don’t know when I will be back.”

“Please!” God’s Temple Priest stood at the door of Magic Carriage, making a please gesture.

Suye was about to get into the car when someone said: “André.”

Hearing this familiar voice, Suye froze for a moment, then followed the reputation.

It was an old man with sagging skin, and his eye bags drooped like a pig bladder filled with water.

His facial skin is slightly red, with scattered white hair scattered on top of his head.

It looks like a pinch of white frosting sugar is sprinkled on a red egg.

golden light The brilliant golden scepter is suspended to his right.

Suye didn’t expect, after three or four years, I will see this Saint Domain master, Cromwell again.

Suye clear remembers that arbitration, and even attracted the attention of Athena giant Idol.

In André’s memory, this Cromwell is the honorary director of Aristocrat Academy, and is his teacher’s teacher. He once enthusiastically pointed him to magic.

“Cromwell master.” Suye bowed his head slightly, his eyes a little complicated.

“Child, I want to know why you gave up everything.”

“André” moved his lips lightly, his eyes dimmed, and he slowly said: “I have read both you and Teacher’s magic letter, and Teacher’s scolding is correct. I cannot extricate myself from the pain of the past. And your invitation I am very touched, but I know I don’t deserve your guidance.”

Cromwell sighed, looked at the God’s Temple Priest, and said: “Can I send him to Citadel Mountain?”

God’s Temple Priest hesitated for an instant, nodded.

“Come to my carriage, let’s talk.” Cromwell looked at “André” kindly.

Suye nodded, followed along.

Sit into the living room of Magic Carriage, Suye lowered his head, as if afraid to look at Cromwell.

“Your experience, we can all guess. You were forced to work for God’s Temple. Just as your father died in the Whale Kingdom, you suffered a devastating attack and a hair-raising battle. It’s difficult to get out of that shadow. But no matter what, you must understand that you are Aristocrat, you are also an Aristocrat Patriarch, and you are also a potential Magician.” Cromwell said.

“But…I can’t portray the most ordinary Legendary magic so far.” “Andr锑s head dropped deeply.

“So what? If half a year doesn’t work, just one year, if one year doesn’t work, just two or three years. I believe you can have your own Legendary magic.”

“Thank you, Cromwell master.”

“What do you think?” Cromwell asked.

“I…I don’t want anything, I just want to live this life safely. I…no longer like the past life.”

“André” is long sighed.

“But Aristocrat needs you, Witch Hunt needs you, World of Magic needs you too.”

“Forget it, I have become a mouse that everyone shouts and beats in World of Magic, and I can’t even enter the Magic Parliament. I should be the most incompetent Legendary Magician in history.” André’s face showed a self-deprecating smile.

André’s Magic Book is banned by Magic Parliament, and Suye is afraid that his browsing history will be discovered by the people of Magic Parliament, so he has not been in these days.

“I have applied to Magic Parliament. Within three days, your Magic Book will be able to re-enter Magic Parliament, and you will be promoted directly to senior member as a Legendary Grandmaster.”

“Really?” Suye was overjoyed, eyes shining.

“Of course it is true.” Cromwell’s smile became more kind.

“Then very good, I actually… still want to learn magic.” Suye said.

“Very good. So, what do you think of the relationship between the Witch Hunt and Magician?”

An anger and hatred flashed in “Andr锑s eyes, but recovery soon calmed down.

“I am Aristocrat first and then Magician.” André said.

“Okay, great! Remember what you said today!” Cromwell patted Suye on the shoulder with relief.

“Cromwell master, deep hell is…is it too dangerous for me?” Suye asked.

Cromwell sighed, said: “If you are a naturally promoted Legendary, hell is an excellent land of cultivation for you, but now you don’t even talk about Legendary magic, Saint Domain magic, or even the basic Golden magic. Not learning everything is really dangerous for you.”

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