The World of Deities Chapter 763


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The voice of Giant Dragon’s heart is louder than before, and the lava pool is constantly rippling.

Suye right hand placed on the flowing lava dome, closed his eyes, and made a bold attempt.

The deified gem diamond, the deified dragon egg!

Put the first deified gemstone, the surface of the dragon egg is golden light flashed, and the gemstone disappears.

Suye laughed happily and absorbed it smoothly!

Try again.

The second one, absorb.

The third one, absorb.

Fourth, unabsorbable.

It seems that three is the limit.




Medea’s heartbeat suddenly increased, and the frequency increased, like a Giant slamming a fist strikes the mountain.

Suye stroked the dragon egg, and even felt a feeling of attachment from the dragon egg, like a little girl nestled in her arms and acted like a baby.

“It seems that you can be born in three days at most. I can’t let you out for the time being. When the time comes, you are in the Giant Dragon Valley and the volcano plane cultivation. When the time is right, I will take you to deep hell Take a stroll.”

Patting the dragon egg, Suye leaves the Giant Dragon Valley.

Suye has a hunch that he inherited Medea’s innate skill and soul, absorbed that many powers, and was deified by three deified diamonds. The red dragon has already assumed the appearance of conferred as God.

Soon, we can witness the birth of the strongest red dragon in history.

Back to the volcano plane, Suye found Di Aotian.

Suye patted Di Aotian on the head and said: “In a few days, Little Medea will be born. She should like the volcano plane very much. Remember to protect this Little Sister.”

Di Aotian was nodded, slapped hard on the chest.

“叽叽gu gu!”

Suye laughed and left the volcano plane.

Giant Dragon Valley.

In the lava pool, with a click, the dragon egg cracked fine cracks.

The rift is expanding at a very slow rate.

The strong smell of Hero fills the lava pool.

On the volcano plane connected to the Giant Dragon Valley, Di Aotian followed the look of Wang Sledgehammer and reviewed new men.

Now, he has nine lava Goblins under him.

One Golden, four silver, and four bronze.

summon servant, the official evolution is summon squad servant.

The Flame Goblin clan of the apprentice level has also been officially promoted to the Black Iron level lava Goblin clan.

God Realm.

The elbow of Cyrus was pressed against the armrest, his head was supported with his fist, his body was tilted, his eyes closed and his mind was closed.

Under the divine throne, Cambyses stood quietly.

Outside the God Palace, the gods are slowly building the god star of bald.

Suddenly, Cyrus opened his eyes and sat up straight.

The mighty divine power dissipated, the golden light flashed chaotically, and the God Palace roared.

Many gods hurried to kneel and pray.

“Father, did you find that plane?” Cambyses was overjoyed.

Cyrus smiled and shook his head: “I didn’t find the plane, but in the up ahead of the two large Divine Power Planes, I found a medium-sized Divine Power Plane that just emerged from the void of the inner ring.”

“Congratulations father! Such a Divine Power Plane is either an accidental unowned Divine Power Plane, or it is a new God’s Divine Power Plane, which is suitable for your Divine Power Plane to swallow.”

Cyrus gently nodded, said: “However, this time, I can’t be as careless as the last time. This time, I will jointly devour, let two large Divine Power Planes attack simultaneously, and before attack Conducted by gods and then plane isolation to prevent all accidents.”

“Father is the god of conquest. In terms of strategy and tactics, you are number one in the world!” Cambyses said.

Cyrus laughed, a plane fishing rod emerged in his hand, and he slammed into the empty round hole in front of him.

Lizardman plane.

Outside the rough stone temple, a total of 20,000 lizardmen knelt to the ground, praying loudly.

These lizardmen are covered with blue and yellow hard bone scales, their legs stand upright, their long tails swaying lightly, and most of them are naked, with vertical pupils and eyes like enlarged snake eyes.

Five Legendary lizardmen knelt inside God’s Temple, facing Cyrus Idol mutter incantations in the form of lizardmen.

Suddenly, a large divine rays fell on the altar in front of the statue.

I saw a keel magic staff floating in the air.

The magic staff is like shrinking and straightening the entire Black Dragon bone, from the tip of the tail to the head, it is very complete, the bone wings are open, and each claw is holding a gem, two of the dragon head The eyes and mouth also hold gems.

Seven gems of color have nothing common with each other, exuding a powerful elemental atmosphere.

The biggest red gem in Longkou is a sea of ​​flame magic power.

The five Legendary Lizardmen were stunned, and bowed down simultaneously.

Finally, the lizardman wizard grabbed the Demi-God keel magic staff, took the remaining four Legendary out of God’s Temple, and then raised high magic staff.

“For the god Cyrus!”

“For the god Cyrus!”

All the lizardmen yelled frantically, and their black vertical pupils flashed with fanatical rays of light.

“Ready, battle!” The Legendary wizard held up the Black Dragon bone staff.


The lizard people immediately picked up the lance, spear, sling, bow and arrow and other weapons around them.

Orc plane.

The rough orc form Cyrus Idol stands on the plain.

The green-skinned orcs with a total of more than 50,000 hold hands, forming a circle after another, singing and dancing around Cyrus Idol, singing loudly.

The strong smell of orcs fills the air

Seven Legendary Orcs knelt before Idol and prayed loudly.

Suddenly, a divine rays descended on the altar.

The Legendary Orc glanced intently, his face in ecstasy.

A giant stick of bone rippling with the breath of divine power floats on the altar.

