The World of Deities Chapter 766


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Suye hugged Medea, thinking that this small dragon is too well-behaved. There is no irritation of red dragons and magic dragons at all.

Finally, Suye discussed with Little Medea, first let her cultivate in the Giant Dragon Valley and the volcano plane, wait for her to grow up, and then take her out.

At present, her main task is to guard the volcano plane.

Little Medea is very happy and rubs Suye continuously.

Waiting for the little Medea to hail enough, Suye asked her to go to the volcano to play, and he entered the Giant Dragon Valley and put the remaining dragon eggs in it.

Volcano plane.

The two-meter-tall Little Medea poked Di Aotian’s forehead with a dragon claw, smiling hehe and said: “The majesty of Dragon Race is not to be desecrated. Since you are under your father, you are allowed to do some rough work here. Live, my father is mine, and the volcano plane is mine too! Understand?”

Di Aotian’s little chickens are nodded like pecking rice.

“Go, take your little potatoes, and collect the treasures of the two planes for father to choose. Besides, dare to say one more word and burn you!” Little Medea opened her mouth slightly. Showing sharp white small dragon teeth, small black Fireball churning in his throat.

Di Aotian hurriedly nodded, and then led the rest of the lava Goblin and volcano plane aborigines to get busy.

Hey, how come you stand on such a small magic star, it’s even more Medea than Medea.

After placing the dragon egg, Suye leaves the Giant Dragon Valley and returns to the volcano plane.


Little Medea threw on Suye again with a sweet smile.

Suye fondly strokes the smooth dragon scales of Medea. She is very kind, and she is really a cute daughter.

“I put those dragon eggs in the lava pool. From now on, those are your younger brother younger sisters.” Suye said.

“Don’t worry, dad, I will take good care of them.”

“Very good.”

Suye patted Little Brat on the head, looking forward, his eyes blinking.

Why did the volcano plane encounter plane fishing after Giants’ Hills?

Could it be that God fattened himself up as a pig, and then killed him at one stroke?

Of course, it may be just a coincidence.

Suye looked at Di Aotian and moved over with Medea in an instant.

Two statues of Cyrus, two altars of Cyrus.

Cyrus, you are too much!

This is not bullying honest people!

I provoke you to mess with you, must I devour my Divine Power Plane?

Suye stretched out his hand, and the Black Dragon Bone Cudgel and Demi-God Bone Cudgel flew in front of them.

Suye looked up at the statue and altar of Cyrus again, lost in thought.

“Perhaps, I might have misunderstood Cyrus’ good intentions…”

Suye looks at Di Aotian.

“Tell me about the battle.”

“叽叽gu gu…”

Di Aotian jumped and jumped with gestures to tell what happened just now. During the narration, he often glanced at the little Medea in Suye’s arms.

“叽叽gu gu, 叽叽gu gu……”

After Di Aotian finished speaking, Suye touched Medea’s dragon horn and said kindly: “After listening to Di Aotian’s praise, I know that you are the biggest hero. Very good, what reward do you want? “

“It’s all right to do things for Dad. Don’t reward Medea!” Little Medea nestled in Suye’s arms with a gentle face, and glanced at Di Aotian inadvertently.

Di Aotian hurriedly nodded hard: “叽叽gu gu…”

Medea Princess is really an understanding girl!

Seeing that the relationship between the two people is so harmonious, Suye is more satisfied, and said: “Okay. Now the outside world situation is more complicated, it is not suitable for you to go out. After a while, I will take you out.”

Suye took away all the items that could be sacrificed, and said: “I want to plan the volcano plane, do you two want anything?”

“Volcano! I want a very big and big volcano. I want to swim, play, and sleep in the Fire Mountain Cliff slurry. No one is allowed to approach except Dad.” Little Medea loudly said.

“This is easy to handle.”

Suye flew high in the sky with Medea, looked around, and stretched out his hand to the south of the center.

Plane trembles, Earth roars.

Volcanoes and lava rivers gathered quickly, and finally Condensation became a large volcanic crater with a diameter of exactly three kilometers.

lava gu lu lu Blows boiling bubbles, wisps of black smoke rise.

“Thank you Dad!”

Medea licked Suye three more fiercely with her tongue, and then flew to the big volcanic crater excitedly. With a body recovery of 30 metres, she jumped into the lava and swam excitedly.

Like Sahuan’s Husky.

Suye smiled nodded, and was still a child after all.

Suye fell down, patted Di Aotian on the shoulder, and said: “She is still a child, you have to take care of her more, understand?”

Di Aotian looked at the huge child over thirty meters long, gently nodded.

He was bitter.

Suye found that a volcano was too monotonous, so with the power of Lord of Plane, he began to make a playground for Medea.

But after thinking about it for a long time, I only made a lava slide. It wasn’t that I was reluctant to make it for her. It was her 30-meter figure, not to mention doing roller coasters, rapids, etc., even carousel.

Subsequently, the terrain around the big volcanic crater changed. Although there were no exciting rides, it formed a variety of beautiful and interesting terrains, huge rings, and deep passages, just like ordinary children in a shopping mall. Kind of children’s castle.

