The World of Deities Chapter 761


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There is no kindness in deep hell.

Because the Will of Hell is an evil aggregation of countless planes.

If it must be said that there is goodness in deep hell, then working hard to do evil is the greatest good deed in deep hell.

Since the area surrounded by the city wall cannot be observed, Suye can only observe the city wall carefully.

The morning light is stenchy, and the smell of sulfur is mixed with the smell of pig iron.

The location of the city wall near the inner ring is surrounded by giant divine power appliances.

On the ground behind each sling, a dark cellar mouth is exposed, where rocks will continue to pass upward.

In front of the three-tiered catapult, there are rows of giant crossbows, which are also densely packed.

Different from the ordinary city defense system, the controllers of these catapults and giant crossbows, none of them are Human, but metal puppets.

Not a magic puppet.

is a divine power puppet created by Artisan God’s Temple.

Vulcan, the god of artisans, has the most outstanding puppets, and even his god, the god of puppets, is made by himself.

The weapon system of the deep fortress is completely built by Artisan God’s Temple.

A large number of warriors, Magicians and Priests stand on the front line between various city defense equipment and the inner wall of the city wall.

Some rest, some patrol, some prepare for battle, some chat…

They all seem to be doing different things, but their expressions are surprisingly consistent.

Extremely indifferent, no matter what they do, everyone has no expression at all, even the wrinkles on their faces are the same as cast iron.

At this moment the morning light is shining, and their eyes are full of dusk.

They are more like puppets than puppets.

Suye sighed slightly, his eyes fell on the warriors, their clothes and armor were torn everywhere, and the black blood was like ink.

The city wall and the ground are sprayed with ink-like blood everywhere.

Many warriors are scrubbing vigorously, and the blood is thick as a blanket, and has even penetrated into the rocks.

All are the blood of Devil, Giant and Human.

The morning breeze blows, and Suye’s stomach rolls.

Suddenly, there were noises around.


Suye turned his head and looked around. Many newcomers vomited, including some high-ranking warriors.

Especially the white and clean Aristocrat Lords.

The rank of half of them comes from confered by gods.

Suye looked at the strange deep fortress, a little dazed, but then realized that he actually had an objective.

Live it.

A rush of footsteps approached.

“Is that Lord André?”

Suye’s eyes moved, and the voice was familiar and unfamiliar.

It’s strange because the two have only met once.

Familiarity is that this voice is profound.

Suye turned and looked around, an old face appeared before her eyes.

old man hair grey-white, his face is full of wrinkles, and the torment of years and diseases made his eyes black.

The person in front of me overlaps with the Baines Patriarch in memory.

I and Baynes family have two intersections.

The first time I was in the arena and helped Roland solve the gladiator battle team of the Baynes family.

The second time was at the auction house. Charles of the Baynes family was bewitched by André in an attempt to expose his identity, so he revealed the secret Priest silver pigeon robe.

After that, he led Meders and God’s Temple personnel into the Baynes family.

On that day, not only used the Baynes family to complete a small primary accumulation, but also abolished the legendary divine power of Baynes Patriarch, made him an ordinary person, and exiled to deep prison.

Suye took a deep look at Baines Patriarch. His body is not good, but he is well dressed and even wears a General medal on his left shoulder.

Behind him, a dozen people followed, and there were even two powerful Saint Domain warriors.

The smell of blood on the two Saint Domain warriors is stronger than that on the city wall.

It seems that he has been here very well.

“Your Excellency André! Your great grace, the Baynes family will never forget!”

The old man burst into tears, knelt on the ground with a splash, and was about to kowtow to Suye.

“André” hurriedly rushed forward and helped Baines Patriarch.

At this moment, Suye fully understands why Baines is so deeply grateful to himself.

Because he thought he killed Suye himself.

Looking at Patriarch’s sincere face, grateful expression and warm tears, Suye was moved.

Suye clasped Patriarch’s hand tightly, as if he had seen old comrades who had been side by side for many years, he was silent for a long time, and slowly said: “I should do it!”

Looking at André in the morning light, Baines seemed to see Saint coming, tears of old man.

“André, from now on, I, Baynes, will be your servant! In the fortress of Hell, any disrespect to you is disrespect to me, and disrespect to Lord Harmon!” Patriarch almost yelled, eyes Bloodshot like a net.

Suye was taken aback.

“What is the relationship between Master Harmon and you?” Suye didn’t expect that this Baines Patriarch could have a relationship with Harmon.

Harmons is a powerful Heroic Warrior. Although his City-State is far away from Athens, his reputation still spreads throughout Greece.

“I used to save the son of Lord Harmon, now Patriarch of the Harmon family! Yes, after being forced into deep prison by that despicable Suye, I became the Stinking Insect in deep prison. Everyone can I yelled and used me like a pig or dog. Yes, after half a year, I could hardly survive, and even wanted to commit suicide. But didn’t expect, the people conferred by gods gave me a chance to let Hero Harmons Come here to serve! When I told Master Harmons about my experience, he was furious and threw those who insulted me directly into the stormtrooper as cannon fodder and reused me!”