The surface of the giant white bone stick is surrounded by the golden God Mark, the upper is thick and the lower is thin, like some kind of Divine-Level giant beast skeleton, which looks very simple.

Every Legendary Orc can feel the surging divine might from Bone Cudgel.

The Orc High Priest held the Bone Cudgel in both hands and held it up to the other orcs.

“Thanks to my confered by gods for downloading the Demi-God device!”

“Demi-God device!”

“Demi-God device!”

The orcs danced primordial frantically and yelled loudly.

“Pick up weapons and fight for my god!”

The orcs screamed and picked up various crude primordial weapons.

Huge stone axe, rough iron rod, thick lance, slender bone rod…

God Realm.

Cyrus long put out a breath.

“Father, the lizardmen and the orcs are already militant races, plus two Demi-God tools, you will definitely win!” Cambyses said.

Cyrus shook his head and said: “In order to bestow the Demi-God device, it not only consumes a large amount of divine power, but also consumes part of its credibility, which delays the promotion.”

“This medium-sized plane may be very ordinary, but that little plane must have hidden some secrets. I firmly believe that as long as you swallow that little plane, there must be surprises.”

“Very well, you have a foresight. The reason why I did not hesitate to expend my trust and divine power to initiate plane revenge on that little plane is to suspect that there are secrets hidden in it. Unfortunately, I am not the Main God and cannot penetrate the double ring void. Seeing the battle process clearly, I don’t know what happened in that battle.” Cyrus Road.

“No matter what happened in that battle, in this battle, the victory must belong to you, the great conqueror Cyrus.” Cambyses said.

Cyrus suddenly shook his wrist, and the plane fishing rod moved lightly.

Di Aotian to ones hearts content looked at the nine new subordinates in front of him, nodded hard.

“jijigu gu!” he said and held up the Bone Cudgel.

“叽叽gu gu!” The nine new subordinates also raised Bone Cudgel in response.

After training, Di Aotian was about to take a rest, suddenly looked up at the sky, the complexity greatly changed.

Two huge white thick lines descended from the sky, and disappeared into the volcanic plane.

“叽叽gu gu!”

Di Aotian was shocked, remembering that something similar had happened in Giants’ Hills.

I saw two huge black shadows rushing towards the volcanic plane from the left and right sides respectively

Di Aotian hurriedly sent a message to Suye.

However, he found that his transmission was blocked by invisible power and could not notify the owner.

“叽叽gu gu!”

Di Aotian’s eyes flashed with a cruel color, and he held up the Sharp Thorn Bone Cudgel, took a deep breath, and his body swelled suddenly.

The heroic spirit calls.

Di Aotian inspires the power of ancestors. He was strengthened and deified by the plane, and he directly broke through Saint Domain and was promoted to Legendary.

Di Aotian’s eyes are like lava lakes, staring straight ahead.

If the enemy this time is the same as the last time, even if there are two Legendary bears, Goblin, I am not fearless.

Di Aotian felt that he possessed power beyond ordinary Legendary.

This is a gift from Your Majesty!

Di Aotian raised his chest and looked up at two huge shadows.

hong long long ……

hong long long ……

Two huge black shadows seem to pierce through the misty peaks and rush onto the land of the volcanic plane.

Volcano plane The earth shook and the mountain quivered.

Di Aotian’s eyes widened, watching the incredible scene.

Above two high mountains, tens of thousands of lizardmen or orcs stand.

A total of twelve Legendary imposing manners rushed into the sky, like Giant on a mountain, overlooking the world.

Di Aotian gritted his teeth. If there are only twelve Legendaries, he still has a chance.

Suddenly, two divine rays soared into the sky, shining hundreds of miles.

Di Aotian stared blankly at the two Demi-Gods surrounded by colorful lights, and was stunned.

Legendary with Demi-God device is no longer Legendary.

Di Aotian looked at his body, and he did have a Legendary Fire Attribute ring, but the other party’s Black Dragon bone magic staff’s Fire Attribute breath was two ranks higher than himself!

Di Aotian took a deep breath and pointed forward suddenly.

Legendary ring rays of light flashed.

Legendary magic, hellfire falls!

The dark shadows cover all the lizardmen and orcs, and the giant Earth Fireballs with a diameter of more than three meters descend from the sky, densely packed, endless.

hundred thousand Hellfire, like a meteor, burns all over the world.

The lizardman wizard gently waved the Black Dragon bone rod, and saw the red flame magic energy in the dragon’s mouth put a red mask overseas, covering all the orcs and lizardmen.

The terrifying Legendary magic fell on the red mask, and it quickly weakened into a small bean-sized flame, and then quickly extinguished.

Lizardman wizard said with a big smile: “Poor little Goblin, before Fire Attribute magic sea, all Legendary Fire Attribute magic not worth mentioning!”

Di Aotian’s eyes flashed a cruel color, and the other seven Legendary rings flashed continuously.

Bang… Bang… Bang…

Three huge meteors with a diameter of 100 meters fell from the sky.

Great Meteorite.

Next, the second round of Hellfire went down.

Finally, in the fall of Hellfire, three meteorites 30 metres in diameter drop from the sky.

The lizardman wizard loudly said: “Everyone can defeat these magic with all your strength, and the Magic Tool in his hand can only be used for one round!”

All Legendary shots simultaneously.

I saw the Legendary Orc holding a Demi-God Bone Cudgel, jumping high, aiming at a falling 100 meters meteorite and hitting it.


The 100 meters meteorite burst, and countless fragments flew toward the sky, continuously cracking, and gradually extinguishing.

Another meteorite was crushed by the others act together.

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