Where did Medea have seen such a fun thing, immediately flew out of the volcanic crater, and played wildly in the Dragon Race children’s park.

The only problem is that no matter where, hong long long often collapses.

Suye thought for a while, and also opened up a large Demon Beast feeding farm on the volcano plane, so that Medea had nothing to do to practice battle and predation skills, and the battle should not be abandoned.

After all, this girl is so cute and cute, so cute and gentle, she definitely doesn’t like killing.

If you kill someone, it must be because you can’t control your power.

Suye quietly left.

Looking at Little Medea still playing around reluctantly, Di Aotian secretly relaxed.

Although it is a bit big and a bit fierce, fortunately, he is still a small child.

Ruins Space, Suye first turned the sacrifices of two Cyrus altars into altars for believers, and then thought about the development of Divine Power Plane.

“didn’t expect Divine Power Plane to be so dangerous. If the last offense might have been a chance encounter, then this time is not a coincidence. The point is that he could cut off my connection with Divine Power Plane.”

“Don’t worry about Giants’ Hills. There is World Tree. Demi-God can’t use Heart of Plane when it comes. It may even be shot to death by World Tree. But the volcano plane is more dangerous. Di Aotian ranks difficult to advance. Legendary, although the little Medea has a high rank, but lacks actual combat experience, he can also fight the small garbage Legendary. If Cyrus sends a powerful Hero or Demi-God, Medea will definitely not be able to fight.”

Suye glanced at the Demi-God tool Bone Cudgel, put it on the altar and sacrificed in exchange for three deified gemstones.

“This Demi-God tool, Bone Cudgel, can be used by Di Aotian, so that he can at least compare to an ordinary Hero.”

“As for Little Medea, I want to give her some Legendary and Hero Magic Tool. First, give her fifty pieces. I don’t know if she can use the Divine Item. If it works, put one on the volcano plane. Just in case. Nether shadow hive and Netherworld champion Knight, also move to the volcano plane.”

“I just don’t know if Medea has left behind for her future in the end. If you have a plan, go to the Giant Dragon country, maybe Giant Dragon country is willing to help Little Medea, such The little dragon who was once summoned by Medea. The Dragon Race contract is very strong. Even if the plane is cut off by Cyrus, it should be able to summon smoothly.”

Suye thought about it and decided to continue to strengthen her strength.

So, first put the Black Dragon bone stick on it.

The six rings of light on the altar erupted.

A new innate skill has unexpectedly appeared.

In addition to the six deified gemstones, there is also a Dragon Race innate skill that has never been seen before.

Dragon Race pledge.

This innate skill requires Dragon Race bloodline.

The function is very simple. You can sign a summon contract with any Dragon Race at no cost. All Dragon Race summon magic can be summoned to a more powerful Dragon Race, and it can enhance the strength of Dragon Race and participate in fighting intent.

Actually, the conditions for signing a summon contract with Dragon Race for free seem to be good, but in Suye’s view, it’s a chicken rib. The summon Legendary Giant Dragon is nothing but a hundred thousand golden eagle. Even the summon Demi-God Giant Dragon is not expensive. Millions of golden eagles.

No shortage of money.

However, summon’s more powerful Dragon Race, this ability is extraordinary.

Especially my own strength has soared. Now the summon Legendary Dragon Race is of little significance, but if summon Hero or even Demi-God Giant Dragon can definitely turn the tide of battle.

I chose the Dragon Race pledge and put the first Cyrus Idol on it.

Suye smiled and watched the divine rays blaze in front of him, and the seven rings lit up.

God’s stuff is really extraordinary.

Divine might innate skill and divine might innate skill are similar, but Divine Right innate skill is very interesting.

Divine Right: City.

“Interestingly, this is a new kind of Divine Right, because a few hundred years ago, Human did not have a real city, and it is even more impossible to have this kind of Divine Right. If you look at it now, this Divine Right is weak, but If you look at it from a longer-term perspective, the city’s Divine Right power has great potential. The key is not City-State, but the city.”

Absorb the city of Divine Right, Suye enters the Magic Tower and sits on the city divine throne.

This is a chair like a city wall.

The information about this Divine Right flows into my mind like a smooth trickle.

Divine Right Domain: Hold on.

Enhance all protective powers, whether it is domain, magic, innate skill or any form of protective power.

At the same time, you can choose one of them and upgrade directly!

In this way, whether it is the guardian City-State obtained by Earth Elemental, the heavenly fortress obtained by light elemental bloodline, or part of the Legendary magic, they will all be promoted to Hero level on the basis of the original Legendary level!

Although there can only be one upgrade protection at the same time, that is enough to make any opponent a headache.

“The most important thing is that this is the Divine Right field. It is upgraded. Now it is only Legendary and Hero. If I have the status of Low God, can a certain protective force be upgraded to a high level? Strong!”

“Cyrus, you are covered with treasures.”

Suye sent the second Cyrus statue to the altar.

“What is Divine Right…”

When I see something new, it reveals a thoughtful expression.