Patriarch stands tall and looks proud.

Morning wind pasted his gray and greasy hair on his left eye, but could not confuse the pride on his face.

After speaking, he shook his head and shook the hair from his left eye.

“What is Lord Harmon’s position in the deep prison?” Suye asked tentatively.

Baines smiled proudly and said: “He is the third Lord of the fort.”

André eyes shined, loudly said: “That’s very good, I will rely on you in the future.”

The first Lord is a Demi-God Priest.

The second Lord is a Demi-God warrior.

Harmonis turned out to be the third Lord, with great authority and unimaginable.

“Don’t worry! In the deep prison, you can walk unhindered!” After he finished speaking, he raised his head and pointed at the rank on his shoulder, “I am now the second General of the Logistics Department of the Deep Prison!”

Suye clasped Baines Patriarch’s hand, sighed, and said: “I also heard that you were framed and planted into deep prison by the evil Suye. I am very pleased to see that you are all well.”

The hatred on Baynes’s face spread like wildfire, gnashing teeth said: “That damn Suye should be imprisoned in the Caucasus Mountains, use Zeus’s thunderbolt to hack him, and Vulcan’s fire to burn him Submerge him with Poseidon’s sea water, bite him with Hades’s ghost! But, everything is over! André, you are good, you are better than all my sons! My ineffective sons have not looked at me yet , When I died, but, you helped me avenge my blood!”

“I just did what Aristocrat should do! What a pity…” André’s eyes were dim.

Baines patted Suye on the shoulder, and said: “I have heard about you, whoever it is, will be completely helpless. However, I can assure you that as long as you stay in the fortress of the deep, I I can guarantee your safety! No matter who wants to disadvantage you, tell me, whether it is Priest, Magician or Aristocrat, tell me, I will make him better than dead! Remember, this is a deep hell, not Athens, nor Greece! After experiencing the pain of the first half of the year, I thoroughly realized that this fortress is not a fortress in Greece, but a fortress in the Hell Plain!”

“I understand!” Suye faintly realized that this place might be a bit different from what he imagined. Otherwise, you won’t turn a calm and calm Great Aristocrat into a guy with fluctuating emotions.

“Very good! Go, I will take you to my place, and we will talk as we walk. Where do you want to work?” Baines asked.

“I don’t know, I’m very conflicted now. On the one hand, the glory of Aristocrat makes me want to participate in the battle. On the other hand, I know that I can only play better if I continue to grow and consolidate the Legendary realm. Only with our own strength can we better contribute to Gods.” Suye said.

Baines tilted his head and stared at Suye for a while, and said: “Well, in the deep prison you have to have no shame. How can we say that we are afraid of death? We are accumulating strength, and it is better to Gods dedication! I probably know what you think. You are Legendary, and the above impossible agrees that you will not participate in the war, but I have a way to delay your participation in the war. Um… In this way, I will find someone to clear it, because you have just promoted Legendary Accumulation and being injured in the last Soviet war as an excuse, you are transferred to the Logistics Department, usually responsible for repairing various equipment and magic equipment.”

“Thank you.” Suye is sincere.

“However, it can only be delayed. The first time you come to deep prison, you don’t know the tricks in it. There are two main types of battles in deep prison, one is normal defensive battles, densely packed Devil and Giant or other evil race bastards climb up, we kill them!”

“The second battle is a sneak attack battle. We are impossible to sit and wait, so every once in a while, we will send a Suicide Squad to sneak into the Hell Plains, collect information on the Hell Plains, and launch sneak attacks on the Devils . In your capacity, you will definitely be arranged in the sneak attack battle, but I will try to delay it and let you participate as much as possible at the end.”

“Thank you so much.” Suye said.

“You don’t need to thank me, this is just my gratitude! Without you, I might die in deep prison, but Suye is dead. In a few years, Goddess of Wisdom Temple will stop paying attention to me, so I can leave This damn, dirty place! You saved me!”

“You are too kind.”

Suye said that good people are rewarded.

Who would have thought that the wicked person who was punished a few years ago would help himself!

It seems that we must continue to punish evil and promote good in a deep, thorough, and sustained manner.

“Tell me, what you want most now, as long as you want it, whether it’s food that others can’t eat, men or women or even succubus, as long as you want, I can get it for you Come.” Baines said.

“Are there no demons?”

“I have never heard of that. Whether it is Netherworld or Abyss, there are only succubuses. Of course, if you like Hags, Lich, Worms, Bone Dragon, etc., I can also think of a way.”

“Stop! I’m not interested in those things, I’m only interested in magic. I just hope that my Magic Book can contain more books.” Suye said.

“Books? No problem. Hell has its own library, and there will be many books that you can’t see in the outside world. You can basically read them when you go in as me.” Baines said.

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